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my thoughts.9.1

(01 Sept 2012 - 14 Sept 2012)

a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

01 Sept 2012/8am

***once again 'Vista Print' has had their problems

the past couple of weeks;

causing me to wait for them to 'fix' everything

before re-establishing my 'old habits'...

so moving right along;

I've decided to tweak my site 'a little bit'.

adding a few subjects that are important to me,

and a few just for fun.

like 'em, hate 'em, enjoy 'em, ignore 'em;

no worries...

ok then, let's get this party started;

so... how the hell have you all been?

I've been trying to catch-up and read/answer as many emails as I could these past couple of days.

sounds as if most of you have had a 'fun summer',

and been keeping yourselves busy.

I'll try to read as many emails as I possibly can

during this holiday weekend.

it's been nice to be back home and get back into

'my normal mode' of


I actually had a parent/teacher conference at

Ash' school on Wednesday;

nothing bad mind you,

it was a discussion with her guidance counselor

outlining her upcoming school year.

it was a good meeting.

having Ash drive to school every morning really

'frees-up my morning schedule';

I can actually read the paper while drinking

my morning brew.

(after the early morning shit-patrol that is)

the house has been rather lonely since returning home.

the mexi-godfather and his clan were here until monday finishing-up a few detailed jobs around here,

but have since left, and I may not see them all again until the first home game of ucla football,

which is next saturday by the way.

while we were gone, the palacios fam did 'a few'

things around here;

replaced all the rain-gutters and drainage spouts to the house, and installed new ones to the barn.

painted the fence posts to the corral,

and replaced the horse-feeders I got with better ones.

also, it looks as if the rear fence area is going to be replaced with a more stable, durable, and security conscious one. goodbye my 'old wooden friend'.

all the animals are in 'working-order';

they eat, sleep, shit, sleep, eat, sleep, shit... etc.

I really did miss the dogz & catz.

the horses, not so much...

as I mentioned earlier, Ash is back to school seeing her old girlie-chums, and making new friends,

along with rekindling 'sparks' with her 'guy friends'.

in fact, she had a few girlfriends spend the

night last night; girl-6, remember them from last year? anyway, I'll be starting pancakes, bacon and eggs

here shortly.

even though they all slept in the movie room downstairs,

I guarantee they all will be up here within minutes

after the cooking starts.

I won't even have to clank the pots and pans together to simulate an alarm clock;

the crackling/popping of the bacon flesh charring will be enough noise to stir the young sleeping beauties.

my plans today after kitchen duties are basically,

whatever comes-up.

possibly college football, the dog park, laundry,

a beer or two and then tonite: Date Night!

yes, I'm still seeing my 'little-friend' as some of

you call her.

going on almost 6mo now.

I'm thinking we'll do the 'dinner & a movie' thing this evening, and then tomorrow... bbq time.

alot of you have been asking me in your emails, txts and vm's how jack is doing?

he and I try to have contact everyday,

he's doing much better these days.

he will be coming back here next week,

and is planning on staying state-side at least thru

the holidays.

I'm not sure he is ready to cut 'all ties' with his home just yet, but he does want to be apart of his

grand-daughters life as much as possible.

as far as Ash' mother? who-the-fuck-knows.

I've exhausted my thoughts on that woman.

you can only do so much for a person.

anyway, I best get my day rolling along,

will check-in again soon...


good evening all.

date night was a 'no-go',

(she said she had to wash her hair... seriously. lol)

so I spent the afternoon with girl-6;

we watched the movie Collateral/2004,

played the board game 'life',

and even baked a couple apple pies.

dinner tonite was just as simple as last nights;

(cereal for all)

pbj sandwiches, chips, and chocolate milk.

(all the girls loved it)

after dinner, the girls went out back,

(to talk about/to boys I'm sure)

while I emailed a few of you.

I even made contact w/someone I hadn't 'talk' with for

quite some time...

it's strange how you just can't seem to get certain people

out of your thoughts.

afterwards; we all took the dogz for a walk down the road and back, which is about 2miles.

and now while I'm updating, the girls are in the living room watching Troy/2004 and cheering-on Achilles/Brad Pitt.

ya, I admit BP is pretty damn hott in that movie.

not sure what is on my agenda for tomorrow.

I did tell my daughter and her friends that I would take them to iHop for breakfast tomorrow morning.

after that; I'm sure I'll be taking the girls home,

and then Ash wants to go clothes shopping.

clothes shopping... I can't wait.

another little 'errand' that grandma jo loved doing.

I really do miss that 'old woman'...

ok, was just 'informed' I need to make

my parmesan popcorn.

so my daddy-duties are calling,

anybody else need me to be their daddy? anybody???

good nite all...

02 Sept 2012/8:15am

good morning everyone.

just a quickie before breakfast.

(don't I wish)

was up last night until nearly 1am,

that damn movie is like 3hrs long.

the girls all barely stayed awake themselves,

and then just crashed in the living room.

I will say this tho;

I came downstairs about 3omin ago,

and the coffee was already made and a few of the girls had already showered. impressive.

I'm guessing they really, REALLY want iHop this morning. yes, we did indeed have my unbelievable buttermilk pancakes yesterday morning,

but these girls were talking of strawberry crepes and chicken fried steak all night long during

the movie last night.

so apparently I will be taking a wash cloth shower and then putting my hair into a ponytail.

ya, my hair is extremely long now, even longer than when I used to bump-and-grind for a living.

not sure if I'm willing to keep-up the hair care,

or if I'll cut it back down to be currently in-style.

time will tell.

hey, thanks to all of you who wrote me in the last 24hrs to give me your opinion of my additional pages.

(one email in particular totally made me smile)

I really do appreciate you guys.

ok, I've gotta get back upstairs and get ready,

I've been told to be AIS (ass in seat) in the car in 15min. happy sunday everyone...


hi guys.

just getting ready to go to bed,

so I thought I'd just say goodnight.

was a crazy, interesting day to say the least.

had it's ups, its downs, and disappointments...

don't worry, I won't bore you guys tonight.

ok then, good nite. 

03 Sept 2012/11am

good 'early' afternoon.

will be leaving here shortly and head-out to west covina for a bbq filled fiesta.

I'm thinking I may indeed have a pitcher of marg's

(or two OR more).

it really is wonderful having a teenage daughter that

has a drivers license...

gives a 'new meaning' to the term 'designated driver'.

*just kidding... maybe.

so I'm going to get cleaned-up,

and then we will be outa here for the mexi-godfathers.

happy monday...

07 Sept 2012/7am

again, the SoCal area had a few earth shakers last night, around midnight I was awaken by a rumbling,

a moving bed,and some anxious pets.

finally got back to sleep around 2am...

so anyway; good morning;

it's friday... and an exciting one!

*it's date night.

will be going to newbury park w/Ash for a school function, and then afterwards we both will go our seperate ways on our 'friday night dates'...

l.g. and I will be heading to a late-dinner-party

that is work related,

and Ash is 'triple-dating' w/a few of her gf's.

busy night ahead.

anyway, here's another tid-bit of

knowledge for you;

according to a few 'very reliable sources',

my former wife is now reading my web site semi-weekly. well good for her.

and as I told my informer; I really could give a shit!!!


so anyway, this week has been fairly busy;

just a squirrel trying get a 'nut', 'literally!!!

I've basically cleansed my inbox as well as I possibly could, and re-established contact with a few important people that I had lost touch with.

and also tried to email as many of you that I could.

thank you all for being so very patient with me during my brief hiatus.

I will try not to let you guys down again...

have to go human/animal food shopping now,

will check-in a little later... 

Happy Zombie Friday!!!


good evening my friends.

just wanted to say 'hi' before I begin my 'nite out'.

won't be in before midnight, and then after about a few minutes of sleep, will be enroute to west covina to pick-up the mexi-godfather in the rv.

huge game tomorrow for the ucla bruins,

we'll see how they measure-up against a top 25 team. anyway; win or lose,

it will be a fun time for all I'm sure.

ok then, gotta clean-up before heading to 'the game' in newbury park, and then onward to west hollywood.

hope you all have an entertaining friday night,

I know 'I will'!!!

*wow, just re-read the above entry; too damn bad the 'daddy kiss drinking game' folded...  

08 Sept 2012/8am


I'm hung-over, tired, hungry, groggy,

and kinda in a shitty mood.

last night's football game went the way I thought it would; the team lost: 42-3... (ugh!!!)

I also was able to watch part of the sfgiants game

against the dodgers,

thanks to one of the other dads having a tv app on his tablet. (sfgiants won)

after the football game was over,

I met l.g. at her office building and then we took one car together to her work function;

that's where the 'fun' began. (sarcastically said!!!)

the meet/greet started-out uneventful,

that is until a few 'pieces of shit' got stupid-drunk and started to throw their weight around.

(yes both these fuck-heads were disgustingly fat)

anyway, these two began to tag-team every couple in

the reception room about various subjects;

dodgers, lakers, city council, tax reform and politics.

and if you disagreed with any of their opinions,

they berated you into the ground.

oh, and apparently 'my pony-tail' somehow attracted the attention of both these 'shit-eaters';

and I think they thought they both could just come over and give me an 'earful' of what they had been

doing to everyone else.

guess what? they were so mistaken!

senior partner or not,

I wasn't going to listen to another second of the fat-man's bullshit opinions.

and when he reached-up to grab my hair,

I instinctively grabbed his hand and proceeded to squeeze it so hard, his other claw dropped the beverage it was holding. well, that got me a pretty 'sour look' from l.g.'s boss,

another senior partner. who told her later that 'maybe' it would be best if she not bring 'me' to any more of their office parties, as I couldn't 'play along'. what an asshole.

after that little incident,

I was pretty much grumpy the rest of the night.

even though the 3 other couples at our table told me 'not' to worry about it,

as those two always get drunk and act stupid.

the food was excellent though;

I had beef wellington, cheddar mash,

and a veggie medley.

not to mention about 10 glasses of scotch/rocks (seriously),

and a few flutes of the bubbly.

*no, I didn't yak. but maybe I should have...

yes, l.g. did drive me home, but 'did not' stay the night.

as I admit I 'was' being an ass afterwards.

ok, I just called her and apologized.

she said she had already forgave me,

and she is excited for the ucla game today.

normaly I'm not a mean-drunk;

hopefully it was just the situation that incited me.

ok ok, I need to put last night behind me,

have another cup of coffee and start to get ready.

btw, this house is a little erie at night when your all alone and really fucked-up!

will check-back later today when I get back

from the game.

*Ash' triple-date went wonderful, she really likes this guy. and she spent the night at her bff's house.

(yes, I checked; sprint family locator is a great device)

have a great saturday everyone...    

11 Sept 2012/9pm

with today, being the 11th anniversary of the

'World Trade Center attacks',

everything I have going on is put into true perspective.

everyone has 'life situations' they must deal with daily,

and sometimes while 'living life' and bitching & complaining about 'small things' I truely forget how blessed I am...

I freely admit that I am not what you would call

a very religous man,

but I do realize that I have been relatively lucky

these past few years.

so with those thoughts flooding my little brain today,

I decided to do something I had never done before;

visit a local cementary and lay flowers on the graves

of complete strangers.

I did not tweet this activity,

nor am I writing this to receive any sort of recognition.

I'm just letting you all know what I did today.

actually, I was not alone.

grandpa jack arrived back in the states this morning.

after picking him up at LAX and having breakfast

at the local iHop,

(which is now a 'Kiss family tradition)

we both hit-up a local flower shop and purchased 10 dozen long stem roses (mostly white & yellow).

*we actually had to visit a few different shoppes to acquire this amount,

and we did get 2 dozen of them in red for babies.

and then spent the rest of our morning at

a nearby memorial park.

after placing a single rose on many remembrance stones, grandpa jack and I sat down on a nearby bench which was shaded by a huge oak and we both became emotional.

after our morning together,

jack took a nap and I proceeded with the rest

of my normal activities;

laundry, animals, groceries, housework, dinner...

and now as I sit here typing this entry,

the four of us; Jack, Ash, Elli (story coming) and myself are currently watching the history channel's broadcasts

of 9/11 programming.

hmmm... well, the two girls are watching the tv,

I'm listening/watching and typing,

and jack... is sound asleep.

plus, we have dogs laying everywhere.

ok then, that's enough for now.

hope everyone has an excellent week, I'll be back soon.

12 Sept 2012/8pm

hi guys...

just a quickie, I'm not feeling too well.


wasn't too busy today, just the normal everyday stuff. jessica arrived this afternoon from vegas;

she was going to come down yesterday,

but the crazy thunder storms delayed her for a day.

so now with grandpa jack back, and jess here;

the family is finally back together.

also we have a new addition to our family;

a classmate of Ash' is going to live with us at least thru the holidays as her mother has family business to attend to

out of the united states.

(Elli is part of girl6)

the mexi-godfather and a few of his relatives will be here tomorrow til sunday finishing up the back fence line.

so there you go; now you all know what's going-on

at casa kiss.

sorry, I really don't feel well.

I think Ash and I caught some 'back-to-school' virus thing,

it fucking sux...

alrighty I'm going to crash early tonight,

I'll 'try' to check-in tomorrow.

oh, some of you wanted to see a pic...

I just posted one on the September.2012 page;

my hair is a little longer and I'm a few months older now.

but I'm still kinda good-lookin.

ok then, bed tyme. nite.  

14 Sept 2012/6am

good morning.

I've been up since 4am, and awake since 2am...

I spent the entire day upstairs in bed yesterday, sick.

I'm feeling 'a little' better, just groggy and a bit weak.

jessica was attending to my every need

(well, not EVERY NEED mind you),

bringing me food, drink and whatever,

but would only let me eat chicken noodle soup

(which I loathe),

and flooded me with sugar-free power aide drinks.

basically all I did yesterday was sleep, drink and piss

all day. oh ya, I bitched and moaned just a little too.

I fucking hate being sick and dependent on others.

ok then. not sure whats on my agenda today.

I do know that there is a high school game tonite and a college game tomorrow I'd like to attend,

I'll have to see if I'm up for it.

as for this very moment;

grandpa jack is outside right now taking care of my poop duties, and feeding those huge beasts that live out there.

the girls are all still asleep, and I'm drinking a Monster, watching sportscenter and typing this up.

I'm thinking I want some breakfast;

scram-eggs, bacon and english muffins.

and maybe some fresh fruit.

ok. I'm hungry, talk soon...

to be continued on 'my thoughts.9.2'...