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my thoughts.4.1:

last updated: 28 April 2012/3pm

(06 April 2012 - current)

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

06 April 2012/6am

good morning everyone.

I will be taking a 'break' for a while and get back to you guys after spring break with my daughter.

have a great 10days.

16 April 2012/4am

good morning.

feels good to be back home.

Ash and I had a fantastic time driving up the coast last week to our destination of san francisco.

the drive itself was pretty laid back,

and we enjoyed ourselves with absolutely no schedule

to adhere to.

sometimes it's just so nice to get away with her and not have to deal with everything/everyone else.

our highlights on our journey included;

santa barbara, pebble beach, hearst castle, bart,

the east bay area, fisherman's wharf,

the trolley graveyard, red & white fleet, and of course...

the san francisco giants home opener.

*matt was a beast that day;

but, the sfgiants aren't starting-out too well this season;

and hearing last night that brian 'the alien' wilson is out for the rest of the year was not good news.

and of course the dodgers are having their best start in almost 20yrs... the fuckers!!!

ok then; going to start my day with poop patrol,

and then have a 'little afternoon delight' lunch with l.g.

*yes, I missed her.

very nice to see that Jessica is 'thinning-out'

my emails from you guys.

happy monday, and ya...

it's tax day for all you procrastinators!!!


thank-you my twitter friends.

I stand corrected;

TOMORROW is 'tax day'. I'm glad we got that settled.

17 April 2012/3pm

good afternoon.

decided to fly-up to las vegas today.

*Jess drove the rv w/the dogs... don't ask!!!

I haven't seen N.J. for quite a while now,

so I thought I'd take her to lunch.

(which was fantastic)

and besides a few errands,

I have to make sure the pool is ready to rock-n-roll,

as the weather is getting ready to explode up

here this week-end.

anyway, I'll be staying here til sunday before heading back down to the greater los angeles area.

Jessica and her soon-to-be-ex-husb have sold their house,

so I volunteered to assist her w/whatever

while I was in town.

alrighty then; since Jess brought the kidz to me I'm going to take them to our old stompin' grounds and let them

just run wild. see ya.


Monday Night Football 2012

Week 1:

Sept. 10, 7:00 PM, Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens

Sept. 10, 10:15 PM, San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders

Week 2:

Sept. 17, 8:30 PM, Denver Broncos at Atlanta Falcons

Week 3:

Sept. 24, 8:30 PM, Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks

Week 4:

Oct. 1, 8:30 PM, Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys

Week 5:

Oct. 8, 8:30 PM, Houston Texans at New York Jets

Week 6:

Oct. 15, 8:30 PM, Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers

Week 7:

Oct. 22, 8:30 PM, Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears

Week 8:

Oct. 29, 8:30 PM, San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals

Week 9:

Nov. 5, 8:30 PM, Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints

Week 10:

Nov. 12, 8:30 PM, Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 11:

Nov. 19, 8:30 PM, Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers

Week 12:

Nov. 26, 8:30 PM, Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles

Week 13:

Dec. 3, 8:30 PM, New York Giants at Washington Redskins

Week 14:

Dec. 10, 8:30 PM, Houston Texans at New England Patriots

Week 15:

Dec. 17, 8:30 PM, New York Jets at Tennessee Titans

Week 16:

Dec. 22, 8:30 PM, Atlanta Falcons at Detroit Lions

*look for me; week 6 & week 11...

I'm getting ready to 'go out' and hit las vegas 'hard' tonight. hey, if you're going to 'hit it'... 'hit it hard' baby!!!

18 April 2012/9:30am

good morning kids, hotties and old people.

just got in about half an hour ago.

I had a 'fantastic' time last night, as always.

Las Vegas, Nv;

the only City in the world built on mankind's greed of power and money, love of gambling,

and sexual desires of Tits and Ass.

you gotta love it!

going to bed for a few hours.

19 April 2012/10am

good morning.

have been up since 7am, and fairly busy;

took the kidz to the dog park, did a load of laundry, vacuumed the downstairs, and went grocery shopping.

and yes, I am having a house guest tonight.

*l.g. is flying-up here later this afternoon for a few days.

no kids, no family, no friends; just us.

(oh, and Jess next door, but she's buzy)

so, I still have a few things to do yet.

happy thursday everyone.

22 April 2012/5pm

good evening people.

just got back from dropping-off l.g. at the airport.

we had a fabulous weekend-plus together;

drove to hoover dam,

did the 'walking-the-strip-at-night-thing,

had a few awesome dinners

(you guys know what a 'crab pan roast' is?),

we saw the movie 'chimpanzee' in a private screening booth (oh yea baby!!!),

and even found some 'one on one' bonding time.

*note: I really like this woman... ALOT!!!

so anyway, I'll be heading back to So.Cal tuesday morning.

I talked with Ash this morning for about an hour while l.g. was getting ready for her flight back home.

she is doing fantastic and misses her dad.

her 'Senior' boy-friend (she's back to 2-3 steadies now)

has 'properly' asked her to go to the Sr.Prom,

which is 5wks from yesterday.

so I was so informed that I (we) will be going

'prom dress shopping' during the next couple of weeks.

unlike homecoming last fall, I will only be purchasing 'one' dress for this after-school-function.

*girl6 is currently on hiatus because of dessension

in the group, so whatever.

ok then, that's about it for now.

hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

23 April 2012/8am

good morning.

it's going to be 'another' scorcher here in las vegas.

the forcast is for 'near' 100' again.

will be working on the pool today;

changing-out the filters, vacuum, clean, chemicals,

and so forth.

the neighbors across the street will once again have full access to my house/pool for the entire summer,

so no worries there.

Jessica has had a few offers on her home,

so I'm hoping she will accept the last one.

ok then,

going to start my day before the heat begins.

it's already 82' outside right now.

happy monday everyone.


good evening everyone.

had a pretty busy day today.

I took the kidz to their old stompin' grounds after I visited the 'pool store' and spent some serious cash-a-roni.

once they tired themselves at the the park,

we all came home so 'daddy' could start with

his pool-chores.

actually, I had to call a pool maintenance service to help me install the 'new' filtration system (of course I did).

by the time I finished w/the pool & jacuzzi it was nearly 3p and I had yet eaten a damn thing.

so I went next door and got Jess and we went out to macaroni grill. I love that place.

so anyway, I have the rv ready for an early-morn

departure tomorrow.

besides the kidz and I,

I have some knick-knacks from both Jess' and my house

to take back down to So.Cal.

looking forward to being back home... again.

not that alot of you are interested in my sport-updates, but; the sfgiants are just barely cruising at .500,

the sf49ers pick 30th in the 1st round of the nfl draft,

and the ucla football team needs a miracle.

BUT, there is hope for my teams-of-choice;

the ucla bruins basketball team now has the

#1 recruiting class in the nation.

fuck ya!!!

now, with all the talent available, will we win?,

or will team 2012/13 be full of zombies again? time will tell. but, I will be cheering... no matter what!

ok then, time for bed...

*early day tomorrow, will be on the road by 4am.

good nite my beautiful friend, wherever you might be. 

24 April 2012/1pm

just arrived back home a few hours ago.

I love driving the desert in the middle of the week;

no traffic.

was planning on stopping for breakfast,

but the kidz never needed a potty-break so I just drove all the way with no break.

Jessica won't be coming back until the week-end,

she's still trying to close the house deal.

ok then, just wanted to touch base.


you know you're getting old when open your eyes from a nap and there is a sandwich, chips and a soda next to you on a tv tray that your daughter left for you to have for dinner.

jeesh, unbelievable...

good ham & cheese sandwich though.

by the way, for those of you who 'do not'

live in the southern california area;

there is a car chase here in 'LA' almost weekly.

and the local news broadcast them as they develop.

for instance; today there was a tow-truck that I think was 'jacked' and being pursued by lapd and others for approx 2 1/2hrs until the driver decided to give-up.

ya, life in So.Cal is 'out-there' baby...

ok that's enough mind-less dribble for now.


alrighty then...

I've been getting alot of mail this past week asking me

why I'm not writing more about my actions/activities/thoughts these past couple of weeks.

I have decided that I will indeed be phasing this part of my site out so that I can concentrate more on my 'real' scribs of writing/finishing my books.

even after 'phasing-out' this section,

I will still periodically update with news about my life and everyone else who shares it.

now for those of you who inquired about purchasing a 'gahollywoodkiss' coffee mug;

I currently have 96 left, and if you email me at   

Jessica will send 'one' at no charge & postage-paid to the first '96' people who respond with a mailing address.

ok, I'm going to take the kidz out for a walk before bed... good night everyone. 

28 April 2012/3pm

good morning all.

(well, it's morning to me)

first things first;

I had quite a few inquiries as to my 'coffee mugs',

so to be absolutely fair,

the first 96 responses with a full mailing address will get 'one'.

Jessica will be back down here within a couple weeks,

and will begin to send them out.

so anyway, how are all of you doing?

I've been 'not' that busy,

but have manage to keep myself occupied with traveling and dating and such.

haven't been 'daddy kiss' for a while now,

but will now get back into that responsibility-mode.

grandpa jack and grandma jo will be heading back down to san diego tomorrow night.

and Ash and I will once again have the house to ourselves. Ash is doing outstanding in school,

and her personal life is just fine.

the mexi-godfather has been spending alot time here while 'jack' has been back in town.

the new fence line/pasture area is now complete,

along with quite a few other 'improvements' that

have been completed.

apparently, there was a sewage problem while I was in vegas this last time, but it has been 'taken care of'.

Ash and I were just talking

(as she's looking over my shoulder watching me type this), and we both think that a road-trip w/l.g. and her kids is on the horizon soon.

not sure where our destination will be,

but I'm thinking 'somewhere fun'. maybe brazil. LOL actually, a journey north to see a sfgiants game has already been discussed, so who knows.

I've been visiting my doc every so often getting

my health 'tweaked' abit.

nothing serious, just making sure my 48yr old body is currently in-tune.

I will say this though;

my sexual needs/wants/desires have dramitically increased. *like you guys really needed/wanted to hear that. TMI! thank goodness I'm dating.

ha-ha-ha. I knew that last statement would get a response from my kid, AND she went out back to join the old men. considering the fact that I was 'out' ALL NITE last night,

I will be staying-in this evening and Ash and I are going to have 'chinese food' delivered.

the old people invited us to go out to dinner,

but we're going to have 'stay-home-date-night'.

it's rather warm out today,

so I think I'll take the kidz out to the park for an hour or so. if anything happens worth telling before I go back to bed I'll get back to you guys.

if not, have a great saturday night...

to be continued...