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UCLA Basketball 2012/13.1

the undisputed #1 College Basketball Program...

(1/3/2013 - present)

1/3/13 California W 79-65 11-3/1-0


did not go to Pauley tonight,

but it appeared (on tv) as if the crowds are starting to come back.

UCLA looked very good again tonight.

*after once again starting-off S-L-O-W...

I don't want to 'jump the gun' here;

but it does look like the Team is begining to find it's identity.

thank the basketball gods.

you can no longer compare Team 2012/13 to past Howland-Teams, because they are totally different, in all areas.

kudos to frosh K. Anderson w/19pts.

AP 34 USA 35

1/5/13 Stanford W 68-60 12-3/2-0


had a great time at Pauley Pavilion today.

the announced crowd was over 10,000,

and we were very loud by the end of the game.

as is the norm this year,

UCLA did not score their first bucket until nearly 4min into the game. the 1st half had a few too many turnovers, and not enough team play. the 2nd half was better; offensively speaking...

freshman Muhammad led all scorers w/23pts.

this game could have gone either way,

but a win is a win.

and we'll take it.

AP 30 USA 33 

*Shabazz Muhammad is Pac12 player of the week...

1/10/13 @Utah W 57-53 13-3/3-0


the 1st half was back & forth, w/UCLA leading 34-23.

the 2nd half was ALL Utah;

they were running, passing, and playing team basketball.

UCLA barely survived a torrid comback by the Utes.

and Drew II was missing shot after shot until the final 30secs.

Shabazz Muhammad was a 'non-factor' in this 'lucky win'.

I did notice something 'again' tonite;

these boys are seriously running out of gas w/10min left

EVERY game.

they need MORE 'road time', ALOT more road time.

can you say; Marine Corps conditioning?

AP 30 USA 33

*Shabazz Muhammad is Pac12 player of the week...

1/10/13 @Utah W 57-53 13-3/3-0


the 1st half was back & forth, w/UCLA leading 34-23.

the 2nd half was ALL Utah;

they were running, passing, and playing team basketball.

UCLA barely survived a torrid comback by the Utes.

and Drew II was missing shot after shot until the final 30secs.

Shabazz Muhammad was a 'non-factor' in this 'lucky win'.

I did notice something 'again' tonite;

these boys are seriously running out of gas w/10min left

EVERY game.

they need MORE 'road time', ALOT more road time.

can you say; Marine Corps conditioning?

AP 30 USA 33

1/12/13 @Colorado W 78-75 14-3/4-0


the Team looked very strong during the 1st half.

Shabazz was benched at 4min into the game w/2 quick 'foolish' fouls but finished the game w/14pts.

high scorer for UCLA; Travis Wear w/23pts.

once AGAIN, these Bruins were unable 'to close',

and had to survive a stellar comeback by Colorado.

even the announcers on the Pac12 Network said that UCLA

was running out-of-gas w/5minutes left.

time will tell if these boys will be able to beat a 'valid'

championship caliber team.


AP 30 USA 33

1/17/13 Oregon State W 74-64 15-3/5-0


I did not attend the home game due to being sick,

but did enjoy the game along w/Bill Walton's commentary.

I actually thought the UCLA Bruins looked just as strong (blah)

as they have all year, but Walton,

and Matt Doherty of the half-time break disagreed.

saying the Bruins looked sloppy, talentless,

and over-all 'not good'.

wow. to hear others who really know the game say the same

thing I have all year. wow.

performers: Muhammad 21pts, T.Wear & Anderson 17pts each.

looking forward to the game against Oregon in 41hrs.

AP 24 USA 25

1/19/13 #21Oregon L 67-76 15-4/5-1


the final score reflects a 'closer game' than what

actually transpired today.

there were two UCLA teams that played this afternoon;

the 1st half lolly-gaggers,

and the 2nd half lazy-ass spoiled man-children.

and you know what?,

both of them played as sloppy as ever.

no rebounding, errant passing, too much individual play,

and absolutely no defense.


I'd shove a cattle-prod up every player's ass standing around

on the court during their defensive stand.

and this ball-hog shit needs to stop.

please, no more 'best recruiting classes',

they are nothing but trouble, lazy, and too selfish!!!

if I was the UCLA AD I would;

fire the coaching staff, and release ALL the players.

bring in a coach who will KICK some ASS!!!

and bring-in some kids who WANT TO PLAY as a Team!!!

*maybe you need to be reminded:

"Failure to prepare is preparing to fail."

John Wooden

Head Coach, UCLA 1948-1975

10 National Championships

**you ever heard about this guy???

no?, ya... that's what I thought...

AP 24 USA 25

1/24/13 @#6Arizona W 84-73 16-4/6-1


actually thought about going to Tuscon, Az to see this game.

tonight, the UCLA Bruins Basketball Team looked and performed near/at the level of their expected capability of play.

Muhammad: 23pts, D.Wear: 15pts, Adams: 15pts, led the Team.

BUT, what I was even more impressed with;

the entire Team's hustle on defense.



whatever UCLA did these past few days to prepare for this game,

they need to adhere to the exact training regime.

I was proud of this Team tonight.

they hustled, they defended, they beat a better team.

and above all else;

they played as a Team.

AP 28 USA 34

1/26/13 @Arizona State L 60-78 16-5/6-2


somebody. please. explain something to me;

how can a division-1 college basketball program be so good one day, and not so good the next?

(that goes for 'every' program)

not that UCLA didn't play offense well today, cause they did.

(minus the no off-rebounds, ill-taken shots, lack of passing)

but, as usual their interior defense was lacking.

AND wanna-be superstar Shabazz Muhammad showed his 'true colors' when a scramble took place for a loose ball.

he stood there and watched.

*even the announcer on FSN said something.

I guess he didn't want to 'get dirty' on the ground w/the

rest of his Team.

UCLA didn't lose this game,

they got beat by a team w/lesser talent.

Team leaders: Adams 19, Muhammad 18, Drew II 12.

at times this Team has moments of grandeur,

and other times, NOT!!!

unless something drastically changes immediately,

this years Team will be known as 'the Team of Never-Was'.

a true-leader needs to be identified.

and not a over-talented, under-disciplined, ball-hog freshman.

enough said...

AP 28 USA 34

1/30/13 USC L 71-75 16-6/6-3



and with that being said;

I think UCLA played better at outside perimeter defense,

and also hustled more this game than they have

the last two games combined.

yes the Team lost in overtime,

yes they need a better defensive stand in the key,

and yes not rebounding at crucial moments killed them.

but maybe, just MAYBE a loss to 'the hated Trojans'

will finally make the Team HUNGRY again.

Team leaders: Muhammad 22, T.Wear: 16, Adams: 13.

also. too many possessions were wasted by taking

too many errant long ball shots;


AP 29 USA 32

2/7/13 Washington W 59-57 17-6/7-3


blah. blah. blah.

I have to admit that the most exciting moments of this game

(minus the last 10seconds) was the dance squad girls dancing on the court during every time-out.

another lack-luster performance was on display tonite.

maybe that's why the crowd at pauley was barely there;

both in attendence, and enthusiasm.

I will never 'give-up' my season tickets,

but I'm tired of waiting for this UCLA Team to wake-up!

leaders: Muhammad 22pts, T.Wear 9pts, Drew ll 9pts.

*Kudos to Drew ll for making the winning bucket at the buzzer.

blah. blah. blah.

AP 37 USA 40

2/9/13 Washington State W 76-62 18-6/8-3


did not attend the game tonight.

not that I didn't 'want to'; daughter's 17th b-day.

ok. so I start watching at 11min 2nd half,

and the Team is looking basically sound.

and I hear an announcer on Pac12Net state;

"college Freshman just 'don't know how' to play defense".


and something about this

UCLA Bruin Basketball Team

is a scoring unit.

Well. there you go!!!

I guess that explains this year's Team lack of defensive production.


kids go to school to learn, teach them coach...

leaders: Muhammad 17pts, Adams 14pts, Anderson 12pts.

*only 7games left on the schedule.

AP 37 USA 40

2/14/13 @California L 63-76 18-7/8-4


I 'did not' watch one second of this game,

as I was busy doing the Valentine's Day thing.

but I just read a few articles outlining the game:

"prone to poor performances"

"started the game flat, and got flatter as the 1st half wore on"

Peter Yoon/

so apparently I didn't miss much.

leaders: Adams 15pts, Muhammad 13pts, Drew ll 12pts.

AP 38 USA 41

2/16/13 @Stanford W 88-80 19-7/9-4


so. this is the second game in a row that the

UCLA Bruins Basketball Team

has played that I've missed.

per Peter Yoon/

"the Bruins kept themselves in th NCAA tourney with this win"

(can't believe this Team 'is on the bubble')

leaders: Muhammad 25pts, Adams 20pts, Anderson 18pts

AP 38 USA 41

2/24/13 @USC W 75-59 20-7/10-4


the UCLA Bruins avenged their

'lackluster performance'

of 25days ago by coming out in the 1st half

fast, strong and in command.

leading at the break by 21pts.

the second half appeared the Team to be

'protecting their lead' than trying to extend it.

never-the-less, this was a very good win.

leaders: Adams 20pts,

Muhammad, DrewII, Anderson w/11pts each


2/27/13 Arizona State W 79-74 21-7/11-4


nice semi-full crowd tonite at pauley pavilion

(75% capacity)

and we were loud, let me tell you.

the UCLA Bruin Basketball Team played hard tonight,

I wish this game was the Pac12 opener.

this Team looked as good as I've seen this year.

the starting freshmen all looked great;

leaders: Adams 22pts, Muhammad 21pts, Anderson 21pts.

the interior-defense (or lack-of) is still the Team's achilles-heel.

despite that, the Bruins are getting better.

is this a Team that has saved the best for last?

time will tell...


3/7/13 @Washington State L 61-73 22-8/12-5



how in the hell can this Team, this UCLA Bruin Team

play such a convincing game against a 'top 10' program only a

few days before this totally lop-sided defeat???

to the last-place team in the Pac12!!!

*AND they scored 4pts in the first 10min.

FOUR!!! two damn buckets...

so anyway.

leaders: Adams 18pts, Muhammad 14pts, Norman 10pts.

I am so disappointed...

let me ask you, what's more rare;

a genuine sighting/picture of a sasquatch?


a offensive/defensive rebound by UCLABasketball2012/13?

I lived in vegas for nearly 20yrs and would only bet on a 'sure thing', my money is on the sasquatch photo!!!

AP 23 USA 27

3/9/13 @Washington W 61-54 23-8/13-5


I really don't understand this game,

or for that matter;

this UCLA Basketball Team.

and I thought the only thing 'bouncing' when this Team

plays is the ball,

not the actual Team itself.

anyway. they played well. they won.

they 'earned' the Pac12 title.

now with two separate tourneys on their schedule,

this Team will have to win,

or go home!!!

leaders: Muhammad 21pts, Adams 17pts, T.Wear 10pts.

only 9 more victories (in a row),

and this Team will be National Champions...

AP 23 USA 27

 Pac-12 Tournament @Las Vegas, Nv 


3/14/13 -vs- Arizona State W 80-75 24-8


let me just say this;

today this UCLA Basketball Team showed

integrity, courage, drive, and some serious attitude.

they also decided enough was enough with putting-up

with the 'sun devil bullshit!!!

there were quite a few Bruin fans in the mgm grand garden arena

this afternoon, and we were pretty damn vocal.

being down 12pts with only minutes to play didn't detour

Team UCLA what-so-ever,

staging a fierce comeback.

leaders: DrewII 20pts, Muhammad 16pts, T.Wear 15pts.

could you imagine if this Team played the game for 40min?,

I can...

AP 21 USA 25


3/15/13 -vs- Arizona W 66-64 25-8



Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight!!!

normally when I say 'True Grit',

I think of John Wayne.

not tonight...

even though I've had 'harsh comments'

about this Team for most of the season,

I have never stopped believing they could be

'National Championship contenders'!

tonight they showed eveyone else that fact...


was alive & well in Las Vegas, Nv this evening.

yes, they trailed for most of the game,

but they never faultered.

and they never stopped playing;

they played offense, they played defense,

they rebounded on both sides of the court,

they played Team Basketball.

this UCLA Basketball Team may have found itself,

just in-the-nick-of-time.

I'm always proud to 'Be A Bruin',

but as I was sitting in the mgm grand garden arena tonight,

I was especially proud of 'OUR' Team.

they were warriors!!!

leaders: Adams 24pts, Muhammad/T.Wear 11pts each.

one game at a time boys, one game at a time.

we got next...!!!

AP 21 USA 25

*Pac12 Championship Game*

3/16/13 -vs- Oregon L 69-78 25-9


this was not the best game

the UCLA Bruins played this year,

and it wasn't their worst either.

an injury to a Team member is always a setback,

especially if they are a contributor.

this Team fought hard tonight,

and was beaten by a 'less-talented' team/program.


the Bruins also had some 'very questionable calls'

against them thrown into this mix.

*so much so,

that a few of us in the stands were discussing going

onto the court and handling the situation.

this Team is ready to go dancin'...

leaders: Muhammad/DrewII 14pts each, T.Wear 11pts.

"Sometimes when you lose, you really win.

it's how you react to losses that will determine whether or not you deserved to win in the first place." g.a.kiss

Team UCLA I believe in you, do you believe in yourself???

the time has come...

AP 21 USA 25

March Madness 2013

UCLA Bruins

South Bracket/6th seed

3/22/13 -vs- Minnesota Loss 63-83 25-10 


well shit!!!

I guess I was mistaken into believing that this Team would

pull itself together and become the Talented-Force we all

had hoped they would become this season!!!

guess what Bruin Nation, it never fucking happened!!!

too many damn distractions this year;

mostly caused by one particular OVER-RATED man-child,

who was again the topic of discussion before the Team's first

Tourney game today.

he is really '20yrs old', not '19yrs old'...

liar, liar, liar!!!

this self-centered, integrity lacking, man-bitch did what

he has been doing his entire life;

used everybody around him to his advantage and without regard

to his fellow team mates.

stepping-on a storied program,

and squashing the hearts and souls of

UCLA Basketball fans


Shabazz Muhammad

owes the school, his Team,

and the entire Bruin Nation

an appology for his inappropriate behavior this entire season.

I'm sure he believes in his caveman-type-brain he did nothing wrong, and that he was entitled to do what he did.

I wish him nothing but bad luck, and a disasterious NBA career.

that's exactly what he deserves...



23 March 2013

Coach Howland Fired...


good-bye Coach H.

I understand the 'reasons', but that doesn't mean I agree.

thank-you for being 'our' Coach.

I appreciate what you accomplished with the Program.

I'll never forget you...


g. kiss


30 March 2013

UCLA hires Steve Alford

as the new mens basketball head coach...