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'my thoughts.3.6'

(29 Mar 2013 - current)

updated: 29 Mar 2013/5am

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

29 Mar 2013/1am

good morning,

yes I'm still awake.

not entirely my fault though.

a few minutes after my last update,

Elli came down and had a semi-serious talk with me about

a few things that were on her mind.

she's really worried about her mom taking this car away from her either for her own use, or she might sell it.

this poor kid has gone thru some serious shit in her life.

it tears me up inside everytime I think about it.

by nature I'm a very 'laid back guy',

but it wouldn't take much for me to fukin flip-out and go completely fukin commando!!!

I'm not one to standby and just let a girl/woman

get yelled at, hit, or worse.

and if anybody EVER did anything to any of the women in my life, god better protect them... seriously!!!

ok. fuck. now I'm all worked-up.

anyway. I told Elli that I had taken proper caution with just that very thing in mind, and for her

'not to worry her pretty little head about such things.'

I don't think I could love this little girl anymore

than I do right now. I'm so damn proud of her.

she is going to be an amazing woman.

in fact 'both' my girls are going to be awesome adults.

ok then. I'm going to TRY and get some sleep. good nite.


if I got 2hrs sleep,

I don't feel like it what-so-ever.

I've been up since 4am,

coming upstairs to find nearly everyone up and my chores either finished or in the process.

plus, there was fresh coffee, hot rolls,

and even doughnuts.

damn man. I probably could have attempted

to sleep another hour.

the girls are all getting ready,

and grandpa Jack and the mexi-godfather are currently showing the 'house/animal' sitters what needs

to be done daily and such.

I love that a few palacios' will be here 24/7 while we are away. gives me piece of mind.

I love these damn west covina mexicans!!!

ok then.

we have about 20 pieces of luggage staged by the front door, one of the palacios grandkids is checking all the luggage for name tags and making sure everyone

has their i.d.'s and tickets on them.

*this young man 12,

and his mom and dad are staying here.

this kid is like a cop from hell right now. WOW!!!

the best part of my morning (so far) was getting a kiss

from my girlfriend just a few minutes ago.

I love affection first thing in the morning,

starts my day out with a smile.

well. thats about it for me.

I need to pack this lap top and maybe even have

another cup of coffee. plus, I'm going too make sure I have a new bottle of advil in my carry-on.

*yes. I have an 'ever-so-slight' hangover going-on

right this very moment.

Washington DC or bust...

to be continued...