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my thoughts.4.1:

(24 Jan 2011-31 Jan 2011)

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

24 Jan 2011

well, it's 4:30am and 'we' are having our morning cup of java. now let me say, grandpa palacios is a wonderful human-being, but; he needs to realize that just because we will be getting up early, the coffee 'does not' need to be thick as mud, and as strong as a testosterone pill.

anyway, we will be enroute to mobile, alabama within the hour; it's only 65miles/about 90 minutes but I like to get ahead start on everything. besides, not sure exactly how the early morn traffic is in the great state of 'bama.

not really sure what the rest of the day will bring us once we arrive; hopefully I don't get another traffic citation as I did last time I was in the area.

oh, and by the way, I will be fighting that ordeal this week. damn right baby!

will wrap this up for now, gotta take the kidz for a

piss-walk, and then get on the road.

happy monday morning everyone,

go kick your boss in the ass!

and if you 'are' the boss; be nice to your emps...

24/25 Jan 2011


well, well, well.

it's been awhile since I've had a great story;

and today, I have one.

so, grab a drink, sit your ass down, put your feet up,

and let me tell you about my new best non-friend:

the day began with, 'us' arriving here in the mobile, al

area around 8am, and then settled into an average rv park near a very, very nice dog park.

(the sacrafices we endure for our kidz)

ok, ok, so anyway; it has been a couple days since I've checked my primary contact number back in vegas

(see mr. kiss page), and upon checking my messages,

I was curious about one in particular.

he introduced himself accordingly,

told me his affiliation within the entertainment industry,

and said he had heard thru a mutual friend

(mutual friend?, wtf?)

that I possibly had a good story/screenplay that

he should inquire about.

so after listening to that message like 3-4 times,

making sure I had his contact info as he left it,

I decided to 'investigate' his credentials just to grasp the reality of this being the real-deal.

so after checking-up on this corporate executive

(who will now be known as: 'mr Dick'),

I proceeded to make contact. I left a message with his assistant at approx 10am pst, at which time she informed me that mr Dick wouldn't be available until after 2p west coast time, being it was monday and he had morning meetings.

that was cool; I understood, work is work.

so then I get this call at 8pm my time, 6pm california time from someone else entirely, saying he is 'representing'

mr Dick and I 'need' to overnight the script to him.

my absolute 1st response was;

who the the fu*k are you again? ya, I said it 'exactly' just like that too. his tone was very demeaning,

and I wasn't going to take his bitch-attitude.

so after we exchanged a few semi-harmless barbs between us, I simply told him/or her (???) that if mr Dick wanted to talk to me about this, he should call me himself.

and then I hung up.

hey, live the way you wanna live he/she;

as long as your not an asshole about it,

and try to be a little less of a 'mitch' (a male bitch).

so thinking that was that, I went on with my night;

which then included a couple 'strong' jack/diet cokes and some fun conversation with grandpa palacios.

now, during the bedtime pee-walk of my kidz,

mr Dick decides to call me himself.

it's 11:20pm here in alabama, and 9:20pm in cali.

no worries; pops-p takes over all the animals, which allows me to finially have a convo with the Dick himself.

so as I'm walking back to the rig, he begins to question my background as far as my writing, my experience within the entertainment field, where I see myself in 5 years, and why he should be interested in what I have to offer.

all very good questions,

and I answered them quite honestly.

so by this time, I'm back in the rig and have begun to have an in-depth discussion with mr Dick about what I can expect to receive from my very 1st script offer.

now; he had my attention.

and what he divulged to me,

was incredibly revolting to say the least.

telling me that it would most likely take up to 3-4 really good scripts/screenplays to be taken seriously, and that I may even have to give a story or two away for free.

now up to this point, mr Dick was actually being

semi-informative and almost bearable

as far as his attitude went, even though he did state his displeasure in 'me' being an absolute 'nobody' treating his executive-assistant unprofessionally.

now that we are about 20 minutes deep into our 'talk',

he wants to know if I wouldn't mind signing a release of some-sort so he could 'freely' enjoy my script without any boundries attached. I had no idea what the hell he was talking about, and he explained that he would indeed read my offering from cover to cover, and if he liked any part of my idea, he could possibly use it in anyone of his upcoming projects, without the threat of being sued for plagiarism.

I couldn't believe my fu*kin ears,

he wants me to sign a property-release so that if he likes any of my ideas, he can use them without any

course of retribution.

oh but wait; if he did use any part of my script either in full, or partially subdued, I would receive a 'special mention' if the scene(s) survive the final cut. and that I should be thankful for his grateful and charitable consideration, considering my obvious lack of experience and expertise in this over-abundant and almost impossible field to break into.

and for the most part,

I agree with the Dick-Master on this issue,

as it seems every blog-snog and twit-wit thinks they are the next aaron sorkin

(by the way, congrats to the a-man for his golden globe).

so my reply to mr Dick after his outrageous 'rant' about my

non-talented ways was this:

I asked him if he was concerned about the lack of experience that the last topless-dancer had, that grinded her ass into his eager crotch for that $20 bill last week?,

or the inexperience of the teenage prostitute he had asked for directions a month ago?

not that I knew if these events were truthful,

but I think I proved my point.

also, I would like to say that I 'do not' condemn the job positions listed above, I was only using them as examples;

I actually have a few good friends who work their asses off (pun intended) dancing the stages at some of vegas's

premier gentlemen clubs. (not that I have ever

I also asked him why would I allow him to use any/or all of my ideas I had in my story-line?,

as if he parted my script off, and used certain details I currently am using,

it could quite possibly 'kill' my entire story.

his response: silence!

so I guess I was suppose to be a dumb-ass.

after which, the conversation went way south, with mr Dick making some outragious comments towards me.

so listen up mr Dick, if you are reading this entry tonite or whenever, know this;

you just think you know me, you don't know shit about me. you know what I want you to know, and that is all.

and another thing fuck-stick;

if you ever, EVER threaten me again,

I will show up to your place of business,

take the elevator up to your executive suite,

walk into your fucking office,

and toss your over-bearing, pompous, fat-ass

out the fucking window!

ya, that's how I roll.

so; with this latest episode behind me,

I'm guessing that I should reconsider the california casino offers I have received,

during the past couple of months.

I don't know how exciting my entries would be sitting behind a desk, and once again being a 'yes man'

to the corporate domino system.

and to think, I woke up today in such a great mood...    

25 Jan 2011

good evening people.

compared to the day I had yesterday, today was nothing more than a walk in the park with my kidz.

so before I continue my daily-log, let me just say that I had a very abnormal amount of traffic 'hitting' my web-site today, and even more emails/contacts than usual.

not sure if I am expected to say 'thank-you' or 'wtf' was

this all about? I could barely make a dent in my 'inbox' today, and was amazed by the questions/statements made. oh, and by the way; mr Dick called me back today with an actual heart-felt apology, and will be meeting me in texas this weekend for a 'sit down'.

not sure if I should be 'packin' during our meeting or not. also, he asked me if I was going to delete the entry of last night, or edit it accordingly.

I said no.

and another thing, I didn't think it appropriate to'name' this individual last night, and I am still in that mode of mind, sorry to disappoint some of you.

I had a very large request for his name today via email/voicemails.

I may not want to burn down this bridge just yet;

even though the dyno was readied and placed,

I won't flip the trig just yet.

so listen up mr Dick;

take a pill, relax and lets have a couple drinks together on saturday and see what happens.

just be sure to check your arrogance at the door,

or I may have to feed your ass to my kidz.

it's been a while since they have had human flesh.

just kidding (maybe).

well tomorrow I have traffic court for that bullshit ticket I received last month here in ala-fukin-bama,

I have the opportunity to attend traffic school for the

infractions listed on the citation,

but I want to see if the 'smokey-bear' shows up first before I decide to place my guilty plea on the mercy of the court.

and even if this officer of the law does indeed decide to grace us with his presence,

I plan on giving my side of the story to whoever I have to,

to ensure that proper consideration is given before I subject myself to a hefty fine and 4-5 hours of traffic safety class.

27 years without so much as a parking ticket,

and I must defend myself because a person of the law was having a bad day.

how many of you out there have ever been subjected to the mouth foaming wrath of a superior for nothing more than an honest mistake or oversight, because this 'hemorroid-licker' was having a bad day her/himself?

ya, me too!

alright, it's getting late and I need to try and at least get six hours between the sheets.

oh, and one more thing,

for some of you inquiry minds who have expressed interest in my current personal dilemma;

I have been in communication with my 'old friend' on a daily basis now for just over 2 weeks,

and have enjoyed every solitary moment.

even though the both of us have changed dramatically since the last time we ever spoke (over 17 1/2 years ago),

we still have alot in common.

maybe contacting her again will stand to be one of the greatest moments of my life.

time will tell.

maybe I should just write a book about my life

and crazy adventures;

I would, but no one would ever believe it.

I barely do.


26/27 Jan 2011

it's 3:15am (cst), and we just settled in an rv park here

in san antonio, tx. 682.3 miles in just over 10 hours.

for someone who just got out of a ticket 18 hours ago in alabama, I was driving pretty 'hard' last night/this morning to get here. I didn't speed mind you, but 'I did' make excellent time on the highway following some eager truckers.

(I love having this cb radio/'hollywood kiss')

another plus to traveling at night is; the kidz seem to sleep without interuption, meaning I don't have to stop and get out of the rig. just drive until my bladder is ready to burst and then just switch with grandpa-p and hang it out the window. kidding.

plus, I had alot on my mind to think about to keep me alert and focused the entire trip. even as I sit here and pound these keys, and pops-p has my sibs on their walk,

I am so very wide awake. I took a half-pill to calm my nerves and help me maybe get some sleep before we meet some friends for lunch at 1pm.

not really sure what my plans are for the remainder of this week or next; my future travel arrangements have been put on hold currently for that time period.

it's amazing how one 'situation' can put a damper on your current thought process, and maybe make you reconsider what you thought to be real, possibly not.

time changes most everything,

except for some people never change.

and though my heart is still being wooed by this

former love of my life,

do I really want,

or even deserve to try and actually

live out the dream that has been in my subconscious

for over 8,280 days.

have you ever wanted something in your life so much and for so long and when it finially appears it is soley in the palm of your hands for the taking,

certain doubts rise up and just rip your heart

out by the chords, leaving a void where you once held the aura of this person for so many years?

It's crazy what can happen in a day;

24 hours/1,440 minutes/86,400 seconds.

I'm really tired, gotta sleep...


good morning.

well actually, it's almost 11am and I'm waiting for my

'early afternoon mud' to finish oozing out into the now half-full glass container, hurry up....please.

grandpa palacios is currently at the dog-park with my kidz (or so the note says), and he will be back by noon to pick me up so we can meet some friends at the san antonio river walk for lunch.

aarrgghh! I am so damn groggy right now, I can't wake-up. I guess taking '2' pills last night may not have been such a great idea after all. at least my cats are still enjoying their sleep right now.

alright, coffee is finially done, going to just drink it straight from the pot. beautiful day, maybe I'll go outside and stare into the glaring sun and that may help shock my system into clearing these head-webs.

so listen, you awesome people who have contacted me during the past couple of days via email, give me some time to respond; my inbox is stuffed fuller than a mexican pinata on cinco de mayo.

(but I promise to respond back personally to each of you) have a great thursday, talk soon.


texas, what a great place. seriously.

not sure if I am in a filtered area, but almost every car I saw on the road today was 'new', fancy, and driven by a way above average looking person. male and female.

hey; only a real man can admit when another man is attractive, and 'I am' a real man.

good god, even the young lady working at the .99 store was extremely good-looking. and I thought california had the 'goods' on all the beautiful people in the world.

ok then, enough about all the gorgeous people in tex-ass.

after we met up with some relatives/friends of the palacios family at the river walk area, we had lunch at joe's crab shack; the service was excellent, but the food was over-priced and skimpy to say the least. I would have rather had arby's, at least I would have gotten filled up.

so after the river walk, pops-p and I took the kidz

on a leashed walk around this huge park area nearby,

attracting alot of attention from some softball players.

after a couple of hours at the park,

and visiting with the worlds greatest softball team

(that's what they told me anyway)

I then had to make my semi-monthly trip to pet-co and load up on a thousand pounds of kibbles and bits, and friskies. gotta feed the kidz.

we then drove to the home of pops-p nephew where

we enjoyed a wonderful home-cooked meal of

chimichanga's, black bean salad, toquito's,

and just a gaggle of excellent mexi-grub.

so with a huge plate of food, I ventured back into my rig (that was parked in the drive) and proceeded to eat and watch my ucla boys get bounced by arizona.

note: also; enjoyed the company of my female admirer on the phone, who also watched the b-ball game 'with me' on espn2. not sure if she really wanted to watch,

but loved her vocals, as she made some very,

very good comments about the officiating during the game.

I don't really care if a woman cooks, cleans, is rich or poor; but cheering excessively for my bruins, and actually making idle chit-chat about the 'flow of the game',

will win me over every single time. thanks baby.

after the game,

and saying good night to my female tv partner near 11pm

(she stayed up late on a work night just for me,

could it be love?) I went back inside the house to an intense poker-party that apparantly had no real rules. no fixed bids, no limits and I have to say; no common sense.

(you don't call with a pair of 4's!)

but it ended well, all 7 players said they broke even. really? so why did pops-p have a pocket 'full' of quarters?

so here it is; almost 1am, and I am once again parked in a driveway of a palacios family member. incredible.

I have the honor of picking up grandma palacios tomorrow at the airport mid-afternoon, and it appears I will be losing my co-pilot after the arrival of his wife. damn.

I think every motorhome should come equipped with an 80 year old man who loves dogs, cooks a mean quesadilla, doesn't take shit from anyone, has a million stories to tell, makes the worse fukin coffee and loves you like his son.

man, I'ma gonna miss the old fart.

oh yea, that is 'an issue too'. when this living fossil passes gas outa his crack, it is a crime. I think he has 'shit' stored up in the dark areas of his bowels from when

he ate dino-meat. even the sibs try to get out of the rig when pops starts to unleash 'the smell from hell'.

that is why he is no longer allowed to eat beans, drink beer, or laugh hard while he sleeps in my rv.

you guys bored enough yet?

well, I'm tired anyway, so everyone have an excellent friday and I would like to just say this;

is it really important to have a family?, a group of people who know you inside and out. individuals who would do anything to protect 'the family', and ensure everyone is as happy as the next? who really care about each other? my answer: yes. good night everyone...       

happy 42nd birthday to patton oswalt.

28 Jan 2011

look...... in the driveway, it's a bird-turd,

it's a traveling freak show. no! it's a recreational vehicle; with 5 siberians, 1 floppy eared basset, 2 cats from hell and yes, a middle-aged stuper zero, I mean super hero.

introducing 'kaptain-kiss'; a true-believer that women rule the world, and that men are just dumb-shits pretending to be more important than they are.

disguised as 'gregory kiss', a mild-mannered former wanna-be exoctic dancer who fights a never ending battle for truth, justice and the pursuit of a loose woman.

ya, I know, I have moments of superiority once in a while.

or maybe it's just stupidity?, is there really a difference? alrighty then, good morning and happy friday to all.

I just woke up a little bit ago, and all my petz were gone.

the dogz are being walked, and my catz had been taken into the house and were being fed gourmet cat food.

I'm having a feeling that maybe 'others' may want to adopt my children and take over the responsibilities of feedings, brushings, shots, toys and so forth.

(I wonder how much cash they will want

so, I'm once again drinking this mexi-mud, and debating whether or not I should shower today.

sometimes it's good to 'not' clean-up, that way your not invited out into the eyes of the general public, as no one wants to be seen with a messy dude who smells like 6 dogs, 2 cats and mexican bean farts.

crap, I just remembered I'm picking up grandma palacios today in about 6 hours, so I guess I will have to at least wipe my tush with a wet wash cloth and use an entire can of body spray to at least 'appear and smell normal'.

which reminds me of something; how many times have you been shopping, out for a meal, or just standing in a corner somewhere minding your own damn business,

when 'this person' comes into smell-view and the aroma of their aerosol-bath is beyond anything your senses can comprehend. dear god jack-ass, use water to shower;

not a perfume bottle or can of spray deodorant.

ok; enough morning words of wisdom, I hear the barks of the sibs approaching, and I guess I should do a courtesy brush of my hair and teeth as to not scare the shit out of my wonderful hosts of the past 15 hours.

so all you normal peeps with a job, have a great day,

don't flirt with a cute co-worker,

but 'do' tell your p.o.s. boss to 'kiss' your ass.

(yes you can use my name in vain today)

and if you are 'the boss';

be nice today, and maybe you'll be appreciated more.

but if you are truly a prick to work for;

this is from your entire staff:

fu*k you mother fu*ker!

see ya...


good evening my friends.

I am currently not feeling my awesome self,

but will try to at least bring you up to date.

it's almost 10p and I just awoke from a 3 hour nap,

which means it'll probably be 2am before

I can get back to sleep.

my co-pilot for the past 13 days is now no longer,

he is currently shacked up with a woman 6 years his junior in a pretty nice hotel suite a couple of miles from here.

(well, he has been married to her for like 50 years now)

when I picked up grandma palacios today,

she was such a cutie in her brightly colored denim pant suit,

matching scarf, and gator cowboy boots.

I felt out of place in my tan dockers, ocean mist polo and

top-siders, with everyone in the airport in their western wear.(maybe I need a cowboy cap, er...hat)

she was so excited to see me, I had to remind her it had only been a couple weeks since the last time we had seen one another. then; here came the interrogation:

had pops been a good boy?, no smoking, no hard liquor,

no women on the pole, no pestering, no gambling, no driving, no story telling, no double beef burritos for breakfast. I assured her that grandpa palacios was the perfect traveling companion, and lets just leave it at that;

at which point she laughed at me and agreed.

after taking gram-p to the hotel, (where pops-p was waiting)

I went back to the rig that was still parked at the families house and drove it to the rv park where I currently am.

no other real exciting news to report, sorry. except for;

I have 'not' heard from mr Dick to confirm our meet/greet for tomorrow, which is currently scheduled for 1pm at a nearby location. I guess we'll see.

alright, my friday is complete, good night...

-29 Jan 2011-

it's saturday morning, and an exciting one.

slept until 5a when the kidz decided to wake me and go on their early morn walk.

grandpa palacios has been gone only 12 hours and I already miss him dearly, was getting use to the old man doing all the little things, and he so loved walking my beasts.

after the 30 minute sniff-everything jaunt,

I watched sportscenter, made/drank some coffee,

and did 2 loads of laundry.

and you thought your morning was boring.

so here I sit now after just returning from wal*mart,

and hitting arby's 'hard' at the drive-thru for the kidz and I. 14 beef and chedders. (I only had 2)

well, it's just past noon and mr Dick hasn't made contact since we last talked on tuesday.

nothing gained, nothing lost. no worries.

I'm thinking it may be time for a nap,

just as soon as I walk the petz again, 3rd walk.

talk later...


hi guys.

for not really doing much today, I kept pretty busy.

to begin with, just as I laid down for my nap this afternoon, mr Dick called me to 'confirm' our meet/greet for tomorrow @ brunch. I guess I was mistaken to think it was to be today. this should be interesting.

so after our chat, I was wide awake and decided to watch the ucla b-ball boys live instead of on dvr,

ya they won by 1 point.

later on, I had sushi and kirin beer for dinner from a local sushi & kimchi bar; and then met grandpa/ma palacios back here at the rig so we could talk about my plans of flying back east to see my friend. also, pops wanted to walk the kidz one more time before they depart to el paso monday morning. and then I wrapped-up my evening with another marathon phone call with this beautiful woman (inside & out)

from my past.

*I really would like to discuss our conversations and other tidbits of our previous history together, but considering the fact that she is currently here in america/on earth illegaly; not sure if I want the MIB's to have certain details of where her alien colony have settled and are currently planning the hostile take-over of all the country/redneck/hick bars

around the world. na; that's not exactly the truth,

we just don't want to share the 'over-the-top' details

of 2 middle-aged teenagers trying to get to know one another again. I will say this though; I have thoroughly enjoyed talking with someone from my past that knew me when I was just a mere mortal, and had to work 60+ hours a week to fulfill the meager lifestyle to which I never ever had

the time to be enjoyed.

anyway, it's just a nice break from reality to not be

'on display' and be accepted for who I really am,

and not for whom I have become.

besides, I have always loved this woman.

so without further-a-do, I am going to call it a day.

good nite everyone...  

30 Jan 2011

good evening;

and how was your sunday everyone?

mine had it's moments.

to begin with; I had my postponed meeting with mr Dick, which didn't exactly pan-out as I had hoped it would.

I arrived at the riverwalk marriott at 1p as agreed,

but no Dick.

instead of the cock-master being there himself,

he had two of his executive assistances show up to try to convince me to 'do things his way'.

so these two dapper dressed dudes (who will now be known as the testicle boys, or the testies2 for short), started out our short-lived meet/greet on the wrong side of my nice side.

ok, I get it; I'm a nobody, I have no idea what I'm doing,

I don't know anybody (really) that I can sleep with to get what I want, or offer my ball sack scratching services in exchange for a proper intro to someone who could

possibly really take me under their wing for

a chance at being 'read'.

so after I discovered that I had been duped by mr Dick,

and having burnt my bridge with the testies2,

I left the restaurant without even 'drinking' any water and decided to leave for dallas, tx.

I only made it as far as georgetown,

but I only have 270 miles left until I get to dallas.

and with the cold spell that the

entire state is going to experience in the next couple of days,

I wanted to at least be on my way.

besides all that, just a normal day in my life.

looking forward to being in the dallas area,

and exploring all the exciting nfl productions

throughout the city.

the palacios fam is currently finishing up the wedding reception back in san antonio, and apparently 'will not' be joining me in dallas, tx forthe super bowl festivities.

anyway; I am getting ready to walk the petz, so I will be signing off, happy monday.  

31 Jan 2011

not that exciting of a day, just travels.

I actually started my morning fairly early to begin my trip to the mecca of the sports world,

but was side tracked with a phone call interruption lasting nearly 2 1/2 hours from my 'mystery woman'

from the east coast.

('mystery woman'; so named by some of you clever readers) so because of my extended phone break,

I did not arrive to this over-crowded destination area

and get settled until 5pm local time. at which point, I had to walk the kidz, hook-up my rig, take a shower and then drink a couple 'tall-boys'.

even though I was in the mood for take-out bbq meat,

I decided to have the bachelor's specialty;

cherrios, hershey chocolate/milk and english muffins.

not sure what exactly my plans are for the remainder of the week, but enjoying myself at the nfl expierence at the big d convention center will be a must.

the local news has really been talking about the up-coming cold spell starting tonite; I may be chilled-in on wednesday with a high of 23' and low of 11'.

thank goodness my kidz all have fur coats;

all except for beverly,

and she will be wearing a sweater just as soon as I buy one that fits and put it on her.

(the little chunk has gained some weight)

so I'm guessing since the artic chill will be keeping me in,

I will try to catch-up on the emails that have been

multiplying daily from you crazy basterds,

(currently @ 1400+)

and try to answer as many as I can.

(just joking on the crazy basterds title)

plus, I will try to answer more questions and possibly tidy up my site abit; opinions, famous quotes-2 and so forth.

*hey don't laugh,

this web-site thing is the closest thing I have to

a real job anymore,

can you say bored outa your f-in' mind?

ok, I gotta take these kidz in groups of '2' for the nite-time pee break, (park rules, only 2 at a time).

also; the security teams seem to be in full force this year,

not that they haven't been in the past,

but it appears this year is a whole different 'ball game'. alright, I'm getting the

'my bladder is full dad, walk me fu*ker' stare, so I gotta go, my thoughts.5 start tomorrow.