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my thoughts.3:

COMPLETED: 31 Dec 2010/4pm

(01 Dec 2010-31 Dec 2010)

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

01 Dec 2010

what an interesting day I had.

to begin with; I received a phone call this morning telling me that my mother has discovered my web-site and has been catching up on my activities. good for you mom, nice of you to look-in on me after 11 1/2 years of non-contact.

and then, the interview at wal*mart today was a joke. I could not believe the process; so instead of 'venting' here, I will continue this discussion on my opinions page, please have a look-see. but beside these two 'events', today was basically a normal day, for me; dogs, emails, and phone calls.

have a good night everyone.

02 Dec 2010

today was chores day.

just the typical normal everyday boring stuff you 'must' do at least once a week:

dusting, vacuuming, laundry, change indoor filters, clean the bathrooms, shock the spa, skim the pool, water down the backyard poop area (the dogs, not mine) and the trash cans, and brushing 'all' my siberian huskies (which really isn't a chore, but sometimes it feels like one). I had started my day at 7am, and didn't complete my 'day' until 4:30p.

the sibs took almost 2 hours to brush, and I filled 1 large green trash bag. I can't understand why they are not bald. and believe me, they are not the easiest creatures to brush, especially with their attitudes. I then cleaned myself up and took myself out to dinner (red lobster) and a movie (unstoppable). and now that it's going on 10p, I am ready to call it a day.

tomorrow is actually very busy for me; meeting my former ma-in-law at 8a for her monthly drug store run and shopping spree, then brunch. dropping-off 58 (yes, 58) toys/games/books for the toys for tots program. and then picking up the neighbor kids from school, and have them help me decorate the inside of the house for the holidays. after that, it's the olive garden for dinner for all of us.

and then we will play wii golf to finish the night off.

I will be going to los angeles early saturday morning in the rig w/my kidz for the ucla-usc football game later that night. and my west covina family, the palacios' will 'all' be joing me in the parking lot of the rose bowl for the very last tail-gater of the year. I know some of you have asked to join all of us for the 'sc' game, and everyone is of course invited. the game itself is not even close to being sold out (I checked), and there are alot of general admission tickets available:

rose bowl #626.577.3101 or ucla #310.825.2946

and to join us at the 'tail-gater, please email me for contact information; we will be setting up at 3p.

so listen; I again want to say 'thank-you' to all of you for looking in on my little site here, and for the wonderful emails and messages you leave me. I am still in the process of answering my b-day emails, I promise to finish them up just as soon as I can.

ok, my unemployed ass is beat, so I'm going to crawl in between my freshly brushed huskies and get some sleep.

good nite to all of you, and happy friday.

03 Dec 2010

well now; as boring and routine as yesterday was, today made up for it, and then some.

my day started with my ex mother-in-law and myself visiting walgreens, .99 store, and of course my new fav; a wal*mart super-store. and then an early lunch at souper salad.

after listening to her describe in great detail every episode of 'burn notice' she had watched this past month, I was ready to push her off a cliff. just kidding N., I luv ya.

so then I drop off 61 gifts for the toys for tots, even N. donated 3 pieces. and as for the other 37 of you who gave me gifts to give, your email was attached to the appropriate gift and I was told by master sergeant ramone/usmc, that you should receive a 'thank-you' within the next 30-45 days.

and I would just like to again say; thank-you so much.

the look on some of the marines faces were priceless when they realized how many toys, games, books and jackets I had to drop off. very, very cool. I then had to brave the afternoon traffic (I despise driving in vegas on fridays) back to my side of town to pick up my next-door dwellers kids at school. so of course being the exceptional adult that I am, I had to make sure they were well fed before bringing them back here to help me decorate the house for the holidays. nothing says more to a young teenager than a cheeseburger and french fries; and knowing they were going to get a snack on the way home, they brought friends. the goobers.

anyway; where I appear to be flawed as the perfect father figure I always think of myself to be, is to basically give 'all' kids exactly what they want (to a certain degree that is). so knowing they would be thirsty while helping me decorate, I made sure to have plenty of 'regular' coke available.

what the fu*k was I thinking? I had 6 young sugar-hyped twisted crazies on my hands, and they were armed with christmas decorations, tinsel, fake snow and silly-string.

and of course my dogs love kids, so the destruction was on! believe it or not, only 3 ornaments were broken, and not one single hell-raiser (kid or dog) got sick. but the mess, omg. and a case of silly-string was not the best idea I ever had.

so after hiding up here in my bedroom behind a locked door for almost an hour (I was getting plummeted), I finially had the nerve to go down and be witness to the battle scene. the 4 boys were on the floor either dead or sleeping, and the girls were busy cleaning-up, what sweethearts. and my dogs were also passed out. thank goodness; no dog park was needed tonite, and they are all still tired. except for little beverly who is tormenting the kiss brothers.

and the olive garden was cancelled due to my unattentiveness with the children eating nothing but snack foods all afternoon. (or so I was told by a semi-upset parent, who isn't my neighbor, but I wish she was, wow!) anyway, at least the kids and I completed the task at hand, and I now have a holiday atmosphere flowing throughout the entire downstairs.

the girls even did the bath/laundry room.

little boys are awesome, but little girls are one of the most beautiful things in the world. I really miss my step-daughter. after my ex-wife and I moved in together, I started taking her daughter out every other friday for 'date night'. it was something different and fun, and we did it for almost 4 years until she turned 12, then she was too old I guess.

I miss those days, and I'm so sorry to bore you. ok, I've got to get some rest, will be on the road heading to los angeles by 5am, taking the dogs, and cats in the rig.

last ucla game of the year,

2010 was a harsh time to be a bruin football fan.

I have absolutely no plans while I'm down south,

(except for ucla atheletics)

but I'm sure something will pop up, it always does.

hope you all have a fantastic week-end.

5 Dec 2010

and how was 'your' weekend?

I've been having an eventful weekend here in semi-sunny southern california.

I have 'the rig' with all my kidz with me, so I am currently 'totally mobile', (which is working out to my benefit).

it's 11:15p and I am again parked in the driveway of the palacios family, in west covina. I so love this family. expierenced a little physical violence yesterday while we were tail-gating in the rose bowl parking lot area; we were not directly involved, but I could tell something was about to erupt about 30 minutes prior, just assholes being assholes was all. serious injuries were the result though.

the actual battle on the football field was just as idiotic as the ones in the parking lot. thank goodness the bruin football season of 2010 is now over and done with.

it was harsh to say the least!

after departing the game, we eventually ended up at ding dong dang karaoke bar (real name, I swear) on olympic & vermont in LA; what a fun place to make a fool of yourself. we closed the place down at 2am and made our way to west covina. I then attended my 2nd ever catholic services this morning, and once again enjoyed a wonderful sunday dinner with my 'hispanic family'. and then we all (34 of us) shuttled our way to pauley pavillion tonite and watched bruin basketball; come-on bruins, it was montana!

so that basically was my weekend in a nutshell.

my plans for the week are sketchy at best,

I have volunteered to assist with a church function for next saturday though. until then, I will familairize myself with the area surrounding my new future home.

just like 'normal' families would look for surrounding schools, playgrounds, stores and so forth. I must locate dog-parks, vets, pet co, grocery stores, movie theatres, car services, and just normal everyday essentuals. I have been invited out by a 'reader' in the oak hill area for a cup of tea, so I may just take her up on the offer. it's always good to talk with a local about the surrounding area.

here comes grandpa palacios again; he must walk around my rv at least 6-7 times during the night. I told them earlier today that I would go find an rv park somewhere near, but I was 'told' not to be foolish. I will be on my way by wednesday morning though, need to try and resume my possible business venture. I've had a slight setback though and can not discuss it until I find out more information about the situation; I don't think 'they' (the possible idea pirates) know that I'm capable of researching/investigating certain facts. I do hope it doesn't get ugly, time will tell.

omg. I just saw the commercial again w/paula abdul's new tv adventure. she is still 'wow material'.

it must be difficult to be a beautiful woman and have men gawking at you all the time. I'm not going to lie, I enjoy looking at a beautiful woman just as much as the next guy.

but sometimes beauty is 'really' only skin deep, and as I have always said; the outer-beauty will sometimes fade, but the inner-beauty will last forever.

it is so hard to find inner-beauty anymore, at least for me. even in a true friend, the inner-beauty is a must.

I can honestly say, the entire palacios family is beautiful, inside and out. he is walking around my rig again, flashlight in hand, cigar in mouth. I swear, he is part mafia.


6 Dec 2010

I am being held hostage here in west covina, ca.

(actually, they just don't want me to pay for a rv spot)

so here I am again, being guarded by the retired mexican mafia godfather. all the while having an excellent time with his loving family.

not that my everyday activities are all that exciting,

I have to admit something, and I guess this forum would be the best way to do so.

(no, I didn't 'off' anybody...yet!)

I was 'with' someone over 17 1/2 years ago while I was still living in reno, nv and I have never been able to get her out of my thoughts. we were never really just friends, more like casual working acquaintances, and would say hello to one another as we would come into contact during a normal business day. but as lady-luck would have it

(pun intended), we ended up being together for a very brief moment of time. we didn't date, weren't boyfriend/girlfriend; and actually I can't even recall any certain conversation we shared. but the physical attractiveness we had for each other was evident in the way we acted when we were alone. I can honestly say that I have never been so 'turned-on' by just the sight of a woman's pure beauty as I was with this young lady. her lean, perfectly shaped body, the slight paleness of her skin, the striking contrast of her long beautiful dark hair, the eyes, the lips, the smell of her body heat when we touched. even the sound of her voice; either face to face or on my answering machine, was enough to excite me. everything about her outer-beauty was beyond anything I had ever experienced in my life

(or possibly since). now with that being said, she is the most beautiful woman I have ever made love to. and maybe that is the sole reason I have never wanted to forget her.

yes I know that is a very shallow thing to say, and I have been with other incredibly beautiful women; but something about her touched my heart/soul. and it bothers me why after all these years have passed, I still have feelings for a woman that I was only 'with' for a minute out of the day of my life. I was always afraid to use my professional know-how to locate her and receive details of her life, sometimes knowledge is not a good thing. I didn't want to know.

and then, today, it happened.

as I was looking up material for a previous business associate, her name (a very, very uncommon one) surfaced as a source of contact of information for what I had inquired about. and I confirmed through a slight investigation,

this was indeed the same person.

I can't even begin to describe what was going on in my body,

I'm 47 and I felt like a love-sickened 15 year old boy,

almost to the point of being nauseous.

It was a feeling I don't ever want to experience again.

even now, as I re-read this 'idiot's blunder' I have written,

I feel ridiculous sharing this part of my heart-chords for just anyone to read, but I don't care.

maybe I needed this to happen, to accept the fact that my life has been just fine without her. and that the memories I have of her and I together, will forever be untarnished.

but the thought of looking into her eyes again after all this time is still lingering on my heart-sleeve.

I'm tired, but I won't sleep...

7 Dec 2010

good morning from 'the' driveway in west covina, ca.

I am up fairly early this morning, 6:30a, enjoying home brewed mexi-cali coffee w/jalepeno & chedder muffins.

all the while, my kidz are being walked by a group of neighborhood kids feeding them unauthorized breakfast items that I hope won't get them sick (non-dog food, that is).

I have decided after breakfast, I will get authorization from 'the man', and head over to the agoura hills area and do some exploring and maybe make contact with the sellers. they said I could bring the kidz over and let them run amok in the backyard and have them do some exploring of their own (mega-huge backyard). plus, I am very interested in some of the furnishings that are currently in the house; pool table, entertainment sectional, breakfast dining table: yes.

buffalo head, stuffed snakes, heated toilet seat: no!

ok, my traveling herd of noise makers are coming back, the kids got my kidz all fired-up this morning. great!!!

I also have to find a local dog park area that is sib-friendly; meaning no small poodles, chihuahua's or anything my huskies would consider a snack or meal. they normally do not bother with the smaller breed of dogs 'unless' these little mammels have the short man syndrome and start to nip at the paws/tails of the huskies, then it's on!

I hate it when there are 2 seperate park areas for small and large dogs, and people just asume that 'all' dogs will magically get along.

I'm not by any means saying 'small' kidz are less loveable,

I would love a tea-cup poodle again, as my dad had

(huskies are not very good 'lap dogs').

but I just think dog-owners should be a little more observant while their pups are making new friends.

alright, I've been summoned for morning chow,

see ya!


good evening all you demented old circus monkeys.

(a line from the series: 'the king of queens')

anyway, I thought I would begin with a light-hearted comment considering the heaviness of my entry of last night. my kidz and I are in an actual rv park tonite listening to the sounds of the surf pounding the beach; very relaxing for me, but the huskies are not too sure about all the noise

(we may have to relocate tomorrow).

I had dinner tonite with the couple I purchased the house from, and they told me of this little known rv park that the locals use on the weekends to 'get away from it all.'

very secluded, very inexpensive, very simple,

(no services, no dumping, no crowds)

and I have to say, a little eerie.

if you have never traveled by rv before,

sometimes it can be a little stressful.

the driving/traveling part of course; because of idiot drivers who don't realize that a 45' vehicle along with a 16' tow/car can not just stop on a dime.

but what you really have to be concerned with,

is where you decide to pull-over and 'rest' for the night.

the area I am parked in tonite is not exactly a safe-haven by any means. there are roughly 18 pads here, I'm considered 'over-sized', so I am taking up two spots. and counting the mangers trailer, there are 7 of us parked. and I hate to judge, but the normal rv'ers are mostly retirement aged. which means, easy pickings for the bad seeds of the world. as for myself, I have the dogs; huskies are not considered to be a guard dog; but coley and a.j. are pretty good. and besides the kidz, I have a couple friends; ruger and smith & wesson.

ok; I'm going to call it a night.

oh yea; believe it or not I have a business meeting on thursday in beverly hills.

so I have that to look forward to I guess.

(probably just a waste of my time, but I still have to try).

good night to you, my friends.

8 Dec 2010

I have no idea how people who live on the beach listen to the waves pounding the sand all the time.

and then, when you finially go to sleep; waking-up in the morning with the mist in the air, seaguls screaming overhead, and the constant booming of the surf.

actually, it's pretty surreal and soothing.

but, taking the kidz out for their 1st walk of the day, was a little too much to handle. not only were they happy to be outside and sniff everything in sight, but all the activity around was overwhelming; the sound of the waves, all the birds, the other people with their dogs, joggers/walkers on the beach, early LA traffic. and then, bringing them back into the rig and having them be all moist and sandy was beyond terrible (hey, I love 'em, but they smell sometimes). so, today is now a pet-spa day.

I am in the parking lot of 'the canyon view ranch for dogs' in the topanga canyon area. what a fabulous facility.

they usually require a reservation, but had a couple cancelations, so my pack of sibs are now being washed, brushed and pedi's (little bev also),

so being totally 'dog-free' for a couple hours,

I'm going to lunch and even maybe a movie.

happy 'hump day'.

(speaking of which, I haven't 'humped' in quite awhile now)


well, the kidz are all clean and very well groomed.

what an incredible place that is. at first I thought canyon view ranch was just a pet-grooming business, boy was I totally wrong on that assumption.

more like a 5 star doggy-hotel.

and once again, only in california can this be done.

while my kidz were being pampered today, I decided to eat lunch in a park and attempted to hit a bucket of golf balls at the driving range. I am starting to accept the fact that my exceptional golf skills that I had acquired during 39+ years of my life, have subsequently deminished and may never return. but there are greater tragedies in this world to worry about, so be it.

after picking up my sibs and little bev, I decided not to return to the rv beach area, and am currently parked in a wal*mart super store parking lot. which makes it easy to do some shopping in the early morning before heading over to beverly hills for my appointment.

(not sure where I am going to stage the rv)

and afterwards I will be enroute back to

the agoura hills area.

ok, its nearly 11p and I'm starting to drift.

have a great thursday

09 Dec 2010

have you ever met someone that is the exact opposite of what you imagined they would be like?

well, that was me today...and it was 'all' good.

now normally, or as luck would have it; you talk on the phone/email/text or what-ever to 'a nice' someone for a period of time and then when you finially meet face to face,

they are a mega-huge-asshole.

it was my belief that the woman I was going to meet with today to discuss the possibility of expressing my ideas on paper to make a living in the creative world,

was going to be a bitch.

this woman was a huge p.i.t.a. everytime I ever communicated with her, HUGE!

and upon meeting her for the first time this morning,

I have to admit,

nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced.

on the phone: condescending mega-bitch;

face to face: knowledgeable, sweetheart, and so beautiful.

and yes, I told her exactly what I thought.

she informed me that she has been 'stepped-on' numerous times through-out her career as a talent scout/head-hunter, and that she puts on a bitch-attitude until she gets to know the person. my meeting with her about my intended goals went better than what I had expected, but the stories she shared with me about the business/industry people were beyond anything I could imagine.

and apparantly, no-one has 'the balls' here in hollywood to reveal the behind the scene stories that happen daily.

I can understand that no-one wants to burn any bridges, and let me say;

star mag, national enquirer, the globe and other rag-mags aren't entirely 'not true'. I think they sometimes spice up their stories to sell more copies, but all in all, might be more 'real' than I ever thought possible. and the daily celeb-news show TMZ, is the holy grail of celeb-busters.

do you realize that some celebs actually request certain fellow actors/actresses to work with so they have an opportunity to 'hook-up', in private.

and the new 'younger' hollywood is like a good ol' greek orgy, everyone has sex with everyone.

and apparantly, the unwritten rule is: if you kiss and tell, you are shunned by everyone. 'no sex for you'.

I knew it; no matter what your job description is in the entertainment industry, hollywood is 'still' ran by sex. I was amazed by the amount of information this woman was telling me, I mean, she named names. I couldn't believe it.

it was almost as if she had been locked in a room for years, and she was just released and was desperately seeking someone to share this private knowledge with.

at one point I felt like I was just a listening device for her to 'let it all out' to;

T.M.I./too much information.

not that I would ever mouth-off anything that I was told, but I have to say that I am abit shocked and surprised by the names she mentioned and the acts they participated in.

actually, I bet I could surprise some of you with some of my past life actions/highlights/mistakes.

I'm no angel, but I'm not the devil either.

so after a couple of hours of 'talking' in her office,

we decided to have lunch.

we ate lunch at Il Pastaio's, I had the antipasti; melon, prosciutto w/burrata and 2 glasses of dry muscat/brown brothers. excellent meal, a little stuffy, people wise though

(meaning the beautiful women in this place don't do anul).

but minus the snobs, not a bad place to eat.

afterwards, my new friend wanted to meet my kidz.

so we drove to the place where I had my rig parked, and the both of us took the herd on a walk, which was an exciting ordeal; not many siberian huskies being walked as a group in beverly hills. so after the extended walk, and having quite a few pictures being taken of the sibs, she had me follow her to a local park, cheviot hills.

nice park, even has a par-3 course right there. but not an off-leash area for the kidz. my friend decided to cancel the rest of her day to keep me company, which was very nice of her. we even bbq'd in the parking lot of the park for dinner. by the time we said our good-byes, we had shared close to 10 hours together and I had acquired enough insider information to produce 3 movies, 5 tv series and a complete 10 volume book collection. not really, but damn...

ok, I may have run a little longer than usual tonite, sorry.

it's 10:30p and I am back in west covina parked in the driveway of my adopted family, and feel more secure right now, than I have the past couple of days.

funny how your life just works out the way it does.

I would love to share some of the stories I was told earlier today, but I gave my word, and that is all a man has.

and I know for a fact that I have a few celebrities that look in on my site from time to time, and I would not want to betray the trust in the 'hollywood code of silence'.

truth be told, I have many, many secrets from my prior business and even other aspects of my life;

and I have never, nor will ever

'kiss and tell'.

*DISCLAIMER: I realize 'the facts' either entirely and/or some parts as reported above may indeed be fictious or basically just 'un-true'. This web-site is published for the value of entertainment only for sharing the day to day activities of a private individual,

and should in no way be considered as a valid news source of any kind. g.a.kiss/

10 Dec 2010


I had just returned from walking the kidz and was preparing to start my night-time ritual of sex, drugs & rock-n-roll; when my friend from yesterday called about 20 minutes ago and invited me to see the movie 'the tourist'. at first I declined the offer, but she said I should come, as there were going to be some people in her group that she wants me to meet. SHIT!

so now I'm waiting for a palacios family member to come and take my dogs for the night, as apparantly there is a party afterwards. damn, I was already to drink my nighty-nite time tea. seriously, that and a couple tylenol pm's. boom!

ok, grandpa palacios is here, wish me luck...

11 Dec 2010

it's 5:45a, and I just got back.

well, I can honestly say that I've attended my very 1st

(and possibly, last) hollywood party.

I wasn't even close to being the oldest one there; but most of the women (girls) were young, so damn young and so unbelievably beautiful. and honestly, I have not been around so many superficial people in all my life.

and the most remarkable thing about last night: the peeps who were the nicest and just wanted to visit were the semi-famous/famous ones.

and most of the others (the wanna be's) were snooty, snoby little prick/bitches who thought they were higher up on the life accomplishment ladder than they actually are.

what a wild, crazy and totally looong nite.

so moving on besides the celebration atmosphere I expierenced with an 'open-mind'; the rest of the evening was quite enjoyable also. the movie, the tourist was a very well executed movie; great plot, excellent cast and acting. I'm not that big of a jolie fan, but depp is the man. he appears to be getting better and better with every passing year, he is currently (in my opinion), one of the greatest actors of my generation. along with cruise, pitt, washington, hunt, and of course, witherspoon.

so after meeting the movie-group and enjoying the flick, we drove to the party, stayed for a couple hours, and then had an early breakfast at a local coffee shop

(served a wicked vegeterian omelette).

and let me just say this; even though I knew only a few of the people (per se) I arrived with to the party, one person in particular who was in attendance made me feel very comfortable and kept me company through-out the night, while my female 'escort' was busy bouncing around greeting others. (I'm not a name dropper, after all he is just a semi-regular guy, just very well known is all). so if you are reading this my friend, thank you for your company,

your basic insight to the industry,

and for just being so pleasant to talk with.

and the invitation to go skiing?, I appreciate the invite,

but since I ruptured my achilles tendon some 20 years ago,

I am very careful about what I do,

don't ever want to reaggravate the injury.

but the offer for golf?, absolutely.

alright, I just finished a pot of morning brew, and have been told by my superior (grandpa palacios), that we will be leaving to the church pancake breakfast in 20 minutes

( I volunteered to assist with the serving). so, no sleep for me until after I return, damn... I'm so tired.

I guess I will stay the night in west covina, and then head back to vegas tomorrow. we'll see.

have a fantastic saturday everyone, I'm tired..

12 Dec 2010

I want to go to bed and sleep for a week.

after finishing up with the pancake charity breakfast this morning, I did come back here to the rig and slept for almost 4 hours. after waking, having another pot of dunkins and walking my kidz with grandma palacios

(I am again parked in their driveway, as if you didn't know)

I watched ms. witherspoon on dvr from last nights letterman, what a beautiful and talented young woman she is.

so, my next event of the day was going to pauley pavilion to watch the ucla basketball team; I can remember a couple years ago you couldn't get a ticket on a saturday night, now it's pathetic, like 3,500 fans in a 13,000 capacity arena,

what a shame. the kids came thru for their 4th win of the year, happy for the team. I then proceeded back here to west covina and went to 3 different mexi-christmas parties, walking from place to place singing (the best I could) with the traveling party goers. I really didn't drink or eat that much, but did enjoy meeting the variety of characters at each location. the older someone is, the better stories they tell.

and I'm not going to sugar coat this; some of the most interesting were the stories of some of these people coming across the border from mexico.

hey, who the fu*k am I to judge anyone?

one person telling me his story of travels and hardships to enter this country wants a better life for himself and his family. I say, good for him.

he has filed the appropriate paperwork for possible citizenship, he works 3 jobs, he pays his taxes, and he loves America. boom. no welfare, no food stamps, no drain on the economy; make this young man an American.

the good ol' American dream was alive in his eyes as he was telling me his story, and he wants to suceed. not to the point of unimaginable wealth, but just to be able to work and live in a country that has no limits, (at least, it use to). during my next business venture, I will hire this young man. yes I will. ok; I'm beyond exhasted, almost to the point of feeling numb. so I will be calling it a day, its nearly midnight, and I will be attending mass in the morning, and then I invited 'alot' of people out to lunch, my gratitude for their wonderful hospitality shown to me and 'my family'.

I'm thinking taco bell, just kidding. good-night...

by the way, to the young lady that left me a voice-mail on my vegas phone last thursday at 2:15am; I appreciate the compliments, and also your thoughts on life.

but next time, at least tell me your name. greg

14 Dec 2010

*before my entry; I will be adding additional pages on my site to be more reader-friendly. 'my thoughts' will have additional pages to ease the content/structure and productivity of my site, you all are intelligent mammels, you'll figure it out.

it's been a couple days since my last update:

I came back home to las vegas sunday afternoon, and have been packing up some of my personal belongings since then.

I have to decide what I am taking to cal, and what I am leaving here. I don't really want to have 2 homes, but refuse to sell this house in the economy we are currently in.

I have no idea what has been going on with me lately,

but something is changing. I knew something was amiss back last month when my sf giants won the world series, and I wasn't all that excited. in fact, I almost could have cared less, and I have absolutely loved that team since birth (nearly). and other 'wierd' things and feelings have been consuming me for the past couple of months.

ya, ok; I'm now officially a wierdo. great!

(not really, but damn, wtf is going on?)

coming home on sunday, and I love being home, this place doesn't feel like 'my home' any longer. this may have something to do with purchasing the new house, I don't know. and that is another thing, buying that house/property nearly obliterated my savings.

alright, I'm done crying in my 7&7 (for now).

I have just recently decided (today), that I will not be celebrating the holidays here in vegas, my kidz and I will be leaving in the rig on sunday morning.

I have absolutely no idea where 'we' are going, or even if 'we' are going to see anyone in particular.

I just know I don't want to be 'here' for christmas and of course new years eve. so, I will be cooking a traditional christmas dinner this saturday for myself, the nieghboors and their kids, and also a couple of friends, I think 20 or so people in all. should be fun.

usually this time of the year is my favorite, my birthday, thanksgiving, the holiday season, ucla football & basketball, the 49ers and just the cooler weather.

hell, I even had a date last night with a friend I haven't seen in nearly 15 years, and she is even more beautiful now than before; and she asked me to come inside afterwards,

and I said 'no'.

I said 'no'; I may have had the chance to make mad passionate no-strings-attached love to a wonderful, gorgeous, beautiful woman.

regrets, I've had a few, and this may be another.

ok, enough is enough.

I'm sorry that I used this area to vent some unknown frustrations that I am currently feeling, I just don't really have anyone I want to talk with about such things, and believe it or not, it really does make me feel better by typing this down. so if you're reading this;


I promise I will try to disengage this funk-attitude

as soon as possible.

oh, and for those of you who sent me christmas cards, cookies, and such;

thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.

I really do love you guys...

15 Dec 2010

hello all you beautiful people.

well, let me begin by saying that I appreciate the 'feedback' today in regards to my entry of yesterday.

not that I ever really expect anyone to read these thoughts of mine on a daily basis; but I have to admit, sometimes I am abit overwhelmed by the fact that there are actual 'real' people (of whom I may never meet) that do indeed 'hit' up my site every now and then to see what the hell I'm up to.

and then to get the response I did today from basically strangers was, to say the least, surprising.

so, I would just like to say thank-you for your calls, emails, texts and voice-mails.

I'm fine; just had a semi-bad, stressfull day is all.

alrighty then, we good?

my day today started at 6am with a sick cat that had been digging in some new plants downstairs last night, and then ate some of the leaves, way to go dusty. after the protein-spill clean-up and a little t.l.c. (I don't punish my pets for being animals, but will not tolerate fighting), I took the sibs and bev to the dog run and drank my morning bug juice out of a thermos, was a little chilly this a.m. in vegas, 42'.

after a couple of hours of exercising the kidz, I then returned to the house to drop them off and went grocery shopping for my christmas dinner saturday night. a couple of frozen rock-solid 20lb+ turkeys, ordered 4 honey-baked hams, 20lbs of potato's, and a variety of other foods and snacks.

my current guest list is at approx 40, including 9 kids.

I won't be cooking alone, thank goodness.

I have been requested to make my 'block-famous' party dips: hot spinach/artichoke/cheese dip & 7 layer mexi dip.

plus I plan on having 20+ lbs of potato salad and macaroni salad, both home-made. so needless to say, I will be cooking ALL day friday, any of you wanna help?

by the way, any of you watching Sarah Palin's Alaska?

I'm not a huge palin supporter, but I am enjoying her show though. and her husband todd, I could be friends with him. the show this week was w/kate gosselin and her platoon of children. and from the few shows I have seen her in, I really believe kate has a very unpleasant personality

(and if she doesn't, she needs to lighten up).

but, I have to agree with her reaction to the camping situation, cold and wet: not good! but damn kate, your kids were having so much fun, sometimes you have to take one for the team baby. also, I hate to put this out there;

but... kate is kinda 'hot' all of a sudden.

ya, I know, I can't believe I said that either.

ok, it's nearly midnite, and I still have some little chores to complete before I turn in (mostly pet related);

so again, I appreciate all of your concerns,

I just needed to vent is all.

good night...

16 Dec 2010

spent most of the day chopping, cutting, and preparing a wide assortment of ingredients for fixing christmas dinner this weekend. I actually have some family & friends that are coming in tomorrow throughout the day for my early christmas celebration. so I must be the most gracious host, as these people are basically changing plans to accommidate me departing las vegas on sunday. it's nice to have such understanding friends. I even had a young lady who lives here in vegas tell me she would have come to my house today and assist with my kitchen duties, what a sweetheart. thanks O.

so besides my domestic man chores today, everything else was just normal activity around here.

dog park, laundry, vacuuming. basic shit!

so along with the 3 airport runs tomorrow, and readying the rig for extended travel, I will be lucky to bed down by midnite, again. I have received a couple of invites for the holidays since I will be out and about, I just don't know where I will be going. but I'm thinking that heading due north is out of my destination desires because of the winter weather experienced already.

with that being said, no thank you minnesota.

but I am keeping all my options open.

will check-in with you sometime tomorrow. nite.

17 Dec 2010

good morning and happy friday everyone.

just think, a week from today will be christmas eve, wow! well it's 5:45am, and I'm already on my 3rd cup of dunkin and enjoying the sound of the rain on the windows.

I have 3 separate airport runs today, fun & joy.

and then tonight going to see tron 3d, actually am looking forward to seeing this movie.

no dog park while it's raining, so will have to play with the kidz inside, and then of course, vacuum.

ok, gotta get my laz-ass moving today, talk later.


it's 3pm, and I have 1 airport/transport left in 2 hours.

had lunch at the olive garden with the temporary house guests, hot pasta/sauce is a fantastic thing on a cold damp day. and the zuppa toscana soup is the best ever.

so here I am, up-stairs in my man-cave listening to my dogs barking and running thru the house playing with the outa-towners and praying I don't hear the sound of breaking glass. but besides the obnoxious amount of noise thundering throughout the house, and the fact my afternoon wine-buzz is now totally obsolete, I'm actually having a fantastic day and am looking forward to the fact I am going to have a large amount of sleep-overs this evening. and the only draw-back being; most likely someone is going to have sex in my house to-nite, and I will not be among the participants. damn!

shit, a child is crying downstairs, I've gotta go.


ok; sit down, I've got something to say.

I am not that big of a fan of 3-D movies;

now with that being said,

please read the following with an open mind:

if you see 'any' movie this holiday season, see Tron in 3D, you will not be disappointed!

my personal belief is, this is by far 'the best' 3D movie ever made. the plot was strong, the acting very, very good, and the spec-effects...awesome!

yes avatar is a fav of mine, but T3D is 'the shit'.

the only thing a little creepy was jeff bridges being zapped compu-style many years younger. still, well done.

I was the only one in our large group who was reluctant about seeing the movie in the disney digital 3D,

but the kids really wanted to experience it, and were very happy with the results.

ok, enough with the tron talk already.

I'm currently in my bedroom walk-in closet sprawled on the floor typing this out, as there are 5 little people (kiddos) sleeping in my bed. and so I will have the floor tonite. I have a total of 27 visitors crashing thru-out my house for the next 2 nights; the palacios clan of 6 are tucked away in the rig in my backyard. and my kidz (the sibs) are all over the place, with little bev in the closet with me. and chloe, the kiddie-lover, is sleeping in her normal spot within the little bodies of tired children on my comfy, over-sized, soft mattress.

I have no idea where the kiss-twins are (my cats),

I do hope they are not outside anywhere

(I'm sure they are just hiding somewhere).

my home here in vegas is usually big enough for any sort of sleepover/or party left-overs, but this is abit extreme.

so it's almost 11:30pm, and I am fading fast; big, fun, exciting day tomorrow. my santa duties (stuffed stockings, extra decorations, S.Claus presents from their hidden spots, and my personal favorite; palacios spiked coffee) are all set to begin by 5am, so I guess I need to 'try' (ya, I'm excited) and get some rest. this is going to be fun.

hope you all have a wonderful weekend, will update tomorrow whenever possible, so come back often.

tonite is 'our' christmas eve (as a family/friends),

good nite.

18 Dec 2010


santa kiss here, or what's left of him.

if I slept 3 hours last night, I was lucky.

my 'day' started at 4:15am, as I wanted to be the 1st to clean-up before the other residents of 'hotel kiss' awoke.

but as I quietly shuffled down the stairs 30 minutes later, I could hear the silent whispers of most of the outa-town-elves rustling below; and smell the beautiful aroma of the morning life blood brewing, I love the palacios family.

grandpa & grandma p. had already been up almost an hour, and had an early morning buffet set-up to accommodate santa and his weary-ass helpers.

(we had all the little-ones sleeping in my room upstairs for a reason; ya, santa is a sneaky bastard!)

so after mass caffiene consumption, and some jalepeno cheddar muffins, we kicked the shit out of our early christmas celebration. the kids (ages 4-7, all related), came running down the stairs just after 7am to a crazy party us adults were in the middle of (which was subdued until they arrived).

I won't bore you all with the particulars of the excitement of all the kids, most of the adults and the crazy antics of my sibs running around the house with wrapping paper/bows, and just the overall mess that was created during the flurry of a normal christmas morning. I will say that santa & his friends were very, very good to me this year; an ipad, a couple gift cards, excellent dvd collections, and a 'very' nice watch engraved from all my neighbors. but I also let people know how much they are appreciated by me;

(not that the giving of a gift or a monetary surplus is ever the proper way of expressing your feelings/love for someone; you seriously cannot 'buy' a true-friend, or a love interest.)

the flip-video, x-box 360 w/kinect, dvd movies, video & board games, cell phones, mcdonald gift cards for the kids stockings, chocolate galore, very nice wine, and ucla football season tickets for grandpa palacios.

hey, if any of you are looking for a 'last minute' gift for anyone, the flip-video cams are the coolest and not at all that pricey. I bought 10 of them for less than $1700., but the xboxes w/kinect were very popular also; there are 4 separate 'tourneys' going on at this exact moment thru-out the house, and of course the older teenagers are spanking us all.

the christmas dinner was a combination of many different varieties of food; turkey & ham w/all the sides, lasagna, pizza, enchiladas, tamales, beans, rice, cookies, pies;

it was fukin crazy. and for as many people that showed for dinner, about 53 in all, not that much alcohol was consumed (I sent alot of 'adult beverages' home with my local guests). but I did have to make a whipped cream run during the dessert portion of the night, as I guess 12 cans were not enough (hopefully food was all it had been used for). and also, I assisted a vegas friend I have yet to meet, with setting up her twitter account. busy day, and it's moments away from midnight, so I'm done. good night to all you party animals.

*as you have now noticed, I have changed/added my site a little. I so took advantage of one of my teenage guests to properly rearrange/add/delete some things quicker than I could have done it. kids, gotta love 'em.

19 Dec 2010

well, all my holiday visitors have departed.

it's a strange thing when you have so many people in your home for such a short period of time, and when their gone, you ask yourself, did this weekend really happen?

even my holiday decorations have been put away; the only proof that their was a function here at all, is the dozen or so big lawn bags of refuse that are already staged by the curb, and the huge amount of leftovers that are either bagged and tagged for my upcoming journey, or have been properly stored in my freezer for later consumption.

I have decided that my current expedition is going to be a slow-go to disney world in orlando, fl.

I have 'never' been, and considering the fact that this may be my 'last hurrah' for awhile, I am going to make it a memorable one. I have other events/sights to see and so forth to keep me busy until I come back to vegas in early spring to finially move to california.

(my new house will not be available until early april 2011)

and what is so fantastic about where I live now, is that I have such wonderful people around me that will watch and take care of my property the entire time I'm gone.

one less thing to worry about, in the scheme of things.

well, the rig is totally ready to travel, all fueled, packed w/human & pet food, all types of clothing, and thanks to grandma palacios, cleaner than it was when I bought it.

oh; before I forget, some of you questioned me the whereabouts of my cats. they were fine the entire time, sleeping in the rig (away from the smaller kids).

so see, I'm not a bad daddy.

my kidz just run amok at times is all, especially when the little/little ones like to pull the tails of the kiss-twins.

alright, its nearly 10pm and I am planning on being on the road nlt 5am, so I have to shut it down.

it is so damn cold & wet here tonite, I just can't get warm. have a great week all you crazies.

21 Dec 2010

good morning, it's 7 am and still raining.

I departed vegas yesterday morning at roughly 5am, and drove the I-15 south all the way to san diego, ca.


this crazy-ass weather, wtf?

ok, so I finially arrive in southern cal after nearly 8 1/2 hours of being cut-off, almost side-swiped, and being told I was number one a couple times (ie: the finger).

hey guys, it's a 42+ foot diesel pusher w/an suv in tow, not a little european sports coupe that can stop/turn on a dime.

I stay in the right lane on purpose while traveling, especially during inclement weather. so blow, mr. bmw!,

some drivers are just plain assholes. alright, so I get here (finially); and then find out I have some personal business that I am suppose to be taking care of back in vegas on tuesday (today). well crap-o-rama.

not wanting to drive back; it took me nearly 6 hours of phone-tag, trust issues, and a little luck last night; but I finially succeeded in accomplishing something on my own. ha! so enough boring details of something I don't like to talk about (your family is your family, good times and bad).

I hate the rain when I'm traveling, because it limits the dogs play/exercise time, which means their built-up energies sometimes result in moments of stupidity.

(they pick on each other when bored, fights happen).

well, my limited stay here in san diego is being cut shorter than I had planned because I just don't want to be here any longer trapped in this metal cave listening to the sounds of rain drops hitting the rv like bb's.

(I could have stayed in vegas to get rained on).

so, after I finish my 3rd cup of the morning life-blood and walk my furry beasts, I will be enroute towards tucson, az; maybe we make it by nightfall, maybe we don't.

once again, an adventure is waiting...


well, the kiss-fam is currently parked and 'resting' here in fabulous tucson, az. I like it here; not a huge metro, but not a little city either, very comfortable.

(remember, I've been overexposed to the sin city lifestyle) the trip today was wet coming out of diego, but by the time I rolled into yuma, az for lunch, the weather had dryed-up. and then it was pretty much the same heading here to tucson, only a few drops here and there.

I did have one 'moment' today as I was enroute on the I-10E and stopped at a rest area in the middle of nowhere to walk the kidz. a group of about a dozen bikers pulled in while I was getting the dogs on the static-leash, and the noise of their choppers caused one of my huskies, rustin to get loose and start running everywhere. you won't believe what happened next; 5 of these very burly, biker dudes started running around to catch my loose dog, as I fumbled about to put the rest of my kidz back in the rig. and this 'huge'...HUGE person pulled turkey jerkey out of his pocket, and when rustin ran over to eat a hunk, mr huge just picked my dog up like a sack of potatoes and boom, caught.

I had never really been that close to a known biker-gang (yes, they had their colors, I will not disclose though).

so after the chase, and while I was finially walking my kidz, one of the 'boys' told me he liked my dogs, and my reply:

"I like your woman". and then biker-boy asked me if I wanted to trade. all the while, his young, blonde, tatooed, very attractive hot-biker-babe was petting my kidz.

thank god he was kidding, she would have killed me, literally. I actually visited with the group for about 15 minutes, and then they just took off. ya, I admit I was a little uneasy about the situation, but they were very, very polite and gave me some excellent road-info. maybe it was a good thing that their girlfriends liked my sibs and little bev.

ok, so I'm planning on going to see the pima air & space museum tomorrow, I've heard it is a sight to see. and after that, I will be moving east towards el paso, tx.

my ass is dragging, so I'm calling it a day... nite.

22 Dec 2010

good evening from the spectacular metropolitan area

known as el paso, texas.

well; at least it's not raining here, for the time being.

unlike yesterday, my highway drive was just the normal traffic and dick-head drivers. was listening to news radio on the sati for most of the day, and apparently the storms in LA, vegas, and arizona are really causing havic and destruction everywhere. just terrible sounding.

alright, so after arriving here in el paso (del norte), (which means in spanish, 'the pass' and in continuation; 'the pass to the north' from mexico. how quaint sounding),

I took the pooches to a very over-sized dog park for a couple hours and just let them run their asses off.

and before I parked the rig for the night in this semi-private mobile home/rv lot, I took myself out for a little 'me' time.

now don't laugh, but I hit a local mexican restaraunt for take-out and checked myself into a hotel. not to spend the night, but to enjoy a meal without interruption and to soak in an over-sized tub while listening to soft jazz. yes, I enjoy a hot bath every once in awhile, and any man who says he doesn't, is lying thru his chewin'-tobacco stained front teeth.

the only thing better than a hot-soak in the dark while listening to some cool tunes; is a hot-soak with a beautiful woman, drinking some very nice over-priced wine

(hence the cool tunes).

don't worry about my kidz, I have 6 video cams (4 outside & 2 inside), that I constantly look in on via my mobile feed using my cell phone.

the 'me' time was very soothing and relaxing and actually help subside this headache I've had all day long.

as for my plans concerning tomorrow, I am very much considering driving the 270 miles north to albuquerque, nm to 'surprise' my mother and step-father for christmas.

I'm currently undecided as of this exact moment. it will be that or travel east until I come upon a nice quite town/city to spend a nice quite christmas day with my kidz. they're easy, a dog-run, bbq chicken bone-less breasts, and beef jerky for dessert and my dogs are as happy as they can be.

as for myself, I have enough turkey dinner leftovers from the party on saturday to have a huge feast. plus considering I won't be driving the following day, I'm sure I will intake of some sort of alchoholic beverage to enhance the true meaning of christmas; being with the 'beasts' you love. not to mention the assortment of over-hyped sporting events I will have the choice of viewing. or I will watch a couple of my holiday favorites: a christmas story, lampoons christmas vacation, badder santa, or four christmases. I thought about being somewhere snowy for the big day, but I am all weathered out thanks to all that rain.

well, I'm getting tired and I still have to take the dogs out for their pee-walk, so good-nite my friends.

23 Dec 2010

I decided 'not' to travel to albuquerque, nm for christmas day; I am currently docking my land-yacht in a very nice rv park here in san antonio, texas. I arrived later than I was planning, but I found this dog-park nearby, so I let my kidz run around for awhile before finially settling in for the night. nice place here, even though every-other 'dude' is wearing cowboy boots/hats. as for me; docker shorts, polo shirt and flip-flops (and I don't wear hats, caps, ect.)

the location of this rv park is fantastic; not far from a couple dog parks, tourist attractions, and other ammenities suitable for my well-being:

a couple honky-tonk bars, variety of eating establishments, a movie theatre, and a few unmentionables.

also looking at this facts guide to the city I picked up at the check-in counter, I may just stay here thru the holidays and taste what this great southwest city has to offer:

the san antonio river walk, the alamo tour, museum of art, the excellent foods of the southwest,

and the moscow ballet's great russian nutcracker is performing the day after christmas.

so, I guess I'm settled at least till next week or so.

as I have mentioned before in this forum; when traveling by rv, normally I am the youngest person in the park. but this time of the year, there are quite a few of other travelers who are more age-appropriate with me. but one of the differences being; I am w/my petz, and they usually have an in-law or two traveling with the family.

happy holidays, ha ha!

it now appears as if the storms are following me east, as I experienced slight rain all day driving from el paso.

my dogs currently have a slight 'mist' odor about them, but I had to let them get some playtime in the park tonite after being in the rig all day long. and it looks as if the weather may be moist for the next couple of days.

it's a crazy thing when you are traveling to watch the local nightly news in the city you are currently in.

it seems as if all places have the same problems, just different locations is all.

I guess no city in the world is immune to asshole behaviors. but I will say, that the red-neck population here in san antonio, texas is diffently alive and well. hearing men speak with that 'twang' is just simply disturbing, but to hear a woman speak with the same 'texan-tongue' is so sexy.

I guess that's a good thing I feel that way.

alright, it's nearly 10pm here (cst), and I am extremely exhasted tonite, so I'm calling it a day.

good night.

*oh, just a couple more things; if you have a 'little one' who is totally excited about santa's journey tomorrow

(or if you just are a kid at heart), go to this page to track santa's current status: (very, very cool)

I will also be posting a very special poem just after midnight (cst) christmas eve (christmas morning),

I think alot of you will enjoy it, very sentimental. g.

24 Dec 2010

A Christmas Eve poem:

Merry Christmas, my friend.

Twas the night before Christmas, he lived all alone,

in a one bedroom house made of plaster and stone.

I had come down the chimney, with presents to give,

and to see just who in this home did live.

As I looked all about, a strange sight I did see,

no tinsel, no presents, not even a tree.

No stocking by the fire, just boots filled with sand.

On the wall hung pictures, of a far distant land.

With medals and badges, awards of all kind,

a sobering thought soon came to my mind.

For this house was different, unlike any I'd seen.

This was the home, of a U.S. Marine.

I'd heard stories of them, I had to see more,

so I walked down the hall and pushed open the door.

And there he lay sleeping; silent, alone.

Curled up on the floor, in his one bedroom home.

He seemed so gentle, his face so serene,

not how I pictured, a U.S. Marine.

Was this the hero, of whom I'd just read?

Curled up in his poncho, a floor for his bed.

His head was clean shaven, his weathered face tan.

I soon understood, this was more than a man.

For I realized the families that I saw that night,

owed their lives to these men, who were willing to fight.

Soon around the Nation, the children would play,

and grown-ups would celebrate on a bright Christmas day.

They all enjoyed freedom, each month and all year,

because of Marines like this one, lying here.

I couldn't help wonder how many lay alone,

on a cold Christmas Eve, in a land far from home.

Just the very thought brought a tear to my eye,

I dropped to my knees, I started to cry.

He must have awoken, for I heard a rough voice;

"Santa, don't cry, this life is my choice.

I fight for freedom, I don't ask for more.

My life is my God, my Country, my Corps."

With that he rolled over, drifted back into sleep;

I couldn't control it, I continued to weep.

I watched him for hours, so silent and still.

I noticed he shivered from the cold night's chill.

So I took off my jacket, the one made of red;

and covered this Marine, from his toes to his head.

Then I put on his T-shirt of scarlet and gold,

with eagle, globe and anchor emblazzoned so bold.

And although it barely fit me, I began to swell with pride;

and for one shiny moment, I was Marine Corps deep inside.

I didn't want to leave him so quiet in the night,

this guardian of honor so willing to fight.

But half asleep he rolled over, and in a voice clean and pure,

said: "Carry on Santa, it's Christmas Day, all secure."

One look at my watch, and I knew he was right,

Merry Christmas my friend, Semper Fi, and good night.

*written by: LCpl James M. Schmidt, USMC (Dec 1986)

I'm not sure if some of you will grasp the true meaning of this poem. the first time I read it was just after christmas '86 while I was still in the marines and stationed in iwakuni, japan. I was young, alone, missed my family and wanted to come back home. this poem touched me then, as it touches me now. yes I am a former Marine, but I normally do not dwell on that part of my life. but during these current times of war, I often think of our fellow Americans fighting for our right to live the way we believe in. so if all of you could just do 'one' thing for me during your christmas celebration;

simply close your eyes,

and just say 'thank-you' to whom-ever you know who is currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

believe me; they all want to be home with their family, especially today.

christmas day 2010

well, it's just past midnight here in the lone star state,

and 'my family and I' would like to wish 'you and your family'

a very merry christmas.

no matter who you are, where you live, or what religion you worship; I appreciate you letting me into 'your life' by sharing 'my life' with you. good night my friends...


good morning, and merry christmas.

I forgot to turn off my timer on my coffee maker,

so I had the smell of dunkin-turbo radiating through-out my rig at 5am. and the sound of the coffee maker coming to life always has a tendency to signal the bladders in the kidz, so needless to say, I was up this beautiful christmas morn at 5:15am. and walking my pack of eager pissing mammels within 15 minutes after waking.

so here I sit, on my 2nd cup of freshly brewed hot morning mud, sharing my day with all of you.

(aren't you the lucky ones)

ok, enough idle chit-chat.

time to get myself motivated and get these yappers to the dog-park before any of the smaller lap dog types arrive. besides, since my kidz have already destroyed the 15+ pounds of beef-jerky that santa kiss brought them, their energy level is almost to much to deal with.

so, I will be departing here within moments.

also, thank you all who sent me holiday greetings via emails, voice mails, texts and so forth.

I really do appreciate every single one of you.

santa kiss......out.


just returned from nearly 5 hours at the park with my kidz. I figured as long as they were running around and playing, I would stay and let them tire themselves out.

I could not believe the number of people who received puppys/dogs for christmas; and brought them out to the park. it's a crazy thing, my huskies are not that friendly with the very small breed of dog, but they just 'love' puppys.

all puppys. especially my girls , chloe & elles.

so, my kidz made new friends, and I made new friends. so here we all are, back in the rig.

there are cats and dogs sleeping all over the place, so I have decided to 'open' the bar early (before 4pm), and am enjoying a very large and tasty diet coke w/a side of jack daniels thrown in for celebration purposes.

I also may be joining my animals for a short nap after I'm done watching 'jingle all the way' starring the governator. great movie. I already watched my yearly viewing of n.l. christmas vacation.

alright, I will stop boring all of you with my drabble-talk,

I'm feeling alittle festive,

maybe I'll go streakin' downtown san antonio.

and scare the shit outa everybody.

watch headline news, you never know...


had a very interesting christmas evening.

as I stated above, I took a nap with my kidz this afternoon. afterwards, all '9' of us pretty much demolished all the left-overs from my party last week. and then while having our 6pm walk, I was invited to a phase 10 (card game) party a couple rigs down. I hadn't played this game for quite a few years, and had forgotten how much fun it was.

so anyway, this ederly couple who was hosting the sha-bang are from thomasville, georgia; I have never been, but I heard everything about this place. and saw many, many pictures of houses you normally only see in movies of the old south. it's a beautiful country, just don't think I would ever like to live in that part of the states. too 'country' for me.

I love talking to people from places that I have never been, you're never too old to learn about something new.

alright, my thought process is almost nil,

so I'm calling it a day.

I hope all of you had a wonderful christmas.


26 Dec 2010

the day after christmas.

tis the day after christmas,

and all throughtout my rig,

my petz are all sleeping,

as they all ate like a pig.

the presents are opened,

their gifts all eaten.

if my huskies ran in a race,

they would never be beaten.

the kiss-twins are cats,

spoiled as they are.

they love to travel by RV,

but hate riding in the car.

my petz are my family,

and they are my kidz you see.

they only problem I have,

is walking them to pee.

sometimes I wish my petz could talk,

that way they could tell me it's time for a walk.

we have a small tree,

to celebrate the holiday.

the dogz don't really care,

the catz use it to play.

my life is my own,

but I would love to share.

finding a woman to love,

cherish, honor and care.

her having children,

and myself having kidz.

we would have a beautiful family,

is this how happy people live?

as for now,

I am pretty much set.

if ever I get lonely,

I will just find another pet.

it is the day after christmas,

and I am in the lone star state.

not knowing where to go next,

my life is currently at fate.

I love to travel,

to see what's around the bend.

the reason I write this,

is to find a new friend.

I wish you all a happy new year,

feel free to call me whenever I'm near.


*hey; it's not my best work, but give me a little break.

it is 6am here and I have only had 1 cup of coffee so far.

I hope you all had a wonderful christmas with family & friends, or with whomever you chose to be with.


good evening.

hey, thanks for the nice comments about my poem from this morning. and yes, it was a spur-of-the-moment thing.

had a huge bbq with some of my fellow rv'ers for lunch,

and then I went out for awhile today and explored the city.

nothing that exciting; the north star mall, the japanese tea gardens, and made plans to tour the alamo tomorrow.

I'm not sure if I will be staying here thru new years, I have an invitation in houston for dinner anytime this week, so I may leave tuesday morning to stay ahead of the weather.

I might just find a little town to ring in the new year;

quiet, safe and uneventful (ya, alittle boring also).

I have 6 more weeks until I need to be back here in texas for super bowl 45, and I also have been trying to trade my 2 over-priced seats for 4 less expensive seats,

not having alot of luck though.

sorry to be so boring tonite; I'm actually getting ready to go to bed soon, it's only 8pm here but I haven't been sleeping well the past couple of nights. so I will try 'the pill' method. ok; wish I wasn't so blah feeling, and tired.

hope you all have a great monday doing what you do,

and for those on safe.


27 Dec 2010

I woke up this morning and decided 'its time for Houston'.

so I pointed the rig east, and 4 1/2 hours later,

we be in the heart of texas.

I actually enjoy going to visit places I have never been before, and will try to explore some sights while I'm here.

the city is alot bigger than I had expected, it just keeps going on and on. I did see something today that brought a smile to my face; the houston astrodome. I can remember the late 70's and watching on the tv, houston oilers games in the dome and listening to those crazy texas fans cheering their asses off. those were great games and special memories I have with my father.

I inquired today about taking a tour of the old stadium, but apparantly it's closed to the public. damn.

anyway, I actually am meeting someone for dinner tonight that I've met thru this site, should be interesting. so with that being said, I better start to get ready. apparantly we are meeting at a new orleans saints fan bar here in houston to watch the game tonite. I'll check-in later.


well; I've got issues about this evening.

to begin on a high note: the bar I met 'my friend' at was an excellent choice; big woodrows bar & grill. what a wonderful atmosphere to watch football, good food

(I had the crawfish quesadilla, creole crab dip, and an oyster poboy sandwich.) cold draft, huge tv's, and super friendly employees. even the assortment of football fans were fun to be around.

but 'my friend' wasn't exactly as she described herself to be:

yes, she is indeed a woman in her 30's.

yes, she is an attourney. (not the type I was told)

yes, very, very attractive.

yes, beautiful brunette hair.

yes, 3 kids: 2 girls, 1 boy.

no......she is 'not' single.

(and yes, I know she will be reading this later tonite).

why, do people mis-represent themselves about who and what they really are?

I was so disappointed when she finially decided to 'come clean' and inform me that she isn't divorced, isn't a single mom, and isn't even seperated from her husband.

ok, she is unhappy, she is no longer in love (she says), and doesn't want to be married to her spouse any longer.

I can relate to those exact phrases; but to lie about your marital status to someone who you have been in contact with for quite a few months (just friendly chit-chat) and make-up stories along the way, broke my heart.

not that I was looking for a personal/deep relationship of any kind, but a friendship would have been nice.

how can I believe anything she would ever say to me again?

I did stay after she confessed her mis-truths to me, and I did listen to her explain her reasons for not being totally honest with me during our past conversations... but I still felt used.

she actually said to me I was part to blame.

she has been reading my thoughts page (s) during the past couple of months, and told me she thought I would be perfect for her and her kids. and then when we started contacting each other thru emails/texts/calls, she admitted she had developed feelings towards me she had long lost for her husband. and stupid me, I was really just trying to be friendly with someone who (again) lied about being in the entertainment industry. fuck me...

and you know what really is shitty about this whole situation/experience?: there are others (actually, quite a few people) I have been/or currently am in contact with, that I have put my trust and faith into. I guess it's time I revert back to my past lifestyle, and not trust anyone I do not know. it would be a shame for me to feel it necessary to background every single person I come into contact with from this point on. not worth it.

*I do have a number un-blocker on my (310) cell phone (automatically unblocks blocked/private numbers), which is very handy to have. if any of you want this on your cell-phone, send me an email and I will send you the link to my work-site. by the way, it's free. (if I know you).

(at&t phones can't accept the over-ride program)

ya, I know who calls me (nice message today in fact). careful boy, payback could be a bitch!

I hate assholes!!!

which brings me to my next topic of discussion;

I really do enjoy sharing my experiences with 'most' of you, but apparently, there are some readers who are getting the wrong impression of what I'm trying to do.

hell, maybe 'I' am to be part to blame.

I'm praised by many for sharing my feelings, thoughts, dreams and desires.

and ridiculed by a few who somehow think that 'their opinion' of what I share 'really matters'.

maybe I just need to go back to writing in my journal.

I don't know, I'm just in a sour mood.

I hate being lied to...

28 Dec 2010

ok, I receive a phone call at zero-dark-thirty this morning from my 'married-friend' asking me to have lunch with her.

at first, I declined, but after talking with her a few minutes more, I reconsidered and accepted the invitation.

she closed the deal with her arranging a private tour of the houston astrodome for me after we have lunch.

redemption is so sweet.

so after being awakened so early and not sleeping that well anyway, I decided to get up and start my day.

after loading my kidz into the suv,

I was enroute to the nearest 7/11 to fill my thermos with the strongest caffiene liquid I could find.

and then off to a dog park.

that was my morning, and now I am ready to go meet a unhappily married woman for lunch.

how's your day going?


oh my goodness, what a long day.

I met my lunch 'date' at one of the local bbq joints;

the service was terrible, so no shout-out.

the food on the other-hand was pretty damn tasty;

bbq brisket, baked beans, cole-slaw and biscuits.

my female companian was a little more professional today, I'm guessing it was the attourney I was having lunch with today, and not the unhappy little girl from last night.

so what started out as an awkward moment at our last get together, has actually turned into a pleasant possible friendship. she admitted to me that her behaivor was a little extreme and also appologized at least a dozen times.

so yes, apparently I have made a new friend after all.

I'm not all that sure about being 'the other man' in a married womans life, but did tell her I could be a friend she could count on no matter what, just no more phone sex. (just kidding).

after lunch, she arranged for me to have a personal guided tour of the astrodome, it was beyond fantastic.

the stadium has seen better days,

but to be able to walk around inside the dome and on the actual field level was very cool,

and the facts about the stadium itself was incedible.

my guide/escort was extremely knowledgeable:

the day the stadium opened (the very 1st dome) 9 April 1965; *judy garland and the supremes performed, and also

the first ever homerun hit in the dome was by no other than the yankee great mickey mantle on the same day.

*my ucla bruins played the houston cougars

on 20 january 1968,

which was the very 1st college basketball game nationally televised from coast to coast during prime time.

*elvis presley performed twice there in the early 70's.

*the battle of the sexes tennis match between billy jean king and bobby riggs was also held there on 20 september 1973. sorry for rambling on about some of the past events,

I was just excited to be there.

have you ever been emotionally aroused to finially be somewhere you have only seen in pictures, on the tv, or read about in books? well thats how I felt today.

I understand it's just an old out-of-date stadium, but it represents some nice memories I have of my father and I watching some very good football games when I was young.

I am a very, very sentimental person... can't help it.

after spending almost 2 1/2 hours in the dome, I once again met my 'married friend' for a happy-hour drink or 2.

which again led to a dinner date. I have the feeling that maybe something else was on her agenda, but my scruples wouldn't allow it. I'm sorry H., I really am.

I have decided that I will be departing houston early tomorrow morning, where I end up is currently unknown at this time. I would like to be east of new orleans for new years eve, but the weather is currently not that desireable for traveling. ok, it's nearly 11pm here and my alarm and coffee maker are both set for 4:45am,

so I guess it's time I call it a day. houston, texas; I luv ya!

good night...

29 Dec 2010

just an informational entry.

I left houston, texas this morning at 5:30am during a crazy thunderstorm and just kept driving east.

stopping in baton rouge, louisiana

for breakfast and to exercise the kidz.

and then I made my way to

mobile, alabama and fueled-up the rig,

and also purchased some fresh bags of crawfish and shrimp.

on another note; I did receive a traffic citation today for un-safe passing during a rain storm, AND for not allowing proper clearance before pulling in front of a moving vehicle. apparently while driving behind a alabama highway patrol vehicle going 48mph in a 65 zone during a downpour,

you should not pass..ever! and never, ever pull back into the right-hand lane in front of the patrol vehicle.

ok then, lesson learned.

at least the 'officer of the law' wasn't an asshole,

he was just very irrate with me. maybe I should not have made the comment of him speeding up when I was in the process of going around him.

and that smokey-cap/hat he was wearing was huge.

not that I am ever critical of our law enforcement officers in our country; but I am in total disagreement with the entire situation as it was explained to me. but considering the fact I was in the 'deep' south and I vividly remember the movie 'my cousin vinnie', I decided not to piss-off the smokey bear.

so either I send a check to cover my fine,

or report to the court administration office in loxley, alabama on 26 january 2011.

alrighty then; I am currently in pensacola, florida and will remain here at least until monday/tuesday of next week.

I found a pretty nice rv park with an excellent dog park 10 minutes away. plus, the spaces are huge and very secluded. privacy is always a wonderful thing.

so after driving just over 10 1/2 hours and 539 miles today,

I am totally exhasted and still have to walk the kidz before I decide to open the bar for service.

it's almost 7pm here (cst), and I am planning on an early night, so I need to move along. not sure what kind of trouble I can get into here during the next couple of days,

but I'll try and think of something.

have a great night everyone.

oh, and congrats to reese witherspoon and her boyfriend

jim toth on their engagement.

30 Dec 2010

for a day I was not planning on doing anything,

I kept pretty busy. before I bore you with my normal

hum-drum dialog, I would just like to mention that pensacola, florida is a very well laid out city and even though I've only been here just over 30 hours, I really do like this place. very, very humid though.

after taking my kidz to the park this morning just before the rain once again came thundering down, I was invited by a mutual friend who is currently stationed at nas pensacola, to go out to the base for a tour and lunch.

what an experience it was again to be aboard a military instalation and to be surrounded by the brave men and women serving to protect our country. I'll tell ya something, almost every swabee (navy) I saw today looked as if they should still be in high school. except of course for the old crusty enlisted schmucks who are awaiting their retirement papers, and the glory-boys who take pride in wearing those gold-plated wings on their chest.

seriously though, everyone I had the pleasure of meeting today were so polite, and their professionalism was indeed visiable at all times.

so after enjoying a wonderful lunch at joe patti's seafood, and visiting the national naval aviation museum;

we positioned ourselves near the main runway on base and observed aircrafts perform touch and go's for about an hour or so. I had a great time.

I stayed away from the rig a little longer than I had planned, and upon getting back here, I had a couple creatures dying to do the pee-pee walk, little bev has yet to poop in the rv, but today I think she was close to it. I honestly felt bad. I know how I feel when I need to go to the bathroom. I made it up to them by taking them to the park and then we hit an arby's drive-thru for some 'doggy' beef & chedders.

(a regular roast beef sandwich w/a smidge of cheese sauce) and by the time we got back here, it was nearly 9pm; so I decided to open that box of wine I've been saving for a special occasion. yep, thats how I party. alright, guess I'll go shower and call it a night (10:30p).

hope you all have a fantastic and 'safe' new years eve,

just please don't drink and drive.

and lisa m., happy 38th b-day, your still beautiful.

good nite all...

31 Dec 2010

new years eve 2010

good morning everyone.

I did not sleep very well at all last night, maybe 4 hours.

I got a phone call at 1am this morning, and it was a little suprising to say the least

(not ready to discuss now, maybe a later date).

anyway, so I'm totally dragging this a.m. and to make matters even more undesireable for me, the rain is in full force outside, so my kidz will be totally cooped up all day.

but my standby is to feed them turkey-jerky (almost no fat), until they are almost full, and let them sleep the day away. besides, even though it's going to be thunderstorms tomorrow, I have arranged for my over-zealous four legged crap machines to run around in a vacant gym area until they are totally worn-out. sometimes it definately pays spades to be outgoing and nice to everyone you meet.

(like a vice-principal of a local middle school).

alright, I've decided to cook my spagetti sauce today with crawfish, crabmeat, and shrimp. I'm going back to the base area today for dinner with some of the people I met yesterday, no new years celebration for me though, I plan on being back here for the midnite hour.

ok, I've gotta get going, I'll check in later.


hi, my plans for a 'quiet' new years eve have been terminated by the over-sized navel bad-asses that are now playing w/my kidz in the front of the rig.

apparently I am being 'escorted' to a real irish pub here in pensacola. woo-hoo, can't wait...

to be continued on 'my thoughts.4':