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my thoughts.7:

(April 01 2011-April 30 2011)

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart.

01 Apr 2011

April Fools Day, you say?

not very interested in fools and practical jokers at this particular moment of my life.

not that I am a stick in the mud,

I just seem to have alot on my plate all of a sudden.

went and visited 'n.j.' at the hospital today,

and during her procedure of having her stints replaced from her heart attack of 7 years ago,

I took my skinny ex-wife and former step-daughter

out to lunch at the olive garden.

we had a slightly awkward lunch together,

but did manage to get thru it without any verbal assaults coming out of 'her' mouth.

she still pounds the alcohol though.

alright, no more ex-wife bashing;

she was actually semi-friendly towards me,

and she did tell me I was looking better than ever.

at least she still has excellent taste in men.

we returned to the hospital just in time to greet an unconscious n.j. and stayed for an additional hour watching her sleep.

I did call awhile ago and the nurse told me the procedure was a success and that she was resting and doing well.

so it is almost 8p friday night and I will be leaving within 30 minutes to go pick-up my former wife and her child and take them to the airport.

yes, 'it is' nice of me to drive in las vegas friday night traffic and shuttle my former 'thrash-mate' and her sibling to the airport when they could just take a crazy-ass vegas cab.

but I have a hidden agenda with this obvious good samaritan act of mine; I want to personally ensure this woman gets on a plane and gets the hell outa my town.

(ya 'my town'; I've been here 17 years now!)

besides, I sleep better with her across the country on the east coast livin' her life.

no hard feelings l., just move on.

alrighty, I'm out and about on the road, departing now.


ok then, the crazy-ass blonde and her side-kick have left, and I am going to sleep great tonite.

I also decided to pick-up some groceries on the way home, and will be enjoying a veggie omelete momentarily.

I am again having issues with vista print not publishing my site, damn vista, straighten your 'shit' out.

unless maybe it's just 'my web sight' that isn't being put out there, that would really piss-me-off!

and they have no contact capabilities after hours or during the week-end, cracker-jack company hours!

alright, I am going to fix my veggie omelete and then take my kidz for a walk before bed.

good night...

02 April 2011

hey ya.

just got back from the hospital a little while ago.

n.j. is almost her obnoxious self again, thank goodness.

since her arteries are cleared,

she is eager to start her potato chip eating habits

as soon as possible.

damn n.j., you're not even out of ccu yet and you are talking about stuffing your clean pipes with more garbage.

oh well, live like you wanna live baby.

the world could end tomorrow.

it reminds me of a story that I heard along time ago;

this 74yr old man had been smoking for nearly 60 years and had never had any major health issues his whole life.

and this one day he just decides to quit smoking,

start eating healthier and walk a couple miles every morning.

and then boom; 8 weeks later, he dies of a brain tumor.

now maybe the tumor was there for a long time and he would have died anyway no matter what,

but damn man;

live your life for you.

also, I was thinking of something else today as I was sitting in ccu visiting n.j. as she was sleeping off and on.

all these elders who are laying in the cardiac care unit recovering from their illness, were once just young children. running and playing, skipping and having fun.

it's easy to forget that everyone;

you, me, all our friends and family members are all going to be old one day. and fate willing, will all live to be 100.

so there I sat among all these older generations,

trying to imagine what they all were like as children.

figure 70, 80 even 90 years ago; 1920, 1930 & 1940.

no tv, no internet, no cell phones, no viagra,

no tmz, no charlie sheen.

when is the last time you just sat and talked to someone much older than you?

and listened to stories of a period of time when things were just different to the way things have become.

when children got into trouble for playing outside too long, when young adults wore their pants with belts as to not show their underwear, and back to a time when music was beautiful and the words actually told a story that didn't include killing gang-bangers.

well, our world is what we made it...

anyway, I'm beat.

I have company coming in from cali tomorrow,

so I have to be the host with the most for a couple of days. going to bed, nite...

03 April 2011

good morning my friends.

it's 8:30am,

and I just returned from the dog park with my kidz.

the wind today is quite chilly, not sure if the temp is going to hit 65' as is forecasted.

after this short entry, I will be heading to the grocery store and then make a crockpot of spicy sauce for my spagetti. company from california will be here by 3pm,

dinner: spicy spagetti, ceasar salad, cheese toast, apple pie and david bruce/red.

I talked with my daughter this morning at 3am vegas time (sunday, 8pm brisbane time), can't wait to have her come back to me next weekend.

I have a feeling that she thought I might forget about her, never happen sweetheart.

my 'company' from california is a past girlfriend and two of her friends; she was going to stay at the fitzgeralds casino downtown, but I mentioned to her if she ever came for a visit she would be welcomed into my home.

never thought she would take me up on the offer,

and then to bring friends?, oh well.

better now, don't believe if Ash was here, I could have a 'prior' lover spend the night.

alright, time to get shopping; I may need another bottle of 'jack' in the house.


oh my goodness,

I had totally forgotten how busy las vegas airport

is on a sunday afternoon.

you would think that the 'departure area' would be overwhelmingly (?) crowded with visitors getting

the hell outa sin city;

but the 'arrivals' were even more crazy than I could

have imagined.

I guess it really doesn't matter what day or even month it is; people are always going to be anxious

to visit lost wages,nv.

anyway, I picked-up my company this afternoon,

gave them a rolling tour of the famous vegas strip on the way back to my house.

and so now here I sit upstairs in my bedroom typing away on my laptop to let you know that as I am eagerly sharing my somewhat above average life experiences,

I currently have 3 incredibly attractive young (40yrs+) ladies clad in their bikini's sitting in my jacuzzi outside in my backyard sipping andre' champagne

and having a fantastic time.

not that I wouldn't love to go back downstairs and join my 3 female houseguests in the hot bubbling cess pool,

but I just don't have the desire to do so.

I would rather be on the phone talking with my daughter and discussing our pending 'move' to the golden state.

and actually that is the exact excuse I used to 'get out of' the possibility of a hot soak with the 3 sirens all looking

for a good time. even though 2 of them are currently married (including my 'past friend') and the other is in a commited relationship (supposely),

their dinner conversation was not in-line with their current relationship status. apparently these las vegas commercials 'what happens in vegas, stays in vegas', are taken literally by everyone except for 'us' who make the city our home. anyways, I don't need any more stress in my life,

and having a one-night-stand with a 'former' and/or her friends is not on my bucket list at this current juncture

of my life.

*20 years ago?, I'd be busy right now!

so, speaking of dinner; the spicy spagetti was perfect, served over either cheese tortellini or penne pasta.

steamed cauliflower and broccoli, garlic cheese toast and ceasar salad w/baby shrimp completed dinner for my

outa-towners. we finished off 7 bottles of david bruce pinot noir (which may explain the explecit dinner convo).

and for dessert; a hot apple pie with a slice of extra sharp cheese and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

alright, it's nearly 10pm and I am getting tired;

so I am going to call it a day. good night all...

04 April 2011

good evening all.

busy day today for me, but not all constructive.

it started off well enough, taking my houseguests to the bellagio casino on the vegas strip for breakfast;

but soon afterwards,

things got a little bit stressed and uncomfortable.

my friend from days past decided to extend my invite to her to an additional 2 friends for what I believed to be just a couple days; not 10!

and the attitude by one of her friends was just unbearable. and she was the one who 'flipped-out' when I told them

that I was leaving on thursday and they

couldn't stay here without me.

these women were totally uncontrolable,

why is it when people come to las vegas, nv

they all get fukin stupid?

they wear clothing they wouldn't dare wear anywhere else, and do and say things they wouldn't dare

do/say in their home town?

I totally understand that when you have visitors and you live in a tourist plagued area such as las vegas you will have 'friends' who want to use your humble abode as a sleeping room and come and go as they please.

but, once they bring over univited people that I don't know and basically start treating my home like a bordello,

enough is enough.

so as the sun set here tonite in the land of inflated ego's, augmented breasts and broke-dicks,

I had to ask my houseguests to find other accommodations to continue their sorrid vacation.

and to think all three of these women are currently in commited relationships. (supposely)

makes me want to reconsider to 'ever' get involved in a serious relationship again. oh well, I should end this; busy day tomorrow with deciding in what to pack

and take to california.

good nite...

05 April 2011

I am so damn tired,

I can barely keep my eyes open.

as I stated yesterday, my day was busy, busy, busy.

decided to rent a medium sized uhaul to take what I want to agoura hills, ca.

currently just taking clothing, kitchen necesseties,

my entire movie room collection,

(including my 7' predator & 6' terminator)

it's amazing how many movies you collect over the years.

I must have over 700 vhs video's,

and close to 2500 dvd's.

and as anul as it sounds,

the movies 'were' alphabetized and shelfed.

do you guys remember the planet hollywood restaurants? with the signed pictures hanging on the wall,

and movie memoribilia everywhere?

that is my movie room,

along with a 60" flat screen flanked by four 40" ones.

and the surround sound is amazing.

the new house in cali has a established theatre viewing room already established in the basement area,

but I intend to modify, remodel,

and make this room my own.

so I'm thinking that since I've nearly completed my 'packing' chores today, tomorrow will just be a 'rest' and 'relax' day and prepare to drive down to california thursday morning. ok guys I'm beat and falling asleep at the laptop, I'll see ya tomorrow...

06 April 2011

just a 'quickie' update;

I have decided to leave a day early to drive the uhaul

to agoura hills, ca.

the weather forecast for tomorrow is 'high winds' and the possibility of thunder showers, so considering the fact that I don't want to be driving a under-powered high-profile tin-can during a wind/rain storm, I'm going now.

plus; I'm bored.

so I will be departing vegas at noon,

and 'hopefully' will be arriving in agoura hills before 6pm.

I will check-in later.

oh, before I forget; sprint cellular changed my cell number (to a cali #) a couple days earlier than I had planned on,

and I have only given my new number out to a

few people so far.

*actually, I will be a little more cautious in who gets my new number, too many calls in the middle of the night;

and of course, 'phone-stalkers'!!!

you can still reach me by my vegas vm #702.593.1848

it can only store 50 calls, and I try to check at least twice a day, but if the mailbox is full, please keep trying.

or you can email me via this web-site,

or if I have had contact with you in the past,

please use the specific email-address I gave you.

ok, almost noon, time to drive...



I am sitting here in my house in agoura hills, california listening to the wind howl outside.

I am sleeping in the dowstairs guestroom

(the mother-in-law area)

as m/m 'smith' are still here in the house until next tuesday. let me just say this;

there is a plethra of sounds outside that are driving me crazy. I have heard owls, coyotes, something screetched/screamed, and the wind is just blowing the shit out of the trees out there. oh-my-god, wtf have I done?

maybe I should have stayed here at least one damn night before I bought this place. I really miss my dogs right now. siberians are not known for their 'protective' instincts or abilities, but at least thet bark/whine/talk at everything that comes near. and when they begin 'the husky alarm',

that's when mr ruger and mr smith & wesson become active. my very, VERY first priority: SECURITY CAMS inside/outside, and since this place is so freaking huge (7000+ sf), motions/sensors/auto-locks and maybe, just maybe a couple german sheps (e.a. wants them).

and since 'security' is my forte',

this place will be tighter than a virgin on prom night!!!

(ya, I said it!)

don't worry, when I have house guests or when my daughter is here, certain cameras will be 'black', but not off.

alrighty then, I'm tired. driving a uhaul is tough enough,

but traveling among ass-wipe drivers is stressful.

I'm leaving the uhaul parked in the back of the house, and flying back to vegas tomorrow morning to get my rv, the dogs/cats, and ALL my weapons.

my daughter is flying into LA sat-morn, and we will be taking a quick-trip to san francisco with the petz in the rv.

which should be interesting.

we are planning on going to the sf giants/la dodgers game on monday, her very 1st mlb game... can't wait.

ok, I'm tired, but may not sleep much. damn wind.

good night.

07 April 2011

good morning.

I think I finially fell asleep around 1am,

and it's now 5:45am and I need to get ready to catch

my 9:30am flight back to las vegas.

I cannot even begin to describe the sounds I experienced last night during this wind storm.

I swear it appeared as if there was a 2o foot owl sitting directly outside this window screetching and such,

it even sounded at one point like 'something' was eating 'something', who the hell knows what I heard,

and what I dreamt.

I do know that the wind sounded like a 'wind-tunnel' with a jet engine roaring during take-off.

I'm not sure what can be done to alleviate this situation, short of building something towards the rear of the property with a severely sloped roof to push the blowing air away from the main house and the tree line.

I do remember the previous owners telling me about the sounds from storms and the wind, I think.

anyway, I hear movement within the house, so I will discuss this subject with them accordingly.

I'm in need of a 'strong' cup of coffee, and a advil.


ok, here is the skinny on the wind thing.

apparently, when the storms come down over the semi peak which are located to the north; the storm picks up speed as it journeys south into the valley areas of thousand oaks,

oak park, agoura hills, etc.

and the wind gains momentum also coming into the valley. 'but', if I would have closed the slider to the covered pool/jacuzzi area, that would have ceased the wind tunnel effect blowing by that particular bedroom, good to know.

ok then, I have to start to ready myself for my flight,

talk later.


made it back to vegas via a very bump flight,

and now (7pm) the wind, which followed me from

the LA area, is just blowing like a

mid-western tornado is coming.

the weather here is suppose to rain tomorrow,

so I will be leaving in the rv with all my petz

(minus big frank the fish)

at approx 4am back down to the LA area.

I don't think I am going to let the dogs run free in the back

of the property just yet.

my dogs are trained very well, but the siberian husky

is a running breed;

so until I can figure something out,

I will walk them on a leash in the back yard area.

not sure if I want to chase them around 9.55 acres.

I just talked with my daughter,

she is very excited to come back to the states.

her flight from brisbane to los angeles leaves in about 24 hours, and will arrive before noon saturday at LAX.

I think she is a little nervous about flying by herself for the first time (I'm a wreak),

but when I told her I would fly back to accompany

her to los angeles,

she assured me that she could do it.

even though she has only been in my life

for a short time now,

I miss her so damn much.

and I am so 'ready' to start my single dad life

with my daughter.

question: if you have doubts about being a good parent/

role model/provider/protector/friend,

do you think you can be? god, I hope so.

I was 'a little' over-protective with my

former step-daughter at times,

hopefully I learned from my past mistakes/over-sights.

a daughter, I have a daughter!!!

well, I have my alarm set for 2:30am, and my tylenol pm is starting to kick in, so I am going to call it a day.

good night from las vegas, nv.

*I've been in nevada for 22 years/4 months

(5 years /reno, 17 years/vegas)

I can't believe this is my last night in las vegas, nv.

california here I come,

right back where I started from.


08 April 2011

my day started at 2:30am this morning.

I wanted to walk the dogz before we began our trip south

to los angeles, ca.

so after our walk around my 'vegas' neighborhood and trying to keep the kidz from talking/whinning/barking

(dog parks don't open until 6am),

the 6 dogs, 2 cats and myself boarded the rv for our excursion to the golden state.

will check in later...


just stopped in barstow to walk the kidz, (nice dog park)

and to 'top-off' the fuel and run the rig thru

the rv truck wash.

a little brisk this morning as the sun breaks dawn here in the middle of the california high desert.


it's currently 8:30am, and I am sitting here in the parking lot of the victor valley mall located in victorville, california.

the mall doesn't open for a couple more hours,

so I am standing out in this empty lot with this

huge colorful rig.

I decided 'not' to drive down the hill to los angeles at this time as to not get tied-up in the early traffic congestion.

so, I will walk my pupz, fix me some breakfast,

and answer some emails during my wait.

mall security just showed up and informed me there is no over night parking here, I told them I was waiting for the mall to open to go shopping. (a white lie) they said no prob,

and went on their way.


it's now 10:30am, getting ready to continue my morning drive, next stop agoura hills, ca.


good afternoon from agoura hills, cali. sitting in my rig in the driveway of my soon to be home.

I've already taken the kidz for their walk,

and am now getting ready to go have an early dinner

with the sellers of my house.

looking forward to talking with these two,

they are a very entertaining couple.


it's just past 11pm, friday night; this may be the last night I have 'alone', but I am so looking forward to having my daughter with me. she arrives in just over 12 1/2 hours,

I am so fukin excited, I may not sleep tonight.

oh, by the way, dinner tonight was awesome.

we ate at the chinese restaurant, china star on kanan road here in agoura hills. excellent service, and exceptional food.

the chow mein, and kung pao chicken was the best ever.

and the tsingtao beer on tap was extra cold and fresh.

still got a little bit of a buzz.

spending the night parked on my 'future' driveway,

but will try to leave before anyone in the house awakes;

one of their kids are visiting, and they are upset with me for buying this house that they felt should have been 'given' to someone in the family.

spoiled children are a pain in the ass!!! good nite...

09 April 2011

woke-up @ 5am, and decided to get out of the area before 'jack' woke-up and bitched more about his parents selling the house/property. he is such an 'ass'. anyway, I am now in west covina waiting for grandpa palacios to arrive. pops is going to sit with 'my four-legged kidz' while I go meet my 'two-legged kid' at LAX in 4 hours.

picking my daughter up at LAX @ 11:45am, and the clock on my laptop appears to be going backwards. ugh!

I've had nearly an entire pot of coffee,

and now my nerves are shot.

tracking my daughter's flight on the net,

it is still over the pacific.

damn-it pilot, hurry the fuk up!

thank god, pop palacios is here.

will be driving 'close' to the airport,

and then take the suv to go pick up my little Ashley.

I'll check-in later.


well, I am a 'real' father once again.

it's a crazy thing how much you miss someone so much that has only been in your life for such a short period of time.

I swear, she is the most beautiful 15yr old girl in the world.

it is just past 3pm, and we are parked in the driveway of the palacios godfather in west covina, ca.

there is a huge party in the forecast this evening here,

the smells coming out of the house are mouth-watering.

Ash and a couple of the godfather's grandkids are currently taking the pupz out for a walk around the neighborhood. and I, besides typing away on this keyboard,

am enjoying some freshly brewed mexi-coffee and homemade jalapeno/cheddar rolls.

I swear, I am part mexican. Ash is back with the kidz,

I can hear them barking/talking/whinning outside,

will check in later.


this place is packed.

there must be over 50 people here right now;

eating, drinking, playing horse-shoes, hitting pinata', dancing and so forth.

*note to self: you have to remember that your

daughter is only 15,

even though she looks as if she is 30.

apparently, most of the kids are going to go out tonight to go see the new movie 'hop', and of course Ash wants to go. I'm not to keen on the idea of her being driven around this area by another teenaged driver, but do not want to be a 'over-bearing' parent, so I'm letting her go,

as I do trust these other kids.

but unbeknowst to my daughter, I just signed-up our cell phones to sprint family locator. also, just talked with the LA county sherrifs office about the state/county curfew laws. weekdays: 10pm, weekends: midnite. she has been told to be back here by 12a, or else.

ok then, I'm done being protective, for now.

10 April 2011

it's 4:30am, and my daughter has just gone to bed.

I am currently so motha-fukin pissed-off,

I can barely contain my emotions.

question: your daughter is out 4 hours later than you gave her permission to be, her phone is 'off' and you are ready to kill/maim/destroy someone, anyone.

I was beside myself with emotion the entire time we

(pops & I) were trying to locate these kids,

damn kids for over 3 hours.

and then the vehicle with my daughter in the backseat finially pulls into godfather's driveway at 3:55am.

she was visibly upset when she got out of the car,

and pops was going beserk with the driver of the mustang,

his step-grandson

(pop's daughter is married to this asshole kid's father).

my first question to Ash was 'are you alright?',

when she said yes, I was both relieved and

insanely upset all at once. I took her inside this rig sat her down, and asked her why she was crying?,

her reply: "cause I know I'm in trouble and that you

are going to be mad at me"

so, there sat this little girl that about 16 hours I was so overwhelmed with happiness as I saw her exit

the ramp of her flight

(yes, I got to meet her at the gate because of

her being a minor). and now, I am watching this beautiful young woman cry hysterically and shaking,

I almost cry myself.

so here is what happened: 5 vehicles leave with 19 kids in them, after they leave pop's house, they drive to a ralph's store, and one of the kids have a fake i.d.

(the step-son grandchild, julio) and this 'ass-wipe' buys 3 bottles of seagrams-7 to mix in the drinks of the sodas at the movies. and the kids all switch seats/cars, and Ash sits in the mustang with julio, his step-sister and her boyfriend.

well, long story condensed;

no movie, tried the seagrams (didn't like it), julio the ass, takes her phone battery out so she can't use it, and apparently refused to bring her back here.

all the while they drive around for 5 hours; hollywood, beverly hills, bel-air, malibu and so on.

she did tell me she was upset that they wouldn't come back here, and she didn't know my cell-phone number.

(new cali number is programmed in her phone)

I told her I was glad she didn't get out of the car,

as she would not have known where she was.

ugh!, there is more to this story, but won't continue.

I'm so freaking stressed, and tired, and want to shove my fist into the skull of this arrogant piece of shit 19yr old julio.

I heard pops yelling at this little asshole,

and observed him slap the kid once.

ouch, better pops than me, I would have killed the basterdo!

I have to realize that my little girl may not be to blame,

but also know that there is always 2 sides to every story such as this one, and normally the truth lies somewhere in the midst of all stories being told.

with this being said, I informed my young daughter that I trust her, but another occurrence such as this would hamper my decision to ever let her do something

without me ever again.

I also informed her, that we will not talk of this again,

and I will inform her after we've slept what her punishment

(if any), will be.

I did notice on her phone that she did not pick-up my calls three times, (I called like 20 times) so she loses her phone for a week. that is punishment enough. I'm tired, and have serious heart burn. good nite/morning...


and the saga continues. it is 1pm sunday afternoon,

and Ash and I left west covina after having a 'serious' clash with julio the asshole, and his equally piece of shit father this morning as everyone was coming to meet up

at the house before church.

I will not get into the situation except to say;

there was yelling, some threats made, a dog bite,

and the possibility of legal action.

all this happened in the driveway of the godfather,

as he immediately sided with me vice

his arrogant son-in-law.

hey felipe', fuck-you and your son!!!

my daughter and I had a very intense conversation this morning as we drove north on I-5 enroute

to the san francisco bay area.

she was visably shaken-up as to the predicament that esculated to what could have been a terrible situation which was ignited by the 19yr old piece of shit who wants to see my daughter again. and upon my negative reply, his father decided to share his verbage with me, including a nasty remark concerning my flesh and blood.

well, now I know what 'a.j' will do in the case of someone getting to close to me shouting in my face; good boy a.j.

I'm not so sure if I/we will ever be able to

go back to west covina again.

all this because of a young stupid asshole trying to

have sex with a 15yr old.


we are currently 'set-up' for the night;

about 3 hours south of san fran, ca.

Ash and I are watching the final round of the masters golf tourney on tv, she has a crush on one of the australian golfers currently in contention to win.

I have fixed manwich and pasta salad for our dinner tonight. sorry, I really am not in the frame of mind to

write anything more today. have a great sunday night all...

11 April 2011

spent the night in los banos, ca. we will be enroute to the bay area just as soon as I finish my coffee and we walk the dogz. I have talked to grandpa palacios a few times now since the ordeal that happened in his driveway yesterday morning.

I have been informed that a police report was filed as to the situation, and because my dog bit someone while he was protecting me.

I will be calling the investigating officer to file a tele-phonic report after I arrive at my destination.

afterwards, Ash and I will be going to the sf giants game tonight to watch them play the dodgers.


arrived safely in san fran;

we have just finished setting up the rig for the anticipation of entertaining a few 'friends' here at at&t park.

getting ready to file a police report over the phone concerning the fiasco of yesterday.


report filed.

my dogz walked.

meat on the grill.

I just wish I could partake of huge quantities of alcoholic consumption right this very moment. people are starting to stop by the rig to say hi, gotta go.


giants lost the game.

but more important, because of the treatment of a giants fan in LA on opening day, a special message was presented by both teams on the field before the game.

I hope the two people who are responsible for the severe beating that caused the coma of our giant's fan are found and hung by their testicles

and beaten severly with a baseball bat.

the punishment should fit the crime, I say.

ok then, it's late and I'm tired, good nite...

12 April 2011

rather brisk here this morning, we are planning on visiting fishermans wharf, the red & white fleet for a tour of the bay, and alcatraz island. will take the kidz out for an extended walk before we go on our excursion.

(they are fine for 3-4 hours)

was told by someone that my web-site has not been published since the 7th, will try to remedy the problem. see ya...


had a fantastic time today with my daughter.

we had so much fun together today,

that the sorid events of past days seem to be as

if they never happened.

I don't think I have ever loved another person as much as I love this little girl (young woman).

and what is so crazy, I can actually see my parents in this beautiful creature. sometimes she acts so grown-up, and other times she is just a young innocent girl that needs me to protect and take care of her.

I have never felt like this before in my life about anything.

a cousin of mine is going to the giant's game tonight with his 2 daughters, and will be taking Ash with them.

she is getting her cell-phone back tonight for

contact reasons only;

she knows this. we'll see how she reacts and complys.

ok then, we are going out for an early dinner,

and then drive the rig to the park to meet my cousin.

so, my daughter will be in the stadium watching the team I have cheered for since birth, and I will remain in the parking lot in my rig watching the game on tv. don't figure!


just finished talking with a friend who has been on my mind almost constantly for the past couple of months.

it's an amazing thing what life brings to us at certain

stages of our lives.

which brings me to this saying I have had with me

for nearly 20 years:

all our young lives we search for someone to love,

someone who makes us complete.

we choose partners, and change partners.

we dance to a song of heartbreak and hope.

all the while wondering if somewhere, somehow,

there is someone perfect who might be searching for us.

but in chemistry as in life, the realities are clear;

some combinations make sparks, some don't.

you never know where love will find you,

or if it ever will...

*I am not the author of this, and I can't remember where I got/heard this from, but I have always loved it.


Ash just got back, she said the crowd was so loud she could barely hear me on her cell-phone.

she tried to give me the phone back because she was still being punished, but I told her the punishment was over early; but that whenever I call her she must answer the phone,

no matter what.

and that under no circumstances should she ever give her phone to a boy;

if it is an emergency, she can make the call for him.

the hug she gave me was the best ever, I love this little girl.

oh, by the way, sfgiants won the game.

we are settled for the night outside of redwood city, and will be staying a couple more days here in the bay area.

will be taking Ash over to the east bay where I was born and grew up for periods of my life.

good nite..

13 April 2011

good morning. in response to some of your emails;

yes, I have been posting and publishing my up-dates daily, but once again,

vista print is having technical difficulties.

and considering the fact they 'do not' have a 24 hour customer service that can assist all hours of the day,

I had to wait and call this morning while I drank my coffee. I think everything is worked out,

will try publishing this immediately.


nope, it's 7:45am san fran time. I will wait an hour or two, and if it hasn't posted the up-dates, I will call vista back. *note: I just purchased 2 additional websites: and

from go

not sure what I am going to do with these sites,

but 'go daddy' gave me an excellent deal;

$8.45 total, 1st year for both.

we are getting ready to drive over to the east bay;

richmond, el cerrito, albany, pinole, and so forth.

wet weather is a possibility today.


good evening.

I finially got this web-site updated on the net,

I'm not really sure what the problem was. the vista rep tried to explain it to me but I was doing something else as he was talking to me. ignorence is bliss.

so anyway, we are on the east side of the bay area and staying in an rv park located just outside of tara hills. my cousin came over tonight with his 2 daughters for kfc-nite and they are all out walking the kidz right now.

Ashley and I had a pretty busy day;

went to el cerrito where my grandparents

(her great-grandparents) lived for over 40 years.

she saw my favorite park as a child, we also took a short trip on bart (bay area rapid transit), and ate lunch at the albany bowling alley where I went many times when I was her age. omg, my daughter just got back from walking the dogs w/my cousin and she fell into a mud-puddle, she is a mess, and I am so laughing right now.

I have to find a beauty shop and get her a rinse of some sort, gotta go...


alright, all is perfect now in the kiss rv.

all my petz are sleeping throughout,

my child has finially gotten tired (it's 10:15pm),

and gone to bed.

her hair is perfect once again, after a triple wash and a deep conditioning product I had to go find.

how she fell in this mud hole/puddle, I'm still unsure of;

just glad she wasn't hurt, but plenty embarrassed.

I told her she really needs to watch where she is walking while she has the dogz on the leash.

ok, not funny anymore.

our game plan for tomorrow is non-existent at this time, I know she liked bart, so we may ride that again.

I just don't feel comfortable being so far away from the kidz in the rig.

we will be driving back to LA via highway 1 to see the sights as they are. the house will be available for moving into by the 21st of this month.

the prior's asked me for an additional week,

and of course I complied.

(the extra compensation also was a plus)

I am already getting emails from some of you concerning my situation w/julio; don't worry about people,

I have my options covered.

also, not really to 'keen' on posting a picture of Ash just yet, but I will soon, I promise. I know I have slipped a little bit by not updating other parts of my web-site;

sorry, just been pre-occuppied with life moments. I think my daughter wants to get involved in this site somehow,

we'll work on that also.

I'm starting to drift, time to sleep...

14 April 2011

good morning. after a beautiful sunrise this early morn,

it doesn't look as if the sun is going to be out for long today. there is even a slight chane for rain today.

so, my Ash wants to take a hot-air balloon ride today, hmm. not really to keen on being in a suspended basket a couple of hundred feet above the bay, but we'll see.

I actually wanted to walk across the golden gate bridge today, but the possibility of rain showers has basically nixed that idea.

ok then getting ready to make a jack-in-the-box breakfast run, will check in later.

I would like to wish a





melissa garver


portland, oregon...


had a very laid back and fun filled day:

breakfast at jack-in-the-box, took the kidz to the dog park, rode around on bart for an hour or so,

bought my daughter a couple new outfits,

took a ride on a tethered hot-air balloon,

and just got back to the rig.

now trying to decide on what to fix for dinner,

or go pick-up something.

my daughter is sitting in the suv talking on the phone to her mother & grandparents.

(she told me she needed privacy, and no barking dogs)

so anyway, I guess I'll wait until my young travel partner completes her calls and tells me what she is hungry for.

talk later...


after ms. talks-alot finished her convo's with her fam in australia, we decided to go to the crab house @ pier 39/fisherman's wharf.

I had a crab caesar, Ash had a crab melt sandwich and we split a large order of garlic fries.

after dinner we went and checked the kidz in the rig

(all sleeping),

and then my 'date for the night' and I went on a

sunset boat ride in the bay.

even though it was mostly cloudy, the bright colors manage to give us a spectacular viewing before finially settling behind the endless greyish blue orange of the pacific ocean.

the expression on her face was even more beautiful than what nature was currently showing us.

after the muddled light show and docking back at the wharf, we decided to warm-up with a gigantic mug of

ghiradelli hot chocolate. we then made our way back to the rig (which cost a pretty penny to park near)

and drove to our spot for the night;

we are currently 'set-up' in the candlestick rv park which is located directly adjacent to the stadium

where the sf49ers play.

it's not a very fancy-dancy placce to stay,

as it's mostly cemented spaces,

with a few trees next to the laundry/game room area;

but it serves it's purpose.

also, the view outside is wonderful, the dimly lit stadium.

it looks pretty erie at night.

I asked Ash if she would like to take a tour of

the stadium tomorrow;

her reply was...... "why?"

well I'm guessing that was a polite way of saying 'shit no dad'. alright, our day is complete.

she is already in bed reading her kindle,

and I am about to fall asleep while I'm typing this.

so,good nite...

15 April 2011

hello, and good morning.

I'm up early today (5:15am), to take care of some social media tasks before my daughter awakes.

by the way; the sleeper sofa in the front of the rv is very comfortable, never thought I would use it personally.

before I start my day;



Vegas King 'Coley' Kiss

my eldest siberian husky.

he may be getting old, but he still has the husky attitude.

ok, I've gotta get busy on these emails; every account I have is extremely full of un-read correspondence.

Ash and I will be walking across the golden gate bridge later this morning after the early morning commute has finished. the last time I walked the bridge was back in the mid-70's with my grandfather kiss.

I want her to have the same memory that I currently have, it's quite a 'rush' to walk across.

happy friday everyone...


good evening from pinole, california.

Ash and I had a fantastic day being together;

we began our day having a rv-made breakfast of onion bagels with fresh lox and cream cheese.

afterwards, we drove the rig to the presidio area and parked in a gravel lot (no fee),

took the kidz for an extended walk,

and then we proceeded to walk across the

golden gate bridge.

by the time we made it to mid-bridge,

the weather was mostly cloudly and there was a steady breeze from the north west.

but the not so pleasant weather did not in anyway hamper our enjoyment and the sheer joy on my daughter's face was worth braving the elements.

(slight sprinkles towards the end)

I guess I was mistaken about walking on the

west side of the bridge

(I still swear pop's and I did back in the 70's),

as you can only walk on the city side (east).

there were quite a few people with their dogs on a leash,

and Ash wanted to go get the kidz and bring them,

but I nixed that idea.

it's a handful to walk the 'pack' in a normal fashion,

but add the car noise, multiple tourists, additional dogs,

all in a closed walking area

(not to mention the water below)

and you could be asking for real trouble.

after spending nearly 2 hours walking back and forth and taking pictures and so on, we made our way over to a coffee shop/cafe' near where we parked.

this place called 'the golden gate bridge cafe' was terrible.

cramped seating, shitty service,

and way over-priced for the quality of food they serve.

but we were hungry, and didn't want an rv lunch.

but I would 'never' 'ever' go there again... one & done!

after the crap-filled salad,

oops; I meant crabless filled sandwich;

we let the dogs water the gravel and drove north across the golden gate and went the entire route including

the san rafael bridge.

we ended our afternoon drive at the hilltop mall in richmond, ca where we picked-up a couple touristy items and then we were invited over to my cousin's house here in pinole to have dinner and spend the night.

Ash is enjoying the company of the girls here

(her 3rd cousins), and I am enjoying the time of solitude.

Ash is downstairs watching movies,

dogs in the backyard, and I am just sitting here in this

do-able 'guest room, releshing the peace and quiet.


I just got off the phone with 'a friend' that I have been having conversations with these past couple of months.

she lives in the mid-west and is going through a tough time in her life; but when we talk,

I somehow make this young lady laugh.

and she seems to be a 'very real and honest person',

I like that she is just a normal woman.

and I can't lie, I am becoming very attracted to her values and her life demeanors.

it's just relaxing to talk with someone who appreciates 'you' for who you are, and not for what you could do for them. nor is she the type of person who would ever try to change who you have become, and alas; she seems to make a bright moment out of a dreary situation.

I just enjoy hearing her voice so very much.

there are indeed other women 'I could' be very interested in having a possible relationship with

(yes, ms. east-coast is still in my thoughts),

but I feel that 'right now' I 'must' concentrate on my relations with my daughter and know that she is secure with our father/daughter relationship before I begin to satisfy my manly needs of having another woman in my life. besides, knowing what I know of my past experiences of step-parents; I am going to have to be very, very careful when I do decide to date again, and take in the consideration of what kind of 'person' this woman is going to be to my child; especially when I'm 'not' around.

so I'm guessing that just having a fantasy woman to satisfy my long over-due manly 'needs' is no longer an option. goodbye my little young, hardbody sperm-sponge;

just kidding.

a mature, mother-experienced, non-alcoholic,

even-tempered, exceptional personality woman

would be just wonderful.

I would also say beauty is a trait I may consider,

but knowing that 'every woman' is beautiful in her

own right is a given.

it's just how she 'presents' her beauty that really matters. some of the most eye-friendly people in this world are the ugliest individuals alive.

on that thought, I'm going to call it a night,

sleep well my amigos...

16 April 2011

good morning on this fine saturday.

we spent the night in pinole, ca with a member of what is left of my immediate family.

I know I have said this before in this forum,

but I wish I could go back in time

(if even for an hour or so)

and relive the crazy moments we all shared when we had our family gatherings in the home of my grandparents

in el cerrito, ca.

it's strange how you can be experiencing something particular in your life

(family dinner, a birthday, a special date with someone)

and that 'moment' will last in your thoughts for

the rest of your days.

ie: take for instace the classic movie 'citizen kane' (1941);

the last words from the 'dying kane' is "rosebud",

the name he had on his sleigh as a young boy.

out of all the thoughts that could have been going through this tycoon's mind, it was just a simple memory from his innocent youth that possibly mattered the most.

sometimes it 'is' the small things that are

really important to us.

wow, pretty heavy subject-matter to be thinking about first thing in the morning,

and I haven't even had a cup of coffee yet.

so my day-plans for the traveling kisses are not exactly set in stone just yet, I believe that the group of us (8 in all) are going to breakfast somewhere,

and then I expect Ash and I to be heading south towards san jose and connect to the pacific coast highway to begin our journey back to agoura hills.

ok, I finially hear movement downstairs, it's time for coffee.


just returned from breakfast back to my cousin's house, the girls have taken the kidz on an extended walk,

and after I type this up, I am going to do my 'walk around' and check the rig before we start our 134.5 mile journey today to carmel by the sea, ca.

ok, gotta inspect the rig and re-pack some 'loose' items my daughter has laying around inside.


it's 10:45pm, and the 'kid' is just going to bed. we watched some entertaining movies tonight.

'Kick-Ass, the Losers & Lottery Ticket'

and I made skillet popcorn with parmesan cheese.

very relaxing date-night with my kid.

we arrived here in carmel about 5pm, and found this awsome rv park right along the beach.

even though it was mostly cloudy today,

we still sat on the beach and watched the sunset together, very cool.

this city prides itself on being the best dog-friendly city in the entire world, and they really do advertise it.

dogs are everywhere, even running loose (no leash)

on the beach.

and down san carlos ave, everyone was walking a dog;

well maybe 'not' eveyone, but it appeared so.

and there are doggie-bags on almost every corner.

again, Ash wanted to take 'our' kidz for a walk and 'show them off', but there were too many petite dogs everywhere; and I didn't want one of my siberians swallowing

a sausage dog.

the weather is suppose to be beautiful in the morning before turning cloudy by the afternoon,

so I will be up early to enjoy the blue sky reflection

off the ocean.

off to bed, er couch...

17 April 2011

what a brilliant morning.

I was outside enjoying the beautiful cloud-free dawn.

just a slight chill in the air,

but kept warm drinking my dunkin coffee.

let me just say this also,

I had trouble falling asleep listening to the raging surf;

but when I finially did drift off, I slept hard.

of course Ash is still sleeping like a mummy.

going back out on the beach for a while, see ya.


we just returned from walking the huskies (& beverly)

on the beach. and now we are taking these sandy fur-balls to the groomer to be bathed, brushed and fussed with; meanwhile Ash and I are going to have brunch somewhere. being today is passover, I debated on whether my child and I should go to church, she said it would be best if waited and went for easter service next sunday when we are 'home'.

so that being said,

we will have our own lesson of passover between us and give thanks for the powers that be that finially

brought us together.

I realize I am not what you would call a religious person, but I do believe in what I believe.

I'm just not sure what or how to approach discussing religion with my daughter.

as when I was growing-up,

it was 'never-ever' discussed with me.

alright, the pupz are restless outside,

so time to go get them beautified.


good evening everyone.

before I begin my nightly update,

I would just like to say thank-you to all of you for your 'looking-in' on my ramblings and so forth.

I expect in the next day or two this web-site will surpass

over 1 million 'page views' and also

two hundred and fifty thousand visitors. *not bad for a web-site that has only been in exsistance for 11 months now.

I have recently discovered that my dailies have been outrageously high in visits and number volumes,

for reasons I cannot currently explain.

but whatever the cause for the increase interest in my life happenings, I thank-you all.

ok then; let me bring you up to my current status.

after we dropped the sand-ridden mongrels off at the groomers, Ash and I decided to 'brunch it' at the terrace grill located at the la playa hotel here in carmel, ca.

we were both dressed california casual;

Ash in a beautiful flower print sundress and

casual strap shoes,

and myself a rl polo and tan dockers with huaraches.

and the reason I mention our wardrobes in such detail is because when we walked into the greeter area of the 'grill', this pompous-ass maitre' de gave the both of us a 'look-over' as if we were homeless people looking for a hand-out.

I should have known right there this may not have been the proper eatery for us.

snobby fukin staff, over-priced under-cooked food,

and the other guests were not my 'cup-of-tea'.

they should have a sign posted in the valet:

'only rich-bitch dick-fucks need enter,

and be sure to treat all out of towners like shit'

so no, I (we) won't be going back anytime soon.

after the 'brunch',

we visited a couple galleries,

bought groceries for dinner and then picked up the pooches all cleaned up.

and considering the fact I am completely exhasted right now, I'm going to call it a night.

our plans for tomorrow?: leave carmel,

and go to wherever we park for the night.

nite guys... (and girls)

18 April 2011

I am usually the 1st person up and about in the mornings when I have another person in my life;

girlfriends, sleepovers, wives, etc.

but my kid, was already up this morning, showered and had the coffee going by the time my eyes opened at 5:15am.

she is absolutely a morning person chatter box.

after walking the kidz in the pea-soup fog,

I decided to try and start our drive south.

nope, pulled over after 15 minutes,

too many inconsiderate drivers on the road.

so here it is 6:30am, and we are currently pulled over in a turnout/parking-lot at garrapata state park.

the fog is just starting to burn off, but we have decided to have french toast before starting up again.

I am being served my breakfast now, talk to ya later.


fog has pretty much burned off.

ready to continue our trip south on highway 1.

will be stopping in san simeon, ca to visit and take a full tour of hearst castle today, Ash is really excited about this.

so will try the driving thing one more time.


for your general knowledge, I hate driving my rig in snow, ice, rain, wind and especially fog.

in fact, unless I am sitting in a chair enjoying a hot cup of java, I 'really' hate the fog.

that being said, we made it to san simeon, ca by 9am; the fog was patchy and thick in spots which had me saying very colorful words to the idiotic drivers acting like a-holes.

*if only I had purchased the rv w/an uzi!

so we get to the hearst castle visitor center in one piece,

have the kidz empty their bladders,

and make contact with our tour guide.

the daily tours scheduled have different agendas and usually up to 20-30 tourists following one guide. no thanks.

so I arranged a 'private tour' for Ash and I so we could experience the entire prop and maybe even get a little more 'tour & info' than the general public.

very good move on my part.

if you have never been to the hearst castle,

I suggest you go if you ever have a chance.

my favorite areas were the pools (indoor and outdoor),

the kitchen facilities, and all the dining room areas.

also, the the zoo set-ups were amazing; no animals of course, but walking thru the cages, nature areas and where the buffalo's roamed was pretty cool.

Ash had loaded-up on the questions even before we arrived, and kept our young tour guide on her toes.

after a couple hours of walking/talking and exploring,

we had a simple burger lunch at the snack bar.

following lunch was about 3 1/2 more hours of sights and info delivered to us personally by our over-friendly

knowledge source.

I enjoyed it thoroughly, and Ash totally soaked up the entire experience. she is one smart little girl.

so after the castle tour, the spending money on numerous momentos and some really nice coffee table picture books,

we departed san simeon and drove about 45 minutes to morro bay, where we are now.

we are staying at the morro dunes rv park, 'excellent' park. morro rock is just a couple of football fields away.

and the surf is not that loud, can't wait to sleep tonight.

that fog ordeal this morning stressed the shit out of me,

and I'm still mentally shot.

the forecast has fog the next couple of mornings,

so we are planning on staying here until thursday morning. we are only about 120 miles from santa barbara where we plan on stopping thursday to spend the night,

because Ash wants to see 'the old mission of santa barbara. she has been reading this book I got for her all about the history of the state of california;

'california-a history 7th edition' by: andrew rolle

an excellent book,

and I think she has read it cover to cover at

least 3 times. she gas pages marked, sticky notes sticking out, and knows where to look up anything and

everything about cali.

what the hell am I to do if we take a summer trip in this rig back to dc?

I'm learning more from her telling me the facts about the area we are passing than I ever did in school.

alright, one more story;

we went to dinner tonight at the flying dutchman,

and we were 'abit' over-dressed for the establishment,

to say the least.

*a swimsuit and flip-flops would have been sufficient.

but let me say this, the food was spectacular;

absolutely the best clam chowder I have ever had in my life. we both had it served in a sourdough bread bowl,

awsome guacamole also.

for dinner I had the wild salmon with a creamy basil sauce, and Ash had the fish & chips.

excellent service and food,

and atmosphere.

after the ordeal in carmel at brunch with the stuffy asses,

it was nice to have such a wonderful dining memory.

(even though my daughter and I were dressed for the opera). ok, I'm tired.

it's nearly 10pm and I just want to sleep.


19 April 2011

it's 8:30a and all of us are just getting up from our slumber. It's good to know that I wasn't the only one in the traveling kiss clan that was totally exhasted last night.

Ash is making herself presentable before we take the kidz for a walk this morning,

she says she is scary looking in the early-morn,

I think she is the most beautiful young lady in the universe no matter what time of the day it is.

ok, my pretty little girl is ready now...walk time.


today was a crazy and 'fun-filled' day.

(sarcastically said)

the day began perfectly with a hearty breakfast of

chicken fried steak and eggs;

and then the day was not at all what I had

thought it would be.

because today was going to be the nicest day while we are here, Ash wanted to go bike riding along the bike trails adjacent to the beaches.

as I tried inquiring about renting a couple bicycles,

it was beginning to be more of a pain than a pleasure.

too many stipulations involved,

and not trying to sound like an ass;

but some of the rules and regulations seemed ridiculous to me. so, I decided (actually, my daughter decided for me)

that we would purchase two new bicycles.

we drove the suv to

los osos, ca (about 10 minutes)

to a highly reguarded bike dealer.

let me just say, some of these two wheelers were more expensive than a nice used car.

there was actually a 'bicycle' there with a price tag of $7500. unbelievable!!!

well needless to say,

my pre-budget was blown after the 1st bike purchase.

2 bikes, riding helmets, spare tubes, tires, chains; gel seats, numerous accessories, a professional tune-up kit,

bike lock-clamps, rear & front suspension enhancers,

etc, etc, etc..

not to mention the bike racks I now have

installed on the suv.

*and I even had to pay extra to have both 'mountain bikes' registered into the national registry, wtf???

by the time we got back here to the rig,

we 'rode' our new bikes for barely an hour before we had to secure them before nightfall.

my thoughts of going to a wal-mart superstore to purchase bicycles was met with disgruntle feedback from the bike-shop sales manager/owner/thief.

seriously, the guy did give us some massive

discounts (I think), and threw in some freebies:

2 water bottles and tire pumps.

I think the basterd closed early after we finially left.

alright, bike talk done.

after securing my daughters former college fund on the top of the truck and covering them with the element shield,

I went to subway, and a local deli for salads.

and then the future olympic bicycle champion and I had dinner on the beach while the sun disappeared behind the massive puddle of water we are currently parked near.

ya, I'm a little punchy tonight...sorry.

oh, and by the way;

the fog outside is so thick tonight,

I can't see the the rigs parked 3 spaces away (150 feet).

they are saying that rain is to be expected the

next couple of days,

so maybe we will head south earlier than I had planned. who knows, who cares.

the house in agoura hills will be ready for 'us' thursday morning, so we may just head back tomorrow and be there when the sellers depart the property at 7am.

then if it's still raining, we will just ride these over-priced bent pieces of metel around inside the house.

and try-out those new shock absorbers going

down the stairs.

*you think that I am over-joyed about spending a grotesque amount of money on what I'm sure will become nothing more than simple statues in the garage with clothes or whatever draped over them. oh yea!!!

you know what though?,

our new neighborhood is ideal for riding bikes,

and she did 'promise' me that we would bike ride together at least 2-3 times a month, so we will see.

ok, letterman is just coming on,

I love this gap-toothed, outspoken, charasmatic,

smug monkey-man.

oh my goodness, katie couric is a guest tonight.

I've had a crush on her forever.

(shit, repeat from last month)

goodnight my friends...

20 April 2011

to be awaken by a dog licking your face,

while a cat is laying almost on top of your head purring away loudly, and hearing the sound of the morning surf pounding the beach; today is going to be a 'good day'.

and to look in on your beautiful teenage daughter still sleeping and realizing that 'you' had a part in the creation of such a wonderful person is the best feeling ever.

let's get this party started!

will be taking the kidz out on the static-leash for the first time in almost a month.

I think my coffee maker is broken,

coffee came out worries.

it's 7am, I'll check-in later.


just finished a 2 hour bike ride with Ash,

had a great time but my rear is a little sore.

we have decided to depart the morro bay area and drive to santa barbara and do the tourit thing there this afternoon/evening.

and then we will leave 'sb' early in the morning before commuter traffic begins and drive to agoura hills to meet up with the previous owners before they depart the property,

I have to say I am getting excited that the day has finially arrived for us to move-in. and I know Ash is looking forward to having her own/private room (as am I).

ok, we are outa here.

30 April 2011

good morning all.

it's 4am saturday morning, and I'm wide awake.

so I decided to try to hit my emails and other crapola that I have not had the time to keep up with.

*also, I will be posting a 'real' update today.

will continue on 'my thoughts.7.1'


will try to answer as many of your emails as I can

this weekend.

sorry guys, having a teen-daughter, moving into a new house and trying to re-establish a business relationship with a 'prior' has been very time consuming.

**continued on my thoughts.7.1...