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"tv/movie quotes.3":

Last updated: 15 Nov 2011

a continuation of memorable quotes from:

television shows/movies/specials/award shows...

(or whatever.)

*if I have misquoted any of the following 'quotes';

please contact me with a reference and

I will correct 'it' immediately.


'Horrible Bosses'/2011

Jason Bateman/Nick Hendricks:

"I work for the Anti-Christ." 

"What is your projected outside date of completion Mouther-Fucker?"

"Ya, it turns out my new boss, is a twisted old fuck."

Jason Sudeikis/Kurt Buckman: 

"And if the worse thing about this job is having to tolerate my bosses dipshit cokehead son,

well it's a small price to pay."

"Speaking of entrapment;

I'm going to go see that girl about her vagina.

Excuse me"

"Or keep our jobs, and become spineless losers that end up spending the entire day dreaming of ways

to kill their bosses." 

"If one evil person has to die for the greater good, so be it." 

Charlie Day/Dale Arbus:

"She just stood there with her breasts in my face."

"Fuck me..."

"I'm coked out of my fucking head,

I can punch whoever I want to." 

Kevin Spacey/Dave Harken:

"So what?, if I was uh going to put my balls in honey and shaved coconut, you'd do that too?"

"Are you sure, cause I've got some coconut."

"I don't care if the wind blew it outa your twat;

now why don't you take this piece of shit car and get

off my fucking block."

Jennifer Aniston/Dr. Julia Harris, D.D.S.:

"I watched an episode last night;

I fingured myself so hard to that Penn Badgley guy,

I broke a nail."

"I bet your no shrimp in the Cock Department

huh there Dale?"

"Sorry, I'm a squirter Dale."

"You said she was just a hole for your dick."

"Uuuhhh, not naked Dale;

can you see my pussy?"

"Your going to fuck my slutty little mouth."

Colin Farrell/Bobby Pellitt:

"I didn't realize I had to tell you everytime

I had to take a dump."

"You know what?;

I don't hear you giving Dick-Skin any shit?"

"I'm a Green Belt Mother-Fucker."

"Do I look like I fucking care?"

Jamie Fox/Dean 'Mother Fucker' Jones:

"Not Mother-Fucker, Mouther-Fucka."

"I'm going to be your murder consultant."

Ioan Gruffudd/WetWorkMan:

"I urinate on other men for money."

"Are you kidding me?

I've driven all this way and nobody wants

to get pissed on?"

Ron White/Detective Samson

"You were drag-racing, in a Prius?"