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my thoughts...

COMPLETED: 30 Oct 2010/10pm

(14 April 2010 - 30 October 2010)

*a place to say what's on my mind,

‚Äčand in my heart...

12 Apr 2010

a movie isn't complete...

                    ...without popcorn!!!

 where in the hell is ziggy?

m&m's: plain, peanut, almond, now pretzels?

what else are they planning on shoving in there? 

5 May 2010

happy cinco de mayo

so when exactly did 'we' in america start to celebrate this

mexican holiday?

I cannot remember the very 1st time I did.

but, what a great excuse to drink marg's and

eat bean burritos...


where dreams come true,


not a very big gamer, but;

a very entertaining game to play on your PC,

especially on-line against others...

a fantastic sandwich: skippy 'chunky' peanut butter on oroweat honey wheat berry bread,

with knott's berry farm blackberry preserves and 2 thin leafs of standard ice berg lettuce...

sounds funky, but give it a try.

it's like celery & peanut butter w/the sweetness

of the blackberries...

An Exceptional Movie:

I remember watching this movie on a 12'' b/w tv in 1974 when I was 10 years old.

it scared the hell out of me.

especially since my moms ass-hole boyfriend told me the 'creatures' were hiding in the new mexico desert,

and we were currently living on the edge of town in albuquerque, nm.

I dont think I slept for a month after this...

Dude the cat

16 Apr 1995-13 Feb 2009

I had never had a cat before DTC,

but my ex-wife had Dude before me,

so it was a package deal.

It's crazy how much I miss him...

1 July 2010

Can you remember 'life before cell phones'?

Well, I do, and sometimes I really miss it...

Being unreachable at times was nice.

31 July 2010

Diet CokeTM... there is no substitute!!!

15 Aug 2010

so, when did NASCAR become an arena for the display of 'idiotic road rage'?

I'm not a very big fan, but do listen to the happenings on ESPN.

and cannot believe the actions of 'some' of these drivers. maybe they should have boxing rings in the middle of the race tracks for these emotional land-pilots to help 'fuel' their disputes after each race.

or better yet:

wrestling matches!!!

they could even have colorful names:

 Jimmie 'the jet' Johnson

Kevin 'the hammer' Harvick

Jeff 'the Cali-Kid' Gordon

Kyle & Kurt 'the cry babies' Busch

'lets get ready to rumble!!!'

19 Aug 2010

Why is it, that only good -looking, young, thin 

people are the ones you see in all the fast-food adverts?




catch it!!!

23 Aug 2010

to have been 'in-love' once before is a very special feeling;

to be 'in-love' again will be beautiful,

and to 'be-loved', magical...

25 Aug 2010

United States Marine Corps

25 August 1981-14 August 1987

29 years ago today: Boot Camp

(damn, I guess I 'am' getting old!)

Semper Fi

Sergeant G. A. Kiss, USMC 81-87...

have you ever wondered what are the thoughts of everyone while they wait to go to sleep?

(when your just laying there, eyes closed, stretched out, mind racing, shutting down...)

I'm sure for most, its money related: bills, food, clothing, everyday essentuals. or maybe it's about the dick-head you work for/with...

but what about the elite-class?

what objectives occupy their brain space as they await the sandman to arrive?

with money possibly being the very least of the worries of the upper echelon (and I am being very serious by the way), I'm interested in what these people who have been placed on a pedestal think about during the quiet moments?

just curious...

(I realize 'everyone' has worries, responsibilities and so forth; I wonder how many have 'thoughts' of a normal non-high-profile life? I can't imagine not being able to just go grocery shopping without being bothered one way or another, it must get tire-some at times, seriously! to always smile, be photogenic, polite, autographs, constantly on stage. and have the stalker-fans, rag-mags, tmz...)

just curious...

as for me?

I like to think of times past; my dad, pops, gram, and the moments we shared as I grew up. places I've been, people I've known. (I figure you spend all day coping with the 'todays' and the 'tomorrows', so when I lay down most nights, I enjoy my own highlight-reel of the 'yesterdays').

29 Aug 2010

I had my '1st starbucks coffee' today; was some icy,choco-froth, double shot thing-a-ma-jig...

(I guess I can see what the hype is all about, it was pretty damn good.)

BUT, if I am going to swallow 3000 calories, I'd just as soon have a 'double-double' and fries from In & Out.

busy nite here in hollywood, ca. for LAPD.

its almost 12am, and the eye in the sky has been

on a constant flight path over head for hours.

not that I'm in a bad area (hotel rez was made by a friend),

but I think I will stay in another sector next time I'm in town.

unless of course I would get an invite from anyone with

an extra guest room; perferably a director looking for a

fresh movie idea and likes to play chess or gin rummy...

(I'd even cook breakfast in the morning: pecan/wheat pancakes, scram-eggs w/cheese & chives, canadian bacon and o.j.) lol

good-nite LA, I luv ya...

I've been driving the I-15 between

Los Angeles, Ca and Las Vegas, Nv since Sept 1984.

I'm going to guess-timate roughly 100-110 round trips in all.

About 100 miles south of Vegas is an exit; Zzyzx Road:

I always love seeing this sign.

(just like this morning)

You can't spend your whole life planning what'll make you happy tomorrow or you'll never be happy today.

You've got to do it now.

30 Aug 2010

I normally don't engage in 'star' gazing,



I believe in my heart,that this womans beauty

goes deep within her soul...

(and you know what?, I almost feel wierd saying this for just 'anyone' to read. not that R.W. would ever see this, but god forbid if someone saw this and assumed I was some crazed fan stalker sort, and informed her of my posting, that would be horrific.

its like a 'normal' everyday guy like myself, can no longer give any sort of compliment to the opposite sex anymore without there being any kind of under-tones or a hidden agenda lingering. hell, in this day and age, there is a creep on every street corner, and

I know they've always been there, but the internet just brings them up to the surface for all to see. so I can truely understand how women have to protect themselves even more these days. and I do know a thing or two about security.

so listen, I'm just a plain and simple fan of the beautiful woman pictured above.

I cannot help the fact that just the sight of her, or the sound of her voice makes my heart beat faster, and reminds me of a time when 'young love' was pure, new and simple.)


31 Aug 2010

Memories are like a morning fog;

rising up at random moments,

to hang thick and real,

before slipping away under the sun's demand,

for yet another day...

author unknown, heard on:

espn/30 for 30: little big men

5 Sept 2010

Sometimes I miss being married;

the companionship, moments shared,

and especially traveling together.

I have my kids (2 cats, 5 dogs)

with me in my RV right now,

(on a trip to LA, Ca)

but they don't seem to really care

when I point out something of interest.

Like the huge thermometer

in Baker, Ca;

or even the

spectacular waves

along the Pacific Coast Highway.

But my god;

take them to a dog run park,

or throw some chewable pig ears on the floor,

and they go insane.


the 'Kiss Twins' (my cats),

are abit more easily amused.

A laser pointer at night,

and they turn into a couple of 5 year old kids

on Christmas morning.

And one more thing;

I had alot more room in the bed,

with just the ex.

Now, I have to share my sleep-space

with 2 pillow hogs, and 5 moody,

peein' at all hours of the night, turd laying mammels.

But, I do love them all so much!

the 'infamous' Kiss Twins

Cali-black fore paws

Neva-white fore paws

8 Sept 2010


why do I watch

'giada at home'

on the Food Network?


because I can...

11Sept 2010

So, I'm sure there are certain things everyone remembers being told not to do by your elders while growing up.

I know I do...

For example;

'don't chew your food with your mouth open'

'don't sit so close to the tv'

'don't look at and hide your grandfathers Playboy magazines'

(and this is my favorite):

'don't pee in a frisbee and tell your cousin it's orange juice'

you know, mostly just normal everyday life stuff...

but what I am always thankful for; is my Gram telling me, when I was just a pre-teen or so;

always open a door for a woman, regardless if you're with her or not;

if you 'are' with a woman, you must always help her with her dining chair;



talk about politics or wars outside of your home.

I can recall those days with my Gram (my mom's mom) as though they weren't over 30 years ago, and be thankful for 'all' she taught me.

Now with tomorrow being the 9th anniversary of the Sept 11th attacks, talk will be of everything as it happened, who is really to blame; and of course, the USA's involvement in our current wars in foreign lands.

I am not here to give my opinion on these matters, nor do I wish to hear anyone elses.

What I would like to say is this;

I am thankful that there are people who have enlisted in the U.S. Armed Forces to help keep America safe, and I truely think of the casulties every day.

It hurts my heart each and everytime I hear of a death of one of our Service Members.

May God bless their souls and give strength to the families.

With that being said:


September 11, 2001

'a day; everyone, everywhere; should never forget'

A day at the San Diego Zoo...

(warning: may be longer than you think)

Admission Fee's (2 adults, 7 kids)............$263.00 (thank goodness)

Souveniers.................................................$ 81.35

9 bottles of water; yes, WATER....$ 72.00

Lunch (2 adults, 7 kids).........................$ 175.00


Pizza Hut (after zoo).......................$47.50

Going home to my 2 cats & 5 dogs(alone)...... PRICELESS!

what in the world was I thinking? ... lol

my 2nd 'date' with a young lady, I have recently just gotten to know. it's her weekend with her kids, so I suggested taking them to the san diego zoo, as they have never been. and she calls me last night to 'ask' if her children can bring 'a friend', and of course, I say yes...

so; they arrive (almost an hour late), with 2 additional boys and 2 additional girls

(7 kids; 4 boys ages 6, 6, 8, 9 & 3 girls ages 10, 10, 11)

oh my god!!!!!

ok, I say to myself, 'I can do this'.

we finially get into the zoo after spending what was more than my 1st car payment ('83 trans am), and now its bathroom break time.

now, it's onward to the animals.

the outback area was very cool, the african animals were mine and the boys favorite.

the girls wanted to see the panda's (of course), this part of the park was crazy packed, but the little ones loved it, so... worth it. the lunch break was an adventure in itself, it took the little peeps longer to decide what they wanted to eat, than it took them to gulp down the chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers, fish sandwiches, burritos, pork rinds, chips, cracker jacks & cookies. I myself, had a very tasty grilled shrimp ceasar salad, and my she-friend had a steak sandwich with onion rings.

then it was back to the excitement of the zoo...

we let the kids dictate our journey path throughout the park, with each child taking turns in deciding which animal they wanted to see next; which worked out beautiful, because their little legs were getting just as tired as my older ones.

so, long story short (ya; I know, too late):

all in all, I had a fantastic time. the children were actually very well behaved, a couple of hic-cups, but nothing worth noting. by the end of the day; 4:45p, the kids were beaten to a pulp by the zoo, I actually had one of the 6yr old boys on my shoulders sound asleep as we exited the park.

as I assisted with the seatbelts, soveniers, balloons and so forth into the mommy-coach, my she-friends daughter came over to me and proceeded to give me one of the greatest hugs of my life, all the while thanking me for a wonderful day and saying she will remember 'this day'

how do you respond?

I said 'anytime', and told her she was a pleasure to get to know, and that she really helped out alot with the boys (which apparently, she always does). she then looked me in the eyes and said "out of all the men my mom goes out with, you are now my favorite"..........

(well now, needless to say her mothers face was bright pink).

the things kids, doesn't matter.

after following them to a pizza hut (the kids had wanted pizza at the zoo, but it looked terrible), I bought 4 pizzas and an order of wings. gave the 'group' 3 of the pies, said my goodbyes and headed for my rig.

so here I am; on a saturday night in san diego, sitting in my rv with my pets sound asleep and content, surrounding me like indians circling covered wagons in an old-time western, sipping a jack/diet-coke and reminiscing about todays events.

And I have come to the realization that I have just expierenced one of the greatest days of my life.

no matter what will become of my she-friend and I, the memories of today will live forever in the minds of the young children I had the honor of being in the company with today.

so just maybe, 60-70 years from now, when I'm no longer among the living, the memories of today will be recalled by one of my young friends and make them smile.


13 Sept 2010

Hey, entertainment executive people...

if you're going to schedule a meeting with someone,

and expect him/her to be at said appointment, on time, and attentive, shouldn't you be?

Don't be making MNF plans the entire time,

you asshole...

And then you call me to apologize?,

and want to re-schedule for Thursday?

oh yea, I'll be there alright...

and I'm bringing 2 of my siberian/wolf dogs with me,

to tear into your ball sack, swallow your tiny testi's,

and shit them out on your f*cking lawn.



oh by the way, yes; of course, I'll be there on Thursday.

(wear a cup, you moutha-f*cka!!!)

14 Sept 2010

ok, so I get up last nite

(have no idea what time... I went to bed @ 9p)

to let my dogs go pee.

and after coming back in,

I'm awake, so I turn on the tv and start to surf.

and I come across lamar odom (LA Lakers)

in a pool, participating in swim lessons.

hmmm.......this looks different,

so I start watching.

OMG!!!, no, its;

'keeping up with the kardashians'

and let me just say that;

I have NEVER, EVER watched one episode, seriously, not one.

in fact, I'm embarrassed to say I kept watching, but not as embarrassed to admit:

'I think I liked it'

dear god, no!!!

I actually watched 3 episodes,

and I only have one comment;

bruce, bruce, bruce,

come on man!

it's your house too, where's 'your' home-office?

the garage is your man cave?

no, no, no, no, no...

your 'the' bruce jenner!!!

get some!!!

*and by the way,

lamar, dont worry about the swim-thing;

I don't know of many people

who can do

'what you do' on the hardwood.

I just wish you had gone



I was asked today to post some pix of 'the siberians', so here are a couple of my favs:

nov '07

kimbers (9yrs) *passed: 05 Dec '09

& her pupz..

april '09

albert john/a.j. (5yrs)

march '09

elles (4mo.)

may '10

rustin (4mo.)

I can't find any of coley & chloe (the twins) on my laptop or my palm, its too late(1am) to take pix tonite (plus their all sleeping), so I will post theirs later today after we go for a walk...

( my Kimbers passed Dec '09)

Sept '10

coley (12yrs) *passed: 02 May '11

Sept '10

chloe (12yrs) *passed: 18 Oct 2011

I love my siberians...

*I got in trouble at Rosie's Dog Beach in Long Beach, Ca today,

for having 5 dogs on the beach at the same time.

ya, I saw the signs, but my dogs like to play together.

besides, there were not that many owners/dogs present,

and everyone there was having fun with my pupz.

Except for the poodle-lady,

who was trying (unsuccessfully) to pick-up the fireman,

and got pissed-off when she failed.

and then took it out on my dogs,

calling the beach patrol (who were very, very cool by the way),

who informed me I could only have 1 dog at a time.

so, I & my kids left.

thanks poodle-lady,

I'm sorry I was breaking the rules.

oh, and here is some words of advice for 'flirting';

don't wear high heels on the beach,

don't try and be something you're not,

and last but not least,

don't turn into a total psycho

when your ridiculous flirtatious advances are not reciprocated.

even your cute little poodle was enjoying herself with my dogs...


a bar

the name of each saloons a bar,

the fittest of its name by far.

a bar to heaven, a door to hell,

whoever named it, named it well.

a bar to all that's true and brave,

a door to every drunkards grave.

a bar to hope, wish and fare,

a door to cry, tears and despair.

a bar to hold you when you're bad,

a door to close after she's sad.

a bar to climb because it's there,

a door to walk thru if you care.

written by g.a.kiss/summer'84

while working security in reno, nv @ harrah's casino, I met a wide variety of individuals.

some famous, most not.

I did have the opportunity to meet

(& be security for)

Sammy Davis Jr.

in feb '89.

I was amazed how quiet he was during his 'down time' and the willingness he shared of stories of the golden days during the rat pack times.

I was just 25 back then, and tried not to show my excitment of talking with a real live superstar; but Sammy could tell I was nervous, yet he continued to talk with me as if we had been friends forever.

what a wonderful, wonderful human being.

I cried the day he died.

is it just me?,

or does diet coke just taste better

with jack daniels

over ice,

in a 16oz tumbler

while watching a re-run of

everyone loves raymond at 12:40am?

my top 10 favorite movies:

(listed by year)

61* (2001)

Forrest Gump (1994)

Rudy (1993)

Goodfellas (1990)

Ishtar (1987)

Top Gun (1986)

Aliens (1986)

Silent Running (1972)

Guess who's coming to dinner (1967)

the Wizard of Oz (1939)

it was very hard for me to only list '10' ...

(its more like 100, seriously)

***and my holiday fav's:

Four Christmases (2008)

Bad Santa (2003)

While You were Sleeping (1995)

the Ref (1994)

Home Alone (1990)

Christmas Vacation (1989)

Scrooged (1988)

A Christmas Story (1983)

How the Grinch stole Christmas (1966)

Rudolf the Red Nose Raindeer (1964)

after I watch a movie for the 1st time, I like to imagine 'different' actors/actresses

in the lead roles.

I have no idea 'why' I do this, I just always have.

16 Sep 2010

after hearing so many stories concerning the mtv video music awards that aired last sunday, I decided to abolish my viewing ban on said award show,

(have not watched since the 2002 awards)

and watched a replay today on mtv.

ok, so I guess I enjoyed bits & pieces, could have done without some of the performers though.

(will keep my dis-likes to myself)

and another thing, why does mtv still have this award show giving tribute to music video's?


oh sure, they program 'vids' 3:15a til 3:25a,

otherwise, it's the reality shows, music news,

and info-mercials...

maybe once every 'blue moon' or so, mtv and/or vh1 will decide to throw us all a bone and treat us to a music video flashback weekend.

well, I guess the powers to be know what the hell their doing and such (as I'm sure the advertisement monies are more lucrative with the programming they have now established); I just feel like they've lost all touch with the idea to which the channel was designed for:


"I want my MTV" back!

and another thing, lets bring back some real music.

I'm all for freedom of speech and so forth, but my god, this crap-rap is just too much sometimes.

(does every other word have to be f*ck, really!?)

even if some of the 'artists' are indeed colorful individuals, maybe they can expand and diversify their careers and 'sing a song' just once.

could you imagine one of these 'boom-boom artists' singing white christmas with only a piano for an accompaniment?

I would love it, and who knows, may be its been done already, I don't know...

17 Sep 2010

my (new) rig:

18 Sept 2010

this is my favorite part of my day.

it's 12:30am, so quite where I am, a soft cool breeze is coming in thru my open windows, all my pets are safe and sound asleep.

I'm drinking a diet 7up and listening to soft jazz on the radio.

very peaceful and surreal.

it's times like this, that makes life worth living.

and let me just say that whoever reads these scribbles of mine,

I hope you all have moments like this.

god bless and good night.

18/19 Sept 2010

Bruins win...

I was surprised by the amount of inquiries I received concerning my extra Bruin tickets for todays game, and 'everyone' I talked with, texted and emailed today were very, very nice.

*I really had no idea that 'real' people have actually been reading this stuff I write, and I appreciate the replies and comments so much.

so, I get a phon-call this morning at zero-dark thirty (5am), and it was a young man inquiring about the tickets, and I was sooo asleep.

well, after I reliezed what was going on, I told him that he was the 1st to ask (its 5am!!!), if he wants 'em, they're his. he was so excited, and I didn't understand why, as the game wasn't a sell-out.

I tell this 'kid' I will call him back later this morning, about where to meet, and get the tickets.

a couple hours later, after I've had my coffee and I'm driving to play golf, I call the number back that he gave me, and an ederly woman answers the phone that doesn't seem to speak english very well. and needless to say my spanish is quite messy, I can understand some, but trying to make myself verbally legible speaking spanish without slobbering all over my chin, is in itself a miracle. so as we 'try' to communicate, a younger boy gets on the phone and immediately introduces himself and speaks 'perfect' english. apparently, it was his older brother that called me at the crack of dawn before he left to sell bags of fruit during the day. and the tickets are to be a gift for their grandfather's 80th birthday. as grandpa is a huge fan of ucla, and has never been to a game. alrighty then...

after my way-over-par game of stick & mis-placed balls, I head back to my home on wheels and take a nap, after the dogs empty their bladders of course.

an hour & 1/2 nap can do wonders for your day.

I'm up, showered, groomed, dogs done their business and I'm dressed in my ucla kick-ass gear

(a ucla polo, w/cargo shorts & flip-flops)...

I've checked out of the rv park and am enroute to pick up the grub for the tail-gater, when my young 5am friend calls me back to say he and his grandfather are leaving via bus to get to the game. bus to the game?????

nope, a grandfather taking a bus on his 80th birthday for his first ever bruin game, that just doesn't work for me. so, I'm enroute to west covina; never been there. mini-adventure time.

45min later,

I arrive at this adorable brightly colored stucco home of my 5am wake-up call. I have children all around my rig, my dogs barking with excitment (they love kids), and I venture out into the wilds of west covina.

I am greeted at the door by a large assembly of beautiful & gracious people, and the aroma exiting the house was incrediable...

I meet the entire family, 1 by 1, so many; all are smiling, all are just so nice. I meet my alarm clock, and then grandpa. what a wonderful, wonderful family.

alright; it's time to go, I have food to pick up and so forth. as we are getting ready to leave, grandma and others bring out lots of containers of home-made mexican food: tamales, enchilada's, beefy burrito's, quesadilla's, all the fajita fix'ins, refried beans, tortilla chips, avacado's, guacamole, salsa... unbelievable.

I am in heaven!!!

Mexican food is my favorite.

so what do I do?

I invite the entire family to come to the game,

all 23...

(at first they decline my offer, but I win).

grandpa, grandma, and 5 kids ride with me

(the most people I have had in my rig, driving),

my dogs are going crazy, they are people-lovers, and they smell the food, not today kidz!

the rest follow us in 5 vehicles.

we got ourselves a convoy...

I make my food stops, get soda's and we get to the stadium by 5:30p, 2 hours before kickoff...

and the party that followed is one I will never forget. and no alcohol for me, I'm driving.

I purchase 24 general admission tickets, give my 4 season tix to my morning golf partner (who is eating all the enchilada's by the way), and then what happens next, defies logic:

Houston 13

Bruins 31

thank you ucla, thank you.

so here I am,

parked in a driveway in west covina, ca.

its 1:55am;

sunday, 19 september 2010

I got married 11 years ago today.

(been divorced for 2 years)

its a crazy life, you need to enjoy every moment...

there is an 80 year old mexican man, coming out of his house every now and then, and walking around my rv with a flashlight (he is doing this now, again), he smokes a cigerette on his rear patio after he circles, and goes back into the home he has owned for over 40 years.

I feel safe here, especially with my own private mexican militia man, no one fucks with the old man in his neighborhood, no one...

19 Sept 2010

I am once again awaken by a phone call by the same person, this time its 7:30am and my 'bus' is parked in his grandparents driveway.

within minutes, there is a knock on my door, dogs are going crazy, I'm still tired.

I have just been brought a pot of mexican coffee (strong), a basket of muffins, rolls, warm home-made bread and some jam & butter, best room service I've had in years. before I can enjoy any of this, I have a responsibility to 'walk the dogs', I'm assisted by little people dressed in little suits and dresses, their sunday best. we attract attention, 5 siberian huskies will do that on a regular basis. I love my dogs, everyone loves my dogs. I have poop bags with me, and the cutest little girl in a pink dress decides since she doesn't have a dog on a leash (5 dogs being walked by 12 kids, 1 adult), she is in charge of cleaning up my dogs piles. I don't let her do it, she is too adorable to be a pooper-scooper this morning. we get back to the house/my rig and there is a group of nicely dressed adults waiting, with sausages for my dogs. I need caffeine!

my kidz are now in the backyard of my current landlord, I can hear them barking and having fun, please don't jump on any of the children.

apparently; I am going to a catholic service today, I have 35min to get ready. I drink the coffee in the shower, swallow a blueberry muffin and am dressed and ready to rock & roll with 12min to spare.

I haven't worn a suit/tie since I sold my security & investigation company, over a year now.

I'm embarrassed to say how long it's been since I've been to church on a Sunday.

the last time I was in a church at all, was on march 8, 1996 to give my fathers eulogy.

and I have never been to a catholic service.

what an experience it was, and so many people, so many people...

and today is the 'official birthday party' for grandpa, so my plans to be back home in vegas by this evening have changed, once again.

It's currently 2:20pm, sunday afternoon, my dogs are 'dead' tired sleeping on the floor, who knows what they have eaten today. the cats are in the windows, watching the birds in the trees.

I have a bucket of corona beer on ice sitting next to my laptop as I punch this out, along with freshly made tortilla chips & salsa.

I may live here in this west covina driveway for the rest of my life.

birthdays have always been a huge part of my being; mine, my families, friends, whoever I may be associated with.

we celebrate 'our births', I strongly believe in this. and I'm a huge giver, of what I can; so today, for grandpa's 80th birthday, he will receive the remainder of my bruin season tickets (minus 2 for the SC game). and I have just arranged transportation for him and his guests to and from each game, no bus needed grandpa.

ok, it's nap time.

it is a bit noisy outside, as the preparations for the party continues.

I have many earplugs to choose from, I'll sleep.

the pinata beatings start at 5p, I'll be rested, ready, and prepared.

margarita-ville, forth coming...

(to be continued, possibly after my hangover)

20 Sept 2010

thank you to

'the Palacios Family'

for a wonderful weekend.

grandpa's 80th birthday party

was a fantastic affair.

beautiful enviroment, excellent food,

and the opportunity to be among so many

loving and caring people...


before the feeding frenzy

spicy, spicy food...

veggie & fajita area

taco bell? del taco? not!!!

thank you, ms L.

nachos 'des' heartburn...

well, here I am.

it's 11:15p; and I'm in rancho cucamonga, ca. I had a slight mishap today as I was on my way home to

las vegas.

my tow car had a blow-out in the passanger rear tire, and by the time I could safely pull my rig over, the tire was shreaded and the rim was thrashed.

so, I'm here until wednesday/noon.

thats when my replacement rim will be delivered,

I really just want to go home.

word of the day:


1. firm adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

2. the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished. to preserve the code of artistic and ethical value; incorruptibility.

21 Sept 2010

just got back from the rancho cucamonga dog park

@ etiwanda creek community park.

spent almost 2 hours there, what a great place.

this is why I will 'never' scuba...

22 Sept 2010

after 2 weeks in the rig, I'm finially back in vegas.

I love being home.

had my kitchen re-modeled while I was gone:

(thought I'd share a pic, before I dirty it up).

I love to cook.

anyone want to come over for dinner?

23 Sept 2010

you ever been so tired you just can't sleep?

I laid down at approx 9p tonite,

and I just tossed and turned for a couple hours.

so; here it is, just past midnite

and I'm in my backyard with

the 'kiss-dogs 5'

looking at this incredible bright full moon,

drinking a chocolate milk.


I just want to go to sleep...

(just too much on my mind to relax).

I love a full moon.

got a phone call a couple hours ago,

from a former girlfriend (1982).

she now lives overseas,

and told me she has been enjoying my website

over the past couple months.

I guess that's why it's called

the 'world-wide-web.'

Hi Leeza,

was very nice to hear from you.

(and I appreciate you staying up late to talk)

September 23, 2010

Happy '90th' Birthday

Mickey Rooney

was invited to a

private screening



WOW!!! great movie.

I did not expect that, makes you think...

(I give it a 8.5/10)

a good date-flick

thanks for beating the padres, dodger boys;

not sure what I'm going to do when I move to LA and have to hear about them 'dodgers' all the time.

you see; I was born in the bay area, and have been a 'giants' fan since birth.

(I do love the lakers...)

I'm not the typical dodger-hating giants fan though, in fact, I can still remember cheering for the boys in 'blue' every single time they played the yanks in the world series during the 70's; those are some great memories.

I don't know how many games I will attend at chavez ravine, but if the giants are not in town, I'm sure I will cheer on the home team.

having been in the LA area these past couple of weeks, and watching the local news at night, you hear more about the pending divorce concerning the team, than the team itself.

having gone thru the big 'D' myself, it really does suck, let alone having it on the news almost every night.

hey jamie, if you want to go to a dodgers-giants game next year, I'll take ya. even get you a giants cap to wear... 

(just kidding; jamie...maybe) 

24 Sep 2010

so. I'm laying here @ 11:40p in my bed, with a 101.4 temp (down from 102.9) wondering where I caught this disgusting 'bug'.

I usually don't complain, but I didn't accomplish a damn thing today; I have alot to catch up on, and I slept this whole day away.

I can remember being sick once as a child, and having my 'grandma kiss' stay home from work to take care of me.

I wish she had been here today; I miss the grilled cheese w/chicken soup, tang drink w/7up, the smell of my pillow, and the sound of her voice.

my medication is kicking in again, g'nite...

25 Sept 2010

you know the euphoria you experience once you immediately feel better from a sickness?, thats exactly what I'm going through this very moment after being in bed the last 33+ hours.

good damn thing, I have so much to do today it's exhausting just to think about.

first things first, I need to go out back and attend to the many 'siberian land mines' that have been awaiting my attention during my down time.

(siberian land mines: unlike the little pebbles that poodles, chihuahuas and the like leave on the ground daily, siberians deposit massive stinky mounds of exploding dog waste that should not go unattended. *note: please don't ask me how I know they 'explode'.)

I figure I spend 15min a day scooping cat litter and shovelin' the love piles my kidz leave for me. that calculates out to 91 hours and 15 minutes a year; or 3 days, 19 hours and 15 minutes.

so with all this 'waste' of knowledge I have just shared,

I have a question:

so, who the hell is the pet?, and who is the owner here?

as for myself;

I know who rules the roost in my casa, and it sure ain't me!

I'm thinking it's the cats,

or as they are known by their professional name;

'the kiss twins'.

even the siberians know the cats are the boss...

don't you just hate it,

when you go to the grocery store


and then while you are checking-out,

you notice

all the 'wtf' food

you have in your cart...

(brussel sprouts? are you kidding me?)

September 25, 2010


#7Texas 12


I should have known something like this was possible today,

as I had seen this earlier:

and just as soon as bigfoot comes over, I can serve him (or her) those disgusting little brussel sprouts that magically appeared in my shopping cart this morning...

26 Sept 2010

it's football sunday,

and I'm watching a classic on tcm:

'a patch of blue'

(I do have a couple games on other TV's with the sound off though)...


the following 'entry' may be

long, boring, and maybe

a little personal.

but, it's on my mind:

so, my mothers 64th birthday is coming up in a week (yes, I was a high school unplanned baby);

and it has been 11 years since I've talked to her.

and the shit-in-the-can is;

I have tried on numerous occasions to contact her by mail and/or phone.

(email had yet to catch on)

and I even drove to her home once;

600 miles away, a couple years back

(apparantly, she and my step-dad were on a carribean cruise at the time, as it was her 60th birthday).

so I left her a card, gift and an additional note asking her to call me; and then,


not even a thanks for the card, gift or the fact I drove over 10 hours to see her on her birthday.

the last time I talked with her (august 8, 1999) was 6 weeks prior to my wedding, to confirm all the plans we had made;

then she and my gram (her mom) do a no show!

I was devastated, to say the least.

my first 'real' marriage

(my 'other' was/is an even stranger story)

and my own mother doesn't want to take part. well, needless to say I was quite upset, and it took awhile for me to even want to talk to her again. but I did try, especially around the holidays, her wedding anniversays, and of course, her birthdays.

I do have an idea of what the problem may be?,

that I married the wrong woman!

(according to my ex, that is...)

prior to 'dating' my now former wife, I had been engaged to another woman for almost a year, and my mother and grandmother simply adored this woman. but, as I found out while she was away for one of her business sabaticals, she was 'screwing' someone else. well, that was that.

so I moved out, the day I was told.

in fact, because 'she' was the bread winner in our relationship

(this was before my security consultation/investigation business),

and I was still working in the private security sector earning just above a livable wage, and because I had abruptly moved out so quickly;

I ended up living in my car for a short period of time.

(which makes you really appreciate what you have, still own that '94 4runner, in my garage)

it was about 6 months later that I met my future wife, through my work contacts.

and that is when 'everything' seemed to change.

both my mother and gram came to vegas after we moved in together, and the dis-likes among the females apparantly began, unbeknowst to me.

I am still not totally sure of whatever happened, if anything, that caused this hatred towards the ill-feelings of all the women in my life.

and I may never know.

my ex-wife had always said it was because of my choice of being married to her instead of my former fiance' .

(I'm forcing myself to be nice, using the word fiance') but I could never confirm this, because of the lack of contact from my mother/gram.


I had called my grandmother/gram every sunday for the past 15 years

(even when I was stationed in japan for a year),

just to talk and share our weekly updates. this ended on may 9, 1999 which so happened to be mothers day, and 4 months before my wedding.

I called 5 times that day, even asked my mom what was wrong when I talked with her. her reply was:

"I don't know"

she knew, she just didn't want to tell me.

and as far as my mother is concerned;

I will not totally embarrass her

(as she is still my mother)

by describing her faults as a mother or wife.

but; I will bring up the fact she is currently on her 4th marriage (of 28 years).

so, apparently she made a mistake or two, or three along the way.

I never judged her for her actions,

and accepted whatever man she brought into my life while I was being shuffled around from relative to relative growing up.

so what gives/gave her the right to judge me on my choice of a potential life long mate?

aren't parents suppose to support their children,

no matter what?

(disagree, sure; but support, always...)

that's how I feel anyway.

I don't have any children of my own,

(which my ex said was an issue with my mom),

but my former step-daughter

(who is just gorgous inside & out)

and I still have a fantastic relationship.

my mother had always told me for as long as I can remember, that she had wanted a daughter.

guess what mom,

you had one for nearly 9 years,

along with a beautiful grand-daughter,

and you wanted nothing to do with them.

and one more bit of info during this 'rant' of my life;

my grandmother had apparently taken very ill during the winter of '03 and passed away

may 1st, 2004.

and I didn't find out until almost a year later,

thanks again mom.

so now, I am once again caught up with an emotional state of feeling guilty if I at least don't try and make contact/ammends with the woman who gave me life.

and here's one last thought for ya:

for the past 2 years,

I've had a better


with my former-mother-in-law than my own mother. don't figure.

27 Sept 2010

will be enroute to 'hot' southern california tonite (Mon.) for a wednesday lunch meet & greet.

no petz, no plans, no reservations...

I'm going to pretend as if I don't have a care in the world, and just go with the flow of things for the next couple of days.

should be interesting.

(actually, I do have to play grownup for the lunch thing, and then also meet with my real estate agent afterwards; would really love to be in my new house by the holidays.)

I love driving thru the mojave desert during the night. just me,

the top down,

a cooler full of diet coke,

and a 80's cd collection to rock my world.

See Ya......

los angeles, califonia

population: 4 million (+/-) ...

National Football League

32 Teams (2 in nyc)

why does l.a. 'not' have a nfl football team?

get off your pedestal nfl;

stop this impending strike before it happens,

and put a team in the greatest city in the world!

you idiotic spoiled rich boys...

28 Sep 2010

I had a very nice normal, uneventful day today in the world they call Los Angeles.

lunch at

roscoe's house of chicken and waffles on pico blvd,

(never been before, outstanding)

toured a couple different health clubs to join when I finially relocate here.

went to the santa monica pier,

(surprised at how many people were there/midday)

and talked with a homeless woman who had a dog on a rope. I gave her a leash with a collar that I had in the trunk of my car, along with a $20.00 bill.

she told me she was going to buy a beer cause it was so hot.

good for her,

whatever gets you thru your day mary.

I then drove south on pch until I came upon a secluded beach area that didn't have too many people, and watched the sunset against the beautiful pacific.

today, was a good day.

and I hope it was for you also.

good nite..

29 Sept 2010

even though my day didn't start out the exact way I had anticipated; it ended up being a very interesting and insightful one.

(and it's not over yet...)

to begin with,

my 9am meet/greet was over an hour late.

(ya; I know, I'm just a nobody, but come-on! 75 minutes late?, respect the plan, man!)

so, after 'the suit' finially arrives,

he informs me he mistakenly doubled-booked his morning today, and if I wouldn't mind having this meeting with his personal assistant.

What an intelligent, beautiful, wonderful young lady.

To begin with;

we leave the eatery that mr boss-man had wanted to meet at, and we splurge (the suit paid) at this place called the 'Coast' located in the

Shutters on the Beach Hotel/Santa Monica.

the bruchetta and crab louis salad, spectacular...

and my dining companion (ms. j), fantastic.

we spent over 2 1/2 hours talking today, about everything, and she loved my script.

so, as we are leaving the restaraunt, she calls

'the suit' and tells him she is going to take me to 'the lot' and show me around.

warner brothers studios, I loved it!

we were there for almost 4 hours, and I met a wide assortment of interesting people.

I'm not that easily impressed by the upper echelon of the 'walking, talking show-pieces', but some of the characters I met today were just so nice, normal and appeared pleased to meet me. (good acting?)

most, were just like everyday people.

I actually enjoyed talking with the on-site security just as much as meeting with the industry workers.

so; here I am right now plucking away on my laptop, before I clean-up and ready myself to 'hit-it' and wander the streets of L.A.

I was invited out by ms. j to join her and some friends for happy hour to-nite, but graciously declined.

Instead, I will be a man on a mission this evening.

I'm thinking of exploring some local area's that I would be interested in moving to.

I have a 11am with my RE agent tomorrow, and want to give her more of a general location, than just saying

 "I need a new home".

again, it was a pleasure meeting you all today;

and thank-you ms.j,

I really enjoyed your company...


30 Sept 2010

enjoyed my drive time last night.

actually traveled north west of the city,

and visited some area's of southern cal that I had never been to:

calabasas, hidden hills, west lake village, and agoura hills;

all very nice places.

may be out of my price range for what I'm looking for though.

would like to buy a home without having to sell my vegas one.

and because of all my animals,

I definately need a HUGE backyard area.

I am going to look at a couple props today in the

simi valley and bell canyon area's

that have plenty of space for the dogs to run.

but beside that, I have no idea what I'm in store for.

I really do want to live here.

after 22 years in nevada, I'm ready for a change.

just abit nervous though about leaving the comfort and security of everything I have gotten accustomed to,

especially with as many pets that I have.

and hopefully finding neighbors who I get along with,

that's always a crap-shoot I guess.

oh well, I'll make due.

shit, now I'm wondering if I'm doing the right thing?

I thought house-hunting was suppose to be fun?!

ok, I gotta go meet mrs real-estate for a day of hearing:

"now this property is just perfect for you."

but I do have a dinner invitation for tonite;

(something to look forward to)

the Palacios Family insist I come by,

(ya, like they had to twist my arm).

so, it's west covina for me tonite baby!

anybody reading this, have a house in their 'hood' for sale?,

I would be a fantastic addition to all those block parties...

just askin'.

when did realtors become therapists?

(not being a smart-ass)

let me explain:

I finially meet with the 'big boss' lady of the real-estate business I have been dealing with the past couple of months; and she reminds me of 'evelynn' from the series 'two and a half men'; seriously, no shit!

oh, and this unwritten rule about riding in the same vehicle together while driving from property to property?, no thanks!

it's bad enough listening to someone try to sell you something you're not interested in;

but to be under their total control, no way.

I was once engaged to an RE agent, I know all the tricks of the trade.

not that all sales people are total schmucks

(as I sold electronics/summer '88),

but I rank a realtor just underneath a politician and a car salesman for being untrustworthy.

just my opinion, based on past experiences.

*I also believe that one of the major reasons this country has been overwhelmed by an outrageous amount of forclosures,

is because of the number of ARM's

(adjustable rate mortgages)

that were given to buyers late in the 90's.

which meant realtors were selling people houses that were way above their financial capabilities, but giving them lower payments for 5-10 years, before exploding in their face.

(but all the banks and RE peeps made their money, so who cares right? assholes!!!)

ok, back to 'evelynn' and her devilish ways.

what does a 'huge backyard' for dogs mean?

it means A HUGE backyard lady, for dogs!

not a 10' x 15' piece of grass and a oversized swimming pool and bbq pit for entertaining.

so; after looking at 4 houses that took nearly 5 hours, including drive time, and as we were just finishing up at our 5th house,

(that was simply magnificient by the way),

she then starts to quiz me:

on my relationship status, what kind of a woman am I looking for, do I want kids, my business ventures, exactly how much 'more' I would be willing to spend on a house, and maybe I should consider giving away a couple of my dogs before I move.

WHAT???, my dogs?, my pets?, my kidz?

I couldn't believe my f*cking ears.

(was she kidding?, nope!!!)

and from the look on her face, I don't think she realized that she had said that out loud.

and the 'smart-ass' made that comment directly in front of the elderly retired couple whose home we had just finished viewing.

the 'surprised' look this couple had on their face's upon hearing that suggestion was in one word; disgusted.

so I calmly shook the hands of the owners we had previously inconvienced by just showing up,

(very unprofessional by the way), gave them my business card, and told them to call me. and after walking to my vehicle listening to this pathetic woman trying to redeem herself for being stupid, inconsiderate, and just plain 'mean';

I fired her dumb ass.

and needless to say I proceeded to chew her out like I'm sure nobody has ever talked to her before. she was by far; the most overrated, obnoxious, raceist, annoying, overhyped, wardrobe abusive bitch I have ever had to deal with in my life.

(yes, I used those 'exact' words to her face).

and 'evelynn', if you are reading this right now:


that is why boys and girls, you don't ride with the devil while they are showing you possible places to dwell.

so instead of running off to the nearest pub to repair and sooth my nerves,

(I pride myself on a calm, loving demeanor).

I drove to my hotel, got a change of clothing for dinner tonite, and currently, I am sitting here in a beach parking lot punching these key tabs while watching and listening to the waves hitting the beach, very soothing.

I would love a 'shot' of anything right now; but must pace my alcohol consumption today, as dinner with the Palacios family tonite promises to be another fun-filled margarita affair.

in fact, I just finished talking with 'grandpa' telling him what happened, his reply:

"let's go get her."

that man scares

and to think that I was going to break bread with that nazi-bitch today, makes my stomach sour.

it's no wonder her business is down, I'm surprised she is still breathing the way she talks/treats people...

back in the mob days, she'd already been entombed in a stadium somewhere.

ok, I'll stop, after all, she is someone's mother (unless she ate them when they were young).

that last comment made me laugh.

alrighty then, time for a walk on the beach.

1 October 2010

welcome to my world;

Hangover Friday

I don't know;

should I eat this or frame it?

enroute to

San Francisco, Ca

lets go


I hate, hate, hate airports!!!

1 game'...

the San Francisco Giants

need to win'1 damn game'

to win their division,

1 out of 3.

so far 0-2!

well; at least the weather is beautiful here in the bay area this weekend, so it's not a waste of a trip...

*I'm not that much of a sports fanatic, but I do love my bruins, 49ers, and giants.

and unlike 'some' fans who jump on the band wagon when their winning,

I have loved my big '3' since forever.

my family has always cheered for the usc trojans because of pop's affiliation (class of '28). my 1st ever sporting event was on saturday, 22 nov 1969 at the los angeles memorial coliseum, usc playing ucla (I still have the ticket stub).

the game was 2 days before my 6th birthday, but I can remember it as if it was earlier today. the smell of fresh cut grass, the noise of the crowd, my pop smiling ear to ear, and all those huge players on the field.

the trojans won 14-12.

I had no idea what a trojan or bruin was, and when I was told a bruin was a bear, well that was it for me; bruin for life...

and as far as my other two teams go, I endured years of teasing from kids for liking teams that were not that good.

so come on sf giants, just get into the playoffs...  

3 Oct 2010

oh my, what a day...

a simple picture is worth everything:

'Lou Seal' shows off his new shirt...

its been a couple years now since the crowd was this vocal,

as we have not had much to cheer about since

the departure of Barry Bonds.

not trying to be a smart-ass here,


sometimes I wonder about the validity of things.

I'm not trying to insinuate anything harsh about my team,

but I just find it very pecular that this last game of the season

( which was indeed, 'very' important),

put the g-men over the 3 million fan mark.

I'm not saying that a professional sports team would sandbag a couple of games to pad their numbers;

and 'it was' the scheduling that made it possible for the entire season to come down to the last game of the year,

it was just a wondering thought though.

had a wonderful weekend here in the bay area,

I love coming 'home' every once in a while and driving to the places that I have memories of with my family; the Albany Bowl, Golden Gate Fields, Fisherman's Wharf, Tassajara Park, bart, the Ivy Room, Spenger's, ect.

with the baseball games the last couple of days taking a chunk out of my time, I've had to pick and choose my destinations to visit.

I have decided to eat my plane ticket to LA tomorrow, and drive back.

will take the coastal route again, and plan to be in hollywoodland by tuesday afternoon.

I have absolutely no plans once I get back to;

so I just may go house hunting alone on wednesday, before I head back home to vegas.

I miss my pets...

good night

from the city by the bay.

5 Oct 2010

I spent the night in pismo beach last night on my coastal drive back to Los Angeles.

I then planned this morning to do something I had been thinking about for a long time,

which led me to have a very emotional day.

I decided to stop by and visit my cousin:

at lompoc federal penitentiary...

what a crazy, crazy experience.

to begin with;

I had absolutely no idea you have to call ahead and make reservations and get approval to visit an inmate.

they, (the prison officials) were very professional, polite, and understanding of my situation.

and because my cuz has 'never' had a single visit from anyone in nearly 3 years, they accomidated my request.

shit, I didn't relieze he never had even 1 visitor,

talk about feeling guilty.

apparently; visitation is authorized

only thursdays thru mondays.

so, 'I thank you' to everyone involved.

after I was properly processed, searched and surrendered certain items: car keys, all monies, cell phone;

I waited in a huge room that reminded me of a home made bomb shelter. when my cousin finially came into the room,

I couldn't believe how much he looked like the young boy I remember while growing up.

I will not discuss in this forum of the mis-steps that a member of my family has carelessly made contributing to the result of his current incarceration by the state of california.

(the only person he hurt, was himself)

I just want him to do better, when given the chance.

during the couple of hours we shared, we talked of memories past, funny stories recalled, and of course, family.

I 'kinda' felt sorry for him,

just wish he would have listened to advice given before-hand.

(I guess all families have one misfit toy)

I did put money in his store account though,

and bought him a phone card so he might try to establish some kind of relationship with his children.

he is eligible for parole in june 2012,

I plan on seeing him again after I move down here.

it's really emotional to see someone you've known your entire life in the situation he has created for himself.

I was always jealous of my cousins while growing up, they had everything; nice houses, pools, new cars,

cool married parents.

It's crazy how this thing we call life works out,

and how people change over the years.

or the effect of traumatic events:

my aunt; his mother, died suddenly of a heart attack in july '95 at the age of 53, and then my father drowned in a fishing accident 8 months later on march 2, 1996; exactly one week before his 50th birthday, that was a very hard time period for my family, especially my uncle.

he lost his wife of over 35 years suddenly, and then months later, his little brother, my dad.

and it goes without saying, I was beyond grief stricken.

I have always heard stories of people having moments so surreal that they don't actually comprehend the actuality of the current event.

that was me the entire time I was dealing with the loss of my father, the whole week I was there, I can barely remember. and what was so unbelievable to me, was that the day after he passed, he was suppose to be leaving on a 6 day cruise to celebrate he & my step-monster's 23rd wedding anniversary, and then be in vegas with me on his 50th b-day...

(I actually 'loved' my step-mother very much,

up until the day my dad died;

then she turned into a savage,

money hoarding bitch;

that went on a spending spree and cared about no one but herself and her sex life; money 'does' change people).

she is re-married with another family now, good riddance!

ok, so I'm a mental case right now,

I just want to go to bed and start a new, fresh day tomorrow.

I actually cancelled a date for dinner with the zoo-lady tonite, told her I would call her tomorrow; I don't know though, she is 27 and I'm 47 next month, I think I need someone closer to my own age to play

maybe I'll put a personal ad in the LA times:

 swm, 47 seeks sf, 35-45...

who enjoys

movies, dancing, walks on the beach, traveling,

quiet nights at home, candle lit dinners, spontaneity,

and live sporting events.

I have no children, but I love kids.

I don't smoke, drink occasionally,

I love to cook, and I do my own laundry.

I'm not perfect, and I don't expect you to be either.

there is just 'one' more thing:

you must love dogs and cats...

hmm, sounds like I'm selling myself;

maybe I'll try the mail order bride

6 Oct 2010

October 6, 2010






I was planning on getting up early this morning

and search the 'land of oz' for a house/property,

but I've decided to go back home, I miss my kidz...

(thank goodness for my dog/cat-sitting nieghbors)

I'm guessing the desire of relocating by the holidays

is now beyond my reach;

oh well, another new years eve in las vegas.


*over 250,000 people come to vegas every new years to celebrate,

I'd rather be almost anywhere else.

(and I usually am)

ironic, isn't it?

ok, I gotta get on the road, I love driving in the early morn...

I love my pets...

I hate leaving them at home with others,

but my nieghbors take great care of them all.

and to express my gratitude,

taking everyone to dinner tonite

@ planet hollywood

(the kids love it, as I do).

and then while the little ones go see a movie,

taking the rest of us to go see:


believe it or not,

ms. cher is still 'hot'...

ok, I'm going to say it;


you are beautiful.

what a fantastic, fantastic show.

I normally do not 'gush' about such a thing,

but what a spectacular performance

by a truly wonderful, beautifully gifted performer.

thank you...

7 Oct 2010

'lets go Giants'

its been 54 years since your last championship,

and you've never won it in

San Francisco...


maybe this year?

just do the best you can;

win or lose,

I will always be a fan...


I am having a party tonite!

and every sf giants fan in las vegas is coming.

well, at least I was told with a couple of hours to prepare this time.

so because I am single, have no little peeps,

and I usually am a good sport about these things;

my abode is volunteered to host functions quite often.

I have got to find some 'new'

(I really want to move!!!)

would someone, 'anyone' rescue me tonite?



1. be my long, lost sister (which I never knew I had), who is currently in her 8th month of a pregnancy and needs someone to assist her this evening with a baby birth class.

2. if you own a helicopter, fly over my house tonite with a searchlite shinning down and announce over the loud-speaker that you are the urban patrol for lying/cheating husbands, and you are investigating an individual in the house.

(that will cause 50-80 % of my guest list to scatter)

3. if you have access to a tow truck, be here at 7pm tonite and start hooking up vehicles and just take them, anywhere.


4. be a 'hollywood player' of any sort (or just pretend), knock on my door after the front/side streets of my home are cluttered with various types of vehicles, and inform me that you have purchased 'both' of my movie scripts and we must fly to mongolia immediately (now!) to begin casting calls on the first title;

'KISS of the Asian Vampire'

(or as it will be known in 'cult' status):

'the not-so-true & disgustingly bloody over-hyped story of the mongolian nomad he/she vamp'

tagline: he kisses, she tells; you die, they yell!

ok; thanks anyway, I'll be the charming host, AGAIN!!!!!!

have a great nite everyone, I'll be wishing I was



8/9 Oct 2010

spent the day with my former mother-in-law,

very exciting stuff:

.99 store, walmart, walgreens, payless shoes

and the doctors office.


and to think,

I thought cleaning up my house today after my pig-

friends was going to be the highlight of my day. (just kidding n.j., you know I luv ya)


since her and I are the only family we both have in the immediate area,

(all her kids including my ex are back east)

we do enjoy each others company very much. besides, she is one funny ol' lady!

so, here it is, almost 1 am saturday morning,

and I just cannot fall asleep.

too much thinkin' on my part.

10 years ago,

I would have never guessed that I could have been where I am now.

and I don't know if thats a good, or bad thing.

and even though I have 'shared' many a thought here, not sure if what I want to say would be very appropriate for any/all to read.

besides, with everything going on in the world, my scrambled emotions are just a wisp of air in a mighty tornado.

it would just be nice to have 'someone' to talk to every now and again.

don't get me wrong,

my dogs and cats are fantastic listeners,

they just don't respond back in a way that is very beneficial to me.

unless of course it's dinner/snack/play time...

ok, I think I'm finially getting tired.

so when I awake,

I'll put this personal dilemma behind me.

(a slightly good friend wants to borrow money)

and try to think of something clever to say,

don't hold your breath.


question to ponder: 

'I know this guy'

who had a purely sexual relationship with this beautiful, sensual, incrediable woman about 15 years ago, who (the woman) said upon their first 'meet' she was totally available and they ended up having a torrid love affair for over 2 months.

and then come to relieze the woman he had been 'seeing' for almost 9 weeks was indeed married and had 3 children by same marriage, he broke it off. even though she informed him it was a love-less, abusive marriage, he still would not relinquish his prior action of dissolving what he thought was a wonderful exclusive relationship.

and now, after all this time, she has manage to come back into his life through a mutual friend.

though she is still married to the same man, she asked this other poor sap for a 'healthy' hand-out, saying she is on the brink of losing her home to foreclosure. and all the while, making very suggestive comments to said sap-man, promising to re-live the past and perhaps to re-engage into the future.

I think 'this guy' has already been thru the ringer with this woman once before, and been deceived more than a few times by her over-whelming beauty and sexual prowness.

so, does he or doesn't he?

my personal feelings on this are a bit clouded;


I think I'm going to tell 'this guy' to tell the woman he had thought was the love of his life way back then,

plain and simple;


even though his heart and soul will ache in pain for the thought of not assisting a true damsel-in-distress, I think it would be better in the long run for him not to get caught up in that kind of relationship again................

good nite...

9 Oct 2010


that last entry

was pretty damn thick...

no worries though,

'my friend' took care of his business.

ok; so listen,

I was actually doing the guy saturday thing today;

watching the college football games,

(ya, the cal bears ate-up my bruins)

checking the mlb playoff scores,

throwing tennis balls in my house for the dogs,

(what?, who's going to yell at me? no-one!)

and did the bbq hamburger/hotdog ritual.

(my kidz always go thru 2 packs of ball parks)...

moving along;

so, as I was camped comfortably in my lounge chair,

throwing fuzzy slobbery balls through-out my house,

and having an overload of testosterone blaring out of every major stadium today into my viewing area,

I get these 'net-dating' commercials popping up all over the channels; eHarmony,,

and the same adverts that are showing these way above average players hooking-up, also state that 1 in 5/1 in 4 relationships now begin off the internet, well shit!!!

so I begin to think maybe I'm missing out on something, and start to take a closer look at these sites.

(20%-25% of 'all' relationships?, really?)

no thanks!

I'm sure they work just fine, and most deliver what they endorse; but I would just rather give in to fate and see what happens next.

(I've heard some horror stories about these net-sites) also,

been thinking that once I finially relocate to the LA area,

I will stand on the corner of

santa monica blvd and lincoln blvd

with a card-board sign saying

'wife wanted'

sounds crazy, I know;

just eliminating the site fees is all.

who knows, maybe I'll start a new trend:

the real 'on-site' dating profile area...

so, if you see a guy w/5 dogs, 2 cats holding a semi-flashy crayoned sign advertising for a lifetime commitment in that general area; come by, intro yourself and maybe we'll do lunch, coffee or whatever...

have a fantastic sunday.

10 Oct 2010

here is a funny true story from my marine corps days: before I begin to embarrass myself;

you must relieze that the entire time a marine is in recruit training (boot-camp),

he is given order after order;

and upon graduation,

he/she will never question an order from a superior,

be it an officer or enlisted.

so with that in mind:

on friday, 13 nov 1981 I graduated from the

marine corps recruit depot, san diego, ca

as a marine corps private

(a slick-sleeve, no rank ensignia).

ten days later on monday, 23 nov l981

(1 day before my 18th birthday),

I report to my 1st duty assignment;

at marine corps air station, el toro, ca.

now being it was a short week

because of the thanksgiving holiday weekend,

I actually didn't get assigned to my unit until the following monday.

'that monday' was my wake-up call in the marines. while a group of us newbies were sitting in the waiting room of the administration office to be assigned to our specific units, my last name attracted immediate attention (imagine that!)...

so, a couple of sergeants come out into the waiting area and start calling out names for assignment, when I'm called, I am told 'I' have an errand to complete before my paperwork can be processed.

these two sergeants tell me to go to the office of the administration chief, who happens to be a captain, and ask him for two buckets of 'backblast',

so of course, I do what I'm told.

now take in consideration that I am 'fresh' out of boot-camp where sergeants are gods, and any officer is a demi-god.

so there I was, standing at attention in front of the very first officer I had ever encountered, asking for this item, that I was told was needed badly.

the captain, was smiling ear to ear as he asked 'who' had sent me on this very important mission?

I told him the sergeants from processing.

he then wrote a note that I was suppose to give back to them, and before I was to be given the 'buckets', I had to bring the captain back two 'fallopian tubes' to be used to assist the drainage of the buckets.

so; with note in hand,

I report back to the sergeants, who are laughing their asses off at my pure innocence (or stupidity),

and then the captain, who is also chuckling over this, asks me if I would like to work in his office.

*backblast are the backward escape of gases and unburned gunpowder after a gun is fired. also, referred to as the force coming out as thrust of a jet engine.

and the note the captain had given me for delivery: 'very funny boys, this marine will do fine'

which meant the captain had to approve the look and demeanor of all new marines assigned to his office for duty. lucky me.

huh, just re-read the above,

it seems funnier when I tell it, sorry to bore ya...


baby-face marine

do you ever think of past loves lost?

not adult love, but kiddie-popcorn-love.

remember how you felt the first time you looked at this person(s)?.

your palms sweating, flush in the face,

heart racing, light in the head,

can't eat, can't sleep.

wasn't young love the best?

sometimes I think of the following young ladies that some way touched my life:

claudia baker, janet enos, brooke girrard,

anna jane fox, joann mcgraw, anita chase,

paula kingston, jeannie gammon...

hey, so I liked a few girls growing up.

and of course, my 1st t.v. crush;

melissa sue anderson/little house on the prarie

11 Oct 2010

sf giants win...

looks like me and the kidz are road trippin' again next weekend, first to LA on saturday, and then up to san fran on monday. this will be my 3rd time going to the division championship series ('89 & '02), and the other two times we went to the world series;

so who knows...

(maybe this year, we will win it all!)

one of my twitter-friends informed me that she had to put one of her dogs 'to sleep' today,

that breaks my heart.

people who don't have pets, don't understand

that your animals are part of the family;

and for me right now,

'they' are my family.

word of the day:


(colloquially known as cheating)

is a violation of the mutually agreed-upon rules or boundries of an intimate relationship.

ok, so we have 'another' sports figure in the headlines because of reports of 'possible' infidelities...

wow; suprising, isn't it?

I'm not making judgement here on the subject matter,

only my opinion and thoughts.

to begin with, men and women have been cheating on each other since the begining of time.

as so the 'bible' makes reference of such.

(I'm not that religous, just stating a fact)

and celebrities, sporting figures, and politicians

(and yes, regular people also)

have had careers, families, and lives thwarted because of scandalous and inappropriate behaviors,

not to mention their current relationships.

and now, apparently, when you get caught with your pants down (literally); the first words out of the cheaters mouth is:

"I have a sexual addiction",


(you got caught, admit it, bitch!)

you're simply put (as a man); a philanderer,

and (as woman); a home wrecker...

in america it's not against the law (some other countries: yes; but it could cost you, like a 100 million dollars, right t.w.?)

and with technology the way it is now,

enhances the ease of the possibility of having an affair.

I could go on for days concerning this subject,

almost 50-60% of all my clients with my past business venture

(before I sold), had to do with the integrity of a relationship.

it somewhat sickens me that our values have slipped dramatically to the point, that 'every single relationship' is affected in some way by a cheating mate, ie: you personally, a family member, or even a friend.

(are you thinking of this person now?)

why do individuals feel it necessary to engage in 'contact'

(yes, you can be guily by association),

behind the backs of their significant-others?

the thrill of the conquest?

the excitment of the affair?

bragging rights to your friends?

to share an orgasim with a pretty face or a tight body?

or the possibility of starting a new relationship altogether?

the reasons are beyond endless,

and I've heard almost all of them during my past investigations,

I'm sure.

and here is another tidbit of knowledge for you,

if someone has cheated once before,

the likelihood that they will do it again; 100%

(not my opinion, legal fact)

so all of you who had something to do with the dissolvement of a past relationship to acquire your current love-status, beware.

if he/she cheated with you,

why wouldn't they cheat with someone else?

I'm not in anyway judging anyone for their past actions,

as I have also been in the crosshairs of an illicit affair,

(see prior entry above).

and even though the temptations and opportunities to have extra-maritial affairs while I was married were very plentiful,

I never did succomb to the desire to do so.

*you would be surprised by how many wives who had acquired my services and discovered their significant-other was indeed sharing company with another person (not all females, mind you), would be willing, some to the point of insistance, to eagerly inquire of my bedroom services and the availability of such.

now; I'm no angel, not even close, and the sheer attractiveness of some/most of these women were very desirable, very desirable. but, I had been the 'victim' of an affair in a relationship of past; and I could never, ever do to someone I care about what had been done to me.

I'm not saying that I never actually thought about it;

especially towards the end of my marriage,

and even considered it once or twice,

but I never followed thru.

did I miss out on something?,

should I had maybe been more receptive towards one of my female suitors?, how amazing would the sex had been with a love starved, passion filled woman bent on revenge?

I guess I'll never know...

12 Oct 2010


the reponses I received due to my entry above was massive to say the least. I had no idea what-so-ever that so many people were reading this 'thought page' of mine on a daily basis.

and the feedback was slightly mixed to say the least.

I even have a voice-mail of a threatening nature.


don't some of you know what the word 'thought' means?


an individual idea or notion that is conceived in ones mind, the product of mental activity...

so to the individuals who contacted me (mostly men, by the way), and think that I was in somehow making a reference to 'them' or their 'relationship status', get over yourself already.

I don't know you, I don't want to know you.

I don't care if you are hiding a relationship from your wife, girlfriend or bed-mate.

and who knows, maybe she is hiding one from you also.

(wouldn't that be ironic? right biff?)

if you don't like what I have to say, then don't come to my web-site. there are end-less babbling unknown idiots such as myself, writing daily entries on the net to fill-up your day with a source of entertainment values. go ridicule them.

is it my fault that your 'girl' reads this?

or that she makes comments about what I write?

or that she has emailed me in the past?

(my normal response is usually a simple 'thank-you',

unless we have met before, and even then, it's very cordial)

I am doing this to put my thoughts 'out there' and share them with whomever would like to read them.

and up to this point, I have enjoyed all the feedback given.

I just cannot believe the amount of emails, phone calls and so forth I received in the last 24 hours because of my prior entry, talk about touching a nerve. and, there are quite a few paranoid peeps out there. (unbelievable...)

I would say that only 20% were of the negative type, and most of the others were from women praising my beliefs/actions concerning this evidently controversal subject matter.

I only intended for this page to be a device to share my current thoughts on what is happening now in my world.

I, in no way, will ever belittle anyone nor possibly embarrass anyone by bringing up something that would knowingly tarnish a persons reputation. (I no longer do investigations by the way)

with all this being said;

I have decided to change some of the format of my web-site;

my reach-out page has been disabled for the time being,

and will be changed accordingly.

I have listed my twitter entries to private,

and apparantly now have to censer my traveling locations.

hey guys, I don't want your wives, girlfriends or whatever you call the 'her' in your life.

damn man, if she isn't happy, then make her happy.

a woman is not a possession, and should not be treated as such. she is a living, breathing, sometimes emotional beauty,

'all' women are beautiful, remember that.

a woman gave birth to us all,

and I think we forget at times how precious life is.

so; don't just take your girl out for a meal,

cook her dinner sometimes;

run her a bubble bath,

rub her feet when they hurt,

watch her favorite movie or tv show together,

buy her something simple, just cause it's wednesday,

and above all else,

remember the feeling you once (or still) had/have for her the first time you ever gazed into her incredible eyes;

and say I love you every now and then.

(and when did I turn into a dr. love counselor?, enuff already)

so, for the many, many people who seem to enjoy reading my semi-intelligent scribs, thank you so much...

I will continue to do so,

but will be taking a short hiatus.

and ladies, thank you for your emails, phone calls, pictures,

hand written letters, cookies, poems, and such;

you are all so beautiful,

I really have enjoyed hearing from you all.

*my status of being divorced was also a topic of discussion today; not that I wish to 'slam' my ex,

but alcohol was always an issue with her.

and if you ever saw the show 'the king of queens', then you know the character 'carrie heffernan'. my former, made carrie look like a nun, and I was tired of being 'totally miserable' all the time.

there, does that explanation suffice?

* *even though I may state the fact that I am indeed in search of a new relationship, I am actually very content with my current life as it is. but you never know, my eyes and heart are always open.

see ya...

13 Oct 2010


I have decided to change-up my web-site abit; eliminating my 'reach-out page' and changing/combining my 'Mr Kiss page' with limited contact information.

Also adding an 'opinion page' to express something a little stronger than what I intended this area to be.

And apparently a blog attached to this website is coming soon, too much techie-stuff for me. I remember when just adding entries to my daily journals was all the 'sharing I would do, and had always kept them private.


14 Oct 2010

speaking of things that change;

don't you just hate it when you finially get use to doing or using something the same way and then, BOOM; something changes?...

how many of you take the 'exact' same route to work every day?;

and then when road construction, an accident, or any type of unplanned situation causes you to alternate your daily commute;

makes you 'moody' even before you actually 'begin' your day.

ya; been there, done that!

you know what though?; does it really matter in the sceme of everything?

so next time you find yourself being delayed beyond your control

(unless you left late, your bust...);

just relax, and take a glance around you, 'everyone' there is in the same predicament you are in; so smile, turn on your fav listening device, and remember; that good ol' job, store, spouse, function or whatever, will be there when you finially do arrive. 

but you know what?,

what really bothers me to the core?;

when cable t.v. changes the locations of your favorite channels.

I swear they do it on purpose;

or to give a reason for a price-hike. unbelievable...

15 Oct 2010

well, I'm back in the wonderful and beautiful state of southern california. yes; northern california is much different than its southern companion, that's what makes the 'golden' state of cali unique and so desirable by almost everyone who visits here.

the northern part of the state is built for the rugged individual who enjoys the outdoor lifestyle and beauty of the natural landscapes.

and the southern? well, the rich and famous don't just settle here for their business ventures. the weather, the beaches, the traffic (terrible), the whirl-wind lifestyle; and it seems as if a collection of the worlds most beautiful people just happen to colonize here.

I love L.A.

16 Oct 2010

go s.f.giants

isn't a phillie a young female horse?, Im just saying...

oh, it's filly;

same-same baby!!! 

I've decided I am going to leave my protective shell of my rig, and venture out into the territory of the santa monica area and try to locate a semi-friendly sports bar showing the game tonite.

I'd love to go to a hooters,

because of the excellent wings and atmosphere;

but feel like a 'dirty-old-man' being waited on by some young twenty-something clad in short-shorts and a shirt painted on her chest.

not that I don't enjoy a beautiful woman to look at,

but not one so young she could very well be my daughter. hey hooters,

there are millions upon millions of very attractive 35+ year old women,

could you have an area for those 'grown-up girls' to assist us wing eating, beer drinking sport crazies?

It would be nice to talk to a food server once in a while about something more than justin bieber...

go giants!

17 Oct 2010

well, well, well...

so, almost everyone I've listened to before last nites game had written off 'the giants' before the first pitch;

eat me!!!

maybe now, the lowly g-men will get a little respect.

I'm getting ready to depart cloudy LA this morning and start my journey up north to san fran;

it's easier to do the 397.7 miles in 2 days rather than 1.

I plan on publishing my updates tonite before I go to bed;

we'll see...

hope everyone is having a fantastic sunday.

gotta get going today,

I am being mr procrastination.

well I only have about 110 miles to drive tomorrow to arrive at my destination in the bay area. I hit some crazy weather driving north on I-5 today, I swear I saw/heard hail at one point, and it's raining hard here in los banos, ca right now.

I'm all set-up for the game tonite, which starts in about an hour; the kidz and I are eating subway and lovin' it.

the dogz each get a 6" roastbeef and cheese, plain.

the catz arn't to sure about their tuna sub,

(too much gunk in the tuna I think).

as for me,

I have the italian bmt on the italian herb cheese roll; double meat (ham on the side), double swiss, light mayo on the bottom, spicy deli mustard on top, lots of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, banana peppers, olives, salt, pepper, oregano, light oil/vinegar sliced into 4 sections.

now this is a sandwich! (usually 2 meals for me)

the ham slices are given to the kidz for a snack later...

and no bud/coors lite for me during tonites game,

gotta drive tomorrow.

watching old-man favre

(shouldn't it be spelled farve?, the way he pronounces it?)

take hits from that dallas team right now, torture.

lets get this baseball game going already!

damn it...

series tied 1-1

see ya in san francisco...

*a little insight, my ex-wife is a huge phillies fan,


I still love ya L., just don't want to be your husb.

18 Oct 2010

have been enjoying san francisco today.

arrived earlier this morning,

and have been busy planning my assualt upon the city.

looking forward to seeing family on this trip.

unless the giants win the pennant, this may be my last vaca to the city until next spring/summer.

and actually, it may even be longer than that.

I've been thinking that I have to get a 'real' job again;

you can not keep living on your savings/investments forever,

for every dollar you spend, is one less you have for later.

oh well, back to the grind of the everyday man.

I'm still glad I sold my business though... 

19 Oct 2010

yesterday, was perfect...

at the San Francisco Bay.


is a beautiful thing...

(especially at 4:15 am, I have a sick dog)

well; no baseball game for me today,

one of my kidz was sick all nite.

I hate when they don't feel good, wish he could talk, poor guy.

the thing about having so many animals,

if one gets sick,

sometimes they all get sick.

(just like regular children)

I found a vet that opens at 7am,

so 'we' are 'all' off to see the doc.


happy tuesday morning to all of you...

*so the vet removed a 3" chicken bone that was stuck in my dogs throat,

(poor guy, kept trying to yak it up all nite).

apparantly the dog park we visited yesterday has a problem with nite-time inhabitants that eat, sleep, and crap there. that is just terrible.

I remember seeing quite a few 'misplaced' people around, but didn't think to much of it.

that breaks my heart.

well; my baseball tix for today found a home,

the elderly couple parked next to me.

elmer & eva, have fun kids.

so; it's just me, my kidz, pizza and beer in the rig watching the game.

(coley is better, but I didn't want to leave him alone)

go Giants...

20 Oct 2010


who says you can't have fun watching a sporting event with 5 dogs, 2 cats, a 12 pack of coors light, and a large double cheese pizza in a recreational vehicle parked 28.3 miles away from the stadium you had tickets for?

not me...

I was cheering, the dogs were howlin', and the cats didn't give a damn as to what was going on.

ok, so we are up 2-1, not a done deal yet.

and espn is still favoring the Pa team,

we'll see.

I'm up early this morning, going to breakfast in a couple hours with an old friend I haven't seen in nearly 35 years, damn where does the time go?

thanks for the emails concerning coley the dog, he is fine.

he had his share of the pizza yesterday,

(by the way, pepporoni makes huskies fart).

alright; gotta get these kids out for their morning walk,

then ready myself for my 35 year reveal.

only 66 more shopping days until christmas!


21 Oct 2010

giants win

1 game away from winning the pennant,

lets clinch here today you bunch a crazies,

the 'freak is comin'.


I had a 'date' with a friend

that I haven't seen in over 35 years

(one of my 6th grade girlfriends, for about a minute);

and I have to admit, she looked incredible.

we met for breakfast and it turned into an all day affair, with the ball game being the grand finale.

it's a wild thing seeing someone again after all this time.

to share your life-stories,

the good times, the not so good times;

and how just 1 decision can affect your entire life.

it was nice to visit and talk to a woman again without the ridiculous date-pressures,

and to re-live memories of a time when your life was purely innocent and your dreams were still a possibility of being a reality.

I had thought of this girl/woman quite a few times over the past 3 decades, wondering thoughts mostly.

so when she contacted me last month thru this web-site,

we talked a few times and decided to meet.

today was a good day... 

have you ever thought of times past with

a special someone,

that you just can't ever stop thinking about?

like your first crush, that awkward kiss,

or the most popular girl in the 6th grade that showed up to your 12th birthday pizza-party because she thought you were cute?

that was dina...

well, it's 1:30pm and I just finished setting up the rig here in the oversize lot of at&t park.

I am among other rv'ers who are ready to rock and roll.

there isn't an area for rv tailgating,

but we are making our presence known here parked along with the buses.

my cousin will be joining me within the hour, and his wife volunteered to stay in the rv with my kidz, what a fantastic woman!

I am hoping my next entry will be of a positive nature.

so, unless you are a philly fan, could you root, root for the home team tonite?,

I would really appreciate it...

go giants!

22 Oct 2010

damn, damn, damn it...

yesterday was a harsh day for my sport teams;

first the boys from san fran just couldn't close the deal,

and then the kids from ucla get pounded

by the mighty ducks of oregon.


so, I spent the night in a livermore walmart superstore parking lot in my rv last night,

I just finished walking the dogs this morn;

and now will start my drive down the '5' enroute back towards LA.

Not sure where the kidz and I will bunk down tonite,

maybe los banos again.

a friday night in los banos,ca; should be exciting.


friday night in los banos, california:

started out with a light mexican dinner

at espanas southwest bar and grill;

baja shrimp cocktail & the organic salad bar.

then a little bar-room-company

at the lucky strike club.


and I'm in bed by 10:30pm...

*maybe I'll go streakin' down wilshire blvd tomorrow,

to make up for my boring night.

23 Oct 2010

heading out early this morning (6am),

trying to stay ahead of the rain.

I will be looking for a place to watch 'the game' today in the santa monica area.

anyone have any recommendations?

*hey dodger fans; show the giants some love, please.





National League Pennant

incredible, unbelievable, extraordinary...

I can't believe that I will be going to

the world series again.

this is my 3rd time going;

1989, 2002 & now.

actually, I thought I would be more excited...

oh well, maybe when I get back up to the bay.

so listen, I know a couple of you asked about any extra tickets I may have.

If you are serious about going,

please contact me again as soon as possible;

game 1...27 Oct @ 5p

game 2...28 Oct @ 5p

I will sell my 2 extra tix per game for their face value,

(location: field club section 109)

we can either meet up before hand, or on gameday.

I plan on being back in the bay area

by monday, 25 Oct nlt 6p.

if I do not confirm anyone by tuesday, 26 Oct /3p,

I will auction them off.

Los Angeles Dodger fans welcome, you all have been so cool to me during the entire season.

24 Oct 2010

just a lazy, hazy day here in Los Angeles.

spent almost 3 hours at the dog park with the kidz this morning, now they are all passed out taking their naps spread out all over the rig.

I have had my spagetti sauce brewin' in the crock pot

all morning,

and I am catching-up on my writings

with the tv on in the background

(listening to keeping up with the kardashians, lol).

will be leaving to san francisco

early tomorrow before the monday morning rush.

my desire is to be settled and all situated before the evening commute begins in the bay area.

as semi-excited as I am about the world series,

I just want to go home;

be it vegas, or finding a new house in the LA area.

I am so tired.

(not bitching, just a fact)

*my contact info is now on my 'mr kiss' page.

hope everyone has a wonderful and safe week...

 25 Oct 2010

omg, its so early.

my alarm, coffee pot and dogs all sounded off together

at 3:45am.

and when I have the kidz with me,

my very 1st adult responsibility of the day is

their morning pee-walk.

Now; walking 1 or 2 dogs is a breeze,

but all 5 siberians at once in the early morn is a thing to see,

but I have basically mastered it beyond belief.

the most difficult part of this 'walk' is not scoopin' the poop

(which is indeed tricky w/my herd),

but trying to keep the huskies quiet.

the sibs are a very vocal breed,

and especially in the early morning when they know we are getting ready to depart.

and dealing with all this excitement at 3:50am,

makes me crave my dunkin' coffee even more.

so here I am;

watching the weather channel,

finishing up my first cup of dirty water,

typing this up and its only 4:40am.

as long as I'm rolling down the road by 5:15am, I'm good.

I figure 8-9 hours to drive the 450 +/- miles to the bay,

pulling over every couple of hours to walk the kidz.

I should be all hooked-up and ready to rock & roll

by 4pm at the very latest.

should be clear weather all the way.

I gotta 'hit-it', it's 5am...

happy monday to all of you, have a great day.

26 Oct 2010

driving tip #1,584:

when you are following an rv w/a tow vehicle attached,

and the driver of that rv pumps his brakes 2-3 times (which by the way means caution, slow down);

you should immediately move your right foot from the gas peddle to the brake peddle to maintain the speed and proper control of your mini-van,

so as to not cause an immediate reaction of you swerving to the left to avoid colliding with the towed suv causing your mini-van to sideswipe a

california highway patrol.



well, I had quite an experience today w/my kidz.

to begin with,

when I am traveling in my rv with my dogs,

I have to take them to an area for them to run and exercise everyday,

or they just get so restless it's unbearable for all of us, especially at night.

(siberian huskies are a very hyper breed)

so, a couple weeks ago when I was here last,

I heard of this excellent dog park in the san jose area, so I decide to take the kidz down there for some fun. the drive down only took 45min,

and traffic was light,

but what got me was,

the charge of $5/per car to get in

(but no dog limit, so thats a push).

the park itself was wonderful,

one of the nicest we have ever been to.

and let me tell you something about dog parks;

they are one of the best places to meet people,

not just women,

but nice folks who just enjoy others company.

plus, we all share a common denominator,

a love of our pets.

alright, so my kidz are lovin' this place, rolling around on the grass, running, barking and using up all their stored-up energy.

(which means I'll sleep well tonite)

having so many dogs in the park,

I have to be 'hands-on' at all times,

my kidz can get really obnoxious around other dogs. so my female, chloe had been playing with this basset hound puppy, and apparently the basset bit my dog on the ass while they were chasing each other, happens.

well the owner of the other dog

(this young hippie-type kid)

starts to kick and beat his dog.

I can't watch this guy beating his poor pet;

so I intervene, and this little-big man starts to have an attitude with me , bad move asshole.

first thing first, he was drunk, he was beating his dog, and he was being a real disturbance.

so I picked up his basset hound

(who was crying from being kicked)

as we were having a slightly heated discussion,

and as I turned to walk away,

this guy shoved me in the back,

at which time my husky, a.j. attacked the asshole, biting him on the arm.

and apparently during this time,

an elderly couple had called 911,

and cops were there almost immediately;

must have been a slow day in san jose,

cause four units showed up.

well, as it turns out this kid had a bench warrant for his arrest on a domestic violence.

so as they are doing the miranda-rights thing,

I ask the cops what is going to happen to his dog?, and the corporal tells me the dog will be going to the pound for the night or longer.

so I gave the oic (officer in charge) my card,

and I took the dog.

we went to the vet for a check up, got shots, some meds, and puppy chow.

and now ms. beverly hills,

(or bev for short, she is a little girl)

is sleeping on my lap while I type this out.

ya; I know,

just what I need, 'another dog', what was I suppose to do though?

I mean, look at this face:  

this little girl is

so, just another day in my life...

oh yea; I almost forgot:

the 2010 World Series

starts tomorrow.

go Giants!

27 Oct 2010

gooood mornin' san francisco!

sfgiants fever baby, it's everywhere.

a friend of mine from vegas flew in this morning and I just sent him on 'the tail-gate food run'.

kfc, subway, pizza hut, etc;

all that good for you food. lol

also, a reader/fan of my web-site

is enroute from the los angeles area

with his 14 year old son

for my extra tickets for games 1 & 2.

he says they both are die-hard dodger-boys,

but wants his son to expierence the world series.

(I forgot to inform him that the tix come with sfgiant ball caps that are mandatory to wear...ha)

I didn't get many responses for my tickets,

I think only 10 people actually made contact with me, compared to the 30+ for my ucla seats.

so I'm guessing that most of you aren't sfgiant fans,

no worries though.

I will say this to you all,

if you have 'never' been to any type of championship function, it's a crazy, special aura;

I mean these individuals are the best of the best, competing at a level that the rest of us could never imagine; and for a person to achieve what they have worked for, and dreamed of their entire life is almost undescribable to conceive.

ok, so my dog-sitter just arrived

(my cousins daughter),

and I have to ready myself for the rest of the day.

*and in case any of you are wondering,

I have legally purchased the little basset hound from the girl-friend of the trouble maker of yesterday.

so 'little bev' is now officially known as:

'beverly hills kiss'.

great name for a beautiful little girl.

also, she slept right next to my pillow all night;

and 'little bev' is enjoying her new family of me,

the kiss-twins and the sibs...

alrighty then;

if you're watching the game tonite, enjoy yourself.

if not, have a fun and safe night...

san francisco


'the g-men by the bay'

28 Oct 2010

so, the giants decided to hang-on and win the game.

this could be a suspenseful series, time will tell.

oh, and by the way, jonathan

(or whatever your name is);

thank you so much for 'not' showing-up,

calling, or letting me know you weren't coming from LA to buy my 2 extra tickets.

(why would you pretend to be something your not?) anyway; no problem,

I eventually found a couple from texas on the walkway that were looking for 2 tickets,

so I gave them a deal on my extra's for both games.

what wonderful people they turned out to be,

we all are going to tail-gate tomorrow.

plus, they will be calling some friends back in texas to possibly arrange a ticket for me for games 3, 4 & 5.

well, I guess me and the kidz may be

trekin' to texas right after game 2, and according to my rigs navigational unit; arlington stadium in tx is approximately 1750 miles from where I now sit.

so, at 65mph, it would take me 27 hours.

and with 43 1/2 hours between games, that gives me a 16 hour and 30 minute cushion.

ya, thats do-able! sleeping 3-4 hours and then drive until I get tired again; the only possible delays will come when the kidz gotta 'go'. the sibs are great travelers, but bev the basset-pup may have to 'go' more often.

oh well, if the opportunity should arise, we'll see what's up... besides, who knows what adventures could be awaiting the kiss-clan on the open roads of the south west.

good nite all

and what-ever-your-name is; I'm not that upset,

just very disappointed.


well, looks like I'm going to texas...

just received a call from my texan-connection and I have 'a' ticket for games 3, 4 & 5.

and even though they are going to be in a different seat/section for each game, who cares.

and listen to this;

my vegas bud has decided to extend his vaca and will be my co-pilot during this little jaunt to and fro the lone star state. (he'll solicit a tik/per game once we get there)

now I'm f*cking excited!

I love doing something that I have never done before.

so, we are enroute to a walmart superstore to load up on supplies and such and will be ready to launch directly after the game tonite.

(my vegas bud drives this rv like a little ol' lady)

I also have to hit-up on some new giants-apparel for the texas games, maybe I'll buy one of those fake beards. ha

**hi again;

it's 3:25p, and we are just beginning to wrap up our tail-gater to start our accent to the battle zone for to-nites game.

but before I leave my laptop,

let me just say this:

some of you who read my mumblings here are just so cool, and wonderful people.

I've received so many emails, phon-calls, voice-mails, and texts in the last couple of weeks telling me how much you enjoy my web-site and wishing my sfgiants 'good luck'

(even though most of you are LA dodger fans, lol). I really appreciate every single one of you;

and maybe one day (hopefully soon),

when I have my house-warming party in the LA area, all of you will be invited.

I have to warn you though,

some of my parties have been legendary in the reno and las vegas areas.

ok, dog-sitter has arrived,

time for another giants victory..


giants win game 2...9-0

we left before the end of the 8th inning,

getting a jump on traffic.

we are going to try to make it to flagstaff, az before we take a sleep break.

771 miles/2 drivers (eta: 10/29 @ 8am)

we have 180 gals of diesel,

a case of redbull,

6 pb&j sandwiches,

and 5 packs of bubble-yum bubble gum.

we got this...

29 Oct 2010

it's 8:25am; and we are taking a little break

in flagstaff, az.

I love having someone else driving the rig, gives me a chance to relax, sleep, and also enjoy the road views. we are both driving approx 150-200 miles and then pull over and switch.

we are currently 772 miles into our 1720 +/- journey.

so listen; in response to a couple of emails suggesting I keep a travel journal of this crazy trip;

I will now do so, and keep it up-to-date while doing this world series adventure.

I'm not sure who is enjoying this more, my bud & I, my petz or some of you...

*travel log will be located at bottom of page while being active, so I can keep my thought page in order.

have a great friday night everyone, be safe. 


we just left albuquerque, nm about 30min ago,

and I feel guilty about not 'at least trying' to make contact with my mother.

but I do have to return this way after the games,

so who knows what the future holds.

happy 39th birthday winona ryder; 30 Oct 1971.

(your still a hottie young lady)

30 Oct 2010/10pm

I can not believe I am parked w/my rig

at a walmart supercenter in amarillo, texas.

and I am only

(according to my nav-unit)

358 miles from rangers stadium.

I could not have done this w/o bri's co-pilot abilities, (thank-you jennifer for the use of your husband).

I am so tired, (it's 2am) but can't wind down.

of course;

brian is already snorin' away in the foldout up front, my dogz keep looking in the direction of the noise.

and bev the pup is the best little travler,

sleeping with the cats up here on my pillows.

this is one of the most spontanious things that I have ever done, just deciding within moments to do this.

I do have other spectacular moments of notoriety,

but not since what seems like forever.

when you are by-yourself,

it's not really necessary to be a super hero any longer. ok; I guess I should try to get some sleep,

big day tomorrow.

**just had an issue with this website, as it wouldn't let me post unless I erased some previous entries.

(apparently, I exceeded it's memory capabilities).

guess I will be adding that blog sooner than I expected.

nite all...30 Oct 2010/10pm

I can not believe I am parked w/my rig

at a walmart supercenter in amarillo, texas.

and I am only

(according to my nav-unit)

358 miles from rangers stadium.

I could not have done this w/o bri's co-pilot abilities, (thank-you jennifer for the use of your husband).

I am so tired, (it's 2am) but can't wind down.

of course;

brian is already snorin' away in the foldout up front, my dogz keep looking in the direction of the noise.

and bev the pup is the best little travler,

sleeping with the cats up here on my pillows.

this is one of the most spontanious things that I have ever done, just deciding within moments to do this.

I do have other spectacular moments of notoriety,

but not since what seems like forever.

when you are by-yourself,

it's not really necessary to be a super hero any longer. ok; I guess I should try to get some sleep,

big day tomorrow.

**just had an issue with this website, as it wouldn't let me post unless I erased some previous entries.

(apparently, I exceeded it's memory capabilities).

guess I will be adding that blog sooner than I expected.

nite all...


here we go baby.

it's currently 4:25a,

and 'I' am the only one up.

well, bev the pup is laying in my lap,

but still:

EVERYONE, wake-up!!!

it's game 3 day,

and we are in Texas!!!

ok, I've gotta get this 'kiss army' moving;

need to be on the road between 6-6:30a,

traffic near the stadium may be heavy by the time we get near.

so listen; all you peeps out there have a fantastic saturday, no matter who you are or where-ever you may be in this wonderful world we all share.

be good, be safe, and have fun...

*still having issues with either this web-site or the server,

I'm unable to post/update.

will keep trying every chance I get...


we are here!

it's 2:20pm texas time,

the weather is perfect (73'),

and we are getting ready to bbq some t-bones.

everyone (so far) has been so nice,

and besides the fact it cost $150 to park the rig/per day here, it is going to be a great day.

win or lose.

these people can't believe we traveled from san fran for this; hey, this is what life is about.

out of the 20 or so rigs parked here in the lot;

mine is the only one w/a giants flag flying overhead,

and everyone around is loving it.

*(I think some of these ranger fans think me and brian are gay; not that there is anything wrong with that,

but the touch of a woman on my body,

or the hotness of her breath and just the way 'she' makes me feel is just too good to 'switch teams',

it was funny though).

the smell of bbq outside is very intense,

these texans know how to throw a party.

ok my friends,

gotta get these dogs walked,

and I wanna have a beer or two.

go giants.


hey, yes I'm up-dating my site 'during' the game; I had to come back to the rig for 2 reasons: 1. to check on my kidz, who were all sound asleep by the way when I came in the door. 2. I have to change out of my san fran jersey as it got drenched with beer when a foul ball came into our area. tonite I am in section 34 lower infield, along 1st base side. ok, so it looks as if we 'may' lose game 3, damn. actually though, will make for a better time tonite when we all go out after the game. apparently, a group of 30 of 'us' are heading to this bar called billy-bobs in ft. worth, yee-haw! k, gotta get back, I heard the stadium cheering, shit!

**special entry...

**I have exceeded the memory on this page,

so 'thoughts' will continue on my Mr Kiss page, until I have time to re-fab this site...




San Francisco


2010 World Series Tour:

AT & T Park

24 Willie Mays Plaza

San Francisco, California 94107


Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

1000 Ballpark Way

Arlington, Texas 76011

1,721.37 miles/25 hours 39 minutes(approx)

*Thursday, 28 Oct

7:45p depart at &t park, the journey begins. 0/1,722 left


we left after the 8th inning to stay ahead the traffic,

but encountered some thunderstorms.

*Friday, 29 Oct

12:40a arrive bakersfield, ca. 285/1,437 left


dogs walked, legs stretched; 7/11 coffee acquired.

1:15a depart bakersfield, ca.


brian is driving; pray for us. I will 'try' to sleep.

5:45a arrive needles, ca. 562/1,060 left


bri did great, and I slept just over 3 hours.

dogs walked.

6:15a depart needles, ca.


again; 7/11 coffee w/blueberry muffins,

brian snores like a dump truck.

9:40a arrive flagstaff, az. 775/947 left


damn, it's cold 36'.

we let the dogs run wild in bushmaster dog park,

while we eat breakfast burritos from mcd's.

11:30a depart flagstaff, az.


making great time,

dogs are all sleeping and I will also take a nap.

brian is driving alot better now.

5:20p arrive albuquerque, nm. (mst) 1,094/628 left



blakes lotaburger w/cheese; it's the best!

the kidz played at the los altos dog park

for almost an hour.

6:30p depart albuquerque, nm.


we are looking forward to a texas bbq late-dinner in amarillo, then decide what's up for our travels.

we are making fantastic time,

but could use a little more sleep.

10:55p 'welcome to texas, the lone star state' (cst)


I don't think I could have done this by-myself;

but now, I'm starting to get excited again.

damn; I hope my new friends were serious about having tickets for me and possibly brian also,

otherwise we be screwed.

*Saturday, 30 Oct

1:20a arrive amarillo, tx. 1,386/358 left


not much open for dinner;

fast food, ihop, etc.

so we're settled in,

and going to catch some much needed rest.

(5-6 hours max)

6:30a depart amarillo, tx.


I got 'maybe' 3 hrs of sleep.

dogs walked, and fed.

and 'we' got chorizo breakfast burrito's to go

from a local favorite: Judys Place.

1:20p 'arrived arlington, tx'. 1,739/'0' left


in traffic leading up to the ball park.

I am so tired,

but the excitment is keeping me going. 

to be continued on 'my thoughts.2'...