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my thoughts.5:

(01 Feb 2011-28 Feb 2011)

 a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart.

01 Feb 2011

good morning from the frozen tundra

known as dallas, texas.

I cannot believe the weather peeps were correct in

predicting this freak cold spell. what the hell is this world coming to when it is this cold in texas?

I was up this morning at 5:15a to get our walk in as a group before the time expired;

(I am allowed to walk 'all' 6 pupz before 6a)

and as soon as we all hit the ground outside, we wanted to go back into our warm comfy bed, it was the shortest 1st walk of the day ever; 6 minutes. I'm watching the local news now, and they are saying that dallas and the surrounding areas could get a couple inches of snow today,

that is just perfect.

this weather thing may put a damper on the rest of my plans for the day; but I am still debating on driving to ihop for a chicken fried steak and eggs breakfast.

all right; my coffee is ready for consumption,

we'll talk later.


it's snowing, and hard; shit!


it's 16' outside right now, and the forecast is a low of 9'.

9 fu*king degrees!!!

and to think just a couple weeks ago, I was vocalizing my

dis-pleasure of 77' and 95% humidity, damn!

my day was kinda normal;

made a propane run for a neighboring family,

had a carb-laden home-made breakfast at ma's cafe,

spent approximately a total of 17 minutes outside with my petz today as they made 3 separate pee runs,

visited a local grocery store and got a ton of junk food,

decided since it was so cold I should have my

own 'little party' in the rig,

after party, passed-out,

woke-up and realized I may have eaten moldy cream cheese, got sick, 3 times.

and throughout the day,

twittered peeps I have never met,

talked to 'my east coast mystery woman' numerous times, and had one of my generators running constantly to keep my rv at a balmy 75' inside.

and am now watching the extended version dvd of

dances with wolves.

and drinking diet 7up to help mask the disgusting flavor currently in my mouth.

oh, I may never, ever eat cream cheese ever again.

so, any of you wanna tell me what you did today?

alrighty, I guess I am going to call it a day, looking forward to a high of 22' tomorrow.

and me without my sunscreen, or snow shoes.

good nite everyone...

*and listen, if you are being subjected to this shit-storm as I am, be careful when you travel...please. 

02 Feb 2011

not only does it feel like the dead of winter here,

but the way some people are driving makes the roads even more dangerous than the weather has.

I hate idiotic drivers.

if you have absolutely no idea how to drive on ice or in a snow storm, then stay off the damn roads!

I drove my suv 12 miles today, and observed at least 20 accidents, and even more reckless dipshits on the road. ugh! sorry about my 'rant, but my god, I must have had a dozen or so close calls during my travels. ok, I can be done.

I watched some of headline news this morning

(partly because of robin meade),

and was amazed at the aerial photo's of the

dallas and arlington areas.

and those crazy-ass espn reporters were doing the show this morning 'live' outside, wtf?, you guys are espn, not some rookie-ass sport show from the back woods.

go inside and do your show boys.

alright; my day consisted of mostly staying warm in the rig with the kidz, tackling my over-expanded email inbox, dealing with the issue of a non-payer for sb45 tickets and cursing the tv everytime that p.o.s. pittsburg quarterback was shown on the screen.

I normally 'do not' voice my displeasures

of a certain individual publically,

but will make an exception for this abuser of women.

not only is he an arrogant asshole,

but he is way overdue for a serious ass-whipping by a platoon of marines who have daughters of their own. remember I said this:

ben r. will eventually be jailed for sexual assualt.

and to think I was a mega-huge fan of this 'person'

while he attended college at miami of ohio.

*I'm not saying big ben isn't a talented dick,

I just don't agree with his dating tactics.

and before some of you die-hard steeler fans write me to voice your opinion of your sacred 'qb', let me say; when his '1st' incident was being investgated I did not want to believe it, so I called harrah's tahoe and questioned some emps up there I still stay in contact with.

my opinion...guilty; and surpressed by the executives of harrah's who are strong steeler fans. broke my heart.

so when it happened again, I knew it was not a coincidence. he needs help, (also an ass-whipping), but maybe he has underlying issues that need to be dealt with before he really does something he will forever be sorry for.

regardless; if he was pushed off the golden gate bridge,

I wouldn't shed a tear,

nor would about 500 million people.

besides my outburts towards the 'missing link',

I actually had a very uneventful day.

(not withstanding a deadbeat bidder for sb45 tix)

I have decided that I 'will not' be attending the 'big game' this year, and as long as I collect on my tickets soon;

will be departing the dallas area just as soon as the weather permits me to do so.

my plans for tomorrow?; stay warm, and inside.

alright kids, thanks for letting me 'vent' my vocals tonite, my dogz have listened to me the past week,

but only wag their tails.

it's late (11p), and I'm tired. good nite... 

03 Feb 2011

it was an early morning for me today;

I 'volunteered' my wake-up services this morn at 5am,

by calling my east coast mystery-woman and waking her with my sexy, hot voice.

that's right boys, when you got it; YOU GOT IT!

*a phone call is not necessarily my 1st choice for waking a beautiful woman, but until I am laying in the bed next to her, it will have to suffice.

not really sure what my poa (plan of attack) will be today; there are a couple of people in this makeshift rv park that have been working on their older rv's and camper/tents.

so I may take my tool box and my limited construction skills and see if I can assist them with anything.

at the very least, I will take some hot choco out to them into the winter-wilds and offer my stimulating conversation. (especially help out the rv that has 'jack daniels' markings on the outer shell; hey, I'm just being a good neighbor).

so, I need to shower and get my lazy-ass moving.

I'm thinking chili-cheese dogs for lunch today,

with no-one here in the rig w/me,

I don't have to be fart-friendly. talk soon...  

happy 61st birthday to morgan fairchild

*she may be 14 years my senior;

but OMG,

she is still one sexy hot-box.

this woman is the reason masterbation was invented.


it's thursday nite,

and once again it's gonna be as cold as ever.

I took the kidz for a semi-power walk a couple of hours ago, and the temp was a balmy 24'.

and considering the fact that my sibs hadn't been

out and about for over 3 days to run off their energy levels,

I kept them 'walking' for over 20min,

and then we all came back in and all huddled together

on the heated floor to get warm.

ya; I know some of you are in alot colder weather

than what is going on here,

but that isn't going to stop me from complaining.

I decided I had to make a wal*mart run today for pet treatz, and bought myself some fresh fruit & veggies, plus bread, milk and eggs.

who knows when I'll have the nerve to go back out into this winter mess.

I did visit some tourist spots earlier today, including

the nfl experience and the specialty shops associated with

the big game. besides viewing from afar some barely recogniziable former gridiron stars, watching children/adults play on the try-out field, and just roaming around the convention center; my favorite 'experience' was viewing all the previous super bowls championship rings.

I also did talk with a couple former/current players,

but mostly in passing.

and for it being as cold as it is here,

I could not believe the massive turnout everywhere I went,

in fact it was just crazy. after being among the noisy, loud, and rude; I just wanted to come back here to be with my kidz. too cold, too crowded, and not that organized.

I'm sure the weather has alot to do with everybody being so jammed packed together.

anyway, as soon as I settle up with my financial arrangements, and the weather warms up a little to de-ice the roads, I am outa here.

I have never wanted to be back in vegas as much as I do right this very moment.

besides, I have other interests to attend to;

namely, to take an unscheduled trip to the east coast to either confirm or deny my current involvement with this

'mystery woman'.

who knows what my future will hold.

well, it's almost 10p and I am pretty tired,

so I will be signing-off.


04 Feb 2011

a day with a person you care about,

is always a good day.

I haven't had 'a good day' for many years.

why is it that when you are alone, you think of every

little moment you have shared with

someone you once cared about?

not that every moment is always a good one,

but sometimes even the most awful memories

should be remembered.

I have received quite a few emails from some of you over

the past couple of months,

telling me about your relationships and such,

even asking me for my opinions on certain

aspects of your life.

I'm not sure why some of you would intrust me

(a complete stranger)

to the inner demons of a relationship and/or

your life in general.

I decided early-on to personally respond to each 'contact' I would ever receive from this sight;

but sometimes the subject matter or information requested is a bit more personal than what I had ever thought

would be asked of me.

I honestly appreciate everyone of you who take the time and come back to my web-site-blog everyday or so to check up on my current activities.

and for those of you who also take a minute out of your hectic lives to drop me a line to give me a word of encouragement, or even to update me of your dailies,

are very much appreciated.

but I don't feel comfortable giving out any real kind of substance advice to someone I only know thru contact

off the net.

besides, if you have read my entire thoughts pages,

you would know I'm the last person in the world to ask advice from concerning relationships, family problems,

and so forth. I have made my share of mistakes also.

the thing with making mistakes,

is to learn from them,

and 'try' not to make the same ones twice.

and as far as relationships go, no one person is perfect;

me, you, your significant other, or whom ever.

the only 'perfection' you can hope for, is to find someone who is perfect for you, and you alone.

but remember, we all have flaws.

seriously, how boring would 'perfect' be?,

remember the movie 'the stepford wives'? no thanks!

hopefully, I enlightened some of you tonight with my words of semi-wisdom.

now as far as my friday went; I did my norm dog walking duties, assisted with a couple of my fellow rv'ers, and also ventured back to the convention center where I did some intel on aquiring some potential buyers for my remaining 2 tix for the big game. considering the fact there are over 100,000 seats available, and that the weather has delayed peoples progress getting to the dallas/arlington area doesn't help my cause. but who knows, sometimes good things happen to those who wait.

as long as the weather continues to warm up during the day, and the wetness decides to take a break; I am planning on at least departing out of the general area early sunday morning. I may or may not stop along the road somewhere to watch the game.

ok, it's almost midnight, so I'm calling it a day...  

05 Feb 2011

good morning.

would just like to wish someone very dear to my heart

a very happy birthday.


the message inside the card:

'HAVE A Purrrrfect BIRTHDAY'

ok, I just wanted to post this on my site before my friend got up to start her day, I'm going back to bed for a

couple of hours.


good morning, part 2.

I can not believe how beautiful it is outside today,

will try and get the kidz out at least a couple times to enjoy the sun. it's still pretty sloppy out though.

would like to visit the nfl displays and such one more time, but the crowds are expected to be huge today.

so not sure what I will do to fill the void today, but I will try to be useful, somehow.


well it's nearly 20 hours until the 'big game', and hopefully I will be in amarillo, tx or at least near there.

I think I have finially found buyers for my 2 tickets, and that means I am free to depart just as soon as I receive the cash. most likely leave in the morning after the sun comes up.

ok, so I have a question for y'all (I'm still in tx);

is it just me, or are most of you sick and tired of hearing about every super bowl scenario imaginable?

my morning, just like half the worlds,

begins with espn's sportscenter w/neil everett & stan verrett which I believe are the best tandom in sports.

but during the 2 weeks leading up to the game itself,

how many damn stories do we have to listen to concerning every single break down of what could happen during every single situation possible?

I'm not really interested in what could or should happen; only what 'has' happened.

I don't blame neil or stan for the stories,

their jobs are to report the facts as they are presented,

but maybe they should inform the staff/producers/directors that the general public doesn't really give a rats-ass about every plausible play-by-play until it actually happens.


by the time the game kicks-off, I am so sick and tired of 'hearing about it' that watching the game

is almost not even enjoyable.

especially since one of the main characters involved is a total undesireable. (see my entry dated 2 feb 2011).

as far as my day went;

I enjoyed the sunny weather today,

as did the siberians and little beverly hills.

but considering the temps are still dropping into the low 30's, will still make traveling by roads a challenge to get back to vegas by the end of the week.

I will keep you all abreast of my travels

throughout the week.

happy super bowl sunday everyone.

good night... 

06 Feb 2011


good morning.

after careful consideration, I have decided to root, root for the 'home team'; go cowboys!

I am going to try one last opportunity to get these tickets sold and possibly get out of the dallas/arlington area before night-fall.

in the meantime, I am meeting with a new friend that I have met recently, and we are having brunch at one of the local area restaraunts.

just hope the weather holds until I can get outta here.

if you are being a party animal today, be safe.


hello from the metropolitan area known as

henrietta, texas. woo hoo.

I left the dallas/arlington area approx 2 hours before kick-off, and only missed 5 minutes of the 1st quarter.

my plans for tomorrow; amarillo.

so now that I have brought you up to date on my travel plans, was the football game everything you

had hoped it would be?

ok, ok lets start at the beginning; wtf did I miss with the national anthem being sung by christina aguilera? apparently, she missed a verse or repeated one?

well; understandably so, 'the anthem' is indeed very, very hard to pull-off perfectly, and almost everyone is compared to whitney houston's rendition at super bowl 25 in jan 1991. but without hearing ms aguilera's own performance,

I will automatically forgive her.

I'm sure she didn't do anything on purpose, and rossane still is the champ of 'bad performances'.

besides, it would take 'alot' more than a slight oversight singing the national anthem to cross ms aguilera off

of my 'wanna-do' list.

not only could she eat crackers in my bed,

but she could bring peanut butter, jelly, whipped cream or anything else that would fancy her.

ya, she is a very close second place to ms witherspoon.

I did see the halftime show; and I have to admit, not only did I 'hate it', but omg, that group was beyond terrible.

in fact the black eyed peas I'm sure will be labled:

'worst halftime performance of all time'

they were out of sync, out of tune, had no rythm,

and were just plain bad!

alrighty then, let's get to the game;

congratulations to:

Green Bay Packers

Super Bowl XLV champions

not that I am a fan of the 'pack',

but I am so fu*king happy that 'ben the asshole' didn't win.

I have but one thing to say to him:

Karma bitch!

maybe someday my sf49ers will once again be a

team to contend with.

ok then, it's almost midnight and I am beat so I will be calling it a day.

I wish you all a fantastic week,

good nite...

07 Feb 2011

hello, and good evening from amarillo, texas

well, it was a sloshy drive today to say the least;

and my day in other regards was also kind of stressful,

'to say the least'.

I can not even begin to describe to all of you how disorganized I feel sometimes.

just because someone looks as if they have their shit together, doesn't necessarily mean it's so.

my life is just as unpredictable, worrisome and as hard as everyone else's.

just because I don't currently 'have to' work to make ends meet, does not make my life any easier by any means.

and the reason I say this,

is to inform some of my 'haters' out there,

that I have more in common with almost all of you

than you could ever imagine.

ok, so I don't get up at the crack of dawn daily to ready myself emotionally, and mentally to take the 'verbal' and/or mental abuse from some cock-munching ass-wipe who just happened to kiss the proper butt-crack to be a supervisor/manager/boss of

whatever outfit you currently are drawing a paycheck from; yes, that would be a fair assumption.

but it would be more astute to say;

do not judge an individual until you have at least met him.

so for those of you who had the balls to email/voicemail me to express your opinion of my "worthless, lazy, retired" ass;

you can get on your knees, chapstick your fugly lips,


and 'kiss my motha fukin ass'.

and for the rest of you that have written me in the last month, and are so very kind in your subject matter, I promise to respond to as many of you as I can; just as soon as I can. currently my inbox is stuffed to the gills, and it was easier to respond to the negative emails than the positive ones.

also, I will continue with my question/answer

period very soon.

ok then, as I started this entry tonite,

I am currently in amarillo, texas;

and was hoping to depart to albuquerque, nm tomorrow. but once again, the weather may have a 'say' in my travel desires (tuesday forecast: snow 25.hi/5.lo)

getting back to vegas by valentines day may be impossible. not that I have a reason to arrive by that particular date,

but it would be nice to get home.

well it's late, almost 1130pm and I have had a headache all day, so I am going to tylenol pm it tonite.

have a nice day tomorrow...

08 Feb 2011

good morning peeps.

wow, huge response to my entry of last night;

all very positive. I love you guys so much.

oh; and ladies, I so appreciate your offers of possible companionship, but I am going to roll the dice with this older woman (by 11 months) and see if she has got what it takes to be 'kiss-worthy'.

but I will keep your emails stored and saved just in case this former love from my past can't handle the work load.

we'll see if the urban myth is correct with the sexual appetite of a woman in her late 40's; boom baby!

alright, I've got to take the sib's and ms hills out for a walk, and then I will be enroute to albuquerque, nm

(and mother of mine, if your reading this, I left you '2' messages, and you did not return my inquiry about visiting one-another, so be it).

ok, another 293 miles to conquer, gotta go...


did not quite make it to albuquerque today.

made it as far as tucumcari, nm;

and then had issues within the rig that needed my immediate attention.

so I spent the remainder of the day dealing with my kidz, and on the phone with my wonderful female love interest who entices me with her hot sexy voice,

steamy sultry laugh,

and the promises of lifetime satisfaction.

(goodness, I need to get laid)

but seriously folks, it is more stimulating to have a conversation with this wonderful woman than

I can even begin to express.

have you ever just 'talked' with someone about nothing in general, and when your finished communicating,

you feel as if you have conquered the world?

that is how it is with us.

I think I am falling in love with her, once again.

and even though she is a pain in my ass sometimes,

I have told her, I will 'indeed' return the favor.

(pun intended)

alright, enough saturated cell-phone love stories.

I have been getting an unusualy high increase in my web traffic lately, and I'm not exactly sure why the added interest in my activities.

but if you are a 'newbie' to my site, welcome. also, you may want to do some 'catch-up' by reading some of my past entries on the other thoughts pages. not required though. I'm just a squirrel trying to get a 'nut a day',

which usually includes an adventure or two along the way. I am currently still on my 'winter tour' and am slowly working my way back to the west side of our great nation. this cold weather crap is for the birds though, even vegas is experiencing colder than normal temps lately.

too bad there isn't a bridge to hawaii, I'd be on my way.

will be leaving fairly early tomorrow to albuquerque,

and will be spending the night.

I have some minor repair issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible, or things could get shitty pretty quickly, ya...I said it.

it's currently 7' outside and snowing, very surreal.

hopefully interstate 40west will be ice free by daybreak. well, whatever. maybe I'll find a snowplow and tow my rig the 180 miles to dukes-ville.

(dukes-ville: albuquerque dukes 1915-2001)

so here I am, in a make-shift rv park at 10p in the middle of the new mexico high desert listening to the wind blowing snow all over the place. all my sibs are sound asleep,

little beverly hills is laying on my lap, and the kiss twins?,

who the hell knows.

my family, as such they are; are safe, secure, warm

and content.

and I am so happy I have them in my life.

I am falling asleep as I type this up,

so I will be calling it a night.

sweet dreams...

09 Feb 2011

I woke up this morning and it was 2' outside.

even my siberian huskies hated going out

to do their business.

so after spending less than ten minutes outside and watching the sibs drop icicles, we hurried back into the warmth of the rig and went back to sleep for an hour or so.

until my female friend from the east side decided to call me and make sure I hadn't froze to death last night.

so as I drank my dunkin, I read my emails from last night from some of you, all the while talking to ms. east coast and watching the weather channel.

yes; I am a man of many talents, and can do all kinds of things all at once.

just don't ask me about anything I read, saw or said during that time frame, I can't remember.

after the temp finially hit 15' at 11a,

I decided to begin my journey to albuquerque.

so here I am, sitting in my rig at 10p once again surrounded by my kidz sleeping soundly, and am currently approximately 25 miles from the woman who gave me life.

you'd think that I would feel guilty for not trying to make contact with her after nearly 12 years of silence

between us. not this time though.

as I have written in this forum in the past,

I've tried on numerous occasions to contact my mother for over 11 years, with no reply from her.

so be it.

will be spending the entire day here in the middle of new mexico while my septic issues (the rv, not mine) are resolved, and also need some tlc for some of my couplings and connectors below.

I guess having the weather vary from 85' to 10' within a week or so caused a compression of my seals to the point of slight leakage. either that or;

I did not inspect the poly-seals properly when I made the proper adjustments for the erratic weather conditions.

so not wanting to endure any further leakage and smell from my grey and black water tanks, I have decided to get this fixed immediately. with that being said,

I will be staying in albu-que-que until friday morning.

not sure what I am going to do all day tomorrow,

but I'm thinking of taking my kidz to the groomers and maybe I will go to a strip club or maybe even a movie.

*just kidding ms. east coast,

I wouldn't go to a movie without you. ;)

alright, I'm going to lay down and watch the local news before I go to sleep, good nite all... 

10 Feb 2011

had a fairly busy day today;

had to take the rv to the shop, to have almost all my seals replaced on the septic hose and grey water drainage release valves. it's amazing how certain parts wear out faster than what they are regulated at. and buying something new anymore is not what it use to be.

anyway, everything has been replaced and has new warranties on them, thank goodness.

I almost had a real 'crappy' situation.

also, while my home on wheels was being doctored,

my 6 pupz were also being taken care of at the enchantment pet resort and spa in rio rancho. and I have to say, these kidz have never looked or smelled better.

I love a dog groomer who doesn't paint a female dogs nails red, pink or any other ridiculous color.

all the while my family and ride were being serviced, I took myself out to a fat-laden lunch, went to winrock mall, and drove to highland high school were I attended the 10th grade. also tried to locate a motel my mom and I lived in back in the early 70's, but it had been condemned 20 years ago and the only thing there now is an empty lot. crazy.

I almost ended up with another dog today;

well, not really, but I could have.

apparently a,j, and chloe had become fast friends with this female greyhound all day, and when I met her, what a cutie. her name is reena, and she is a newly retired racing pooch being cleaned up for a doggie auction this weekend.

and yes, I did consider taking her for a brief moment, especially when she came over to me to get her 'love' and sat directly on my foot. and her deep dark eyes were so beautiful, but that's all I need is another dog.

besides, there is a possibility of 2 cats coming into my life very soon. so that would be; 4 catz, 6 dogz, 3 horses and quite possibly a german shepard pup named 'kong'.

that would be 14 mouths to feed; which does not include the 5 huge koi in agoura hills, a buffalo I have inquired about, and the most beautiful woman in the world (to me).

my current plans for the next couple of weeks or so are not set in stone, I may have commitments I can not postpone or reschedule, and I'm still waiting for people who are apparently more important than I to contact me on this.

I know I have said this before, but I am so sick and tired of having to wait on other people to get off their lazy ass to make a phone call, answer an email or just have the common decency to 'touch base'.

ok, my pill is kicking in, will be up fairly early to hit my next destination by early afternoon.

11 Feb 2011

hello from flagstaff, arizona.

I am so sorry; as I was getting ready to up date this page,

my east cost babe called me and we talked for over an hour, and then boom; I feel asleep in this lazy boy.

damn, I guess I really am an old man!

so I'll make this short and sweet, as I am very tired.

nothing out of the ordinary happened today worth mentioning.

all my animals are also sound asleep,

and the weather outside is clear and chilly; 19'.

so instead of just boring you guys with mindless dribble,

I'm just going to go back to sleep.

good nite...

Happy 75th Birthday

 Burt Reynolds

13 Feb 2011

good morning from kingman, az.

I am so sorry about the lack of up-dates during the past couple of days;

I have just been so damn tired,

and now stress is coming back into the reality of my life as I get near the end of this semi-vacation I have been semi-enjoying these past 8 weeks.

I had planned all along to stay out and about in the rig until the middle of march,

but the sudden increase in possible career opportunities, and my 'new' relationship has also influenced me to get back to my home base to get certain aspects of my life in order so that I may possibly begin a new era as soon as possible. alright, I need to walk these kidz before I begin my 90 mile travel to sin city; trying to get back to the house before my neighbors return from church; I need some 'me' time before I get hammered for vaca-info. talk again soon.

14 Feb 2011

Happy Valentines Day 2011

good evening,

finially made it back to las vegas.

(talk about that later)

so, did all of you have a great v-day?

as for myself,

I was busy do chores around the house,

and talked to ms east coast throughout the day.

(my new valentine)

what is it about valentines day?;

it is the one day that two people are suppose to put all their vices behind them and 'play nice' for one day,

and spend an absorbant amount of money for cards,

stuffed animals, boxes of candy, and flowers that are going to

wilt and die within a week or so.

but let me just say this;

I think that v-day was actually created to give men

1 day out of 365

a chance to make amends for all the stupid stuff we do

'the rest of the year'.

why else would a 'real man' take the time to shop for a romantic card, buy a heart-shaped box of chocolates, purchase jewelry of some sort,

and spend way to much for a bunch of muti-colored thorn ridden sticks with leafy pedals attached?

unless he really, REALLY messed-up somehow

and he has to redeem himself,

or maybe the guy just wants to get laid well and often!

and the ladies are always the winners,

unless they just don't like the guy, then they both lose.

I'm sure that pope gelasius had no idea back in 496ad that this day he had created in honor of the christian martyr; saint valentine, would be such a huge hit centuries later.

now, as far as being back in vegas;

I came home to a slight surprise of some neighbor's

in-laws staying in my home for the past month,

and some missing property from my house.

I can't really talk about this incident at this time,

as it is currently a pending case for the district attorney.

but I am very disappointed in all my neighbors for not 'watching my back' while I was gone.

so I immediately had my locks changed,

and feel as if I can no longer trust anyone.

perhaps it's a good thing that I am moving in the

next month or two.

oh well; there are indeed greater tragedies happening around the world, I should consider myself blessed

that I even have a home.

alright, I'm getting tired, we'll touch base tomorrow.

g' nite...

15 Feb 2011

hey there.

a day filled with normal activities;

grocery shopping, laundry, house/lawn & pool duties,

oil changes, phone calls, emails, and of course

talking to ms east coast.

you have no idea how wonderful it is to be able just to open the slider to the backyard and have the kidz just go in and out of the house at their own convenience;

no leash, no walks, no worries.

also, one of the best parts about being home,

is not having to pull the rig over when I have to go to the bathroom. (plus side: no scurvey restrooms)

so listen there my devoted followers,

I have a question or two for some of you:

1. what is the strangest or most unusual 'thing' you have ever done in your dating experiences to either

attract someone or 'seal-the-deal'?

while some of you ponder your past dating resumes for an answer, let me share with you some of mine:

I actually drove over 350 miles (one way) for a lunch date with a young lady that I had met only once before 2 years earlier. (my marine corps days)

I went on a blind double date that turned out to be the mother of my friends girlfriend. (reno)

I once raked and bagged leaves of an entire front yard of a girl's house I was smitten with in jr-high so her dad would let her go see a movie with me.

I married the very 1st woman I ever had sex with.

(seriously, my 1st marriage when I was 18)

and now, I find myself doing certain things I would probably not be doing/or willing to do because

of my involvement with ms east coast. (she reads this site daily, so I will be smooth in my descriptions of details).

to begin with; she smokes.

I have 'never' dated a person who puffed the pleasures sticks ever in my life.

I am watching the show 'glee'.

ms east coast is a artsy lover and former dancer

(not w/a pole) that enjoys the simple things and appreciates and indulges herself into the

world of the creative arts.

and yes she absolutely 'loves' glee, so be it.

I have spent 'hours' and hours on the phone

with this woman. she gives good phone.

I am willing to 'try' a different lifestyle.

she is a vegan, enough said.

she doesn't expect me to 'turn',

but I will cut back (can't give up the cheeseburgers tho).

and the last being;

I have fallen in love with this woman all over again.

I can't really believe that I have allowed myself to just let go of all my normal boundries,

and just let go of all my inhibitions.

and I would be lying if I said I didn't have 'doubts' of what I'm feeling, and of what the both of us have been making plans of for the past couple of weeks.

as of the moment of this writing, I am planning on flying back to 'visit' her in 61 hours and 27 minutes.

and if everything goes well,

my life along with hers could change forever.

I'm not going to exactly say what those changes could be, but I'm not getting any younger, nor is she.

hey, life is a crazy ride sometimes.

you just have to hang-on and hope that the tracks your on take you to the promised land.

(if there really is such a place that exsists)

and my other question:

2. would you, if you could; do almost anything to achieve what you have dreamed about for over 20+ years,

knowing it would change your life

and the lives of others you care about forever?

my answer to this:


going to bed now, nite...

16 Feb 2011

good evening all you crazy s.o.b.'s

(I say crazy cuz you guys keep coming back)

so listen, I didn't have a great day by any means, but will not bore you with my personal/business actions of today.

besides I am a xanex and two 7 & 7's deep right now,

so I will talk about something else besides my current delemma's of personal tribulations.

so, I wanna talk about what I think is the best current product advertised talent being exposed:


or what her family and original friends know her as:

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

now, I would like to begin my entry on this young lady by saying I had absolutely no idea who this woman was until I was watching the replay of the mtv awards and saw this person make an appearance in the

now famous 'meat dress'.

my very first opinion of this whole ordeal;

the dress, the attitude, the whole package: wierdo!

but after that whole presentation,

I decided to view her talents on you-tube.

I had mixed feelings on her attributes, talents, and so forth. some of her songs I could relate to.

(I may be getting too old to appreciate all of her talents)

but will admit that she is indeed, attractive.

now, since the mtv awards show;

I have made it a point to keep my ears open to hear of her next televised moment: the view, 60 minutes, jay leno.

this woman is indeed a very, very talented performer,

but I think her biggest talent is the way she markets herself; with her outfits and aura being prime examples of such.

I'm not quite sure what the general opinion is on ms gaga, but apparently her fan base is making her a

massive player in the industry.

I've read the remarks written by some of the worlds most renown entertainment insiders, about her copying madonna.

I am a huge maddona fan,

and can see some minor similarities (like both being blond), but as far as vocals, presentation, and self-promotion?

these two 'icons' are also very different.

but excellent in their own ways.

didn't the experts say the same thing of elvis presley?

now I'm old enough to be this young lady's father,

so I feel safe in saying this woman is the real deal.

her appearance on 60 minutes was incredible,

she seemed to be just a simple woman with extraordinary talents, and her leno gig was fabulous. she is very quick-wit. so, I may not totally understand her music venue, her wardrobe choices or even her strategical self promotion;

but this woman has got 'it'.

and she knows what she is doing with 'it'.

so, lady gaga/stefani; if you ever want to change careers and be a marketig power house, give me a call.

I could sure use your strong mind, excellent strategies,

and beyond belief results.

I may not 'get her', but I'm now a fan.

ok guys, my xanex and now three 7 & 7's have kicked in;

I'm going to go hug my pillow and dream. nite...

17 Feb 2011


what's up with all you gaga fans flooding my email inbox? I'll tell ya, some of you are very passionate about her,

good for you all.

boy, I'm glad I didn't say anything negative.

so my day started out a little bit better than yesterday had ended, but not by much.

I have decided 'not to' divulge what my current situation is, and what exactly I am feeling during this particular

time of my life.

I know I have been very open in my thoughts pages up to this moment; but this is very different, and very personal. but what I would like to mention is how I am feeling about my renewed relationship with the woman I have been referring to as; ms east coast.

this lady, (and she is by all accounts, a very classy lady)

and I have known each over 22 years.

even though we had not spoken or even seen each other in almost 17 years, once I took the initiative and made contact with her almost 6 weeks ago,

we have been in constant communication since.

and our friendship has evolved into a 'possible' romance that will be determined once we see each other again.

I say 'possible' because I really don't want you people to know that I have indeed fallen for this beautiful and intelligent woman thru electronic contact.

I have tried a few times in the past couple of weeks to arrange my schedule to get out to the east coast to once again see this wonderful person, but to no avail.

I actually was suppose to be in her city in less than 12 hours, but because of my surprising current situation that has me at odds, I again couldn't make it.

when I informed her of this tonite, she cried.

I hated to hear her cry, knowing I was the cause of her emotional outbreak broke my heart.

have you ever just wanted to hug a woman, look into her eyes, and kiss her and never let go?

that's how I have felt for the past 6 weeks.

the only reason I'm telling you all a little bit more

about ms east coast is;

don't be surprised if I happen to bring her back with

me to vegas when I finially get out to see her.

who knows, I've done stranger things.

well, I really don't have that much more to share this evening, so I'll sign-off for the night...

18/19 Feb 2011

it's just past midnight,

and I just got off the phone with a friend who needed someone to talk to.

I will be going to bed here shortly,

so I'll update this site in the morning with a

hot cup of dunkin in my hand.

good night...


good afternoon. I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. my friday was a disappointment in the begining as of my travel plans had to be postponed due to an unforeseen situation that came to my attention.

but maybe it was a good thing I had to cancel,

things happen for a reason.

I've decided to reevaluate my previous thoughts on trying to relive moments from my past.

and for the moment,

no thanks.

I'm going out 'to play' in vegas;

and I am planning on playing hard,

real hard!

good nite everyone...

20 Feb 2011

good morning all.

it's 5:30am and I just got home from a crazy nite;

vegas, you gotta love it sometimes.

it has been over a year since I pulled an all-nighter in

sin city, but considering the week I've had,

and the steller last convo I had with someone in particular;

I decided to go out and 'play' in the sandbox.

now I am typing this up as I am enjoying some biscuits & gravy that I picked up as take-out from denny's.

and yes, I am planning on going to bed just as soon as I'm done updating and eating my extrodinairely excellent

hot and creamy hang-over breakfast.

so, without further ado;

I guess I need to wrap this up, take a shower and tuck myself in for a 6 hour nap.

and then start my sunday of house-hold chores, shopping and whatever else I need to take care of.

by the way, I may have some exciting news by mid week.

so stay tuned boys and girls.

time for sleep...


don't you just hate it when you stay out all nite and come home, eat and then go straight to bed?

and then wake-up a couple hours later in the

middle of the day groggy, with morning breath,

and a massive hangover headache.


it's already 11am, and I have so much to do today,

gotta get my fukin' ass in gear.

I have decided that my current obsession with trying to rekindle a spark from my past was not a very

bright move on my part.

I guess I had totally forgotten about some aspects about this person, oh well, lesson learned.

sometimes you should just forget about the past all together. I have made plans to meet with someone tonite for dinner that I have not seen in over 15 years,

(ya, I know...another one.)

plus, there is another person I am anxious to meet who came along with this young lady from brisbane, australia.

should be an interesting time, going to the

california pizza kitchen tonite.

alright, I'm off to:

the grocery store, petco, dry cleaners, home depot, and then to get a haircut and a manicure.

(that's right, only a real man can admit he gets manicures) I'll check in later, everyone have a great sunday.


had an interesting dinner tonite with a young lady and her teenaged daughter.

both these girls are so beautiful, inside and out.

I almost felt as if we all were a family unit,

I know that sounds strange,

maybe just wishing it could have been so.

another thing about tonite;

I totally forgot this was a 3 day weekend, and it seemed as if every jerk-me-off tourist was within ear shot.

(we had dinner at the fashion show mall on LV blvd.)

I hate loud, arrogant, self-centered, rude, idiotic shitty-dressed people. especially when they come into my personal space and think they are so much better than anyone else. ya, I had to follow a couple wanna-be bad-asses into the bathroom and enlighten both of these early twenty-somethings on their behavior issues, and if they ever made comments towards a 15 year old young girl as they did tonite, (especially a young girl who is sitting at my table)

I would personally cut off their dicks and shove

them down their fukin' throats!

one of these young men started to act like a bad-ass until I got deep into his shit and showed him how serious I was. one of the boys even came back over to the table and appologized, the other young man was busy, I'm guessing.

punks, they all need a good ass-kicking!

I really use to like people in general,

but now; most are just self-centered assholes.

I know 'all of you' are just perfect though, especially all you emailing fanatics.

*on that note, I would like to give a special 'shout out' to erbie & emma f. from albertville, mn.

apparently, these two crazy seniors like to read my updates and so forth during their early morning coffee time,

and then take the time and email me their 'take' on my activities/adventures from the previous day.

erbie & emma, gotta love 'em.

ok then; I will be trying to catch up on some personal chores/errands/duties tomorrow,

and will update afterwards.

hope you all have a productive week. good nite...  

24 Feb 2011

hello and good evening from southern california.

well now; I have quite alot to say and update you on,

so grab a drink (preferably alcoholic) and a snack, sit down,

and prepare yourself for what is now my life.

as you have been reading my posts on my site here,

I normally do not sugar coat anything,

so here it is:

'I am a father' and have been for the past 15 years.

I had heard 'rumblings/rumors' of this possibility for the past ten years,

but since I could not either confirm or deny the

actuality and/or validity of this because of certrain restraints, (my ex-wife for one)

and/or because of this young lady being born abroad,

and because nearly every single bit of leads of information ended in 'no joy'.

I had almost given up hope on a truthful outcome.

I have indeed for years been trying to locate a young lady that I had a brief encounter with in late april 1995, but the name she gave me at the time of our 72 hour tryst was not valid, nor did I even know what country she was from. but when I recently received an email from 'a fan' asking me if I was the same greg kiss who had been in the marines and from the bay area; I got a little curious (in general terms) and wrote this person back wanting to know if we

had known each other 'once upon a time'?

this lady wrote me back, and I quote:

"I am the grandmother to your daughter."

needless to say, I was both shocked and doubtful;

but after a phone call to this particular woman in

'brisbane, queensland, australia',

I knew this really could be a possibility.

so after finially getting in contact with

her daughter,

'the young lady from my past' (she is 8 years my junior),

and arranging her to come out here during 'our' daughters break in school, so that we may find out the

truth to this rumor mill.

after 'my friend' and her daughter arrived last week,

I put them into a different hotel than the one they had been slated to stay in (not a very safe location, by my terms); and then the testing began.

and after 6 stressful long days, boom;

I'm a dad to a stunningly beautiful, incredibly intelligent,

very well spoken, and perhaps the most loving 'little girl' our God has ever created.

I never knew I could be so in love with another person.

and I hate to admit this, but I just cannot get enough of her.

I don't know, maybe I'm some fukin' weirdo or something. ever since the moment, the exact moment I found out

(in a court room, from a judge)

that this young stunning, vivacious, loving young woman was from within my body; well she hasn't been out of my sight for a moment, nor have I slept but maybe a few hours since.

needless to say; my life has been a total whirl-wind this last week, not including the last couple of days in vegas.

trying to get all the nesessary paperwork filed, appropriate notifications dealt with and so forth has kept us busy.

and because of the february 2001 child citizen act, and her being under the age of 18, she automatically gained u.s. citizenship upon the court declaring she was officially my daughter. so after submitting her birth certificate to the clark county registers, we went and got her a nevada state i.d. card. (she is already counting the days unitl she can get her learners permit; 05 August 2011.) footnote: 'my daughter' was born 26 days before my dad drowned, crazy shit!

*so I guess I should tell you at this point; her mother brought her over here to america with the intent to leave her with me. the mother told me on the phone when we first talked that she 100% knew the child was mine. not that this woman was a terrible mother, I think she just wanted 'our' child to get to know her father before she finished growing up. I have very, very mixed feelings of this, as I do feel 'cheated' on the whole being a dad thing while this girl grew. but under the circumstances of my past, including my now previous wife, maybe it was 'all' for the best.

besides, from everything I have inquired about 'my daughters' childhood, she was raised in a loving family environment including her mother, grandparents and others.

her mannerism is exceptional for a girl of her age,

and her intelligence level is off the charts,

I'm still not absolutely sure what her grade level is going to be; we have a high school evaluation test scheduled back in vegas in a couple weeks,

so that should be very interesting.

oh, by the way, we are currently in southern cali for the next week or two. tomorrow (friday) we have an appointment w/the australian consulate-general in los angeles for

'my daughter' to apply for dual citizenship; and I am applying for a visa to travel with 'my daughter' to auzzie-land next month. (ya, we are going back together for a visit)

that should be an interesting trip, to say the least.

and yes, I will be keeping you all informed daily.

so there it is, my no-adult-responsibility lifestyle has changed forever, and I'm glad for it... it's almost 11pm, and I am beyond exhasted, but afraid to fall asleep.

not that I think anything would happen to 'my daughter'

(I will now refer to her as e.a.);

but I just don't want to fall asleep and then wake-up to find this was all a dream.

we have adjoining rooms here in the hotel, and I have the door between us open a couple feet. and as I sit here typing this up with the only light coming from my screen, the only sound is of my table-top travel fan (white noise for sleep);

I have looked in on her sleeping bump now like a dozen times. oh my god, I'm going fukin' crazy aren't I?

jeesh, I have to relax.

if I told you how protective I am everytime I get a new puppy, you would cringe. thats ok though, I'll sleep again after she turns 40, and she is 'allowed' to date. shit, I just thought of that; boys!!! fu*king no good, pieces of shit: boys!!!

and believe you me, they have already noticed her!

dear god; her mother was only 8 or 9 years older than her when we got together, shit, I need a xanex.

funny story (I think): while we were eating dinner tonite at boa steakhouse here in santa monica, the young man who was filling water/tea/butter must have come by the table no less than 20 times. I know e.a. noticed, but we were so busy talking (both of us have not shut-up in 3 days), niether of us said anything. I did say how beautiful she was, didn't I?;

5' 5", 105, long auburn hair, piercing steel-blue eyes, (her contacts change her eye color to brown) high cheek bones, crisp tan... yep, I have a gorgeous daughter.

(I think this is payback for my past womanizing days; when I was young, dumb and full of my philanderer ways!)

alright, I have really got to try to sleep; not only do I have this new responsibility as a 'new-parent', but I still have feelings for this woman from my past that I have been in communication with recently (ms east coast),

until she started getting a little 'strange' on me.

I know now I have to put myself second,

especially while e.a. and I currently bond, it's just that I really care for this 'other' woman.

well, if it's meant to be, it'll happen. ok, I gotta go, 'my kid' just woke up and called out to me.

nite all...

25 Feb 2011

good morning everyone,

and happy friday.

it's 6am and I just woke up from a great 6 hour sleep. finially, I slept.

e.a. woke-up last night as I was finishing up my entry,

and we talked (again) for almost an hour before the both of us proceeded to hit the pillows. we have a 'huge' day ahead of us, and I can't wait to finalize her residency issues.

ok, just wanted to give you guys 'a quickie' before I began to get ready for my fatherly duties.

question: do all 15 year old girls now drink red bull?

just asking.  

28 Feb 2011

hello my friends.

before I begin to catch you up on my 'goings-on' for the past couple of days; let me appologize for not 'up-dating' recently. when I say I have been just a bit overwhelmed lately,

or just so damn busy to breathe;

believe me, I'm not exaggerating at all.

even my dear friends, the palacios' have noticed the change in my demeanor.

and the lack of sleep for past week hasn't helped either.

also, I have received 'so many' emails from all of you wishing 'us' well, and telling me congratulations for the fact I am a father; thank-you 'all' so very, very much.

and I promise to answer every single one of you,

but it just will take some time to do so.

it's a strange thing for me to no longer be accountable

for only myself,

but actually for another human-being.

as you know, I have been married before with a

step-daughter, but this is so very different.

in my marriage, my 'ex' was always 'the law' as far as her daughter went, absolutely no disscusion concerning anything.

(and I have nothing further to note on that subject).

but with e.a., I'm the rule maker, 'the heavy', the enforcer, the listener, and the compassionate one.

not really sure if I was totally ready for this much responsibility to be just handed over to me without so much as a correspondence course.

I guess you just have to go with the flow, and do the very best you can and try not to be an asshole in the process.

I think so far, I'm doing an 'ok job',

just want to be a good parent.

her & I have shared so much about each other over the past week, sometimes I forget what I've told her,

and what I haven't.

my hardest situation to date?; is to remember that I am this young girl's father, and not just her friend.

but let me say this, her mother, and her grandparents all did a wonderful job raising e.a.,

she is such a fabulous little lady.

her common sense, maturity level and over-all street-smarts is unbelievable.

I am so proud to be able to call this wonderful person

my daughter.

ok, do I sound like a gushing dad now?

because I am.

my only concern thus far?: boys, boys, boys!

I do not remember being as bold and forward when

I was younger,

as these 'little hard dicks' have been with e.a.

or maybe, I just never paid that much attention before.

even though m. (my former daughter by marriage) was a beauty growing up, she never attracted half as much interest from the 'testicle-owners' as my offspring.

and the worse part is, most of these 'breeders' are in their early to late twenties.

maybe it's time to re-new that concealed weapons permit after all. (not kidding)

alright, I need to wrap this up tonite and try to at least get 6 hours of sleep before our busy day tomorrow.

I will indeed update 'our' activities during the past couple of days (ucla basketball, oscars red carpet and viewing party, chuckie cheese pizza, and other tid-bits)

during my next entry or two.

good bye february 2011, I will never forget you!

good nite my friends...