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LAST UPDATED: 21 Aug 2013/11pm

good afternoon.

it's currently 4pm here,

and I thought I would start this entry

a little earlier than usual.

who knows what the hell the rest of my

afternoon/evening is going to be like.


I have some things I'll share w/you,

and some I won't.

it has been a crazy fukin' week here at casa-kiss;

school shopping, grocery runs, pet store and vet,

court dates, attorneys,

(seriously. a pain in the ass...)

an unplanned visit from a 'former' friend,

and it seemed like 'all of us' had a doctor's appt or

two (or more) to deal with.

*if I never had to visit a 'medical facility' ever again,

it would be ok with me.

ok then. enough of my 'man-bitching'.

jeesh. it seems as if all I ever do on these pages

anymore is bitch and complain.

I really am sorry.

I just have so much built up frustration,

and seriously 'nobody' to just unload on these days.

*at least 'nobody' that I can just 'vent-on' without hearing ridiculous remedies from people who have NEVER experienced

anything worthwhile outside their little 'shell of life' they

have surrounded themselves in.

I've had to 'play nice' around here lately,

as I'm not the only one with 'medicine enhanced'

mood swings currently under this roof.

mostly. I just hobble downstairs here to the 'movie room', lock the door and 'do my thing'.

alone. unbothered. quiet.

the 'mexi-godmother' has been here w/a few of her

relatives helping-out around the house for a while now.

(I just love these people!!!)

grandpa Jack & the mexi-godfather have been keeping

themselves busy w/the outside chores,

and readying Jack's 'new rig' for his

trip/extended stay in scottsdale.

he was planning on leaving this week,

but I asked him to stick around until after

Ash & Elli start school.

*I'm not 'totally' useless around here,

but I feel like I am. especially as of late.

speaking of which.

I'm doing alot better mentally

(or so I've been told),

but physically,

I feel like a complete 'wash-out'.

this depending on others almost

to the point of 'extreme' is disgusting.

actually. Ash & Elli have both been amazing

since my accident.

they have not complained about 'anything'

(that I'm aware of that is)

during the past month.

unlike me.

ok then. so.

both l.g. & Jessica are currently staying here.

and most likely will be for the next few weeks.

we're all just one 'happy'(?) family.

(yes? no? maybe? no way? possibly? who knows!!!)

the girls begin their senior year on thursday.

they are both ecstatic, and I'm excited for them.

I can remember my entire senior year,

and enjoyed 'almost' every day.

I'm hoping they have a similar experience.

I'll do whatever I possibly can to enhance their last

year in high school.

my parents weren't exactly, 'there for me'.

besides my dad showing-up for my

graduation night celebration,

he (nor my step-monster),

ever took an interest in anything I ever did during

my school year activities.

my cross country, football, track meets, golf,

drama club, poetry contests.


maybe I'm being a little to 'hands-on',

but it is was it is.

not sure exactly what is 'in the cards' for

these girls after this school year ends.

I don't really have a say 'in the matter'

as far as Elli is concerned,

but I'd like both of them to continue their education.

I guess time will tell.

alright. I need to 'break' for dinner.

tonight's menu:

meat loaf, mashed w/gravy, corn, peas, biscuits.

*Elle was in-charge this evening.

I'll be back.

hi ya.

it's just past 9pm.

dinner tonite was awesome.

I had to 'finish' making the mash potatoes though.

everyone likes the way I make them.

a little 'extra butter', sour cream, cream cheese,

and sharp cheddar shavings.

not 'alot' of these extra ingredients,

just enough to add a bit of 'a flavor-punch' to the spuds.

and to 'top-off' the mashie-mound,

sprinkle crumbles of maple bacon on top.

the relish tray tonite was 'mexican inspired';

w/jalapenos, banana peppers, green/red peppers, olives, and spicy cold 'pickled' carrots.

after dinner,

we all just sat around enjoying each other's company w/conversation and stories of past events.

it 'almost seemed' like better days.

ok. ok. ok

*I promise not to bitch during this part of the update.

once we all finished laughing and poking fun

at one another,

the kitchen was cleaned ridiculously quick,

and most everyone settled into their 'night-time mode'.

tv watching, book reading, puzzles,

cigar smoking (by you know who),

and Ash & Elli took off to meet a few friends

(and they're still not home).

as far as I go,

I had a nice private talk w/l.g. & Jessica about

some important personal issues.

*no worries. I don't want to totally bore you guys with

all the aspects of my life.

anyway. after that,

I came here into my office to look into some information, and decided to start-up this entry again.

so there you guys go. your 'all caught up'.

well. shit. now it's nearly 10:30p.

it's been nearly 90min,

and I've written about 40 words.

my attention span is that of a gnat right now.

I looked-up some info on my desk top,

and the next thing I know,

I was watching highlights of shows I'm still

trying to catch up on.

I swear to god,

I'm a worthless idiot these days.

I can't even properly focus on a update.

and I really believe I can be a novelist. ya right!!!

so anyway. I'm going to stay awake and

watch letterman tonite.

because. 'Olivia Wilde'. enough said.

ok then. I need to check-on a few things before I decide to

'let myself get turned-on'

by ms Wilde.

have a fantaz tuesday,

I may be back here in the next few days.

good night everyone.

and sweet dreams beautiful...

21 Aug 2013/1pm

good afternoon everyone.

I'm actually still planning on 'updating' tonight,

but I thought I would just 'take a break' and say 'Hi'.

it was rather calm/normal around here this morning,

for being the first day of school.

Ash & Elli left at 6:30am,

as they had volunteered to 'help out' with the

'senior welcome back breakfast'

at the school this morning.

both these girls looked like they were 30yrs old

when they walked out the door. ugh!

I could be really fucked this year.

speaking of 'being fucked';

(and not in the normal 'fun' way)

I've been having some pain in my extreme lower back

and extremely excessive radiating pain throughout

my mid-thigh these past few days.

if they both persist,

I may have to visit the doc again sooner

than I'm scheduled (sept 10).

I am so damn tired of docs, nurses, hospital food, orderlies, and hearing overhead announcements.

ok then. I'll post this now,

and I'll be back again this evening after dinner...

*we're celebrating the 'first day of school' w/a visit

to red lobster tonight.


good evening.

was great to get out of the house tonight.

decided to go ahead w/our plans for red lobster,

just the girls and I.

the company was awesome,

the food... not so much.

they've cut back their choices to only four entrées,

unless you 'ask' for something in particular.

ie: coconut shrimp, skewered grilled shrimp.

the girls had a garden salad,

and loved the coconut shrimp w/the pineapple sauce,

and of course, the scampi.

along w/baked potato and raspberry iced tea.

(no veggies were included/served this year. ask?)

I myself, had a caesar,

a few skewered, a scampi,

a wasabi grilled, and rice w/coke.

*plus. lots of water.

my new doc says I should give-up soda all together,

but if I do drink it,

don't drink diet any longer. so. whatever.

after dinner we stopped at 'the oaks' mall for a few things, then came back home.

woo-hoo. exciting night eh?

besides the dogs being excited when we came home,

the house was dead-quiet.

so anyway. I'm still having pains 'mid-thigh' and

will probably go see the doc tomorrow.

of course imagining the worse while trying to sleep

isn't exactly a 'great plan'. oh well.

as I've said in earlier entries,

I don't have dealings

w/many family members (not that I have many left),

but I do have a 2nd cousin here in the LA area who I only met a few times while growing-up.

and a few months ago,

we just 'happen' to cross paths.

(before my accident)

and we've stayed in contact (kinda) ever since.

anyway. it's good to have a relative in law enforcement, especially when you need some information.

he's definitely related to my father,

'serious temperament issues' at times.

I hope I never 'piss him off'.

anyway. he also is a major '49ers fan' ,

and has been since he was a teeny bopper in the 80's.

so we've discussed going to a game this year at 'the stick' before they move to the new stadium.

he isn't on great terms w/our cousin who shares my tix,

so I may have to encourage all to 'play nice'.

*we did talk about going south to san diego to see

them during 'preseason',

but I'm not in the mood to travel that far right now.

alrighty then. I'm going to call this a night,

I'll be back in a few days.

good night all.

sweet dreams beautiful...

to be continued...