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UCLA Football 2013

UCLA Football 2013...


2013 Schedule

LAST UPDATED: 01 Dec 2013

*All times are PST...

Date Opponent Location Time/Result/Record

Aug. 31 -    Nevada/Reno   58 - 20      W            1-0            #21


I was very impressed by the over-all early season conditioning

of the UCLA Football team.

Besides of course the awesome displays by

2nd year starter QB Soph B. Hundley,

and RB Jr. J. James running all over the field,

the entire Team looked fresh for all 4 quarters.

A 'slight concern' would 'possibly' be the defensive scheme.

There appeared to be a few gaps.

But I'm sure this will be tweaked soon enough.

Great game BRUINS. 

@ the Rose Bowl - Pasadena, Ca

att. 65,562

Sept. 7 - BYE #18

Sept. 14 - at #23  Nebraska       41 - 21      W    2-0    #16


ok then. where do I begin?

I watched 'entirely two different games' this morning.

the 1st half,

Team UCLA appeared sluggish, unmotivated, and beaten.

the 2nd half,

Team UCLA showed-up to play.

Were the BRUINS still feeling the effects of the untimely and unfortunate passing of one of their own 6 days ago?

(#36 Nick Pasquale 1993 - 2013)


as when anyone of us experience the loss of a friend/family member,

it does take a period of time to recover.

I believe the UCLA BRUINS were still in a haze,

and had to reassess their entire situation.

This UCLA Football Team could have just given-up

after they fell to 21-3,

but instead they showed grit, determination, and resoluteness.

Coach Mora, you should be proud.

WE ARE, UCLA!!!   

@ Memorial Stadium - Lincoln, NE

att. 91,471

Sept. 21 -New Mexico State     59 - 13          W       3-0          #13


*because of my obligations of being the best dad I can be,

I missed this UCLABruins Football game today,

and escorted my 'two' daughters to the

'I heart radio music festival'

here in las vegas, nv.

**but I did get text-game-updates from friends,

and I have just finished watching the Sportscenter highlights.

this UCLA Football team looked as powerful today as

I have ever seen them in years past.

minus the few early miscues,

which apparently didn't detour this talented/dedicated squad,

they push forward with their game plan that had been established by

the Field General himself, Coach Jim Mora.

although the starters once again proved themselves worthy

of wearing the UCLA uniform,

it was the additional play/performances of the non-starters that came

into the highlights of this particular game.

3 quarterbacks, 7 running backs, 16 receivers,

3 kick returners, 3 punt returners.

1/1 field goal attempts.

and NO punts.

this UCLA Football Team is just that,

a Team.

and you know what?,

they're pretty damn talented AND good! 

@ the Rose Bowl - Pasadena, Ca

att. 58,263

Sept. 28 - BYE #12

Oct. 3 - at Utah...  34 - 27  W  4-0/1-0  (Thurs.) #11


as the season continues to progress,

this particular UCLA Bruin Football Team

is showing a unity that has not been seen in many years.

A Team needs leadership to excel;

no matter what sport your Team is associated with,

it's comparable to a military organization.

In the military,

a leader is a required driving force to ensure that

the mission is completed to the task at hand.

UCLA Football 2013 has a leader, his name is Coach Jim Mora.

and like all great leaders in the history of the world,

Coach Mora delegates his authority to responsible individuals

who can execute his instructions precisely as given.

the responsible individuals I am referring to;

the ENTIRE UCLA Football Team.

this Team played a tough game this evening,

and won.

It was an excellent TEAM WIN!!!   

@ Rice-Eccles Stadium - Salt Lake City, UT

att. 45,272

Oct. 12 - California... 37 - 10 W     5-0/2-0    #9notes:

because of my 'fatherly duties'

(Homecoming Chaperone),

my only insight of this particular game came from a few friends

texting me updates throughout the game,

the 'sparse' if not 'non-existent' game highlights shown on ESPN

(I swear that network hates 'anything/everything' UCLA)

and the tid-bit of knowledge attained by reading a few articles on-line.

it sounds as if that Soph QB B.Hundley had a 'career day',

even surpassing 'Bruin Great Troy Aikman' in the process.

and with the injury to J.James keeping him on the sidelines,

Team UCLA's rushing was held to a dismal 78yds.

there is good news as far as 'game stats' are concerned;

UCLA was 'out-penalized'; 9/64yds to 9/87yds.

another 'solid win' by Team Bruin...  

@ the Rose Bowl - Pasadena, Ca

att. 84,272

Oct. 19 -       at #13 Stanford... 10 - 24               L             5-1/2-1                   #12 


watching this game from the ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney provided

me with a wealth of knowledge I could not otherwise attain

if I was either in the Rose Bowl,

or at sitting in my favorite recliner at my house.

no matter the depth/record of this UCLA Football Team,

they will always fail in comparison to that 'other' football squad from

the Los Angeles area.

which is fucking Bull-Shit!!!

this particular game didn't do the Team a favor either;

yes, they did keep the game interesting during the 1st half,

but did 'not' properly adjust during halftime.

they were out-played, out-scored, and out-coached.

I swear, if I didn't know better,

it appeared as if they lost their confidence after being

scored upon so quickly.

this UCLABruin Football Team is a very good squad,

but until they believe they can 'beat a better program',

they never will.

These young men need to realize they 'can beat anybody' ANYBODY!!!

and that goes for the 'quack attack' they are readying themselves

to play next.


would you stop the 'unnecessary' penalties already!!!  

@ Stanford Stadium, STANFORD, CA

att. 51,424

Oct. 26 - at #3 Oregon... 14 - 42   L  5-2/2-2  #12 

@ Autzen Stadium, Eugene, Or

att. 59.206

Nov. 2 -Colorado... 45 - 23 W 6-2/3-2 #20

@ the Rose Bowl - Pasadena, Ca

att. 80,377 

Nov. 9 - at Arizona... 31 - 26 W 7-2/4-2 #19

@ Arizona Stadium - Tucson, Az

att. 51,531

Nov. 15 - Washington... 41 - 31 W 8-2/5-2 #13

@ the Rose Bowl - Pasadena, Ca

att. 68,106

Nov. 23 - Arizona State... 38 - 33   L  8-3/5-3  #14

@ the Rose Bowl - Pasadena, Ca

att. 70,131 

Nov. 30 - at USC... 35 - 14  W  9-3/6-3 #22

@ LA Memorial Coliseum - Los Angeles, Ca

att. 86,037 

Dec. 31 - the Sun Bowl @ El Paso, Tx -vs- Virginia Tech (Tue)

@ Sun Bowl Stadium - El Paso, Tx


PAC 12 Network...

11/17/2012 'UCLA 38 USC 28' Final

at 'the Rose Bowl' in Pasadena, Ca...

ucla football schedule 2013...