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CONTENT HomePublic Safety Know who loves social networking? Stalkers Know who loves social networking? Stalkers Friday, 03 February 2012 13:04 Jerry DeMarco SPECIAL REPORT: Stalkers have become potentially more dangerous than ever, and we may have ourselves to blame. Technology has made it simple for anyone to find where we are or what we’re doing, thanks to social networking companies who make money when we connect with others as often as possible.

It’s not "cyberstalking" -- that’s when someone follows you online. This involves someone who is tracking you offline with the intent of a confrontation. Call it "digital stalking."

Yes, we can keep tabs on one another and support causes like never before, thanks to any number of social media "innovations," such as the "check in" app.

But the willingness to post these details creates a digital "footprint" that leaves certain people vulnerable: You can start with domestic violence victims and work your way from there.

Women whose smart phones have been hacked with GPS tracking software could unknowingly be tipping off their locations when they go to their profile pages, a report released this week by two British advocacy groups warns.

"Stalkers who stalk offline will usually assist their activities with some form of technology as a tool, e.g. mobile phones, social networks, computers or geolocation tracking," Women’s Aid and the Network for Surviving Stalking says in the report.

The right email attachment, when opened, could have inserted the tracing program days, weeks or months ago, it says. "It's cheap, easy to use and very powerful."

The next thing you know, someone is intercepting calls and tracking text messages, they said.

Of course, some people make it even easier than that, identifying the restaurant or club they’re at using what’s become an increasingly popular social network feature. It lets your friends know where you are, in case they want to meet up – but it clues in others, as well.

Here's the scary part: You might not be able to help yourself.

Another new study, published in the journal Psychological Science, says Facebook and Twitter are more addictive for some people than cigarettes. What’s more, the will to resist going online and "sharing" decreases as the day goes on and we grow more tired or frustrated.

Like the GPS email hack, there are other insidious ways of using your online behavior to find you.

The study released this week includes the case of a woman who didn’t change her eBay password after leaving an abusive boyfriend. After tracking what she bought, he contacted the online vendors and conned them into providing her new address, the report says.

He found her and blinded her in one eye, it says.

Although the advocacy groups don’t mention any by name, they emphasized that the ability for social networks to make tons of money "depends upon encouraging users to exchange information with the widest network possible, which compromises the privacy and security of their users."

In the end, it is the user who determines how much private information is shared.

Facebook says it’s "entirely optional" to share a location, and that users can block others from seeing their information – even if it means using one of the abuse reporting links on the site.

The trouble is that some consider the work a time-drain or, worse, a mystery. Truth is: You don’t need any particular level of sophistication to understand the dangers of what you post and how.

The smartest thing to do is assume that everything you do or say online can be seen by anyone. That includes emails, photos, instant messages and passwords.

How to protect them?

Start by finding out your exact settings. Don’t risk a default option that exposes all you do -- both virtually and figuratively.

If you’re not sure, do some online research. Better yet: Find a close friend you can trust who can tell you what your settings should be.

Leaving things to chance gambles with some people’s safety. Is it worth the risk?

I tried unsuccessfully to try and hook him up with

a former friend/thrash-mate,

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when he told me that,

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it's pretty bad when a 'certified wacko' says someone else is more fucked-up than them.

this woman really thinks she is a 'fukin' princess,

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no single guy will have anything to do with this pyscho-bitch. I've mentioned this individual by name in quite a few earlier entries, but now I would rather not waste the thought.

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just because you feel she would no longer adapt to your current lifestyle, and informed her of such, and tried to end things between the both of you amicably, she retaliates to her 20+ followers on her social media outlet constantly.

I've tried to reason with her more than a dozen times,

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and just because you feel the need to send derogatory comments from the safety

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don't think that you can't be physically found.

you have been.  

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a person just needs a good ass-whipping to realize

he isn't as important as he has always thought he was...


Tiger Woods

c/o Mark Steinberg

Attn: Fan Mail

IMG Center

1360 E. 9th St.

Suite 100

Cleveland, OH


 Fax: 216-436-3477

13. UCLA (4.12.2012)

The Bruins might be the most fascinating team of 2012-13. How will this all shake out? Not only is the embattled Ben Howland bringing in the No. 2 recruiting class led by a pair of top-five players (guards Shabazz Muhammad and Kyle Anderson), but also adds another stud recruit in Jordan Adams and UNC transfer Larry Drew II. And who knows what you'll get with a frontcourt that includes the Wear twins and the enigma that is Joshua Smith. Tyler Lamb and Norman Powell will also play signifcant roles. This has a true boom-or-bust feel to it. Nothing less than Howland's job security rides on it.


Michael Blake initially intended the story to be a screenplay, but after working with Kevin Costner and producer Jim Wilson on an earlier film, he was convinced by them to write it as a novel first - both to ensure the story would be told completely without having to work within the bounds of a standard-length script, and also because they believed the story would be more easily sold as a novel than as a screenplay.


It really pisses me off when people claim awards or other things that they have not accomplished or achieved. Recently a person told me that they got their MBA from UCLA. Getting an MBA degree is basically shows that you have had some formal business training. I found out that had he not gotten his MBA, he hadn’t even graduated with an undergrad degree from UCLA. It was stunning to learn so now when he tells me things, I don’t believe him at all. The weird thing was that there was no reason for him to tell me he had a MBA, we weren’t in a business conversation.

The Big Kahuna Burger


4 Maui (or sweet yellow) onions, diced

3 1/2 cups fresh pineapple, cut into 1/3 inch rounds

1/2 cup olive oil

1 1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon of fresh ground pepper

2 pounds of ground beef (the higher % of fat, the tastier)

1/2 jalapeño, diced

1 bag of arugula

6 slices of Havarti cheese

6 brioche buns

1/2 tablespoon of butter


To make the pineapple chutney, start by heating half of the olive oil in a pan and add the diced onions. Cook on a low heat until they are so soft and caramelized that they begin falling apart, and then add a pinch of salt. This process will take about an hour.

While the onions are caramelizing, heat a griddle pan. In a bowl combine the pineapple with 1/2 teaspoon of the salt and the remaining ¼ cup of the oil. Grill both sides of the pineapple on a griddle pan until nicely browned but not burnt. Remove the pineapple from the pan and chop it into very small pieces. Add the pineapple to the onions and continue to cook on low until you're ready to serve!

Now get started on your burgers! In a bowl combine the ground meat, 1 teasp

oon of the salt, the ground pepper, and the jalapeño. Combine well, and then divide the meat into 6 even patties. Using the griddle pan that was used for the pineapple, grill the burgers over a medium heat. Here's one of our favorite grilling tricks: turn a large metal bowl upside down over the griddle to keep the burgers moist and to prevent the oil from splattering all over the place. Grill the burgers for 6 minutes on each side. If you like cheese, melt a slice of havarti on your burgers after they've been flipped.

To prepare your hamburger buns, melt butter in a separate pan and brown the buns over a medium heat. To assemble your burger, spread the chutney on both sides of the bun and garnish each burger with arugula.

These ARE some tasty burgers.

5 Dalla Shake


2 pints of vanilla soy ice cream

1 pint of vanilla ice cream

1 1/2 cup unsweetened soy milk

1 cup vanilla or honey flavored cookies of choice (we like Annie's Honey Bunny Grahams)

1 large pinch of vanilla bean powder (optional)

Maraschino cherries (optional)


Combine the ice cream and milk in a blender and blend until smooth and thick. Add the cookies and blend just until the they are broken up into small pieces.

Serve the milkshake with a straw and top it with a maraschino cherry, just like in the movie!

Serves 6


The 'original' music video was filmed on Sunday, 12 November 1978,

one day before the release of the album Cruisin'.

The video, opens with a shot of the McBurney Y.M.C.A.,

which was located in Chelsea, New York City,

and continues with back drop scenes of the Village,

the Industrial District, and various side streets throughout the City.

The original members of the Village People;

Victor Willis, Felipe Rose, Alex Briley, Randy Jones,

Glenn Hughes, and David Hodo

were not exactly excited to be filming a video in the chilly morning

hours on that Sunday in New York City.

(Music Videos had yet to become a necessary addition in the U.S.)

Also, as you can see in the video itself,

bystanders just stood in amazement wondering what was happening

with the music blaring out of the speakers,

and the characters dancing around in costumes.

Some wondered if a parade was going to be happening,

while others asked if a commercial was being filmed.

The video shoot itself lasted less than 3 hours,

and was completed into the version you see today within 24 hours.   

vagina's browsing history.