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my thoughts.4.0:

completed: 05 April 2012/11pm

(01 April 2012 - 05 April 2012)

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

01 April 2012/7am

good morning everyone.

what a crazy fucking day yesterday was.

and last night was the kicker, yea I was a little 'freaked-out'. I was anticipating a fairly early start back to cali today,

but 'everyone' else didn't get to bed until 2-3am.

Ash was next door playing poker w/l.g. and 'little-D',

crazy kids, all of them.

so seeing how I'm the only one up to enjoy the early morning dew, I'm thinking of going to the coffee shop and having coffee and breakfast.

check-out is 11am, so that's what time we'll be leaving.

no worries though.

ok, time for coffee. happy palm sunday.


looong day.

finally got home just over an hour ago,

what a fun weekend.

the drive back here to so. cal took a little longer than I had thought it would; we made it back to vegas by 1pm and then had sunday brunch at the aliante casino in n.las vegas.

afterwards we stopped by my house and picked-up my other suv that I left there when we drove the u-haul down with Jessica's personal belongings.

my plan was to have Ash drive that vehicle with l.g.

so they could chit-chat and such,

while 'little-D' and I drove 'the beast' and visited.

but the traffic was so damn thick with asshole drivers,

l.g. drove most of the way w/Ash as co-pilot.

it took just over 6hrs to get back home from vegas.

and my god, the wind as we approached the las vegas valley was incredible, gusts were moving the car around at times. even in the middle of the mohave, the wind was crazy.

I was pretty impressed with my travel mates, everyone held their pee until victorville, ca.

after coming down the hill from victorville,

and taking the 210/101 west there was no traffic.

we came home to the mexi-godfather & grandpa jack having a scotch in the back area,

while grandma jo & Jessica were watching

celebrity apprentice.

and of course the kidz were oh so happy to see

us back home.

even l.g. and 'little-D' were getting 'love-licks'

from the 'nerd-herd'.

and oh my gosh, 'little-D' slipped on beverly's pee-puddle on the floor, poor kid.

but, we all laughed once we knew he didn't hit his head

on the entry tile.

I think he was a little upset/embarrassed for slipping and falling in bassett hound pee though.

after making sure he was good-to-go (he's a tuff-kidd),

Ash and I said our goodbyes to our 'weekend-travel-mates', and then unpacked our clothing from the car.

so now, I'm sitting here in the kitchen eating a slice of key lime pie, and having some 'nighty-nite' tea.

Ash took a bath, came down took a bite of my pie (thief),

and is watching 'the donald' with her grandma & Jess.

I have no freakin' idea where the old men went off to.

I think as soon as I publish this entry,

I am going to take a long hot shower and then go to bed.

I'm beat.

this coming week is pretty laid-back for me;

an appointment w/my new atty team on tuesday,

and a 'dinner-date' w/l.g. thursday night.

oh yes... L.G.,

she is beyond anything I've ever experienced,

relationship wise.

I've had my share of beautiful women

(most got uglier with their personality showing),

but I have never had the 'big-3':

beauty, brains, and so beautiful inside.

she is by far, the nicest woman I have ever dated.

nice 'kissable' lips too. yes, I'm very happy.

ok, the old guys want me to come outside

and see 'something'.

I'll see you guys in the morning.


02 April 2012/6am

good morning.

sorry about the update last night.

I had just finished it when 'the elders' wanted me to go outside and look at the new lunge-line area (it's nice),

and then when I was coming back inside,

l.g. called and we got into a fairly deep conversation.

oh well, forgetfullness is one of the first things to go

when you age.

ok, I'll get this posted while I 'officially' start my day.

good morning...


good evening everyone...

have had a busy day here at the house.

chores, chores, chores.

spent almost 3hrs in the garden with grandma jo turning soil and re-planting quite a few veggies.

also, grandpa jack adjusted the surrounding fence so it was more taunt and packed/soaked the dirt around the bottom

of the cyclone fencing.

I wasn't too excited about fencing in the garden area,

but the mexi-godfather said it was necessary with the wild critters running around, and also to keep the dogs from crapping in the general area.

so after playing farmer-kiss, I took turns with the horses on the new lunge line area. very cool.

my riding-instructor came over and showed me how to properly 'lunge' the beasts.

I'm not really sure, but I think the horses kinda enjoyed it.

I love how the ground shakes when they run so near me.

I'm still not 'sold' on these guys, but do love it when they eat the carrots out of my hand and then talk to me afterwards while they scrape their hoofs at me.

big-stanley is the oldest of the group,

and the most pleasant to be around by far.

I love his personality,

I just wish big-jack would learn from this guy.

after playing with the 'big-guys' (& jill) till about 2pm,

I took the sibs to the dog park where Ash met me after

she got outa school.

I wanted to talk with her 'privately' about this past weekend, and get her opinion on l.g. and 'little-D'.

she was very open and honest with me on this subject.

she really likes l.g. and thinks 'little-D' is cute

and well-mannered;

but she did remind me that l.g. is the first woman I've gone out with in almost 4yrs and maybe I should go out

on a few dates with others before I invest

my heart/time in my 'first'.

I totally understand what she is saying, but as I told her; 'when you know, you know'.

we then hugged, and my kid looked-up at me w/her beautiful blue eyes, smiled and asked; "can I have a baby sister".

I then chased her around inside the dog run with

aj & elles joining in the fun.

after the dog park, I took the kidz home with me,

and I sent Ash to the grocery to pick-up some

chicken breasts, bagged salad, green & red peppers,

and some fresh loafs of baked bread.

dinner tonite will be grilled chicked casear salad,

with garlic bread.

and for dessert;

chocolate zingers with vanilla bean ice cream.

the all-american meal.

the mexi-godfather is the last palacios here (of course he is), and he and grandpa jack will be going out to a local bar to watch the kentucky - kansas game tonight.

they want me to go, but I'm not that interested.

plus, I'm still pretty tired from this past weekend.

ok then. my child just came into the kitchen and has just started to cut-up the chicken I grilled an hour ago,

so I'm guessing it's just about dinner time.

I'll check-in before I go to bed,

which will be fairly early tonite (I hope).


hi guys.

I took a xanax right after dinner, and it's hitting me hard. but, I have a funny story to tell you guys that my gf/l.g.

told me tonight. (hopefully I'll get it right)

ok; so this story takes place in a nearby city some 25yrs ago while my beautiful friend was going to college.

l.g. and her room-mate were out one friday nite getting ready to go back to their apartment, when l.g. noticed a 'fine looking man' sitting in a 3pc suit at the bar.

so she approached him, did the chit-chat thing,

and gave 'the suit' her number and left with a wink of the eye saying "call me".

so a few days later; as both girls were trying to figure out how to get some food as they both were broke,

the phone rings. it was 'the suit'.

during the conversation it was determined that 'suit' was going to come over to the girls apartment for a visit.

but l,g. and her room-mate had demands:

bring a pizza, a 6pack of beer, and a $100. bill.

(I won't repeat my immediate response)

so, 'suit' shows up w/pizza, beer, and the money. the three of them eat the pizza, drink the beer, play scrabble, and then as it's getting late, 'suit' suggests he stays the night.

l.g. says "sure you can sleep in my bed".

suit smiles, and trots-off to the bedroom to 'go to sleep'.

l.g.'s room-mate 'leeza', goes off to her own bedroom,

and closes the door, while l.g. goes to the bathroom

'to get ready for bed'.

when l.g. exits the bathroom, there is 'suit' laying in her bed, smiling and 'waiting'. l.g. then picks-up her pillow, a blanket, turns to the 'smiling suit' and says;

"good night, I'll be sleeping on the couch".

so in the morning after all of the 'single sleepers' have awaken, the 'suit' is apparently a little upset he 'didn't get his monies worth', and asked for his $100. bill back.

so as l.g. is openning-up the front door of the apartment, she says; "no, you lent us the money, we'll pay you back in 2weeks, have a good day".

*no idea if the girls ever paid 'suit' back or not.

after getting to know l.g. as well as I have these past 2months, this story cracked me up.

damn, poor guy didn't even get laid!!!

alrighty then, there's your bed-time story. good night kids.

03 April 2012/5am

good morning;

time to get back into the swing of things.

no fog/haze outside, but chilly as hell. so let me get going, I'm sitting downstairs waiting for my coffee to brew. the elders 'are not' up yet, hmmm.

I bet grandpa jack was up late again w/the mexi-godfather bull-shitting around.

and grandma jo wasn't feeling to well last night, and went to bed early to finish watching 'dancing w/the stars'. speaking of 'jo', here she is now.

and she just appologized for not having coffee ready for me this morning, what a sweetheart she is.

I just asked her how she was feeling; and she said her headache was gone, but her right shoulder and lower back is a little stiff from doing all that gardening yesterday.

she also stated the old men were drinking scotch and smoking cigars until about 3am. crazy fuckers!

ok, my coffee is done. time to wake-up,

and go on poop-patrol.


hey, I'm back.

just saw Ash off to school, and am sitting back here in the kitchen as grandma jo is making a egg, bacon, cheese quiche for breakfast... yum.

also, I just asked her out for lunch and she smiled and said 'of course', I'm thinking 'red lobster'.

the 'old men' got up at around 7am;

which would be like me sleeping-in until 10am,

and I think the both of them were a little 'hung-over'.

I finished my early-morn chores,

and even went over and groomed the horses for a while.

for some strange reason,

big jack is really starting to show me some serious attention lately. he makes all these snorting sounds,

and dances around in his stall when I walk into the barn/stall area. and he has begun to follow me with the wheel barrow now when I'm picking-up those huge turds. and yes, I think he expects carrots everyday.

and of course, they get them.

ok then. I have to get in the shower, make some calls and then have a little-meeting with Jess at 10am.

see ya guys later.

04 April 2012/9am

good morning everybody.

not much going on here yesterday/today.

have been playing around with the idea of what to do next week with Ash while she is on spring break.

at first I thought about taking a 'break' w/l.g. and her kids coming along, but would rather just to have Ash & I do something together.

so it looks like we're going to just get in the car and drive; going north. ending our 'road-trip' in san fran on friday 13Apr for the first home game of the season of the sfgiants 2012 run for the pennant.

anyway, yesterday after having a 2hr discussion

w/Jess including talks about this website,

I decided to take myself to the movies.

I saw the movie 'the hunger games.

not reading the popular book series, or even knowing what the premise was; I had no idea what to expect.

but, I really enjoyed the story-line.

a little to predictable at the end, but still a good choice.

not really much out there right now that sparks my interest. alrighty then. I've got 3 vehicles to get serviced today

(oil change), so I best get my ass in gear.

I'll bore you guys again later.


afternoon kids.

well, I got everything completed today that

needed to be done.

plus, after the cloud/haze burned off this afternoon,

I took the kidz to the dog park and let them run around.

after which I took them to drive-thru and got

them all chicken mcnuggets.

ya-ya-ya, I know patsy;

''fast-food isn't good for my doggies''

I don't think a few mcnuggets are going to hurt them! anyway, now I'm home and have nothing to do;

anyone wanna come over and play w/me??? anyone???

I guess maybe I'll have a beer and some crackers/cheese for a mid afternoon snack. I will see you guys later...


good evening.

not much going on tonight.

so I guess I'm mr. boring today.

actually, I'm so damn tired;

I have not had a decent night sleep in almost a week or so. I've been waking-up some nights every hour or so, and others such as last night takes me forever to fall asleep and then boom, 3am I'm wide awake.

the thing is; I'm snoring myself awake,

or I have that 'sleep apnea' thing. whatever it is, I'll be taking it up with my doctor on the 20th of this month.

I wonder what her remedy will be this time;

drink 2 glasses of water backwards and go to bed

an hour earlier.

damn crazy-ass witch doctor!!!

maybe I should have these large-ass tonsils finally taken out, which means I could drink smoothies for a week! ok then.

I'm laying here in bed watching the 2nd half of the

laker - clippers game,

but I'm ready for bed. see you guys tomorrow. nite.

05 April 2012/7am

good morning all.

I got up much, much later than usual today,

laying in bed until almost 6am.

damn animals are so used to me getting out of bed

at a specific time,

that if I'm 'running later than usual',

I get 'barked/meowed/whinnyed at... wtf???

so I 'punished' myself for sleeping-in and being lazy by 'not' having any 'wake-up' juice until I completed

my early-morn tasks.

so here I sit in the kitchen watching grandma jo cut up a ton of veggies for making stew today for dinner tonite.

grandpa jack is not feeling well today,

so he is still in bed,

and Ash just went back-up stairs to

finish getting ready for school.

Jessica is going to leave us tonite,

flying to denver to have easter with her favorite auntie.

l.g. has invited myself, Ash and the elders over to her house for easter dinner. and we have accepted.

at first I had thought I would be meeting the other 2 kids, but she told me they were going to be at their dads house for a huge fam-dinner with his relatives.

so this should be an interesting easter for all of us.

I asked l.g. if she wanted me to come over easter morning to help prepare dinner, and she said noooo!

alrighty then. LOL

so anyway; I'll be doing some 'around the house' stuff this morning, and then early this afternoon I have an appointment with my attorney concerning my situation.

so there you go.

breakfast time, I'll get back to you guys later.


my appologies;

I totally 'spaced-out' that it was

'grilled cheese thursday'.

I have since rectified the over-sight.

*thank-you jenny from thomasville, ga

for remembering for me.

ok then. now that everything is 'right' in the land of, I can move forward. LOL

so listen; considering the fact that my day was just so-so exciting and not that worthy to report,

I thought I would share with all of you about how/when some of you read my web-site:

I must start with my longtime readers;

sisters Emma & Ruth from wausau, wisconsin

who have been reading my web-site 'at least twice daily' since the 4th day of publishing (14 May 2010).

normally during morning coffee,

and then again after dinner.

and I have to mention the 'kiss family' from monor, hungary who have been enjoying reading my antics for

over a year now.

not really sure if we're related, but they seem to think so.

another two-some who have been reading my boring lines for quite some time are;

husband & wife edgar & sheila from jupiter, fl

who have been waiting for me to meet-up with someone and give-out details 'the following morning'.

calm down you fiesty 80yr olds.

also for some strange reason I have quite a following from the neatherlands, russia, germany, japan, korea,

and the united kingdom.

*I have absolutely no idea why my drivle is so entertaining across the globe.

so I have one more group to highlight today;

(sorry I couldn't mention you all)

the all-girl group I've personally nick-named

'the santa cruz cuties'

(who all live in the bay areaish area)

and have been loyal to my site since last fall.

and besides emailing me helpful advice concerning my child, horses, diet, and even some dating techniques;

have come-up with a drinking-game staring my

glorified-blog, and they have named it:

'Drink to Kiss'

the rules are fairly simple;

they read my blog, and when I say something in particular, they take a shot.

*the following rules are being re-printed with the permission of the group leader A.D.H.,

and I'd also like to do a 'special-shout-out' to:

ms.Luna (hope your leg is healthy again),

May (hello gorgous)

and also the two hotties who walked the

'campus of the Mighty UCLA Bruins',

a cheerleader eh??? hmmm???

and to the other female's who enjoy a 'good shot'

every now and then;

"hi, 'damn-nice' to meet ya"!

and now without-further-ado;

'Drink to Kiss'

by the Santa Cruz Cuties

*copyright pending

  • Every time you mention food, we drink a shot
  • Every time you say something sexiest, we drink a shot
  • Every time you act macho, we sing "macho macho man"
  • Every time you say something that makes us cringe, we drink a shot
  • Every time you say mention our names, we drink a shot
  • Every time you mention the Mexican godfather, we say “Ole” - I love that part!
  • Every time you brag about women in your past, we do two shots and we all say “I could have been that whore” (not sure why we say that, it is just part of the game.)
  • Every time you call others crazy, we drink a shot and yell “Crazy”
  • Every time you mention the Marines, we stand up and salute
  • Every time you mention UCLA, we BOOOOOO, except for my sister and Keiki who cheer - they went to UCLA.
  • Every time you mention the RV, we sing “on the road again.”
  • Every time you mention coffee, we drink a shot and then say “mmmm good coffee”
  • When you call other guys “assholes” or swear at them, we all chant “all men are assholes”

"We are always adding rules and let me tell you,

people get drunk.

Just thought you should know that there is now a drinking game for your blog". ADH

well now... I am so happy I can assist you all.

now as a special treat for these young 'party-animals',

I have scripted my day accordingly tomorrow.

I suggested to Ash that I should just 'make-up' a great entry, but she said that would be no fun,

and that 'we' should actually do everything I want to say.

so be it, ms. kiss has spoken.

so seeing how that my daughter is now on her spring break (no school tomorrow, it's staff development day)

she has decided to get involved with this venture.

so come back, sometime tomorrow early evening, and it's 'game on bitches'!!!

*maybe some of you 'beginners' should alternate water and then shots...

alright, dinner is nearly ready.

crockpot stew w/hand drop biscuits.

I'll tuck you all in at bedtime.



have already received feedback from the 'Drink to Kiss' entry of above.

I promise you guys I have never met anyone

of the 'santa cruz cuties',

nor will I ever.

these young ladies are just a 'fun' group of 20/30yr olds who enjoy life and just want to have fun.

and I'm glad I can possibly assist them at times.

*hey as long as I'm there, 'somewhere'. LOL

so I see a few of you will be trying-out the game eh?

good luck with that!

ok, it's bed time... sweet dreams everyone.

*omg, speaking of dreams;

I had a dream the other night that I was the personal

'food server' to michelle obama.

wearing only a black thong, and bow tie. maybe that should be classified as a nightmare.

g' nite.

to be continued on my thoughts.4.1...