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"famous quotes".4

Job security is a thing of the past...

There is little doubt that losing a job is among the most traumatic events that can happen in ones life; especially when the termination is caused by Corporate downsizing and thru no fault of your own.

Losing a job not only means the loss of income, the uncertainty and worry that accompanies such a loss;

but also loss of self-esteem and confidence in the future.

Losing your job will most likely change your life,

and not necessarily for the better.

All of us are subject to economic forces way beyond our ability to control, as nobody is immune to the effects of these economic forces.

Huge Companies can be downsized, bought up, dismantled and then just disappear and never be heard from again.

Sometimes it's easy to believe that these Corporate entities will go on forever, but it's an illusion; job security is no longer a given.

You come in early, you stay late; you take your work-load home,

you work weekends, you cancel family functions.

Why I ask?; there is no longer a reward for loyalty.

And while thousands of workers lose their jobs, Corporate executives,

that is, those who actually own these Companies, pay themselves millions of dollars in monthly wages and yearly bonuses. Yet, these huge salaries do not guarantee economic security or personal stability either;

as one's Company can be put up for sale at a moments notice.

The days of economical persaverance are gone forever;

as you no longer take pride in your daily commute to a uncertain future.


***All the Legends quoted above have won numerous awards during their careers. I have only noted a few under each spectacular performer...gakiss