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LAST UPDATED: 14 July 2013/1am

07 July 2013/11pm

hope you all had a fantastic july 4th weekend.

we just returned from vegas this afternoon,

but not before stopping-off in west covina for

sunday brunch w/the palacios crazies.

ok then. where to start.

normally when I'm in las vegas,

I come away with a few outrageous stories.

(or at least one) but not this trip.

*minus the drama at the 4th of july 'block-party' bbq

in my former neighborhood.

(I'll save that story for later)

so I'll just bore-the-shit outa you guys

w/my regular dailies.

so I have to admit that I am not missing the las vegas summer heat any longer.

this past week up north in the scorching nevada desert was extremely brutal to say the least.

for over 4 days in a row the heat index

was 115' and/or above.

and even the humidity was elevated over what I can

recall from the previous past 17 1/2 summers

I spent in 'sin city'.

and yes. I did 'cave' and get a room for the girls.

and actually, Jack decided that he also wanted

a room of his own,

so the three of them stayed at the mandaly bay.

(same floor, non-adjoining rooms)

which left me 'entirely alone' in the rig for the remainder

of our time in vegas.

well, I wasn't really alone (for long).

plus, the sleeping fur-balls were 'somewhat' there.

but still, it was nice to be able think, walk around naked, and look at porn if I wanted to.

so as I stated in the beginning,

not much to report back to you guys.

we did see a few movies;

'the lone ranger' and 'monsters university'.

'ranger' was a little bit disappointing,

but still entertaining.

'monsters' on the other-hand,

was extremely funny. extremely.

we went to the 'texas casino' theaters,

I love them. they're never crowded,

and if you want a 'private screening room',

you can rent one.

*vegas tip: the best places to gamble/movies/buffet are the casino's the locals go to. off-the-strip.

but I realize 99.9% of all tourists want to enjoy

the 'whole-vegas' experience,

by grouping together with as many of other tourists

as they can at one time.

and also by paying exorbitant prices for 'everything'.

*I really need to get my las vegas page completed.

ok then enough blah-blah-blah.

the girls were 'almost' on their own,

and spent a large amount of their free time at

the mandalay bay pool areas.

they even had a cabana at their disposal for

quite a few days.

(I won't even discuss this headache)

it was a little strange for me to be back at mandalay,

as the last time I'd been there was on

my honeymoon in 1999.

funny thing. when you live in vegas you 'rarely' ever

go to the 'vegas strip'.

except of course unless you work there.

but under normal circumstances,

'locals' don't go unless for a 'show', specialty restaurant,

or to be a guide for guests/company.

ok then. so l.g. and Jessica drove-up to vegas

on the evening of the 3rd. which was a total surprise to me. sometimes surprises are good,

sometimes they are not.

this particular one was somewhere in the middle.

don't get me wrong,

it's not that I wasn't happy to see them both (I really was). it's just that the way these two conspired together that

made me feel uncomfortable.

I felt as if they both drove to vegas to see if they could catch me doing something wrong.

maybe I'm being a little 'overly sensitive',

but that's what I felt like.

and for them to just 'show-up' expecting the rest of

us to absorb them into our plans,

was a little 'over the top'.

and of course,

we all were accommodating.

l.g. stayed w/me, Jessica bunked w/the girls.

I'm not going to go into details of my few

days/nights w/l.g.,

but we did seem to sort some things out.

I do have one thing to say tho;


both of these women were extremely moody,


it's too hot, it's too cold, my pillow is too soft, my feet hurt,

do I look fat?

my god. I'll never/ever complain about being

lonely ever again.

*ok-ok. before I get a few emails saying how

unsympathetic I am, don't even start. ok.

I did everything I could possibly do to make 'both' of

these women comfortable at all times.

I even went and purchased them both their own free-standing tower fans w/cooling units.

but 'no matter what' I did or for that matter 'anyone' did,

it was never 'good enough'.

I knew it was bad when grandpa Jack decided

to 'walk away'.

anyway. we all survived. no real problems occurred,

just a few minor hiccups is all.

so listen. it's nearly 11pm, and I'm exhausted.

*I'm falling asleep as I type this.

I'll finish this up tomorrow.

good night...

11 July 2013/9pm

good evening everyone.

so. what is going on w/your life?

just finished reading a few of your blogs,

thank-u for the shout-outs to those who listed me.

*it's always nice to read 'nice things'.

I'll return the 'good deed':

Allisa B., Derrick J., Gracie B., Lisa P., Melissa S.,

Nina G., Paula K., Stacey L., Thomas G., Tracee V.,

and Veronica L.

oh. and Belinda you need to relax baby. LoL.

I don't get a chance to read your blogs everyday,

but I do try to 'hit them' once a week.

so anyway. I've been enjoying the change in weather

since being back here in SoCal,

even dealing w/the slight increase in humidity verses

the scorching heat is easier.

so I received a little feedback about my last entry.

let it be known I 'was not ragging' on someone

for being pregnant,

just their attitudes and inappropriate behavior

concerning the way they treat people


and when someone waits on them 'hand and foot',

maybe be a little more appreciative and thankful.

ok then. that is enough of that.

I've had a fairly laid back week so far,

even driving north to 'canyon country' to meet-up

with an old friend.

besides rekindling past friendships,

I have done maybe 2 dozen loads of laundry,

hit the grocery store a few hundred times,

and petco twice.

*maybe a slight exaggeration on the grocery-runs,

but it seems like it sometimes.

in-between laundry, poop scoop,

and standing in line at vons,

I did take the pupz for a drive to the coast,

buy them arby's and enjoyed a few moments

of solitude before being summoned back to reality for a 'dinner-on-demand' request.

*stuffed green peppers, pineapple/avocado salad,

and cheddar cheese bread.

also been catching-up on my past dvr'd programs.

I seriously love that show 'Maron' on ifc,

the guy is a fukin super hero!!! LoL

the girls have me watching 'Devious Maids'

on lifetime, and I just watched the series premier

of 'The Bridge' last night on fx.

I am hoping these three new shows make

the cut for next season.

it would be nice if some 'non' reality tv shows could be taken as there were designed to be 'as an entertainment' tool.

*not to be confused with the 'fake' shows being dubbed 'real'ality tv:

mystery diners, breaking amish, storage wars,

the hills, the real housewife shows,

and the 'mother of them ALL:

'the crapdashians'!!!

so. the defending world series champions

San Francisco Giants

have hit a 'rough spot' here lately.

maybe they can turn it all around before

the end of the season. time will tell I guess.

as far as the rest of my week,

our plans this weekend include;

'daddy date night' tomorrow night,

rose bowl flea market on sunday,

and then going to san diego w/the girls next tuesday.

comic con 2013 begins a week from today,

really looking forward to 'the nerd-apocalypse' this year.

we had been planning-on staying at grandpa Jack's,

but considering Ash' mother is now staying there

w/a 'new friend',

I've chosen other accommodations for the three of us.

*I'm sure Ash will see her mother while we're in town,

but as far as her and Elli staying there,

that would not be such a wonderful idea. at all.

anyway. I'll be back to bore you guys

again tomorrow after


good night...

*yes. early night for me.

13 July 2013/midnight

of all nights I decided to go to bed early,

I miss a 'classic' B-movie on the syfy channel.

I woke-up this morning to a variety of 'Sharknado' information all over the web.

even receiving a few emails from some of you

concerning this now


damn-it. I missed out!!!

no worries though. found out 'via text' from a few of you that it will 're-air' next thursday.

18 july 2013/7pm pst on syfy channel.

I'm on it.

ok then. the rest of my day was not that exciting.

*maybe that's why I spent an 'extended amount of time'

on something as trivial as 'Sharknado'.

I did take Jessica to 'Panera Bread' for lunch today to celebrate her birthday (a day late).

*she was VERY moody and sick on wednesday,

not even wanting me to acknowledge her b-day on this site.

so be it.

lunch today was ok.

I'm not a huge fan of Panera, but she enjoys it.

after lunch we both went to 'the oaks' mall and picked

her up a few things (gifts) she wanted/needed.

hey. don't say anything.

Jess had informed me over 2wks ago she didn't want

to celebrate 'her day' in any way.

so I honored her request to a certain degree.

but, it took me a hour to convince her to

have lunch w/me today.

and then after our lunch together,

she was in a much better mood.

and then I decided to take her to 'nordstrom's

to pick her up a few things.

she LOVES this 'flowerbomb' perfume spray,

and also wanted a pair (or two) of these

colored strappy sandals w/heel.

I can't recall what brand they were,

but they are cute.

(orange and greyish)

plus we hit the 'banana republic',

the 'pottery barn', 'godiva', 'gymboree',

and a few more stores I can't remember right now.

I did get a 'free sample' from 'see's candy' tho. yumm!!!

after lunch and the mall,

we came back home and Jess shared some of her fashion choices w/Ash, Elli and a few of their friends.

I then took another shower

(I've been sweating alot w/the increase of my T-pills),

and Jess laid down for a nap.

later this afternoon,

Ash talked me into a #DaddyDateNight.

so I took the girls/friends to dinner (thai food),

I had crispy noodles w/chicken & shrimp,

and tempura veggies.

plus I decided to do 'something' I never do

on 'daddy date night'; I had a few beers.

and they were fairly strong/malty tasting.

*and I did NOT drive afterwards,

Elli was 'voted'the chauffeur for the evening.

anyway. after dinner we went to see

the movie 'pacific rim',

where I endured a 'throbbing hangover'.

and was given a 'midol' by one of the girls.

I'm not sure it even helped,

but I do know the buttered bucket of popcorn and coke

was a good semi-treatment.

the movie itself was 'ladened-heavily' with special effects,

a 'not-so-unbelievable' plot,

and only a few actors/actresses I barely recognized.

I rated it a 8/10 stars.

(a good movie to see on the 'big screen' tho)

I'm anxious to see how this nearly 200 million dollar monster movie does w/it's returns.

after the nearly 2 1/2hr movie was over,

we didn't have time to go ice skating

(as we had planned).

so we came home.

the girls disappeared downstairs to the movie room,

and I've been sitting here in the kitchen

watching sportscenter, 'mannequin/1987'

and playing on the web.

so anyway. that was my 'not that eventful' day.

maybe my weekend will be a little more exciting.

*l.g. 'is' coming over tomorrow...

good night everyone...

14 July 2013/1am

had a fairly 'fun' day w/team-kiss.

*myself, l.g., Jessica, Ash and Elli.

grandpa Jack decided not to join us all for our little 'saturday adventure'.

the day started out innocently enough.

Jack up before the sun, I followed by 7am.

I love these summer mornings when

it's barely 60' outside.

and this morning was absolutely perfect;

cool, quiet, and beautiful.

after 'poop-patrol',

Jack and I sat outside for over an hour enjoying

the solitude of the day.

*we 'maybe' said a dozen words to each other while we sat there drinking our coffee staring into the early morn-haze.

once the girls got up,

it was 'quickly' determined that we should take a day-trip. somewhere. anywhere.

as soon as l.g. arrived,

we decided to cruise to santa barbara.

for a little change of scenery, enjoy some lunch,

and maybe visit a gallery or two, or five!

anyway. it was a nice day-getaway.

and at just over an hour away,

it is a wonderful city to explore.

plus, a bonus;

the drive west on the '101' is beautiful along the coast

once you get past ventura.

once we arrived we hit a mcd's drive-thru,

and then we began out tour thru the city.

we visited the sb mission, museum of art,

and the museum of natural history.

I admit I would have rather been at a 'sports bar'

watching 'anything' and drinking 'anything'.

but all four girls were enjoying themselves

and 'being happy',

so I decided to 'go with the flow'.

after a busy afternoon,

we decided to have dinner there before

the drive back home.

so Ash & Elli both found us a eatery;

the 'Santa Barbara Shellfish Company' restaurant

which is located on Stearns Wharf.

and it was delicious.

lobster bisque. shrimp cocktail. oyster shooters.

fried calamari. fried clams.


I also had a bite (or two) of l.g.'s shrimp louie.


Ash & Elli both had huge crab legs,

and Jess had linguini w/clams.

after dinner, we came back home driving among

some very asshole inconsiderate drivers.

once we got back home,

both Ash & Elli left to go on a 'last minute date',

Jessica laid down on the couch in the family room,

and l.g. took a bath.

as for me, I watched the last 30min of 'Ted/2012' on hbo,

and then was 'surprised' by all the action on twitter about 'Tim the Freaks' no-no in progress.

so I enjoyed the last two innings of the

SFGiants - SDPadres baseball game.

congratulations Tim Lincecum on his first no-hitter.

since then,

I've been sitting here in the kitchen,

updating this site,

making bagel pizzas for l.g. & Jess,

having my 2nd scotch,

and pretty much not doing anything else.

grandpa Jack wanted to talk w/me tonight,

but went to bed before we could chat.

*I hope I'm not in trouble for anything. LoL

so my plans for tomorrow are currently non-existent.

I'm thinking maybe I'll try to write a paragraph or two in my never ending 'Semper Five' saga.

good thing I don't have to rely on monies from a 'book deal' to survive, I'd be 'back living in' my 4runner. forever.

I can't remember (old age setting-in)

did I ever tell you guys I still have that suv?

it's parked-in the detached garage,

accumulating dust w/a dead battery.

I haven't even opened a door in over a year,

but I'll never sell that car. never.

too many sentimental memories involved

w/that 'steel-beast'.

I'll tell ya guys something.

(and I know I've said this before on this site)

once you live in a car for an 'extended' amount of time,

you really appreciate everything in a different light.

like running water, a toilet, and a bed.

ok then. so much for the past 'fucked-up' memories.

I'm over it.

shit. I'm starting to get tired,

and I still have to finish-up my video page for posting.

so I'll end this moment-by-moment detail of my saturday, and go elsewhere.

hopefully I'll post these updates before I crash.

*Jessica is back asleep on the couch,

should I leave her there or wake her so she can

go upstairs to bed? shit.

good night everyone.

sweet dreams beautiful...

to be continued: