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completed: 30 June 2013/3am


good morning everyone.

we are currently in scottsdale,

and have been since noon on saturday.

*we: myself, Ash, Elli, and grandpa Jack and the cats.

**Jessica stayed back in agoura w/the dogs,

and has a few palacios' at the house w/her.

been dealing w/a new construction company

about 'cat dog spa',

things are not going as well as they could be.

the depletion of funds from my 'former' partner

(wife) has really set me back a little.

it will be hard to trust 'anyone 'ever again as far

as doing business goes.

ok then. we celebrated grandpa Jack's birthday here saturday night in 'old town',

having pizza and a few pitchers of beer.

*grandpa Jack loves his double cheese, supreme pizza.

after dinner we all just veg'd out in the rv and watched tv.

*I was up rather late tho,

wanted to see 'this moon' that I'd be hearing about.

**plus. Jack's obscene snoring was unbelievable.

***the girls are 'now' sharing a hotel room,

and Jack, the cats and I are staying in the rig parked in

the hotel's parking lot.

which means I get to sleep in the back bedroom here now. anyway. Jack wanted to come along to scottsdale this time w/me to see exactly what is going on.

and give me his advice on 'everything'.

so far. he hasn't said a word.

not sure if that is a good thing, or a bad thing.

Elli just called, and said she is hungry.

Ash is still sleeping. lazy little girl.

so time for breakfast.

*I'm sure we'll get 'sleeping beauty' a 'to-go' order.


hey. getting ready to head over to the property w/Jack.

the girls are having a 'beauty day';

mani-pedi's, and haircuts.

also. I just 'updated' my 'june 2013' and

'today in history' pages.

I read an email from R.S. from casper, wy this morning,

who asked me how I could remember the 'exact dates'

for things that have happened in my life.

*updating my 'this is history' page.

I did email her back a response explaining to her I have

kept a journal for as long as I can remember.

now even though I wrote 'something' everyday,

some entries are only sentence or two,

while others were a few paragraphs long.

*I no longer write in my journals, using this site instead.

so that's what I base 'my history' entries on,

like my entry today concerning ms east coast,

and especially the 'no sex' memory. ha.

*I'm sure she'll be surprised I remembered!!!

so there you go. don't want any of you to think I just

'make shit up' as each day comes into play.

I do indeed have a few entries from my teen-years like 'masturbated 3 times today',

but I've decided to 'not' include those. lol

ok then. I need to clean the litter box before we go.

sluggs wasn't as receptive to the rv as quickly as the

kiss-twins were in the beginning,

but considering the fact he has found a few 'crash-pads'

ie: the drivers seat, the kitchen sink, the easy chair.

but his favorite is on top of the sleeper sofa back looking

outside at everything. alrighty. gotta go. see ya.


it's been quite a day.

the girls decided that they 'needed' black nail/toe polish,

and Elli had 6 inches cut-off her hair.

*her hair is now just a few inches longer than mine.

yes. my hair is 'almost' too long.

after the girls finished w/their 'beauty day',

they laid out at the hotel pool where they both

got a little sunburn.

even w/sunscreen or tanning lotion this fucking

arizona sun is relentless.

the weather forecast for this friday is 120'.!!!

as the chicks were getting 'beautified',

Jack and I were at the property looking over

the non-existent construction goings-on.

as I mentioned above,

I've been in negotiations w/a new construction company to complete 'cat dog spa'.

because of the 'cluster-fuck' I experienced w/my now 'former' partner,

I will be more 'hands-on' from this moment on.

oh. and can you believe these people;

after everything they put me thru w/the lies,

deceit, and misappropriation of funds,

they are threatening to bring legal issues against me

if I continue w/this business idea.

*the idea was 'partly shared',

but the name, the location, the plans, mine!

so my response was;

"go ahead and file, I will counter w/a lawsuit of my own" haven't heard a peep back from them since,

which was over a month ago.

besides. it appears as if I have acquired a 'new' partner w/much deeper pockets than myself.

grandpa Jack has expressed much interest and was 'almost' a little giddy while we at the property

w/the 'possibly' new construction foreman.

(negotiations haven't been completed yet, but we're close) and Jack also mentioned today that during

the 'construction phase',

he would 'most likely' live down here and

'keep an eye on things'.

I wish we would have thought of that 6mo ago.

that idea would have saved me a few pennies,

grief, heartache and a broken friendship.

regardless. I haven't seen the old man this excited

and 'pumped-up' over anything since grandma Jo

passed a year ago.

this looks to be a win-win proposition.

so with that being said,

I have a 'brighter' outlook on this entire situation

as it now appears.

I'm still employing full-time security on site,

and will continue to do so thru the

completion of construction.

as far as when construction will resume,

that is being discussed.

ok then. enough boring-ass work talk.

it looks as if we will be leaving to las vegas within

the next few days.

'june fest 2013' begins this weekend,

and I have already purchased tickets for

kc & the sunshine band on saturday night.

'june fest' is just another 'organized celebration' to get tourists into las vegas during the hot summer months.

my bartender girl 'friend' T.W. called me on sunday to confirm we were coming out there,

and told me about the 'electric daisy carnival' going on at the las vegas motor speedway this past weekend.

she said the crowd is getting 'younger & younger' each year. I laughed and told her we're just getting older. lol

anyway. since my house is still on the market and has absolutely no furnishings in it now,

the girls will be staying with T,

while Jack and I will be docked at a rv park

a few miles away.

she lives in a guard-gated community

(which are very popular in vegas),

and can't have rv's (or cars for that matter)

parked on the street.

*in fact, I don't even think that rv's are even

allowed to be on property.

**fucking home-owners-associations.

(HOA's in las vegas suck cock, they always have)

ok then. it's nearly 11pm,

and I have been multi-tasking while doing this update; watching troy/2004, drinking scotch w/Jack,

talked on the phone w/l.g. (I'll mention her 'next time'),

and even had a turkey/swiss sandwich.

*yes, I am talented.

ok. Achilles & Hector are going to fight in a minute,

love this fight scene.

good night everyone. sweet dreams beautiful...

27 June 2013/1a

good evening/morning.

I thought I would give you guys a 'quickie' since

I was still awake,

as I've decided that we'll be leaving in a

few hours for vegas. (between 4a-5a)

we were going to wait until friday,

but this heat-wave that the southwest is currently experiencing is just going to get worse.

the possibility for 120' in phoenix/scottsdale and vegas

by this weekend is a real possibility.

and I'd rather just get to our next destination just as soon

as possible before the temp rises.

both Ash & Elli are a little upset w/me for making plans

to stay at T.W.'s house during the next week or so because she doesn't have a pool at her house.

(boo-hoo. there are worse tragedies in this world.)

anyway. I told them a hotel over the weekend

isn't going to happen,

but possibly for a few days next week.

*will have to see what the 'rates' are,

considering the '4th of july' is a week from today.

not much to report on for todays activities.

Jack & I will be coming back here sometime in july to 'possibly' finalize' a deal w/a new construction firm.

we'll have to wait and see.

I've been watching sportscenter tonight,

and can't believe this 'hernandez' shit about him being brought up on murder charges.

and 'supposedly' he executed his 'former friend' because

this guy was talking to someone who had pissed him

off earlier that night?!

so. you kill someone for talking to another? moron!

ya. I know. innocent until proven guilty.

this guy has been toxic since his high school days. (according to all these new news reports.)

ok then. I've got enough of my own

problems to worry about,

don't need to waste my time w/thoughts

of someone else's.

speaking of which. l.g. has decided that she wants to give our relationship another chance,

with certain provisional changes that is.

and 'of course' all the changes are on my side of the court. question for you ladies;

why is it that no matter what happens in a relationship,

it's always the guy's fault when it ends?

I'm not saying I've never been responsible

for a 'bad break-up',

we all have been. right?

I just want to know why 'the guy' has to adjust to 'new'

rules and stipulations when trying to salvage

a 'torn-relationship'?

anyway. did you care to notice I wrote above

'l.g. has decided'?

apparently I don't even have a say in the matter.

well. I said no, so it doesn't really matter.

I'd rather be miserable alone,

than miserable within another loveless relationship. besides. her eldest son is a 'sore subject' as far

as I'm concerned.

after I told her 'no thank-you' when she finished informing me of the new bylaws,

I could tell she was 'shocked' to hear my response.

I then 'politely' excused myself from our conversation saying I needed to read some emails from this site,

and hung-up.

I haven't heard from her since.

(it's only been 2days though)

ok. I actually have more to say,

but it's nearing 1am and I want to 'try' and get a couple

of hours sleep before we leave.

good night everyone...

30 June 2013/3am

hi guys.

been home for just over an hour now,

and I'm SO wide 'the fuck' awake,

so I thought I'd bore the shit out of you.

had the best time here in vegas w/everyone today.

I would like to say that the the 'heat' here has

been 'over the top' hot.

(110'+ everyday)

I spent 17 summers here before moving to agoura,

and 'except' for 2005,

this is the hottest I can ever remember it being for

so many days in a row.

but. as I've been talking to Jessica every day,

she tells me it's been 'miserable' hot there also.

*the mexi-godfather has been there 'helping-out' since wednesday. thank goodness. love that man!

so anyway. the temp high was 114' today,

that was on my little weather station display in the front. and because of the heat,

I took Ash, Elli, and Jack up to the mt charleston area. where it was only 79' when we got there.

so nice. if you come to vegas during the summer,

you should really take the hour or so drive up there.

so pretty. (elev: 7700)

there are even log cabins you can rent at the lodge,

but I don't recommend eating there at all.

over-priced, terribly 'cheap' food.

we stopped at subway and got sandwiches,

had a cooler full of soda, juice and water.

plus. we 'had' three bags of chips,

but the 'bbq' lays 'exploded in the trunk caused

by the heat/elevation.

the other two were swollen like a couple of preggo women. ha. that's fucking ironic.

anyway. after our little fun 'getaway' picnic,

and some hiking around,

we came back down the same route,

but veered-off and drove the 'red rock loop' enroute

back to the rv.

*we brought Ash's Edge again as the tow vehicle.

I'll tell ya, I was a little concerned about the cats

being here by-themselves,

but when we got back here,

all three were just laying-around everywhere.

at least 'commando & dust-ball' acknowledged us

when we came inside.

fucking 'slug-boy' didn't move a muscle, or open an eye.

BUT. when I'm opening a can of wet food for

their evening dinner,

he is the first one standing near the bowls to be fed.

*I leave 'dry' food out all day in a feeder,

and they have fresh 'cool' water in a

old 'sharper image' dog water dish.

(I so miss those sharper image stores)

I'm going to have to fill 4/6 of my propane tanks later today. the generators have been running 'almost' non-stop

keeping this still 'metal cocoon' cool this past week.

*keeping the thermostat at 70',

(which feels awesome right now)

as I like sleeping in cool conditions.

this is the very first time that I've brought the cats

and NOT the dogs.

don't get me wrong I love my pups,

but not worrying about their potty-issues,

food and water is a major plus this trip.

(plus. this heat is just too much for them)

cats are so easy to maintain.

the only drawback is not having any 'pet' back here in the bedroom w/me while I'm working on this site.

I have my door closed, but can still hear Jack snoring.

and he is trippy, he snores one moment,

then nothing for almost 30secs sometimes.

if he wasn't so damn loud, it would be kinda funny.

ok then. after coming back here this afternoon,

I fed the cats, emptied their 'shit box',

then after I changed clothes,

we went to T.W.'s house (where the girls are staying).

we then waited for T.W.'s son (20yrs) to arrive,

and then drove (2 cars) to the 'south point casino'

for dinner.

and then afterwards in the casino arena,

we enjoyed 'kc & the sunshine band'.

(june-fest celebration here in 'sin city')

*harry(kc) looks as if he has slimmed down some.

he looks good.

**sounded great also. duh!!!

after the concert was over,

the kids went back to T.W.'s house

(verified by sprint family locator... hey. don't judge me!) and Jack & I went to the club that T.W. works at.

it was nice 'not' paying the 'cover'

or standing-in-line to get in.

(I was 'listed', ya I'm special... lol)

the place was packed... PACKED!!!

and my gawd, young girls that looked 'barely legal'

were all over the place.

*I've never/ever wanted to be younger,

but 'maybe' just tonight.

I sat at the bar talking w/T.W. while she worked.

omg. she is so damn funny.

she flirts-up a storm w/all the young 'hard-dicks'

while they are tipping her.

but then as the night goes on,

and these guys get drunk and stupid,

they think that a few $20 bill's tip entitle them for

a night of fornication.

*she's not married 'currently' (3 times divorced),

but she does play 'that card' very well,

by pulling out one of her 'old' wedding rings out of her register showing these 'wanna-be' sperm donors

she is 'taken' and 'head-over-hills' in love w/her

husband of 20+yrs. so damn funny to watch.

seriously tho. T.W. is a major-league 'hottie' and being 44, she can still do 'some damage'.

ok then. the music was a bit too loud.

even compared to the 'levels' at the house the girls

seem to enjoy 'testing' me with.

the drinks were 'outrageous' ( $8 beer, &15 mixed), and though I did dance a few times w/a 'asking female',

I walked-off on one,

as she was more into displaying herself,

than wanting to dance together.

maybe I'm wrong.

but I always thought if you were dancing together,

you were dancing 'together'.

no worries. I did have a good time.

eventually meeting a 'thirty-something' from san diego

who was actually alot of fun.

plus as a bonus. she had a few friends that kept

'grandpa' Jack busy.

(dancing/talking/buying drinks)

tonight was one of the few times Jack really did

seem to enjoy himself.

omg. I asked 'Cindy' if she'd like to exchange phone

numbers as we were leaving,

and she replied (quote):

"oh Reggie, let's just enjoy tonite, and not spoil things."

that was by far, the nicest 'fuck-off' I'd ever heard.

*btw, 'Reggie' is 'one' of my 'stage names' when

I'm out-and-about.

**Jack just kept his own moniker. lol

so we stayed a few hours,

(they don't close til 4am, too late for me)

and then came back here to the rig.

ok then. your about all caught up.

as far as 'later' today goes,

Jack and I are 'supposed' to meet-up w/the girls,

T.W. & her son at 11am for sunday brunch at

the mandalay bay casino.

so I guess I should 'try' and get some sleep.

it's nearing 3am, and I'm still not even remotely tired.

I'd go outside and walk around the rv park,

but it's still 90'+ out.

so I'll just maybe 'update' some other pages

and then post.

well shit. I'm officially 'kinda' lonely right now.

good night everyone.

sweet dreams beautiful...

*I just reread this incoherent-mess,

sorry about my rambling-on-and-on.

to be continued sometime soon...