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my thoughts.7.1

(31 April 2011-14 May 2011)

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart.

special supplemental update...

12 May 2011

good morning...

it's 10am, and I am currently in my rig parked in

a beautiful rv park here in palm springs, ca.

yes, I realize that it has been 15 days since my last

'entry, update, confession, post, etc'.

(all words used by you all in emails to me)

I'm not so sure if I really expected this much attention from this site when I began it just over a year ago.

my goal was (and I guess still is) to construct some sort of social media outlet to perhaps 'somehow' attract attention to begin a new career opportunity for myself in the entertainment industry.

not as anything as brash as an actor or anything like that; but I really enjoy writing,

and currently have 2 books ready to publish and/or adapt into a screenplay/script or whatever.

why am I saying all this again?;

because, to remind all of you of what my actual intentions were to begin with, I never intended this space to be used as my daily log/journal.

it just evolved into what it has become.

and with my current count of:

1,122,548 page views


252,319 visitors

in just over a year, I had decided a while back to continue 'boring' all of you with my life moments.

(and this past year has actually been exciting for me)

but please understand that the past 3 weeks has been extremely, EXTREMELY busy for me.

I recently moved to southern california,

my former mother-in-law is still in rehab from her heart ordeal in late march,

my 15yr old daughter is a major addition to my life,

trying to re-establish my working contacts of years past, I've had to deal with the sudden death of my

eldest siberian husky (coley-13yrs),

and besides all the above,

the many emails from some of you demanding to know why I haven't been keeping my updates current.

not that I don't enjoy hearing from every single one of you, (because I really do)

just please ease up on the demands to know why I'm not paying attention to my site here.

I really have just had alot to deal with lately is all.

now I will bring you 'current' on my past/current 'happenings' during this weekend

when I have the time

(check back periodically throughout the weekend).

ok then, with that being said;

I'm going golfing right now while my daughter and her mom go to the movies.

so... 'there you go'.

(those words are directed towards someone in particular).

13 May 2011

happy friday the 13th!!!

it's nearly 11p, and I am in the rig parked in the parking lot of the hotel zoso here in palm springs.

Ash is in her hotel room, and her mom has checked-in to her rehab facility.

ok, let me bring you all up to date:

(may not be in exact order of accomplishment)

I moved down to the agoura hills area during late april. bought 2 'additional' trail horses

(the other 3 are still in vegas, currently)

and cornered off a pasture area and bought a pre-fab barn/stall area.

had a fantastic 1st easter with my beautiful daughter,

we had 2 dinners; 1 at the house, 1 at the palacios.

got 2 german shepherd puppies

(male/female... yet to be 'properly' named)

having an incredible security system being set-up at the house/prop; cameras, motions, detects, smart-lights, remotes, even a panic/security room... ya, I may have gone a little overboard, but better 'safe' than sorry.

plus, my experience on such matters allows me certain perks with the details.

also, never show your entire hand when

'playing' the game.

Ash and I also rv'd north to watch the defending champion sfgiants play a couple games; and then pch'd it back south stopping along the way at tourist attractions.

took an overnighter to catalina,

started to familarize myself with the surrounding areas,

and met my some locals thanks to my daughter going on her 1st 'real' date (escorted by his parents).

my former mother-in-law was just released from rehab this past thursday after suffering a stint falure in late march. will be going back up to vegas within the next 2 weeks.

I also have a 2 day seminar in the DC area next week.

on a sad note;

my oldest siberian 'coley' had to be put down after suffering numerous strokes that affected his rear legs.

he had just turned 13 on april 15,

and 2 weeks later he was gone.

coley was the very first animal I had ever

personally purchased.

he was alot of things; a typical siberian husky with a strong will, a loving and caring creature who walked in his own world, and the leader of my pack of kidz.

but more important, he was my friend and partner when I had nothing; and we even lived in my '94 4runner for a short period of time when my life was a little messed up.

even though I treat and love all of my pets equally,

coley was always my favorite.

even now as I type and think of that moody bastard,

I have tears running down my checks knowing that when vegas king coley kiss died, so did a huge part of my life.

he was the last living memory of a time of my life that had more downs than ups, but we survived together.

sometimes just barely.

so be it.

in other happenings;

my daughter's mother came to the LA area a couple days before mothers day so that they could be together.

also, her mother finially admitted to me that she had a dependency addiction and asked me for help.

even though my feelings for this woman are purely based on her being the mother of my child, I feel it my responsibility to do whatever I can to ensure my child has her mother for as long as possible.

with that being said, we came here to palm springs earlier this week to enroll/admit my child's mother into a rehab facility to help her properly overcome her addictions.

I hope and pray she completes this life saving task.

also, her parents (Ash's grandparents) had already been planning on coming to visit their granddaughter this summer, and decided to push their visit up to arrive next week. how long they will stay?, who knows.

but having jake (grandpa) here will be fantastic for my

'to do' list at the house.

I'm not exactly the most construction-minded person,

and usually hire or have friends assist me when I need heavy duty work done. not that I'm a 'shop-idiot', but I just never learned how to re-roof a house or re-build an engine.

but I figure with gandpa jake, pops palacios and myself (whatever good I would be); I can get 'alot' of things accomplished that need to be done on the property.

so if the auzzie grandparents want to stay until Ash begins school in the fall, works for me.

also, my part-time housekeeper, Glo has been down here for the past couple of weeks, and I am so trying to talk her into relocating from vegas to the beautiful cool southern california area.

time will tell if I can win this discussion. well, I just reread this mess and I 'think' I just about covered everything.

if not, I guess it wasn't that important. let me say; even though I desperately try daily to keep this site current, there will be times when I just can't do it.

I know alot of you are following me on twitter, and I really would like to see more of yoy do that.

my twitter ID is gahollywoodkiss,

(of course)

I understand if you think twitter is a site for goobers, I did also at one time; but I really do enjoy it now and have actually 'met' some wonderful people.

so if some of you join, follow me and I will follow back.

also tell me you follow my site and I will keep you

in my groups.      

continued on my thoughts.8