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19 May 2013/10pm

good evening everyone.

I thought I would 'try' to bring you guys 'update'.

so to begin with;

thank-you to those of you who have contacted me

during the last couple weeks with your

'well wishes' and so forth.

*much appreciated.

ok then. yesterday was 'fuckin'-crazy to say the least.

it was 'prom-nite'.

I never experienced 'prom' while I was in high school.

in fact, the only function I ever attended was a

'sadie hawkins dance' at both my school,

and the school of my girl friend. (not girl-friend...)

believe it or not,

I was kinda shy during my pre-marine corps days.

*maybe thats why I enjoy entertaining,

having so many functions/parties,

and surrounding myself w/so many people ALL the time.

anyway. lets get back to 'yesterday'.

the weekend started-out innocent enough the nite before;

Ash & Elli had a 'few friends' spend the night friday,

and we all did #DaddyDateNite.

shopping at target, sushi dinner,

and the new star trek movie.

so that was the calm 'before the storm'.

as saturday was literally a pain-in-the-fucking-ass!!!

to begin with:

both l.g. & Jessica decided to drive 75miles to

'south coast plaza' in costa mesa.

*I swear they both went that far away 'on purpose'

so that neither of them would have to deal w/the

impending 'prom nite situations'.

and seeing how grandpa jack was still in san diego

(he got back an hour before the girls left on their dates),

I was the 'only adult' (so-to-say) present.

and explain something to me please;

why do young girls find it necessary to 'group together'

on days they all need to get ready for certain occasions.

AND. why do they flock here???

by days-end there were 23 'crazy-ass' female

teeny-boppers running around here.

dancing. singing. laughing. screaming. talking/cell.

and then right in the middle of the afternoon,

I was sent on a mission.

I made a make-up, hosiery, nail polish run.

married twice, 15+/- years,

and I never went on a 'make-up run' before.

*tampons, undergarments, clothing... sure.

but fucking make-up?

foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, lip stick?

fuck me!!! seriously?

there are multiple different shades, tones,

and degrees of colors.

not to mention what damn 'skin type'.

with the assistance of a few of the girls finally coming to my rescue plus the department sales associate,

I did complete the task at hand.

*I won't even mention the ridiculous monetary amount.

so after the make-up fiasco,

and searching for specific 'names' of nail polish,

I arrived back home w/all the goodies.

then, I'm informed that we are out of toilet paper. wtf???

they couldn't call me before I left the store?

so back out I go.

*I always have plenty of xl double rolls of charmin

in ALL of the bathrooms and towel closet,

and these girls were going thru these rolls like a

'junk yard dog' going thru a dumpster.

*lot's of bathroom going!

anyway. blah-blah-blah.

after a few of the girls left to finish get ready,

and the 'little hard dick motha-fucka's' picked-up my girls the rest of the evening was spent here w/Jack, l.g.,

and Jessica. listening to their day-adventure,

and me worrying about 'prom nite'.

*both girls were back home by midnight-thirty,

with a few of the others.

and then I listened to their 'stories' of the night's activities. **next year, I have already decided I am hiring a consultant (or two) to assist with the 'activities' involved

with this yearly occurrence.

***in fact, next year will be the last 'high school' event,

so it has got to be better than ever...

ok then. enough of that.

I'll continue with this page sometime tomorrow.

sweet dreams beautiful...

20 May 2013/4am

good morning everyone.

I thought I would get up a little 'earlier' than normal to

jot a few things down before I start my day.

*I should just post my entries daily (again),

but the 'current' female in my life requested that I stop doing these entries 'all together'.

so we've come to an arrangement that makes

us both happy.


what's the difference between 'posting' 2/3 times a month,

or daily with the same information?

I say absolutely nothing.

l.g. the one with the college education

(ya, I'm getting flak for that shit now),

says the difference is "I'm forecasting events in our lives that 'my readers' do not need to be privy to until after

the situation occurs. if even at all."

yes. from a security standpoint, she most likely is correct (especially because of issues from last month).

but still.

I've been doing this site for over 3yrs now,

and she knew of these entries when we started dating.

(yeppers. I'll get shit for that comment also.)

ok then. moving right along.

I do have 'alot' of information that I could share,

but have to pick/choose my subjects/'fights' carefully.

we had a bit of a medical emergency situation towards

the end of last month,

Elli had an appendicitis attack while she was at school.

by the time I picked her up, and got her to the emergency room she was crying it hurt so bad.

she was sweating, had a fever and in so much pain.

and I was moments from 'totally losing it' as

'it appeared to me' the hospital was delaying treatment cause I didn't have 'proper paperwork' showing I was her current legal guardian.

but because it was determined to be a 'possible'

life threatening situation,

she was admitted, and had surgery later that afternoon.

(if the appendix burts, it could be leathal).

but because I couldn't prove 'legal guardianship',

child protective services was contacted by the hospital.

long story condensed; Jessica arrived w/the notorized letter from Elli' mom, along w/all contact information for her.

but. there is a case worker involved now.

plus because Elli's mother did not keep her insurance premiums current, they denied coverage.

no worries tho. it was/will be taken care of.

my biggest concern now is getting 'everything in order' to establish LEGAL guardianship for this little girl.

*Elli spent just one night in the hospital,

and only missed 2days of school.

she was fine almost immediately, plus a bonus.

she loves her little 'barely' noticeable scar.

I do have an attorney involved for the legalalities.

*I've chosen NOT to have l.g. assist me w/this matter


for reasons that I do not want to discuss.

alrighty. thats about enough for now.

I've got my morning to begin.


today has been 'shopping day'.

just got back from petco,

had to give them my monetary monthly donation.

*it would be so much easier if I could just buy piles of dog/horse shit there tho. already picked-up/bagged.

and cut-out 'the middle' beasts.

so I thought since I was the only one home right now,

I would take the opportunity and share some

things w/you guys.

this past week has been kinda hard around here

(sentimentally speaking)

it was a year ago on may 12 that we lost grandma Joe.

Ash had started a poster-sized picture collage of her and her grandmother this past year and finished it up that day.

that sunday was mother's day by the way,

and Jack had a hard time with that.

he decided to go to san diego to be alone,

coming back this past saturday for Ash' prom.

and taking nothing away from the woman who had ultimately located/informed me of my child

(thank-you Josephine, I will always love/appreciate you),

the following day (may 13th) was the 27th anniversary of my grandfather's death.

I know quite a few of you readers are much younger than I, and probably think I'm strange for remembering the death of someone nearly 30yrs ago. but I always will.

I remember all my relatives birth/death dates.

each has a memory in my life.

for my grandfather; it was my journey from iwakuni, japan via bullet train/airplane/car to grants pass, oregon

in 48hrs for his funeral.

not sleeping a minute the entire way.

I loved that old man.

he taught me how to play golf. shoot pool.

and how to make buttermilk pancakes.

ya. he liked his gin. ya. he was a mean drunk.

but... I loved him. and miss him terribly to this day.

*also, I'd like to mention the fact that my grandma Mary 'gram' passed-away 9yrs ago may 1st.

I loved her dearly also,

but we hadn't spoken since May 1st, 1999 for reasons

that are still unknown to me.

how ironic is it that the last time I would ever talk

to this woman who had been such a 'huge' part of my life growing-up would be

'exactly' 5yrs before the date of her death.

ok then. lets turn the page to something a little brighter; life...

and the fact that my vasectomy has appearently 'failed'.

*I expect to be heavily repremanded by l.g.

for 'publishishing' the following information to you guys,

but as of this very fucking moment, I don't give a shit.

after my fiancée decided to approach me in mid-march and tell me she was pregnant and swearing I had been her

only 'physical companion' for over a year,

I decided to go get my 'boys' tested.

'actually' the conversations/actions did not go entirely

'as smooth' as I have insinuated above.

I 'may' have been a bit 'over-the-top' with my

immediate response(s).

ok then. anyway. I do 'indeed' have a semi-active

loaded shotgun once again.

it boggles my mind that this has actually happened. unbelievable.

I was 'cut' back in august 2001, and thought 'everything' was just perfect since.

I was informed after my surgery that my 'vas deferens'

(the tubes that carry the sperm to be 'pumped-out)

were 'mega-huge'.

in fact. dr. frankenstein (ya, I said it) informed me that they were like small macaroni instead of the 'normal'

skinny-ass thin spaghetti.

which explained my 'abnormal production results'.

(yes. this is an adult conversation children!)

so anyway, after discussing my 'freakish-sized'

reproductive system inner-workings,

he assured me that the 'procedure' was a total success.

and that I should be able to enjoy Sexual intercourse

without the result of reproduction.

dr. 'fucking-stein' did inform me that I still needed to

cum in (pun!) after roughly 15 orgasms or 6wks

*which-ever 'came first' for a 'follow-up'.

yes, I'm trying to keep a sense of humor about all of this.

but guess what ladies...


and considering the fact that I had had unprotected 'relations' with my wife for the next 6yrs,

and then 'a few' others after that without any kind of

'bumps in the road',

left me skeptical. very, very suspicious in fact.

but according to my 'test results',

I am indeed once again shooting live ammo!!!

FUCK ME HARD!!! literally speaking of course.

I'm done... for now.

22 May 2013/11am

good morning all.

just taking a 'small break' from everything/everyone.

so without-further-ado.

the word(s) of the day:


acting like a 'big bouncing boob' (nipple hard of course).


sorry. maybe this isn't as funny as it should be.

but when I was talking w/my 'cat dog spa' partner,

he used that 'wordage' to describe my 'bellyaching' I was sharing w/him during our conversation.

so anyway. had a 'family discussion' w/everyone

(Ash, Elli, l.g., and Jessica)

about what we should do this coming 'holiday weekend'. and Ash had a fabulous idea;

considering the fact one of her boy 'friends' from high school (he graduated last year)

is completing/graduating from 'marine corps boot camp' this Friday and there is no school,

she thought it a good idea we go.


so with that being said, we're going to san diego friday morning to observe the festivities.

afterwards, we'll play it by ear.

*I'm thinking 'maybe';

seaworld, san diego zoo, joshua park, disneyland,

or even maybe just camping-out near a beach.

who knows. ok then lunch time. I'm hungry.


just came from sitting out back having a scotch,

enjoying the quietness of the evening.

during dinner tonite, the subject of this coming weekend activities again came into play.

and it's been decided that we will be going to disneyland after the marine corps functions on friday.

(leaving to san diego thursday afternoon)

staying 'south' for four nights,

and then going to west covina monday morning for memorial day bbq & a birthday party.

we'll be taking the rv/dogs plus a suv.

*the girls will ride w/me in the rig,

and l.g. and Jessica

(who are 'BOTH' being very moody lately)

will be driving the suv.

so that is 'currently' our p.o.a.


so with that being said;

I need to get the rv serviced tomorrow,

do some laundry, and visit a few grocery stores.

as of this very moment,

I need to make up my mind whether I am going to crawl into 'my bed' with my loudly snoring girlfriend/fiancée

(or whatever she's calling herself these days),

or stay downstairs here and enjoy the piece and quiet of one of these couches. ah. decisions, decisions.

sweet dreams beautiful...

(I miss saying this every nite)

23 May 2013/5am

just woke-up 40min ago.

and having my 1st cup of java.

I chose to sleep downstairs here after laying down

w/l.g. for 30min,

and NOT being able to fall asleep.

*even the pupz came down here with me. lol

I already have two loads of laundry going,

and a breakfast pie in the oven.

ya. I really am a morning person.

*pretty tired this morning though,

as I didn't sleep very well last night.

waaaay too much on my mind these days.

ok then. I need to get outside and do 'poop-patrol'

before the girls get up. I'll be back a little later.


so everytime 'we' have an argument, it's my fault.

nice. glad I've been so informed.

l.g. and Jessica left the house 10min ago,

and now I have absolutely no idea if the both of them are going to join the girls and I down south this weekend.

no worries. I'm so tired of these fukin' mood swings,

from both of them!

anyway. the girls will be home within the hour,

and I still have some packing to do.

I'll check-in a little later.


well. everything is 'somewhat' better now.

we have been in san diego for just over an hour now,

and I'm currently parked outside Jack's place.

Ash & Elli are staying w/Jack tonite,

and l.g. & Jessica are staying in a hotel

in the gaslamp area.

*I really should tell you guys a 'few other things',

but I reserve the right of not wanting to be a guest

on 'the jerry springer show'.

ha. omg. just the thought of that, makes me cringe.

ok then. Jack is unsure of the HOA rules and regulations concerning overnight rv parking on the street,

so I'm half expecting a knock on the door from the

properties 'security patrol' telling me

I've got to vacate.

so I'm going to go to sleep now and hope for the best.

sweet dreams beautiful...

24 May 2013/7am

good morning everyone.

it's friday, and an exciting one.

no trouble from the 'senior security patrol' here

at Jack's community.

the marine graduation begins in about two hours,

so we're going to leave here in about 30min.

so glad that Jack has decided to come with us.

will 'update' more a little later...


this is only my 3rd time watching a usmc boot camp graduation since I graduated over 30+yrs ago.

all of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. especially Jack.

Ash & Elli were more concerned about 'checking-out'

the cute boys on the 'parade-deck' than

the actual presentation itself.

but. both girls did run up to their former 'high school friend' after the ceremony was complete and make a 'huge deal' about his becoming a United States Marine.

*ya. I so encouraged them to be 'very outgoing' and

even embarrass the kid a little bit.

they did a fabulous job!!!

*the young man's mother and sister were there also,

and we sat with them in the grandstands.

so after the time at mcrd (marine corps recruit depot),

we headed north back up to the LA area,

and are currently braving the crowds here at disneyland. I'm currently in the rv w/the dogs parked near all the tour buses, and will be 'hooking-up' at a nearby rv park

the next 3 nights. (me, Jack and the kidz)

all the while, the girls will all be sharing a suite

at the paradise pier hotel. *works for me.

the dogs are all fine staying in the rig w/plenty of water/food and having the air conditioner running.

I'll just come back here every couple of hours or so to give them a piss/potty break.

*actually Jack will probably be here in the rig most

of the time anyway.

in case your wondering, my fav rides are;


space mountain, pirates of the caribbean,

the haunted house, and big thunder.

california adventure

soarin' over california, california screamin',

mickey's fun wheel swingin, and the tower of terror.

ok then. heading back to the parks.


Jack's been here in the rig for the past couple of hours,

but I thought I'd come back to see if he wanted to go back into the parks for a few hours. he said no.

by the way. I just learned that disneyland is

open til 6am saturday.

and of course Ash & Elli informed me of this and have

asked to stay out until then.

and because they have met up with a few of their friends from school who will also be 'out late',

I made a command decision' and said 'yes'.

but as I am writing this right now,

I am having second thoughts.

*yes. I realize I'm over-protective, a worrier, and still have absolutely no idea what the fuck I'm doing.


anyway. I'm going to take a nap.


just woke-up. I'm hungry.

going to eat some scram eggs w/toast and then go back into the park for a few hours.

*bonus. because the park is staying open all night,

I can stay parked here also.

**I am still required to pay for the rv spot I'm not using.

but worth it...

25 May 2013/12:30am

I'm back.

the parks are still fairly crowded,

and I'm so tired of dealing w/people, small children,

and crazy-ass disney characters.

just talked w/the girls, and their having so much fun.

I feel better now.

good nite.

sweet dreams beautiful...


yes. I'm 'over-protective'.

going to meet the girls and their group before

the parks close.

my excuse; offer to buy everyone breakfast at iHop.

*can't take credit for this one,

Jack thought this up.

bbfn. bye-bye for now.


had a 'fun time' w/all the kids.

we decided to 'for-go' the nearby iHop,

and eat a 'light breakfast' at the surf-side-lounge in the paradise pier hotel.

the group of kids (7 girls, 5 boys) don't all live in agoura hills, but they were all cool.

after our 'continental-breakfast',

Ash & Elli went to their room where l.g. & Jessica are,

and went to bed.

*l.g. & Jessica haven't been in the park for more

than a few hours,

spending most of their time at the pool.

**all three of l.g.'s kids will be arriving today,

with their father.

(staying at the disneyland hotel)

this should be interesting. very interesting.

her 'soon-to-be' ex-husband doesn't like me very much.

I have absolutely no idea why.

disney security told me I didn't have to move the rv seeing how the park was opening in a few hours again.

so that was awesome.

grandpa Jack and I are going to disneyland now before the park gets busy. 'peace-out'.


came back to the rig to take the kidz out,

and change my shirt.

(had an unfortunate accident about an hour ago)

Jack had been here since 1pm,

but left a few hours ago to do some rides with Ash & Elli.

also. I just had a conversation w/a fucking jealous judgmental female who lives 'outa-town'.

*so tired of explaining myself to someone who doesn't know the first thing about relationships,

or what it takes to be in a committed 'real' relationship.

**not that I know everything myself,

but I'm done dealing with someone who becomes

an arrogant asshole everytime she drinks.

and tries to tell me my life would be better with her in it.

no thanks.

ok then. since I'm in a shitty-fucking mood now,

I think I'll go find a bar and have a few drinks.

*so not in the mood for l.g. right now.

(yep. I'm going to get shit for that remark too.)

see ya again soon...

26 May 2013/1am

Jack and I just finished setting-up the rig here

in the rv park. nice place.

not fancy what-so-ever, but has all the basic necessities. plus. they have a dog area. boom!!!

alrighty then. I'm beat. good nite.

sweet dreams beautiful.


omg. omg. omg.

I cannot believe I slept until just past 9:30am.

un 'fucking' believable!!!

thank goodness for Ash calling me to ask when I was going to meet-up-with-them in the park.

evidently. both l.g. & Jessica decided to come out of

'their funk' this morning,

and have been in disneyland since 8am.

well now. good for them.

I myself, am in absolutely no rush right now.

*having a little coffee, maybe fix some pancakes,

and see what's going-on news wise.

**I told the girls I would meet them at the rainforest cafe

in downtown disney around noon.

shit. Jessica is calling me this very moment.

well. fuck-me!!!

every goddamn woman in my life 'over the age of 18'

is a pain in my motha-fukin-ass!!!


so. how's your sunday going?

Jack has been here in the rig all day w/the dogs,

so I came back to keep him company and deliver

some 'park-food' and see if he wanted to go hit some rides this evening. he doesn't.

but he is loving the giant 'smoked turkey leg' I brought him. I actually bought 3 of them.

one for Jack, and two for the kidz.

*I've already 'boned-the-meat' and fed these

obnoxious little shits.

**I did eat a bite or two. very good.

normally I'm not a 'dark meat' lover,

but the aroma was too much to handle while I was on the shuttle back here to the rv park.

so I indulged a few nibbles.

I don't know who enjoyed it more,

Jack (who is currently 'trying' to eat his w/o interruption) or the dogs.

(who inhaled their bites w/o a hesitation.)

if you've never tried a 'disneyland turkey leg',

you really should make it a point to do so the next time

you decide to visit the 'magic kingdom'.

you can find them at almost every 'snack-shack',

or even at a couple 'food carts' around the parks.

they cost $10./each and are massive.

*curious thought?

with all these 'turkey legs' running around (ha-ha),

where are all the plump-ass bodies?

just wondering.

ok then. my day today hasn't been exactly what you

would call a 'care-free day'.

but I so informed the 'wicked witches'

of the

'north', 'south', and 'west'

*yes. there is a new 'prick-in-my-dick' that I've yet to share info about with you guys.

(and I'm just ignoring texts of from 'east'.)

that I don't wish to be bothered by their 'trivial' complaints

for the rest of this holiday weekend.

I swear to god, my life was so much easier before I 'tried' dating and wanted to surround myself w/past 'friends'.

*please Aphrodite;

if you can find it in your 'goddess of love' heart to forgive

me of my past transgressions,

I promise to not make the same mistakes ever again.


**Jack is staying back, so I'm going to go meet-up-with

Ash & Elli in california adventure.

(l.g. is busy 'playing' mom to her 3 kids and 'husband')

(Jessica is shopping/downtown disney)

this isn't 'exactly' the way I was hoping this

w/e would evolve.

see ya...

27 May 2013/1am

came back a few hours ago.

wanted to make sure all the dogs were walked

before going to bed. and considering the fact you can only have '4 dogs per rv', we can't take them all out at once.

so anyway. I'm done bitching for a while.

I just re-read this fucking page correcting some misspellings

(ya, there were a few),

and it appears all I have done is moaned and complained this entire time.

sorry. I'm not my best right now.

ok then. I'll post this mess after we get home from the palacios house tomorrow evening.

another weekend, another birthday party in west covina.

I did just update my 'may 2013' page w/bonus

(in honor of memorial day).

I'm going to leave my 'call me maybe-parody'

on 'kiss vidz' til Tuesday.

have gotten massive feedback concerning that video.

ya. I love it also.

I am starting to get tired. g' nite.

sweet dreams beautiful.


good morning.

today is Memorial Day.

it's a day to remember 'everyone'.

ok then. Jack & I are getting ready to depart the rv park within a couple minutes.

we're going to drive over to the hotel and pick-up

Ash & Elli to come w/us to west covina.

*didn't want to start the day-off w/an argument by asking one of the 'princesses' to drive the girls over here.

**hmmm. 'princesses... disneyland...'

no wonder!


the palacios 'memorial day celebration' and 'birthday bash' is just beginning to take shape now.

quite a few people will be showing-up after they get out

of church within the hour.

I have already informed Jack that I will be partaking in the consumption of alcoholic beverages today,

so he will be 'in-charge' of driving the rig home

this afternoon/evening.

*he agreed I needed a drink or two/three.

**just so you know,

grandpa Jack is in 'my corner' concerning the recent changes in attitudes around casa-kiss lately.

***no worries. my doors are always working,

certain people can leave whenever they wish.

and don't ever have to return. Boom!!!


I posted my 'Kiss Vidz' page on my 'twitter feed'

at about 11am today,

and have had a HUGE amount of views/feedback since.

oh. thank-you to those who contacted me about

my 'misspelling' of 'parody' (me: parady).

*yes. spelling has never been one of my 'strong points'.

**just like women/relationships, my golf game,

and being a dad.

***I guess I could remain single forever,

practice on the driving range 'alot' more,

but the dad part?,

I'm seriously doing the best job that I possibly can.

(I missed taking 'dad-class' in school).

anyway. the party here is in 'full swing';

Ash & Elli are having a blast (as is the norm),

grandpa Jack & the mexi-godfather are smoking

their stogies and sipping raspberry lemonade.

and I have been helping-out in the kitchen,

and making sure that the kids walking my dogs

are doing a good job.

(and of course, they always do).

Jessica called me a few hours ago to tell me she was

back in agoura,

and to let me know that l.g. is 'currently' back

in hollywood hills with her kids and their father.


a group of us are getting ready to watch

'Taking Chance/2009'.

if you have never seen this movie,

you really, really should.

it stars 'kevin bacon' as a ltcol/usmc who is

a 'military escort' taking a fallen marine home to his

final resting place.

the film, which was a 'made-for-tv movie' by hbo,

is based on actual notes taken by the 'real' military escort. *very appropriate viewing considering the holiday.

ok then. I'm out.


we got back home about an hour ago,

at which time Jessica and I had a nice little convo.

we both vented our current frustrations, concerns,

and thoughts on a few subjects.

bottom line. we 'hugged-it-out', everything's fine.

we still love each other.

in fact. while I'm putting my 'final thoughts' on this page before I post it tonight,

Jess is 'proof-reading' what I've written so far.

for content, subject matter, style/grace,

and of course... spelling.

so how was everyone's holiday weekend?

I'm sure a few of you will enlighten me with details of

your 'goings-on' and also your 'abstract thoughts'

about my current scribs here.

go ahead. give me your opinion. YOU always do!

*you know who YOU are.

alrighty then. my week is going to be fairly quiet this

last week of may.

I'll be going to scottsdale next weekend,

and I'm taking Ash & Elli with me.

*for just a few days.

apparently Jack & the godfather have discussed their

next project or two for casa-kiss.

who knows wtf these 'puff-daddies' are thinking

about doing these days.

*maybe a 'missile-silo' or a 'mud bath pond'.

anyway. whatever the hell they decide to do,

it'll be out-'fucking'-standing.

the girls have a late start day at school tomorrow,

so they are still 'running around' here right now getting their 'outfits ready for this upcoming week.

*I love 'Clothes Selection Sunday'.

**I know it's monday, but that's my name for

their weekly ritual. lol

l.g. just called, and I didn't answer.

so maybe I should call her back to see what's-up.


well. it's always nice to end a 'shitty-ass' week-end

with a 'shitty-ass' phone call...

good night.

to be continued...