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these are my thoughts, and my thoughts alone...

last updated: 7.13.2014/11am 


I have quite a lot on my mind,

and have started this entry many times over this past week. only to either erase everything,

or put aside for referencing.

I expect to complete this 'thoughts page' by the end

of this holiday weekend.

I just want to make sure that I completely

express myself accordingly. 


it is with a 'very heavy heart' that I announce

'the passing of the Godfather'.

*grandpa Jack, Ash and myself caught a flight back yesterday evening

to get back here as soon as possible.

been back in SoCal for nearly 6hrs,

and I've yet gone to sleep.

I'm truly not tired.

*as soon as we got back to Agoura,

we loaded the dogs into my rv

(Jack's rv and my convert are still in Vegas)

and drove immediately to West Covina.

Ash is sleeping in the bedroom (rear),

and Jack has been up with me the entire time.

He just went inside the Palacios house a few minutes ago when we saw some others arrive here.

I will continue with this entry when I

feel it is appropriate...


even though I went to bed fairly early tonight,

(after a few scotch's & the super moon)

I haven't slept as of yet.

so many things rushing thru my tiny brain.

I'm hoping to 'maybe' express myself here a little bit,

and relieve a bit of my heartache.

I'm going to try and get some sleep and come back here after I get my thoughts together...

good nite.   


I finally drifted-off about 3amish

(that's the last time I can recall the time),

and I've been up since 8:20a.


both Jessica and l.g. are coming over today

to keep me company,

supposedly I shouldn't be alone.

*I say "BULLSHIT", I enjoy being alone!!!

Ash spent the night in West Covina,

and Jack left yesterday to Scottsdale after the services.

ah, the services.

I'm not in the right frame of mind to fully discuss

the memorial for the GodFather just yet.

maybe after a few more cups of coffee.

*and perhaps a shot of 'Blanton's' in each!!!

yesterday was VERY emotional for me.

as it was for everyone.

ok then.

I'm going to post this site,

and then go back out back and enjoy the rest of

this beautiful morning. I'll be back later...

to be continued...

yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery...