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LAST UPDATED: 31 Aug 2013/10pm

ok then.

let me just start this out by saying I'm 'updating'

this page a few days earlier than I plan

on having this entry posted.

it's currently just past 9am sunday, 25 Aug,

and myself and a 'few others' will be leaving within

a couple hours for a 'road trip'.

the current 'plan of attack' is to be in vegas

before labor day,

but I'm not making any promises/commitments.

I just need to take care of something is all.

*at the very least, get some 'valuable' information.

anyway. no worries.

just thought this way the best.

Ash & Elli will update this site until I return,

and I will not be responsible for the pictures

they decided to post in the interim.

*the 'history page' is easy enough for them.

just copy from my notes,

and also the 'history web site' I use for daily references.

**no emails/phone calls will be answered until I return.

sorry about that.

in other news around here;

I had a friend call me from las vegas last night wanting some advice about a 'current' relationship.

ugh. I told her I was the last person she should ever

consider getting any kind of advice from concerning 'anything' about relationships.

especially since her and I have a past,

some 18yrs ago.

and that fact alone could/would also 'possibly' influence

my reaction/thoughts/suggestions to what advice

she is currently seeking.

but being that her and I are again in contact with each

other after such a long break,

I felt it my 'former friend' duty to at least hear

what she had to say.

and needless to say, I was none too pleased about

'almost everything' she brought up.

*any man who hits a woman needs to get his dick cut-off

and shoved-up his ass. #JustSayin

but I did listen,

and also made appropriate responses when asked.

and as she has done in a

few of our previous past conversations,

she basically ignored 'almost' all my 'chitter-chatter'

and kept asking the same questions over and over.

oh well. hopefully she handled her problem's'

as she deemed appropriate.

*but seriously.

I absolutely can't stand people who ask your advice

on a particular situation,

and then you take the time out of your busy life and patiently

listen to a 'most likely' boring-ass story' that

has nothing to do with anything in your realm of

activities and actually appear to be interested all the

while answering ridiculous questions

over and over again.

and then the person seeking confirmation of their overall actions

just ignores everything you have to offer.

I'll be awaiting the outcome of her situation

w/eager anticipation.

ok then.

I've been a little over-whelmed by what's been going

on here at Casa-Kiss the past couple of weeks,

and had already decided that a short 'vaca' was probably the best remedy for me.

and when an opportunity to 'kill' two situations w/one trip just decided to present itself recently,

well... I'm looking forward to getting out.

*I just wish I didn't have this 'leg cast' to deal with.

so anyway. the girls seemed to have enjoyed the

first few days of school,

they have a full five days next week,

and then the following is labor day week,

and they only have two days of school.

so being the 'bad-dad' I am during the school year as

far as their attendance goes,

they both, along w/l.g. & Jessica will be meeting myself

and 'team kiss' in las vegas next saturday for

a week in 'sin city'.

ya ya ya.

they're going to miss two days of school,

so fukin what.

their damn school-work will be completed in vegas.

*so please,

no angry emails about my lack of 'parenting skills'.

getting back to our current plans;

we'll be taking both rv's.

grandpa Jack wants to get his new rig on the road

and get a few miles on 'her' before he decides to

head back to scottsdale.

*cause you know; Cat Dog Spa!

we figure by the time we drive north to our destination,

and then over to vegas we'll drive about 1000 miles or so. *which will also include our 'driving around' at our

'primary destination' once we arrive.

as I stated above,

I've been in communication w/a friend in las vegas,

and she's been telling me that they have been having some 'crazy-ass weather' the past week.

thunderstorms, w/flooding rain and such.

hopefully the weather will be a little more 'friendly'

once we get there. time will tell.

ok. it looks as if we are going to be leaving

'within-the-hour' for our approx 6hr trip north.

2 rv's, 2 tow cars, and 10 people.

I don't trust very many people,

but these that are going with me are ready to do

'whatever it takes'

to accomplish our planned mission.

*whatever that may be, is still undetermined.

I will 'update' again from vegas.

I hope 'most of you' had a good week.

31 Aug 2013/10pm

arrived here in vegas just past 5pm,

drove thru some rain in the grapevine,

but nothing worth sharing.

our little trip was very informative,

it's amazing the information mexicans share

among their own kind.

*most act like they are all long lost cousins.

you can find-out 'anything' about 'anything'

if you have some mexicans on your team.

anyway. our little excursion was a total success.

in so, so many ways.

and besides,

I love to visit places that I have only read about,

and/or seen pictures of.

*especially when there is an ulterior motive involved!

it was 'strongly suggested' to me to 'not' do exactly

what I wanted to do.

*I have ALOT of aggression that has built-up over the years that

I am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to release.

hopefully soon. very, very soon!!!

so anyway. knowledge has been acquired.

and will be used accordingly.

ok then. enough talk of a subject that is 'beneath me'.

all the girls were already here in vegas when we arrived.

we all met-up at a former neighbors house in

my old neighborhood.

I had thought they would have wanted to stay in a hotel, but Jessica made contact w/one of our old neighbors, (remember? Jess & I 'lived next door to one-another')

and they were very nice to invite all four girls (plus)

to stay through the long weekend.

they'll be staying w/me in the rig when my half

of the 'mexican army' goes back

to SoCal sunday morning.

not exactly sure what our plans will be if this weather

keeps up w/the moisture,

Ash & Ellie both want to go back and

hike 'red rock canyon' again.

I think l.g. & Jess are just happy to be

'out and about'.

as for Jack, the mexi-godfather and myself,

the three of us are just glad to be off the roads during

this holiday weekend.

*we're currently parked on a side street in

my former neighborhood.

dinner tonite was a shit-load of mexican food the girls brought-up w/them from the house,

courtesy of grandma palacios.

a huge amount of tamals (pork, beef, chicken),

chicken/beef fajita meat w/all the fixings,

a few mexi-lasagnas,

and an assortment of rice, beans, and spicy salad.

we did eat at a few mexican restaurants

during this past week,

but nothing is as good as the godmother's food.

Holy Shit!!!

thunder big time here in the NW las vegas valley,

lightning too.

and now, it's just starting to rain.

looks like the cigar smokers have to cut their 'gossiping'/smoking' short,

and bring in their folding chairs. ha!

nope the old men are still out there,

sitting and smoking under the awning outside.

omg. too funny.

just one more thing before I sign-off for the night.

I had made contact w/a former classmate

(6th grade) almost 6mo ago via social media.

and finally heard back from her last night.

we've only text back and forth,

but I'm looking forward to a lengthy chat with

her soon about 'everything'.

some of you younger people don't really know

(or maybe remember) what it is like without an internet,

and not being in constant contact with friends from

so many years ago.

it's kinda cool to find people you've known for

close to 40yrs.

ok then. enuff of the 'past memories' stuff.

I'm going to post this (10p),

and take the girls out for some dairy queen. *after living here in vegas for so many years, I'm still getting used to stores/shops/etc not being open 24/7.

ok. gotta go see ya.

to be continued...