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good morning everyone.

yes. I realize it's been 11days since my last update.

and truth be told,

I've missed writing here probably more than some of

you guys have missed reading my jibberish.

there are a few reasons for my brief hiatus;

first; because l.g. doesn't really like me

'wasting my time' doing this.

*she says I could have finished 6 books instead of doing

all my updates. and she's right of course.

second; since I told everyone to 'ease-up' off

'social media' during spring break,

I needed to set the example (minus twitter-of course).

and the third and the most important of all;

a few security issues had come into play during the past

few weeks before we ever left SoCal,

and I decided to stop feeding 'the beasts' information. *especially since 'something happened' at the house

the friday night we left home.

so from this point on;

instead of updating every few hours daily,

I'm only going to 'waste my time' a few moments a week.

*plus; because of a few

'piece of shit' unsavory 'dick-fuck-mutha-fuka's,

I will no longer be 'forecasting' certain

aspects of my life-plans,

*calendar page is being revamped... maybe.

and I shall cease to give out certain details of

'what is or isn't important' in my life.

I blame no-one but myself for my arrogance,

and my sheer stupidity of feeling invulnerable, untouchable, and secure within the 'safety-dome'

I had 'thought' I had created. apparently I was wrong.

but... I have now taken the necessary precautions

to ensure nothing 'ever' happens again.

sometimes you have to do 'whatever-it-takes',


*the editing of my updates here are just part

of my 'overall' new safety measures.

I changed all my passwords,

and will continue to do so every month or so.

even my netflix was hacked-into.

I've had more security measures installed at my home.

and also because of a few situations that came to my knowledge about Ash/Elli' school,

that has also been dealt with.

also, I am no longer receiving snail-mail at

my previous

and all emails will be filtered for IP addresses and

'point of origin' before opening on this site.

*a few of you know how to contact me 'elsewhere'.

(so please continue to do so...)

in fact, unless I have an email address on my 'approved-list', it goes directly into a spam folder and

it is immediately trashed.

also. please no longer send any more attachments,

links, or even photos in your emails to this site.

as they will be automatically trashed also.

I actually hired someone to 'clean everything up'.

and I thought I knew everything about

personal safety and identity theft.

*turns out I didn't know shit. I do now though.

**and because I know these ass-fuckers are reading

these words right now,

I want to ensure they get this message.

(ya. I know... T.M.I... fuck-it!!!)

alrighty then. enough of that bullshit.

let me bore you guys now:

I am currently in philadelphia with only l.g.,

as the rest of the 'kiss-corp' went back

to SoCal on sunday afternoon before we drove here.

our trip to washington dc was 'crazy fun'.

we did the tourista-thing;

taking a few different sight seeing tours,

walking the smithsonian for two days,

and a few of us even went to new york city

for almost 48hrs.

*I could actually tell a few stories about the motel we stayed at in trenton,new jersey.

again, I take total responsibility for being a total-ass and choosing a 'possible' hooker-motel for us to

stay at enroute to 'the city'.

*in my own defense, it was right off the highway.

we all slept a few hours,

and then we got the hell outa there.

**actually, I did not sleep at all,

and was constantly up checking the girls room next door.

we didn't have any problems while we were there;

BUT as we were leaving, 3 trenton cop cars were in the parking lot along with a county morgue vehicle.

needless to say. I'll never go back to that place again.

***I didn't even know that there were

'motels' left in civilization.

anyway. new york city was almost a blur;

seeing how we were only in 'the city' itself barely 30hrs,

the drive to and fro was approx 6hrs each way.

*and don't get me started about the 'toll-roads'. shit!!!

and spending less than 9hrs in the hotel room

(1 room for 6 of us)

was a total experience in-itself.

we did take-in the usual sights and such,

even riding the torrid subway system.

I was disappointed to learn about the closure of the restaurant; the 'Tavern on the Green',

now a visitors center/gift shop.

* the 'Tavern' was an awesome restaurant

located in central park.

the 'world trade center area' was crowded with construction and tourists,

and the sept 11 memorial/museum parking was

nothing short of a 'cluster-fuck'.

parking elsewhere and taking a shuttle there would

have been the ideal situation.

we did take a 'family vote' though,

and it was decided to wait until the 'new tower'

was completed/open to visit.

(so, we will all be going back again)

anyway. 'the city' was crowded, and full of activity.

and the cab drivers, what assholes!!!

all the girls had a great time though;

they ate, they spent money, and they shopped.

damn they shopped.

which leads me to share this tibit of info;

Ash 'mistakenly' discovered one of my little 'secrets'.

I had her believing the past few years that her

credit card limit was 'preset',

and she found out this past week her card

limit was actually quite abit higher than

I had led her to believe.

and she proceeded to 'use it' at her discretion

this entire spring break vaca.

but I need to give her 'credit'; (pun intended)

she did tell me she had 'almost' maxed-out her card.

but she waited until I was dropping-off her and the rest

of the crew at the airport sunday afternoon to share this

bit of knowledge with me.

the little shit!!!

oh well. live and learn I say.

*I do have her credit card now though,

and will keep it in my wallet until I decide what

to do about this particular situation.

so. I guess I should let you guys know what's-what:

**drum-roll please...**

as of this past sunday night (apr 7th),

I'm now engaged to l.g.

yes I am.

*actually, I guess I should say;

'yes we are'.

it's probably not a 'total surprise' to those of you who've been in contact with me via emails and such.

and sorry, no huge romantic story or

production was involved.

in fact, it was a 'spur of the moment' reaction

to a conversation we were currently having in the

lounge downstairs sunday evening after we

had just finished dinner.

no ring in the champaigne glass,

no kneeling down on one knee,

not even an engagement toast between us.

just those five 'life changing words':

"so... you wanna get married?"

we did 'celebrate' later though. :D

*actually, there is no ring as of yet.

l.g. and I have decided that we will take our kids

this weekend to help us pick-out her engagement setting, and also my ring.

we both agreed it would be special to have our

children involved with this.

I had already talked w/Ash, Elli, Jessica,

and grandpa Jack about my possible intentions

over a month ago.

but I admit that a few 'variables' concerning the both of us had played a part delaying this particular 'life opportunity'. we haven't 'really' discussed a wedding date,

but I'm thinking this summer is a 'sure thing'.

ok then. so my story is out.

as far as other things go;

I was hoping to visit 'a friend' while on the east coast

of the country, but it wasn't to be.

truth be told, this woman (ms east coast) was one of

my variables I've been dealing with.

but as I've said before;

sometimes your past is just that, 'your past'.

I have alot of thoughts that are swarming right now,

better left unsaid I guess.

and l.g. also has a few 'things' to sort out herself.

sometimes 'the relationship' affects not just

the 2 people involved,

but an entire slew of individuals.

as for my other 'spring breakers';

they all arrived back home safely.

I miss 'everyone' (especially Ash & Elli)

since they went back home sunday,

but it's been rather relaxing with just me and l.g.

*and I admit being 'daddy kiss' has me worrying alot

when the 'teenagers' are on their own.

*especially in a strange city.

the last couple of days here in philadelphia

have been incredible;

the history, the architecture, the people,

and the food. OH.MY.GOD.THE.FOOD!!!

you know what I had for breakfast the past 2 mornings?

philly cheese steaks!!!

monday morning was 'pat's king of steaks'

w/double cheese-wiz and onions.

tuesday morning was 'geno's steaks'

w/double cheese-wiz, onions & peppers.

and tuesday afternoon was 'jim's steaks'

w/cheese-wiz, onions, peppers & mushrooms.

last night, I was told by 'my fiancee' no cheese steaks

for 'the first meal' today.

*this chick doesn't even have a ring on her finger yet and she's bossing my ass around. no worries. I'm whipped!!!

so a 'traditional breakfast' of 'low fat bullshit'

and 'vitamin loaded bland-sand' is in my near future

later this morning. yummm!

I actually had a thought or two about getting up before her (which I currently am),

and driving the approx 2 miles to two of these places

and 'hide my bounty' until later.

but I think that 'act' of gluttony would be a sign of deceit and even possibly cause a slight 'ripple-effect' in my otherwise semi-peaceful world.

and considering the fact we have just over 24hrs left in

'the city of brotherly love',

I'd like 'to not' be an ass and enjoy today.

so be it. I'll eat the 'fruit plate and cottage cheese'.

in other news;

my business dealings with my 'ex-wife' were completed

yesterday evening (last night),

(see my ex's pic on april.2013/todays date)

so today l.g. and I are going to continue our

'philly adventure'

by just wandering aimlessly throughout

the city and/or nearby areas.

and as it happened on monday,

I'm sure a museum or two will be explored.

or at the very least,

some sort of art gallery or cultered fashioned shopping district awaits our arrival.

*not that I don't appreciate the 'finer things'

of a refined lifestyle,

but I'd rather just walk into a non-flashy neighborhood bar packed w/working class 50yr olds and above,

and listen to their stories of their lives in this

part of the world.

that to me is 'being culturized'.

besides, once the locals here find out your from LA

(or vegas for that matter),

they start to ask stupid questions immediately

about all sorts of shit.

*mostly about celebrities. seriously.

if you've ever met so & so (movie stars),

have you ever had sex w/(a movie star),

do you party w/(movie stars).

seriously. this group of shit-faced thirtysomethings

were being belligerent ass-wads last night

at the bar we ended-up at,

but we still chatted with them a while.

one guy even gave l.g. his number when I went to the toilet. I found that rather humorous.

he was a strappy good-lookin mother-fucker too.

and I think unless I would have fought dirty

*ie: broken bottle in the throat, pool cue up his ass,

ash-tray to the face or knee-cap,

he probably could have kicked my ass!!!

anyway. it was an experience to endure.

*and this 2am last call' at the philly bars crack me up.

las vegas does have it's benefits at times.

the hotel l.g. picked-out for us to stay at is pretty nice.

great views and it's located in 'center city'

(which means centraly located I guess)

and is 'eco-friendly'

(whatever that entails is beyond me).

and the building itself,

which of course has been restored a few times,

was originaly built in the mid-1800's.

*or whenever they invented the shovel.

everything in this city is old. everything.

and seeing real cobblestone streets blows me away.

and you know what?, there are graveyards everywhere.

in the middle of the city,

next to grocery stores, schools, houses.

it's crazy.

even in georgetown down in dc,

there were grave sites in the strangest locations.

and quite a few of the headstones I saw were from

the late 1700s' to early 1800's.

being from the 'left coast' you normally don't see

these kind of things.

at least I never did.

perhaps it's a sheltered life I live indeed.

so as I stated earlier,

this is 'our' last day before returning to SoCal.

and we may take a drive outside philly

and see what is going on.

I was looking forward to visiting 'blue ball', 'intercourse', and of course 'virginville'.

but alas, it may not happen after all.

l.g. did mention last night something about going into amish country, so that may be a for certain.

*anything is better than 'another' fukin museum.

ok then. it's nearly 5am and I really need to either get some coffee in me, or go back to bed.

*I slept 2hrs, and then boom, wide-awake.

and after just looking-in on l.g.

(she is so damn beautiful),

I may just crawl back into bed with her

for a couple hours.

so with that thought now increasing my


I will bring this 'scattered thought page'

to a screeching halt.

I hope the past 12days have been wonderful for you all,

as they have been for me.

and I'll be back in a few days or so.

until then,

Sweet Dreams Beautiful...