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my thoughts.3.4:

completed: 31 Mar 2012/11pm

(30 Mar 2012 - current)

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

30 Mar 2012/10am

good late morning/early afternoon...

I've been up now for over 6hrs, and have been running around like a mad man doing chores/errands and so forth. Ash called me 30min ago from school and said she'll be able to leave by 11:50am,

AND l.g. is already back at her house making sure that the 'other 2 kids' are set-up before she leaves for the weekend. so we may actually be on the road 'sooner' than

what I had planned for.

I always love to start a journey on the plus side, time wise.

my backyard area is busy, busy, busy.

it's still fairly hazy/foggy out this morn.

seriously, what is the difference? I have no clue.

what I do know is the mexi-godfather has his boys kickin' ass and takin' names out there today.

I just talked with the elders,

and they are enroute back up here for at least a few weeks, apparently there is some sort of 'power-struggle'

with them and Ashley.

I have absolutely no comment.

none, what-so-ever.

alrighty then, I was just asked to go outside and see the mexi-godfather.

I'll update again before 'we' leave.


ok guys, heres a quickie before we get outa here.

l.g. and her son14 will be here within 30min,

and we'll be on the road.

Ash and Jessica are out front walking the kidz,

and the suv is all ready to go.

even have ice in the cooler w/drinks, fruit and some snacks. ok then... drum roll please......................... we are taking a trip up north to the area 51 location.

I have 'always' wanted to go ever since seeing the area on tv, and when l.g. told me that her youngest son was very interested in that, I thought it would be a great idea to go. l.g. is excited to tell him where we're going once

we get on the road.

Ash doesn't really have an opinion either way.

the gps says its about a 6hr drive to the location we're going to call 'home base', and we'll be driving right thru vegas so we'll be stopping there for dinner.

I still have the other suv up there,

so Ash will be driving it back for me when we

come back home.

I actually had some 'down time' about an hour ago,

and I answered a few of your emails.

sorry I couldn't get back to most of you,

will try to answer a few again after the weekend.

I'm not quite sure what kind on internet is available where we are going, but I am taking my laptop, and have activated my 'htc evo' for a 'wi-fi hot-spot'; hopefully I'll get a signal. ok, the dogs are going beserk out front, so I'm thinking l.g. and her kid have arrived. will keep you guys posted. be safe tonight all you crazies.

and you 'hotties' in the santa cruz area;

try not to break too many hearts (boys & girls)...


all righty then.

we are all settled for the next two nights here in alamo, nv. even though it was friday afternoon,

it was a very clear drive all the way thru vegas

(where we stopped for dinner; seafood buffet)

and then continued north on this crazy 2 lane highway.

the weather was exceptional the entire way,

a little warm in the cali high dessert though;

85'+ and warm/windy in vegas.

the weather outside right now is spectacular;

59' and is supposed to get down to the mid 40's... I love it.

this hotel/lodge we're staying at is great,

they are 'all' cabins. I think there are like 15 individual ones, with most having their own theme.

the one Ash and I are in is a 'girly' design,

and l.g. and her son (omg, her son... what a character)

are in a sports theme cabin.

as soon as we checked-in;

I unpacked,

and then sat on the cabin front porch eating pistachios and had a few fresca/crown. it was wonderful.

the girls went exploring throughout the area,

and son14 (who will now be known as: 'little-D')

went around and collected rocks.

even bringing me a handful to put on my nightstand.

this young man is a cool little kid.

he does like to talk though, and 'I' made the mistake of giving him a regular cola (sugar AND caffiene).

I shall NEVER make that mistake again... EVER!!!

Ash tried to keep him entertained in the back seat,

even putting a dvd in the car player,

but she eventually gave-up,

and put her head phones on listening to her ipod.

l.g. on the other hand has the strange ability to 'block him out' sometimes, and would just be smiling.

but seriously, this 'little-d' has to be one of the brightest young men I have ever met.

he even speaks like he is my age.

shit, probably better than me and can spell better also.

right girls???

anyway, so far this trip is another great idea from

'big daddy kiss',

and I can't wait for what tomorrow holds.

I think I love this place here;

no noise, fresh cool air, and so serene.

omg, my daughter is snoring a little bit. how cute.

ok then, time for bed. I'll check-in before/after breakfast.

good night all. 

31 Mar 2012/8am

good morning from the nevada high desert.

what a beautiful sunrise, see the March.2012 photo page.

the kids are still sleeping, and l.g. just went on a coffee run to the coffee shop/bakery located in the front building where

the check-in is.

rather 'coolish' this morning, the thermo on the car

says 37' outside. burrr!

while l.g. and I were sitting on her cabin's front porch,

a few people walked-by with their dogs on a leash going towards the grassy dog area located in the middle of

all the surrounding cabins.

I thought all the cabins were individuals,

but a few appear to be adjoining also.

had I known that I would have gotten one of those...

next time.

oh yea, l.g. just came back w/the coffee. I'll be back.


oh my... I have got to admit that the breakfast I just finished eating was one of the best I've ever had.

the chicken fried steak was as tender as I have ever tasted; the crisp light buttery outer-crust and the perfectly cooked meat was superb. so tender I didn't use a knife.

they had run-out of hashbrowns, so I had fries with counrty gravy on them and the steak. awesome.

even the eggs were perfectly prepared (over-medium), cooked in real butter.

*ya, ya; my cholesterol is no doubt rising by the moment as I relive this purely intoxicating meal, but that's ok.

oh, one more thing; they have 'coke' products... Score!!!

as for the rest of my party;

Ash and l.g. split a spicy chicken wrap and fries,

and 'little-D' had a pancake, egg, sausage patty

and strawberry shake.

(with chunks of real strawberries mixed-in)

the coffee shop was fairly crowded when we finally got there (9am), but the turn-over was quick,

and we were sitting within 10-15minutes.


alot of truckers and travelers who use the back-door route to vegas eat here all the time.

*the windmill ridge lodge, all of you should come here.

so, now we are getting ready to begin our trek to rachel, nv to see what we can see; ufo speaking that is.

not sure how long we'll be gone, or what to expect.

but will give you guys a 'detailed' update just

as soon as we return.

hope you all are enjoying you saturday.


good evening all you earthlings.

what a wild experience we all had today.

we saw no ufo's, no military vehicles or aircraft,

and except for a couple 'loons' at the ale'inn in rachel, nv;

no aliens to speak of.

the drive from alamo to rachel was suppose to take 30-40min according to gps, but the reality was from the lodge to the ale'inn gift shop was just over an hour.

the drive itself was desolate and extremely boring.

the only highlight was going up and down a mountain pass and experiencing some patches of snow.

the traffic was... none.

during the drive to and fro,

we encountered 5 other vehicles the entire 2+hrs of driving.

the ale'inn is going to be a story all by itself.

I will now post some pics during our drive there,

and of our final destination point.

*I'll continue the verbage after the pics. 

at the intersection of:

nv hwy 318 & nv hwy 375.

you can see the continuation of the

'extraterrestrial highway'.

yes, we did indeed see wild cattle

roaming the dessert.

at times, it seemed... endless.

we arrived... finially.

the spaceship and tow truck.

the front of the 'little ale'inn' building.

gift shop, diner on the left; a few hotel rooms on the right.

the diner/gift shop.

(say 'hi' to everyone l.g.)

omg. I can't believe

the palacios' beat us here... ha-ha-ha.

l.g. reaching for the shot glasses. it figures. lol

ok then. after doing some 'light' shopping,

using the 'very small' restrooms, and talking to the grandson of the lady working the day shift, we decided to take an off-road drive towards the back entry-gate of the base known world-wide as 'Area-51'.

the directions the young man gave us were clear and direct;

" go back down the road from the way you came about a mile, and you will come to a dirt road on the right w/a stop sign leading into the desert. turn onto this road.

you will go about 7miles on the dirt road, before coming to an asphalt one. there on the left you may be able to see a helo-pad the military uses at night fall.

go another 2miles and you will come to the gate with the guard houses. don't go beyond the marked lines,

or get to close to them while you take pictures."

alrighty then. lets roll!

the world's most top-secret military installation is located behind those mountains.

the gmc yukon denali wanted to get 'his' picture taken.

I love 'the beast'. he did very well. 

turning onto the 'unmarked' dirt road from nv hwy 375;

which is known as the 'extraterrestrial highway'




fucking drive.

and then there it was;

the rear entry gate of 'Area-51'.

*I know you can't really see the guard huts from this distance (about a 1/8 mile away). so 'right-click' this pic and save on your computer, and then do a 'close-up' view yourself.

you'll see the gate, the stop signs, and all 3 guard shacks. notice I pulled-over off of the asphalt road to take the picture, didn't want to take it while I was driving and crash the gate. that may have not gone over all too well.

so there it was, our top-secret vacation.

after we spent all of 2-3 minutes looking at the 'back gate', we turned around and started back.

I think 'little-D' was a bit disappointed we didn't go up to the gate and 'ask' if we could have a tour of the base.

and apparently the look on my face was that of 'utter shock', cause as soon as he asked me and I looked at him, he replied; "what? I thought you 'knew everybody'.

at that moment Ash, l.g. and myself just started to

laugh our asses off.

poor kid, didn't quite grasp the whole top-secret-base situation.

the drive back was just as long,

but we all were like a bunch of chatter-boxes;

we all had something to say about what we just accomplished. and of course, 'little-D' could swear we were being followed by either a stealth car and/or airplane.

aw, the vivid imagination of the young.

as we made the turn off of nv hwy 318 both girls began screaming 'alien jerky' 'alien jerky'.

*jeesh, you'd think they had seen an actual alien,

instead of just his meat - sorry, I couldn't resist.

this sign is so bogus; there was no honey, olives or pickles. the area 51 maps were unavailable, and the gifts were nothing more than a few coloring books and crayons.

but, the beef jerky was awesome baby.

in fact I still have a bag of the sweet & hot left.

*and I plan on shoving this bag up my ass and hiding it until I'm all alone to enjoy.


alrighty, after dealing with the jerky boys

(remember them from the 90's?),

we made it home safe and sound just over a few hours ago; and Ash laid down for a nap,

while l.g. and 'little-D' took the truck out in search of either a go-cart or a golf cart for 'little-D' to drive around.

they both returned about half an hour ago while I was working this site,

and the sad news was;

no go-cart, OR golf cart was available for the shortest 40yr old man in a 14yr old body to scoot around in.

I'll tell ya what, I love this kid. he may have a motor in his mouth that 'never' runs low on gas,

but he really is a great kid, and so damn polite.

oh wait, speaking of gas;

this mighty power ranger can unleash the most foul, stanky, cloud-forming stench out of his ass cheeks that

I have ever smelled.

and having been in the marines and college,

I have had the dis-honor of smelling some of the most putrid air biscuits ever manufactured by mankind.

and this kid 'ranks' right up there with the best of the best.

in fact, he got one warning after the second 'accidental' dosage of air-poison he launched.

next time, he would ride 'on-top' of the vehilce tied-down w/rope like an alien fart-boy I just discovered in the desert. he got the message.

damn, something crawled-up that young boys butt and died! wtf? everyone is up now,

and they all have decided that we need to drive 'back' towards rachel and see if we can see anything flying in the sky.

at first I thought Ash was kidding,

but now as I watched her go into the bathroom to change into sweats, I'm not so sure.

ok, we're outa here just as soon as I post this entry.

I have a few more pics to post, but will do so 'after' we return. *if by chance I am never heard from again,

please someone come find-out what happened to us.

and if you find out that we're still alive being probed by tiny green slimy creatures;

rescue me, the girls, and fart-boy and I'll give you

1million dollars...

hey, I'm fukin' serious! hopefully, we'll be back.


goodness gracious almighty!!!

that little jaunt was freaking nerve-racking to say the least. the drive itself wasn't that bad at all;

UNTIL we turned-onto the E-hwy,

then it got all eerie and shit.

there was absolutely 'no-one' else on this road.

it was really dark, really dark, and the only sound was coming from my passengers talking about all the weird things that they've read about on the 'net' that have happened on this road in years past:

cattle mutilations, missing people/families,

strange occurrences,

unexplained sightings of flying objects and strange beings,

and not to mention the '3 nut jobs' sitting in the vehicle who talked me into doing this crazy-fuckin-stunt.

ok then. as we neared the 'little ale'inn' for the 2nd time within 8hrs, my co-pilot on this journey noticed a large group of 'overnight-dwellers' camped off the side of the road. and as we passed the 2 dozen or so vehicles,

I couldn't believe my eyes.

they were about 100ft off the road on our side,

with the vehicles parked on the edge of the huge area,

and some tents propped-up in the middle.

no lights of any kind, no fire-pits... nothing.

that was some strange shit.

so we get to the 'inn', and we park to go inside, and it looked as if it had been invaded with a couple dozen of biker dudes. in all my travels I have never had 'any problems' with these guys, and doubt we would have tonight.

if it had been just me I would have gone inside,

but with two beautiful women, and a young boy,

I didn't want to take my chances. so we left immediately.

and I admit, for the next 20miles I kept an eye on

my rear view mirror.

*the entire situation at the time seemed worse than

what it actually was, I guess you needed to be there and experience the entire ensemble as it happened. ok. I'm done.

so we were barely gone just over 2 1/2hrs,

and now Ash is just getting into bed,

and the cabin next door is dark.

so I guess I'll wrap this entry/month up and

start-a-new tomorrow.

below will be some pictures that I 'did not' take,

but wanted to post them anyway.

good nite everyone. 

a 'little alien' looking for a ride.

*this is the exact same sign we all took pics of,

notice the lack of stickers covering the sign. 

another sign to enjoy.

an arial view of 'area-51'.

notice the 'dry groom lake' to the left.

the rear gate we drove up to see is upper right area, somewhere. 

a closer look at 'area-51'.

notice the length of those runways.

blue-prints of 'area-51'.

a 'closer' close-up of the rear entry gate that

we drove-up to see.

to be continued on my thoughts.4.0...