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Happy Cinco de Mayo

completed: 09 May 2013/9pm


good evening everyone...

it's been 16 days since my last update,

and I admit I have ALOT to share.

I'd like to say thank-you to those who have kept in contact with me during these periods of hiatus.

I may again begin my 'dailies',

but for the 'time being',

I'll continue with my 'fiancee' wishes.

*every woman in my life owns me... so sad!

so today was Cinco de Mayo,

and it was celebrated heartily here at casa-kiss.

the prep started a few days ago;

with grandma palacios and others cooking/prepairing every mexican creation under the sun,

the set-up of a few party tents,

and of course the delivery of kegs of corona and dos equis. oh. plus the rented margarita machines.

also. I tasted a few varieties of tequila today,

and I admit I can't recall all of them.

but my favorite was 'el tesoro-platinum'.

so smooth, light, and acid-reflux-free. lol.

BUT. it didn't taste so well the 'second time'

as it passed my lips.

ya. I yaked today.

no one here was the wiser though.

mixing shotz of the 'hardness' is a mistake I've made before, and was reminded 'once more' on the reason I should never, ever do it again.

so anyway. besides the abundant amounts of food

(the spicy shrimp/crab avacado dip was my favorite),

the flowing of alcoholic beverages

(plenty of 'virgin' pina coladas also),

the kids thrashing a few pinatas

(tons, TONS of candy/prizes in each),

and the 'younger crowd' enjoying the sounds

of pre-recorded salsa music and doing their best impression of the 1980's movie 'dirty dancing'.

(I was busy watching sfgiants baseball, thank-you)

there was not much going on here all day. *laughs.

over 140 people showed today.

which sounds like alot,

but we were actually expecting 200+.

your always going to get a few no-shows,

especially when 'the gathering' is farther away then most are used to traveling.

ie: west covina, covina, el monte, la puenta

and the surrounding areas.

*also, for your knowledge;

no one, absolutely NO ONE is given their vehicle keys

back if they are drunk.

normally a 'designated driver' is encouraged for everyone who attends my parties

(as stated on my party invites),

and because mexicans travel by the 'carload',

(hey, I'm sooo serious...)

it's easy to 'bribe' a few to not partake in

the alcohol consumption.

*but alas, there are always those who don't heed my seriousness and try to leave anyway.

that's why I have a few sleepovers after every party.

and of course today's was no different.

and concerning this subject matter,

I have a question for you guys:

just because a couple of these drunkies are

4 young beautiful senoritas,

should I 'not' allow them ample sleeping accomodations

as I would for the others?

that was a 'huge arguement' approximately an hour ago between myself and l.g.

needless to say, these young attractive hispanics were

sent home in a 'pre-paid' cab.

(with their car awaiting their return)

and again I am 'out-voted' in my own home.

*if this is what my life is going to be from this moment on,

I need to reevaluate my choices.

before I do something I may regret forever.

I'm far to young to live in turmoil again,

and way too old to make the same mistake twice!!!

ok then. it's nearly 10pm and I'm tired and mentally shot.

considering the fact I wasted my 'allotted time frame' for this update having an 'in-depth' discussion

with the same person who established this 'rule',

I'll finish this up sometime tomorrow 'on my own time'. good nite everyone. sweet dreams beautiful.

06 May 2013/5am

good morning everyone.

thought I would do a 'quickie' before I 'officially'

start my day w/poop-patrol.

oh. and I'm happy to report that I am 'hang-over-free'

(must have been the tylenol-pm's I took last night),

but my stomach is abit uneasy/queasy.

so it depends on which I least perfer I guess.

so listen. a few of you have already taken the liberty to contact me concerning a comment I made

in the above entry:

"and because mexicans travel by the 'carload',

(hey, I'm sooo serious...)"


that appears to be a racist commentto a few of you?

well. normally I would appologize

(god-forbid I offend a few of you readers).

but seeing how I'm no longer updating everyday,

and this is my personal web-site/blog;

I will say whatever the fuck I want,

expressing myself accordingly.

and seeing how I know for a FACT that mexicans do indeed travel by the carload on numerous occasions

(especially the palacios clan to my house parties),

I will not retract my words!!!!!

so with that being said,

if you don't like what I have to say on 'my thoughts' page, don't read the damn thing!!!

*there now. I've started my day on a 'high-note'.

anyway. grandma palacios is here in the kitchen now making some mexi-coffee

(oops. is the correct wordage 'hispanic-java?).

and I do have alot to do today,

including finishing-up this entry throughout the day.

so let me get going. happy monday to all of you.

*even you Stacey, Liza, Juan, and Nora.

09 May 2013/9pm

ok then. I'm going to try and 'finally finish this entry

up this evening.

to be continued...

(if I'm allowed to do so, that is!!!)