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completed: 14 June 2013/7pm

good afternoon/early evening.

it's almost 5pm sunday,

and it's the first moment since sat-morn 10am that I have been able to just do 'absolutely nothing'.

we had an unscheduled 'birthday party' here yesterday, because the dad/step-mom of this young lady

are basically assholes.

*translation: whatever this woman says,

the father agrees to. regardless!!!

**ya. and I don't give a damn if they read this either. apparently the 'step-mom/monster' doesn't care for her step-child too much

(yes. I've been there, done that).

*that 'specific reason' is my 'logic' for not wanting to

get involved w/anyone who has never been married,

doesn't have kids, or is too damn 'self-centered'

to adapt to others in her life.

**not that the 'above' reasons are a 'negative mark'

against anyone in general.

I just have had experience with 'toxic step-parents'

myself while growing-up,

and will not subject either Ash, Elli, or anyone else who lives here with someone who may not adhere properly to the lifestyle/house rules that have been established

these past few years.

yes, I admit that 'my house rules' are extremely lenient,

not enforced, and when broken,

I don't punish accordingly.

as alot of you have already informed me of these things.

but I don't care.

I really don't.

ok then. I think I've said enough concerning this.

so as I was saying,

we 'again' had an unscheduled event here at 'casa-kiss',

and it was a blast.

but considering the fact that Jess was a

little 'under the weather',

and grandpa Jack is not into the 'teen-scene',

I called 'west covina' for a little assistance.

and of course, I got a few responses back.

including the mexi-godfather and godmother.

love these people.

upon the arrival the west covina mafia,

I went upstairs and proceeded to have a 'non-explosive' phone conversation w/l.g.

*we had planned-on meeting-up last night,

but the birthday party nixed that

(which she wasn't too pleased about.)

I really have absolutely no idea what 'we' are doing now, and am even more confused since we talked.

I have mixed emotions concerning certain aspects of

'our relationship' and what each of us want from it.

*getting officially divorced would be a start, I'd say...


alrighty then.

I've been taking it easy this evening so far,

sitting here in my downstairs office going thru mail/bills, reading/answering/deleting emails,

and even making a few phone calls.

I think Ash is coming down w/a cold,

she started to not 'feel well' a few hours ago,

and is actually asleep right now on the couch

in the sitting room.

Elli is in the backyard talking w/grandma palacios,

Jack & the mexi-godfather have been gone a few hours,

and Jessica is currently sitting in here w/me looking over the 'scottsdale cat-dog-spa' paperwork.

*I won't discuss this particular subject right now,

as I am pissed about things I'm still finding-out about.

so anyway. last day of school this year is officially wednesday,

but both girls are going in on thursday to volunteer w/setting-up for the graduation ceremony later that day.

*I think these two are getting excited about being

seniors next year, as they should.

I am so proud of both these young ladies.

minus a few 'unpublished' hiccups that occurred

this school year,

Ash & Elli did a great job with their

grades/social calendars/friendships...

*we'll leave BOYS out of this equation for now.

I'm planning on attending grad-ceremonies w/the girls,

as they have quite a few friends who are/were seniors.

l.g. is 'supposed' to join us,

we will have to see how that 'plays-out'.

and so there is no repeat performance of this weekend,

I have informed the 'two-party-animals' there will be absolutely NO parties for any of their friends who graduated this year.

and DO NOT put me on the spot by asking me

in front of 'said friends'.

*and then I felt bad saying this to them as almost immediately Ash started to feel sick.

she's a trooper.

it's going to take more than not feeling well for her to miss these last few days of school,

and the festivities surrounding them.


the house is now quiet down here,

everyone is in bed or at least in their rooms.

the mexi-godfather, his wife and a few family members

are still here.

they are going to re-fence the veggie garden tomorrow, along with looking into trimming-back the foliage

around the trails in the rear of the property.

plus. since the gazebo is starting to look a bit weather beaten, Jack has said he wants to refinish it.

*the gaz is primarily used as a smoking spot for

the 'cigar smoking' old guys now.

the area near the north slider was too close to the house,

and the smell would linger for what seemed

like hours on end.

as far as my plans for the week go;

besides 'possibly' having lunch w/l.g. tomorrow,

and going to grad-nite on thursday,

I will be discussing my legal responsibilities

w/an attorney concerning this 'scottsdale-fucking-mess'.

I refuse to succumb to my 'former' partners wife and just forget everything that she did.

legal action is forthcoming. I guarantee it!!!

fuck me, I'm so pissed about this.

ok. sorry. I'm trying not to be a 'mitch' (male + bitch).

well I guess I'll post now. I'll be back.

good night everyone. sweet dreams beautiful...

11 June 2013/9am

good morning.

been awake since 3:30am,

getting out of bed shortly thereafter.

my early 'am' routine has changed 'a little'

in the past few months.

I don't rush outside immediately for 'poop patrol'

as I have in days past.

reason being;

I normally would 'manually' turn on the

'motion detector flood lights' while it was still dark outside between 4a-5a,

so I could see all the piles of crap in the 'shitting areas'.

but since the blare of the lights would normally

wake-up the girls

(which they've only recently informed me of)

and stir the sleeping giants down in their quarters,

I have postponed my 'pushing of the wheelbarrow' until after the girls leave for school,

and I have consumed my 3 cup limit of java.

*or, as I drank this morning;

a 24oz can of 'mega monster energy'.

plus as an added bonus,

that bright star is 'normally' burning in the sky which in turn alleviates the problem of locating

the piles/mounds of excrement.

*and not stepping in them also is a good thing.

ok then. enough shit-talk.

so yesterday I was 'supposed' to meet with l.g. for

lunch in beverly hills.

and to no surprise, it didn't happen.

not that I totally blame her.

she has been out of her office missing work

for quite some time,

and she had told me it would be difficult for her to get

away on a monday. but. I went away.

because I know had I not showed, she would have.

so anyway. as I sat there in this semi-upscale restaurant awaiting the arrival of my lunch date,

a 'very well known celeb' and her party walked-in and sat down at the table next to me.

as she was settling-in to her seat,

I glanced over and the both of us exchanged smiles.

from that moment on,

I made it a point NOT to look in her direction again.

but the way the eatery is set-up, it was difficult not to hear conversations of the tables around you.

I tried to look as if I was doing my own thing;

reading my paper

(I always take a paper when meeting l.g.),

also using my phone;

checking emails, twitter, playing angry birds.

doing 'anything' to distract myself from not seeming to be paying attention to the conversation that was happening just a few feet from me. but I was paying attention.

and I know she knew it.

*my facial expressions were a dead giveaway.

I normally am not that impressed with being in the same vicinity/locale of a well known individual.

I've met a few celebs, sport giants, and entertainers.

even working with them sometimes.

but for some reason,

this woman was making me nervous and even

a little uncomfortable.

so after talking w/l.g. on the phone a few times and

realizing she 'again' wasn't going to join me,

I decided to order my lunch.

after I ordered, I went to the bathroom.

and as I was walking back to my table,

this young lady reached-out to me touching me on

my arm and said'

"it's a shame you got stood up for lunch".

my reply was (I think),

"it's happened before, and it'll happen again".

*smiling the entire time of course.

(apparently, I wasn't the only one eavesdropping)

as I sat down back at my table,

the party next to me was getting up to leave,

when this beautifully vibrant young lady approached me and asked if I'd like some company.

I have no fucking idea what the look on my face was;

surprised, shock, embarrassment? all three?

but I do remember uttering the word 'absolutely'.

but it wasn't as 'manly' as I would have liked it to be. lol

regardless. she sat down. ordered a tea w/lemon.

and we then just started a 3hr conversation that was both intriguing/fascinating,

and even a little bit embarrassing at times.

I have no idea why I was so apprehensive the entire time,

I was never a huge fan of this woman.

*not that I didn't like her acting,

I just never really paid attention to her much.

ie: reese witherspoon, jennifer love hewitt, olivia wilde, etc.

but I was paying attention to her now.

and so were quite a few other people in the restaurant.

I was so impressed with her demeanor.

and as our conversation ensued,

I was feeling more comfortable exchanging life stories.

after a while she started to receive numerous calls,

and decide it was time to go.

we both waited in valet for our vehicles,

and that was that.

we did exchange emails, (no phone numbers)

and she did visit this site last night

(as evident from an email she wrote me).

I've decided not to mention her name, movies

or even age bracket

(she's quite a bit younger, and prettier than me).

not because I have anything to hide,

but merely I just don't want to act like an idiot

by naming her.

but I really, REALLY did enjoy our time together.

so if your reading this young lady,

thank-you so much for being so nice to me,

for keeping me company,

and sharing your insightful stories/experiences in the entertainment industry.

it was a pleasure to meet you.

and you are such a beautiful woman inside/out.

ok then. I've got some errands to run.

and Jessica and I are going shopping in a few hours.

I'll be back.

14 June 2013/1pm

good morning/early afternoon.

I just got out of bed a few hours ago,

the latest I've slept in in almost 5yrs.

it really wasn't my fault, I swear.

Jessica, myself and the girls went to the graduation ceremony last night to see alot of their friends graduate. nothing spectacular happened.

*ie: nobody 'came out', no 'booty flashes', etc.

after the ceremony was completed,

and the girls posed for pictures w/friends,

we 'hit-up' a few grad parties.

*very, very tame by 'kiss party standards'.

once we visited a few of the celebrations,

and stopped off at a taco bell,

we drove to thousand oaks

(with a few 'more' people than we started-off with)

to see a midnite showing of the 'new superman'

Man of Steel.

when we got there,

the line was so damn long,

but the theatre was showing 3 screenings.

so we got in ok

(after standing-in-line for over 90min).

even if your not a huge fan of 'super hero' movies,

this is still a excellent choice for a 'movie date'.

the movie itself was over 2 1/2hrs long,

including the previews

(I 'fucking love' the previews).

and considering the fact it had been nearly 4hrs

since my two soft taco supremes, I was starving.

*ya. I ate popcorn & a coke. so what?

but anyway. I asked the girls if they were hungry,

and iHop was their reply.

so after eating crepes, and drinking decaf,

we all came back here.

*3 car convoy/11 peeps.

and since it was nearly 5am,

I did my poop patrol 'before' I crashed.

so there you go. your 'basically' all caught-up.

except for grandpa Jack,

everyone else is still asleep.

I was thinking of waking them all up at 1p, but fuck-it.

it's the first 'real' day of summer vaca,

so let them sleep.

and Jess is tired all the time now.

ok. I'm starting to get hungry,

so I'm going to go get a few buckets

of grilled chicken/sides from kfc.

*that way there is food 'ready' for

the kids when they awake.

I'll be back soon...


good evening everyone.

woo-hoo. two updates within six hours.

*the things I can get away with when

'my boss lady isn't here to micro-manage my time'.

**so, so sad.

anyway. this was a very laid back day.

the 'party-animals' didn't start to come upstairs from the movie room until after I got back w/kfc.

damn girls were hungry too, nearly ate all my chicken.

*the only pieces I get are breasts/legs.

**which are also my fav- female body parts,

along w/the tushie.

ok then. after the 'late-sleepers' ate their fill,

drank almost an entire case of 'monsters'

(9 girls, 2 cans each),

and cleaned-up their sleeping/eating messes,

I had to take a few of them home.

and while driving the last two,

which were sisters to their home,

they told me something I just couldn't fucking believe.

apparently, the word-on-the-street is

(according to these two)

that my parties

consist of 'under-age drinking', drugs, and sex orgies.


these little informers also let me know there were quite

a few parents who want to kick-my-ass because of these absolutely false rumors.

when I asked them to name these parents,

they started to stammer and hee & haw.

so I'm not sure what to believe.

these two had never been over here before,

and I have a feeling they may not be invited back.

also. just in case there is 'something' to this bullshit,

I'm going to be asking some questions to the 'regular'

girls who normally come to the house.

and starting immediately, there won't be any more 'sleepovers' at daddy kiss' house.

*I have had a few issues in the past during parties,

but nothing illegal or inappropriate concerning minors.

**in fact. my number one priority is

to monitor alcohol consumption (no minors),


and boys/girls are not allowed anywhere unsupervised.

I did have a discussion with Ash & Elli as soon

as I returned home, and they both looked just as surprised/shocked as me.

but they told me that these two sisters are really big on exaggerating & expanding the truth to gain attention. regardless. we decided to not have any 'unknown' girls

ever spend the night here again. which sucks.

even though I now don't believe these two,

I hate being mentioned in that type of conversation.

almost made me sick to my stomach.

ok then. that's really all I have to say.

we're going bowling tonite.

*alot of parents are going to be there,

maybe I'll feel-out this situation.

**if I have anything 'else' to report, I'll be back.

if not. goodnite...

to be continued...

(one day)