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LAST UPDATED: 09 Nov 2015

*as with the content itself,

everything is still in 'decision mode'...

Viktoria Marie Vikka

was born in New Orleans, Louisiana

on 11 March 1863.

she is blonde/brunette/red-head

(depending on her mood),

5' 2 1/2"/110 pds, 34-22-32.

and built like a sexy serpent.

Viktoria is single, childless,

and 151 yrs old.

yes, she's a Vampire...

and she is beau-ti-ful!!!

her father,

Viktor Vladan Vikka

18 Oct 1401 - 16 May 1886

(vamped: 25 Aug 1441)

484 yrs old

*picture circa: 1847

her mother,

Karina Maria (Kisch) Vikka

9 March 1746 - 2 March 2014

(infected: 24 Nov 1763)

267 yrs old

*picture circa: 1850

Czechoslovakia Order of the White Lion

1922 Commanders Cross

*awarded to Viktor Vikka posthumously 36yrs after his death,

which he bravely fought for the Prague defense before the start of the

Austro-Prussian War.

**the Medal was stolen from his widow on 2 March 2014,

some 92yrs later.

***the robbery,

which also resulted in the death of Karina Vikka,

is still unsolved and the reason

for Viktoria Vikka relocating to Las Vegas, Nv.

****to recover her family's prized possession,

and to engage revenge upon the individual(s)

who murdered her mother...


Vegas Vamp


"The darkness always brings out the 'creatures of the night'.

And in New Orleans they come in all shapes and sizes.

Most flourish during this time span to hide from their enemies using the concealment of the dark skies to go about their business.

Some use the 'cover of darkness' to mate,

to ensure their existence shall continue to survive.

Others travel during this time to better their accommodations.

But no matter their reasons for using the blanket of blackness,

there is one thing in common they all do;

they all feed.

From the micro organisms floating on the delta,

to the insects scurrying about,

and the eagle eye birds who prey upon them.

From the reptiles of assorted forms rustling about

in search of their next meal,

and the domesticated house cat that has escaped it's protective shell,

and is willing to kill just about anything it can sink it's teeth into.

They ALL are hungry.

But there is one creature who needs the night to flourish,

more than the others.

The daylight hours cause harm to the un-dead,

and they can only move about protected by the sunless skies.

The moon also plays a part in the survival of this beast;

partial moon means normalcy among them,

full moon brings destruction and death known

as the 'feeding-frenzy' ,

and the rarest blood-moon enhances their mating tendencies to the maximum extreme so that they may breed to continue their specific

bloodline that was created centuries ago.

This creature is known as,

the Vampire.

A blood-craving-killing-machine,

who will stop at nothing to ensure their appetite of fresh life-liquid is satisfied to quench the never-ending thirst that they endure every moment of their un-dead lives.

According to the history books of the mortal population,

Vampires are nothing more than a mythical creature of folkloric tales.

A fictitious entity,

created by over-zealous storytellers to frighten their listeners

to the point of enhancing their dreams of all who believe.


the storytellers speak the truth.

Vampires are real.

And so are their victims.

This is a story of one Vampire in particular,

a young woman who witnessed the killing of her father during

a pre-war skirmish in the 'old country'.

(He was killed by another Blood-Sucker)

She also walked-in on a robbery at her family's place of business,

and watched her mother perish at the hands of a greedy hired-hand.

Her mother was ill,

she had caught the sickness given to her by a suitor.

He had already met his demise by this Vampire.

And it appears others will suffer the same fatality for what

they have just done to her family.

As her mother grasps for the last moments of life while

in the arms of her daughter,

she tells her "they took it, they took you fathers Medal".

The Medal that has been in the family for nearly 100yrs,

the Medal that was given years after the death of her father for

the services he provided during a challenging time in 'the old country.'

A Medal that also kept hidden a family secret,

a secret that could (and would) destroy every Vampire

who inhibits the earth,

if that secret was ever discovered by the one who stole it.

As she sat there weeping,

with her dying mother fighting for another breath,

she realizes what she has to do.

She must revenge her mother's impending death,

and find the person(s) responsible .

Also, she must locate her fathers Medal,

and reclaim the secret of the Vampires.

As she looks around while carrying her mothers lifeless

body to her bedroom,

she notices what appears to be a casino chip on the floor.

As she gently lays her dead mothers body on her bed,

she goes back to pick up the casino chip.

It's a $100 chip, from Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nv.

Las Vegas!

Neither her mother or herself have ever been to Sin City,

nor do they even know anyone there?

They've lived in New Orleans even before she was born,

moving from place to place and opening new business ventures

along the way to help conceal their identities

as 'creatures of the night' who age much slower than

the mortals they pray upon.

So, as this Vampire looks through her non-reflection in the window,

she sees the darkness beginning to lighten outside,

which means she has to begin preparation for slumber.

a deep sleep only a Vampire could have.

no dreams. no interruptions.

she will lay next to her mothers still body tonight

in her mother's sleeping chamber,

which is located through a hidden door in the walk-in closet,

down two flights of stairs into the dark cold underground.

Daytime is for sleeping.

Night-time is for killing.

Viktoria needs her rest..." 

gregory a. kiss


"she's a Cajun-Czech with a Vamp-Tramp-Stamp,

who gives a new meaning to

I killed in Vegas..." 


is more powerful than Life (or Death)..." 


what happens in Vegas,

you don't want to happen to you..."

"she'll suck the life right out of you..."

"Passion. Kills. Forever..." 

"Born to Suck..."

'Bloodletting' - Concrete Blonde/1990

*All copyright images protected...

Original Copyright © 2012 by Gregory A. KISS

All rights reserved. 

"the Vegas Vamp" 

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or any portion thereof;

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