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LAST UPDATED: 07 Nov 2015

"there are a few players in each generation,

that other players get up off the bench to watch during a game"

'unknown' author...


07 February 2015

*I like the front cover, a lot;

but still 'undecided' about the 'bluntness' of the back...

**the 'Anteater' does play an important part of the story.

(per se')

07 March 2015

thank-u UC Irvine...

(or those 'few' responsible)

for causing a National outrage concerning Patriotism,

and having my publisher reconsider

my 'subject choice' starring

the UC Irvine Anteaters NCAA Basketball Team!!!

*so... do I rewrite the entire novel to include the

lack of Patriotism at this fine Institution,

and how their Basketball Team brings the

divided school back together?


do I just say 'Screw-It',

and choose another outstanding SoCal University

to immortalize within the pages of my

'once completed story'...?

-I 'was' leaning towards the latter,

as I didn't feel the need to add another 'story-line'

to an already Patriot-Packed-Package.

but my publisher NOW believes that five former Marines leading 'a vocal rebuttal' of the US Flag being removed from the student common area's will prove to be a highlighted subject point in my story.


now that they have indeed qualified

for the NCAA Tourney

(sometimes reality is a professional set-back),

a rewrite is underway...



I would like to hear your thoughts.


20 March 2015

thank-u very much for all your feedback

concerning my above epiphany.

more of you responded than I ever imagined would.

with some very, very strong feelings I might add...

*so with the events of the past few weeks

and the Team's loss today to the Louisville Cardinals,

I have a few Chapters and scenarios I need to tweak accordingly.

Back to Work!!!  

what do the following have in common?

a Marine Corps Fire-Team,

a Medal of Honor recipient,

the President of the United States,

and the 'starting line-up' of a Division l College Basketball Team?


Semper Fidelis

is Latin for "Always Faithful" or "Always Loyal".

Well known in the United States as the motto

of the

United States Marine Corps.

(and often shortened to 'Semper Fi' in Marine contexts...)

this is the Military Ribbon worn by all

United States Service members

who have been awarded the

Congressional Medal of Honor.

3,477 Medals of Honor Awarded

*303 U.S. Marines have been awarded the

Navy Congressional Medal of Honor.

(2 Marines were double recipients)

(5 Marines were also awarded the Army Medal of Honor)

'Semper Five' 


"The last thing he can remember is jumping 40ft out of the Phrog

with a 50cal M2 machine gun in his hands.

He can't recall anything else from that moment on.

Why is he laying here in a hospital bed?

What are all these tubes in his body for?

How come there is a breather w/oxygen attached to his face?

Who the hell are all these people dressed as doctors & nurses?

Is everyone safe from the crash sight?

And why in the fuck can't he feel anything?

These are his thoughts as he succumbs to the medical drip and drifts

into a state of dreamlike uneasiness.

He isn't asleep, yet he isn't awake either.

This Marine is alert,

he can hear the voices surrounding him,

he's just not capable of acknowledging his whereabouts.

He has absolutely no memory of what happened just hours earlier.

The 10minute fire-fight that ensued after he jumped onto the tarmac

in front of dozens of hostile enemy forces approaching rapidly towards

the fallen helo they had just brought down with enemy fire.

The Marine was the only thing standing in front of the downed aircraft,

separating the fast approaching enemy forces,

and the occupants of the crashed/burning helicopter.

Occupants that include the Heir to the Throne of England,

and the President.

The President of the United States of America..." 

'gregory a. kiss'


"Commitment Never Dies"

"Once a Marine, Always a Warrior"

"They served together.

They fought together.

They survived together...

Now. Can they win together?"

"Anteaters 'do it' with their tongues" 

my new iPhone 5s case...

'Dirty Love' by Thunder/1989

"Dirty Love" - Thunder/1989

**I have a 'professional reason' for having this song on my 'Semper Five' page right now...

I see you, walking by

you've got that far away look in your eyes

It was only, yesterday

like a cheap suit you were all over me

I should know better by now, my friend

just what I mean to you

You've been running in and out of my life so long

I don't want nothing to do with you

I don't need your dirty love, I don't want you touching me

I don't want your dirty love, it's enough

trying to live with the memory



Chew me up, spit me out, turn my whole world inside out

There's a name for girls like you

you belong in the gutter, I know that you do

Baby, I've had enough lies to last

the rest of my days on earth

So now, you're gonna get what you deserve, uh huh

I don't need your dirty love, I don't want you touching me

I don't want your dirty love, it's enough

I know, there ain't no way I'll stay

we were gonna break it up someday

And that day is now, oh baby, I'm getting out

So don't you cry now, sigh now

'cause you've been living a lie now

when I'm not around

Uh, grrr, ah

Yeah, yeah, yeah

You've been running in and out of my life so long

there ain't no way I'll stay

No way, NO

I don't need your dirty love, I don't want you touching me

I don't want your dirty love, it's enough, trying to live with the memory



Oh, oh, oh



Dirty Love.......

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, oh no

So get out, I've packed your bags

I've left them at the door, so get 'em out

Start walking, yeah, GO on

Get on your broomstick and fly, to the sky, HAHA

That's right, don't look back, no no

I know that you've be doing me wrong, I know it

I know it, hey hey

I know that you've be doing me wrong, I know it

I know it, yeah

I know that you've be doing me wrong

that's where your going is good, hey hey

I know that you've be doing me wrong. BAD, come on, get out

Go away, leave me alone, get on your shuttle and ride

oh no

This boy, he don't need your, he don't want your

check and dollar bills

Pretty bad, eh? Yeah!

I don't want it baby!

the 'Semper Five'

playing against the #1 ranked University of *********

aboard the USS Ronald Reagan

for the Veteran's Day Carrier Classic, Nov 11, 20**.

Original Copyright © 2006 by Gregory A. KISS

All rights reserved. 


This Title/Story and any Original Images,

or any portion thereof;

may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever,

without the express written permission of the author and/or publisher

except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

U.S. Copyright Office

101 Independence Ave, S.E.

Washington D.C. 20559-6000

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