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my thoughts.8

(15 May 2011-25 May 2011)

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

15 May 2011

what started as a not-so-great day,

actually ended very, very well. will explain later.

I am sure you read my last entry on page 7.1 updating

all of you on my current 'happenings';

so then, I will just continue to roll:

Ash & I just got home from palm springs thru west covina

a couple of hours ago, and after playing with the horses and having a 'fourth meal', she went straight to bed.

and here I am as the clock nears 11p this sunday evenning having a 'very weak' jack/diet coke and plucking away

on this laptop.

having not spent much time at this house since we moved in, I am still getting to know the sounds of the structure, the property, and surrounding areas.

and the wind really does make a whistling sound sometimes.

having had the addition for the horses/tack/hay/grain

put up where it is, (adding another next month)

really cut down on the swooping noise from the

rear of the property as it blows thru the trees.

the weather just seems to accumulate and rush down from the north all at once at times.

ya I know, stop my worthless bitchin.

I will say this though;

no longer being in a formal housing community/neighborhood means less overall

outside distractions.

the sounds of a nearby squirt dog barking,

a bouncing basketball at 5am,

the skateboarders jumping ramps til midnight,

family arguments being discussed 'loudly' for all to hear, and the constant nosey next door peeping 'jane' always curious as to who was visiting my home.

yes, this semi-country life is going to be an adjustment,

but I already am enjoying the quietness and privacy that I have created for my family.

and as of this 'exact moment' NO ONE

(friends/family/ex-wife/ex-girlfriends/stalkers/former business associates) has my residentual address.

that is a beautiful thing.

in las vegas, it was nice to have a guarded gate 24hrs a day with total access control.

but the neighborhood was drastically going 'downhill' because of the housing fall-out and the new management team that bought the homeowners association,

it was so time to go.

and now with the addition of my daughter,

I didn't want her to go to school in the vegas valley and relive the horrors of my experiences with my former step-daughter and the broken school district in clark county.

not that all the vegas schools are terrible, but the cutbacks that they have done in the past really limits the district to the quality of teachers that are present to actually teach. hopefully the schools take a higher presidence here in southern cal than they did in all of nevada.

Ash actually has a placement test tomorrow (star test) at the local high school nearby. ya, I'm nervous.

alrighty then, I believe I will call this 'a day' and wrap this up. my headache from the hangover earlier this morning is now just a faded memory.

salsa dancing with the palacios clan last night.

looking forward to hearing from you all again now that I've brought you up to speed. 

by the way, happy belated 'mothers day' to all you mothers, grandmothers, and so forth. nite...   

16 May 2011

good morning...

sitting here in the kitchen,

wishing my coffee would hurry the hell up.

had the timer set for 7a, but was wide awake by 6a,

so I just got up to begin my day. as I'm sure everyone does these days, I have 'alot' on my mind.

Ash has her placement tests today for high school next year; I was thinking she may be a sophmore, but after talking to a counselor at her future high school, this woman said that her grades and experience from australia would probably place her as a junior or even a senior. I guess we'll see how she does taking this 'star test' thing.

the only subject I see her lacking in is u.s. history.

my inbox on this website was stuffed full this morning mostly from my daily readers,

thank-you for 'hanging-in-there' while I struggled to update this site. you all were very complimentary this morning.

also; yes I am still very much single, but am very interested in someone. she doesn't live on the west coast, so we'll see what happens. I'd love to meet someone local, but I just have not thrown myself into the agoura hills dating pool just yet. besides, my personal life has taken second fiddle to Ash, the house, the chores and so forth. (more like 6th fiddle).

ok, my coffee is nearly finished, and I want to get Ash up so she can have a hot breakfast before she goes to school.

I'm thinking protein pancakes with bananas

and hot maple syrup.

it's currently 44' outside, so she needs to eat something hot and full of carbs.

ok, gotta go... daddy duties await.  

*also; I am about finished with my "famous quotes".2,

and even though some of you want me to 'quote' certain sayings and such;

I have to rely on my own sources to acquire the

'words of wisdom' from a reliable outlet so as not to mis-quote any particular individual, or give the wrong person credit for a certain statement. thanks anway.



just 'a quickie' before I hit it for the night.

had a fairly uneventful day, except for shuttling my daughter to her future high school for her test of knowledge.

according to her, she didn't miss a single question... we'll see. while she was exercising her brain today,

I decided to take a casual drive around the surrounding areas and try to familiarize myself with what is what.

will be updating you on the eateries, shopping malls,

and so forth as I discover them...

I'm sure I will get a wealth of my information from my little co-pilot as the days go by.

the moon is almost full right now and I am awaiting the rain storm that has been forecasted for the area.

it's no wonder everything is so green around here,

it always seem to be raining, misting or whatever.

I'm not exactly sure who sang the song

'it never rains in southern california'

but maybe they never stayed here for more than a week. alright, I'm tired and would like to try and sleep entirely thru the night before the next wind storm begins...

footnote: while waiting for Ash to complete her testing, I was watching a couple of male students walking the grounds; omg... they all look to be 30yrs old.


17 May 2011

late night, means a late morning...

after I readied myself for bed last night,

my eldest female husky got so sick all of a sudden.

she must have ate something while running the property,

as after she vomited a couple times she appeared better and went to sleep.

I laid on the floor with her for a while,

and then went to sleep myself (2ish).

so after finially rolling out of bed at 9:30am,

I enjoyed a hot cup of gevalia mocha and sat with Ash outside underneath the patio covering listening to the rain beat down upon us.

if I was the only one here,

I would most likely just spend the entire day in bed not doing a damn thing.

it's cold (47'), and raining hard and steady,

and I'm still kinda groggy from a restless night of tossing and turning worrying about my pup.

(she is fine now, running throughout the house)

I tried to explain to Ash a couple weeks ago before we purchased the two additional massive 4 hoofed beasts;

we would be responsible for these animals needs on a daily and sometimes hourly basis.

I think after this morning of feeding, brushing the horses, and cleaning their stalls and shoveling the massive piles of crap into a wheelbarrow and lugging it on the other side of the prop for pick-up,

she finially acknowledges the full responsibility of having such large and dependent animal to care for.

(I did assist her, just a little though.)

well, we are now warm again with the oversize fireplace now roaring and crackling. it's movie time...


getting ready to crash.

even though I didn't get up this morning until after 9am,

I am unbelievibly tired right now.

today was relatively boring and not that exciting;

as the weather all day was wet and chilly,

we stayed inside and enjoyed 'quiet time' with each other.

we watched a few movies

(the killers/2010 & predators/2010) which were pretty good. I fixed cornish game hens, new potatoes, baby peas for lunch. and after a 'few' glasses of david bruce merlot

I took a old-man nap.

upon waking a couple hours later to Ash vacuuming the downstairs area (dog hair), I was told we were going out to dinner with her new boy 'friend' and his parents.

I had met these people before a couple weeks ago after Ash had met this young man at the library.

so after dinner at a local eatery (not worth mentioning),

we went to their house for homemade keylime pie.

getting home just over an hour ago, I wanted to take the kidz down the street on the static-leash so they wouldn't go out back and get wet from all the vegetation.

but apparently, the dogs were too tired/moody

to go for a walk with dad.

so here I am boring you all once again with my dribble and non-important facts of my life so as not to get harsh emails about not reporting in. ha..

Ash' grandparents have again changed their plans for coming here, and will arrive this saturday morning at LAX. looking forward to seeing the auzzie's once again.

I on the otherhand, will be flying back east to the DC area for a couple of days next week for a pre-seminar briefing concerning the personal security/protection gig I will be speaking at next month.

if any of you are going to be in washington dc mid-june,

and are legitimately interested in this field,

let me know and I will try and get you into

this private function.

I will have a few extra invites available.

ok, I'm beat. have a fantastic wednesday everyone.

good night...   

18 May 2011

hi. well, I went ahead and did what I said I

wasn't going to do; I decided that the void left by the passing of coley a couple weeks ago would be better for 'all' concerned to be filled.

I'd like to welcome the newest member to the 'kiss pack': Agoura 'Cali' Kiss.

I will be updating the picture page in the next couple of days with his pic, the german pupz and the horses.

ya, I may have over-extended my pet-capacity.

I informed my daughter tonite that the kiss animal hotel is no longer taking in boaders.

no hamsters, water turtles, birds, spiders, snakes, or anything else that has a hole for food and another for crap.

I also told my loving child that if we do get another animal,

it would be a buffalo... yes, a buffalo.

I adopted one over 8 years ago, but never actually had the massive beast on my property.

anyway, I do believe the kid finially got the hint.

not that 'all' the additional mouths to feed were her idea/fault (horses...yes),

I also take responsibility for boosting the population

here at casa-kiss.

so anyway, today was just a normal busy day around the house; Ash went to the mall with some of her new friends she met at testing, and then we had dinner at red lobster.

ya, I know boring stuff here guys.

will be busy the next couple of days finishing up unpacking things and straighting up before the grandparents arrive

sat-morn from australia.

one tid-bit of info; I put an ad in the times and another publication for a personal assistant/aide to assist me with my everyday activities and also my upcoming business ventures. if any of you are interested, please fax your resume' to

my vegas fax: 702.722.6554

(my previous assistant wil be screening all applications)

or email to: [email protected]

*living in the LA area is a must.

ok, I've gotta go... sleep awaits. good nite all.  

20 May 2011

good morning all... before I 'update',

I would like to say that I have currently received over 300 resume' as of last night.

and I was told 50+ are from readers of this site.

I appreciate the over-the-top response and for those who faxed or emailed a resume', you should be in receipt of a acknowledgement within 48 hours.

ok then, enuff shop-talk.

so anyway, I am in dire need for this coffee to

hurry the fuk up,

I had a very restless night sleep last night.

I had a 'little conversation' after I went to bed,

and afterwards I just could not get settled properly.

ok, my coffee just started 'making the happy sound',

so I am going to get a cup.

I am going to be fairly busy today as I prepare for the arrival of my daughter's grandparents from Australia.

I guess we all will be turning-in early tonight,

as their flite arrives at LAX around 5am sat-morn.

looking forward to having these people visit and welcome them into our home.

ok, coffee tyme.


hi ya. it's nearly 8pm, and I plan on being in bed within 30 minutes, my alarm is set for 2am to ready myself for the airport-transport thing in the early morning hours.

Ash is so excited to have her grandparents here.

I'm so happy we all get along so well,

and that they like and approve of me having their granddaughter. I took my daughter and my now relocated housekeeper (glo from vegas) out to dinner tonite.

we ate at the ladyface alehouse & brasserie

located on agoura road.

excellent food, service, atmosphere...everything.

I/we will definately return.

the beet and goat cheese salad was fresh and nicely done. and their homemade pale-ale, was tasty.

alright, time to try and get some sleep.

have a pleasant weekend everyone. 

21 May 2011

good morning.

let me rephrase; it's currently 2:20am, I'm still tired, and I forgot to pre-make my coffee for auto start. so; 'morning'. actually, I have always been a morning person, my ex-wife never was. my next wife will have to be a little more 'nice' in the morning, regardless if she has drank the morning wake-up liquid of choice.

well, I am looking forward to these auzzie seniors visit;

we are going to have a wonder time.

ok, gotta go; my daughter is having a early morning 'moment' right now, she stepped in puppy poop when

she got outa bed...

have a great saturday everyone...


ok peeps,

here is some of the best travel advice I've heard

in a long time:

if you are going anywhere for an extended amount of time, don't pack any toiletries...including your toothbrush.

when you get to your destination, go purchase all your bathroom needs and so forth. more space in your suitcase for other items, plus you get a 'new' toothbrush.

with all the traveling I've done in the past,

that had never even occured to me.

so, Ash and her grandparents are taking the horses

out for a 'walk/ride',

while I clean out the stalls and rake the pasture area of rocks, twigs and so forth.

oh, by the way, I saw my first snake in the rear

of the property this morning.

I hate, HATE snakes.

ok, I hear the movement of hoofs, time for me to do some chores. later...


just a quikie, as I'm pretty beat.

we all went to the boa steakhouse in west hollywood tonite for dinner. even though we didn't have a rez, after grandpa jack 'talked' with the hostess, and 'shook' her hand;

we were seated 20 minutes later.

*clarification: a $200. handshake will get you seated in a very busy, popular, over-priced establishment in hollywood on a saturday night. what a shame that a person you've never met before has the power to determine who gets to dine at a certain time of day depending on how much 'bribe' money you are willing to give them... incredible!

(and yes, I realize we didn't have a rez on a sat-night,

but still: $200.00 ???)

the place was loud, stuffy/snobby, over-priced and truthfully; not worth the trouble of everything involved.

the parking was terrible,

and the food was not all that exceptional.

and our server was more interested in schmoozing with other patrons who weren't even seated in his section, than getting my daughter a refill of her beverage.

I guess all in all I'm glad we finially went to see what the big-deal was about this place,

but needless to say I will never, ever go back.

actually, the best part about the entire evening was seeing some of the paps waiting on the sidewalk entrance

with their camara's hoping to film a celeb or

some person of interest.

and also, the surrounding area adjacent to this place appears to be abit seedy (at least at night). alright, bed time...

22 May 2011‚Äč

it's sunday morning and I've been up since 5:45am.

grandpa jack woke me up early, as he said he wanted to talk before the girls woke up.

the conversation we shared can't be discussed in this forum, as there are some matters that need to be kept private.

after our 'chat', I had the responsibility to make the bagel, cream cheese, and fresh fruit run.

don't you hate driving anytime during the day, and you have to really discard some of that coffee you craved just

an hour before?! alright, time to get my day under way,

I'll check back later.


hey there. had a fairly busy, and fun-filled sunday;

ending with a bbq at a neighbors house.

went horseback riding for an hour or so today

w/grandpa jack,

while Ash and her grandmother went to go get

manicures & pedicures.

apparently, storing hay in the empty stall next to where the horses sleep at night is a no-no; so my pre-fab is going to have an addition built on during this week, a real tack room, hay storage and grain bin.

ya, grandpa jack knows what the hell he is talking about.

as I mentioned above, we were invited to a gathering at the home of a road neighbor

(a neighbor that lives down the road)

and it was quite a party.

karaoke, potato sack race, poker, swimming,

and of course, excellent bbq.

almost made my reno or vegas shin-digs appear amatuerish... almost.

met some wonderful people, and had a wonderful time.

Ash met a couple semi-famous peeps;

I say 'semi' cause I didn't recognize their names.

ok, enough boring glibberish, I'm going to bed.

nite all...  

23 May 2011

just got out of the shower;

was out walking the property with a shovel and pushing a wheelbarrow loading up the 'horse piles' that have accumilated during the past couple of days while riding the beasts around the open areas.

oh, here is a fun fact for you; siberian huskies will roll around in horse shit if it's still warm... nice! have had 2 incidents of this situation, would rather not experience it 'ever again'. bathing a husky is difficult enough without adding the additional smelly substance to their fur. grandma jo is currently taking charge of that whole ordeal for me.

and we are going to install an invisible fence/boundry around the pasture area to train the kidz from going in there.

not really quite sure what this entails, but will learn about all the details from the vet today.

taking the dogz and catz to go get re-chipped with my current contact information in a couple hours.

it is so nice to have 'help/assistance' doing some of these tasks that I have been putting off.

not that Ash doesn't help me out any,

it's just easier for me not to supervise the entire time. besides, it is great to have older people to talk with of days gone by and of certain issues.

with my daughter, I have to 'curb' my over-aggressive attitude towards certain subjects; and also, I have no idea of some of the current entertainment artists of today.

I'm not a total dumb-ass,

but seriously, some of the music makers remember the days when you could actually

'understand' the lyrics?

alright, I'm hungry and I can smell brakfast downstairs,

gotta go.


hey guys; don't be mad at me but I'm going to update tomorrow morning... I'm totally wreaked.

today was by far the hardest I've worked (physically) in years, many years.

yes, I work out with weights and such very regularly, but this wood hauling, hammering, ladder climbing, lifting bales of hay and straw... no thanks!

I've been up since 5:30am, and I am done. goodnight.

25 May 2011

good morning all.

thought I better post something immediately before I get some of you pissed at me again...

 I will finish my current update within the hour or so..

*continued on my thoughts.9