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so let me tell you about this (recently former) friend of mine who totally 'dicked-me' earlier this week.

I actually had not talked with her for almost 6mo because of her 'unstable emotional personality'.

but when she contacted me a few days before

going on vacation,

I was both surprised and suspicious of her intentions.

but being the person I am,

I decided to give her another chance to redeem herself

for her past actions.

(which I'd rather not explain this right now).

even though l.g. warned me to not 'trust her' again,

I ignored the advice from a rational woman,

and was exploited (again) by an irrational one.

yes. she did the same thing to me as before,

but on a grander scale.

she apparently has been keeping-up with my life

thru this website.

*"Hello you psychotic crazy fukin bitch"!!!

so anyway. after talking with her once I

returned home from vacation,

she told me she had come into a little extra money and wanted to 'possibly' invest in my 'cat dog spa' business.

so with that being said, I contacted 'my partner' and we had convo's for 2 days concerning this.

at which point we both agreed to bring her in for 5%.

so after I spent the monies to have the proper

paperwork drawn-up and sent to her,

I thought the 'deal was basically done'

(except for the legality of it all).

I then began to have 'regular contact' with this woman

daily because of her insistance to do so,

which had begun to wear on my relationship w/l.g.

so after nearly a week of her giving 'excuse after excuse'

for not returning the documents she had been sent,

(along with a cashiers check to seal the deal)

she again flaked on me BIG TIME.

this time blaming me for her desire to withdrawl

from our business transaction.

blah-blah-blah-blah-blah. nothing but bullshit!

so considering I had some phone numbers to

a few of her family members,

(don't ask, and I won't lie)

I decided to give them a call to see what

this womans problem was.

and what interesting chats we all had.

even finding out her parents have a restraining order on her

from contacting her eldest son.

and she never had any money to begin with.

her only intention was to try to break-up my status w/l.g.

(which she almost did) and wanted to have

a relationship with me. un-fucking-believable!!!

why she led-me-on for so long is a mystery.

(beginning before my trip back east)

I told her from the start I was in love w/l.g. and wouldn't ever

entertain the thought of leaving her for anyone.

but to 'string'me-along' until the final second she could no longer

'cover her ass' was beyond me.

I think she has some serious issues to deal with.

why misrepresent yourself knowing you could never proceed

to the extent of all the promises you made.

especially when your actions (or lack of) have an effect on

other peoples lives and livelihood.

trusting people is hard enough for me,

especially these days when 'almost everyone' is looking to say

or do anything to make themselves appear

better than others.

and yes, I admit I have done some things that can

be labeled as such.

sometimes you've lived a lie for so long,

you just start to believe it yourself.

forgetting for a moment that what you tell people at

'face value' they normally believe without

a hesitation of doubt.

and then if 'it' ever comes back and bites you in the ass,

you just admit your mistakes, learn from them,

and move on.

so with that being said,

I'd like to come clean with all of you about something that

I've been keeping a secret for a long time;

I never graduated from UCLA.

I have been living that lie for nealry 20yrs now,

and I can't any longer.

it started out as an innocent joke years ago during a

heated argument with a resident of the gated community

I worked security for, who was a die hard usc fan.

well shit...

one thing led to another,

and it just totally took-on-a-life-of-its-own.

the status quo of the country club property I worked

at was as transparent as a jellyfish.

and I fell into the 'mindless motions' of my new found fame,

as other residents were impressed by the knowledge

of my 'fake' college degree.

and I reluctantly admit,

I did enjoy the attention it brought me.

*especially with the married (unhappy) women.

so I appologize for misrepresenting myself,

I have no excuse for continuing this falsehood for this long.

and I do know there are a few of you who have known me

for many years who may be disappointed in my actions,

and to you I am extremely sorry.

maybe I deserved the 'actions' of this woman lying to me

for payback for my untruth. who knows.

if you no longer wish to remain my friend

because of my deceit,

I do understand.

but please, could you not clutter my inbox w/hate-mail,

I get enough of that shit already.

*telling your daughter you lied about something like this

was extremely humbling and hurtful for me.

all she did after I explained my actions was give me a hug, smile and say;

'she was going to be smarter than me after she

graduated from university'.

and I did 'come clean' w/l.g. before valentines day.

and Jessica has known for years.

just one more thing though before I drop this subject;

I 'did' while I was stationed at mcas el toro, ca

complete quite a few military correspondence courses

that originated from the ucla campus.

*not saying that makes a real difference,

just wanted to bring that to light.

I really am truly sorry.

*you have absolutely no idea how good it feels to get that 'monkey off my back'.

and yes I do have 'other' secrets in my 'graveyard'.

nothing as dramatic as I've just shared;

mostly my sexual escapades as a young-sperm-bank,

and my actions with promiscuous females.

yes. I was an extreme man-whore,

and my actions w/adulterous women was taboo.

*I'm seriously not boasting what-so-ever.

in-fact, I am having a hard time knowing what I did

to a few young women and how I treated them,

especially now that I have Ash and Elli in my life.

**too bad I couldn't have 'ms east coast' do a 'guest entry', she would be brutally honest with her opinion of me.

omg. fuck me. the stories she could tell you guys. ugh.

***my past relationships w/women have alot to do w/me going

to my therapist semi-monthly.

that, and my fear of being a terrible father,

husband, and friend...

but besides all that shit, I'm perfect!!!

good night.  

1991 - *Reno, Nv;

for the first time in my life

(and to this very moment, the 'only time')

I was fired from a job;

my 'part-time' gig as a cashier/clerk

at a 7-Eleven convience store.

the reason given by the store manager was (quote);

"your services are no longer needed".

now. I only worked there for 4 shifts on graveyard,

10pm - 6am, before being let go.

with that being said,

let me tell you 'the real reason I was no longer needed:

on my 3rd shift,

which was the prior saturday the 3rd,

a young 20yr old girl I had met a few months prior,

(where we met, is 'another story')

came into the store w/her twin sister at approx 3am.

after the 3 of us talked a while,

I eventually took this girl to the store's restroom

and had sex w/her,

while her twin sister waited in the store.

after 'approx 20min',

the both of us returned to the store area,

and then both girls left.

it wasn't until a few months later when

another cashier from that 7-Eleven saw me working

'security' at harrah's that I found out the truth.

apparently a year before I had started to work

at this particular 7-Eleven,

a 'security camera' had been installed in the bathroom

to guard against employee/customer theft.

and my 'entire' sexual encounter had been filmed.

and was told over a dozen employees had seen it since.

and to add insult to injury;

I was also informed by this 'talkative' individual that

as I was 'getting busy' in the bathroom w/my partner,

her sister was busy shopping:

2 12pks of beer, 4 bottles of wine, 6 bags of chips, bread, lunchmeat,

cheese, and other items.

putting all these items in her car before I 'finished'.

so. I was 'banged for food'. good for me. good for them.

minus the alcohol, they seemed to be hungry.

as this informant was telling me all this,

he was actually being a bit of a smart-ass.

but I didn't say anything,

cause he was having a good case of

'diarrhea of the mouth',

and I wanted to hear it all.

but once he finished,

I asked him if he had seen the tape,

and he replied "of course".

at which time I asked him if he had ever been with

a woman as 'hot' as I had?

and considering he was standing next to his wife the

entire time he was 'boasting',

I could tell I embarrassed him... badly.

I was 27 at that time.

very good looking, awesome body.

and desired by many women.

he on the other hand was a mess.

and my sexual partner that night was

'extremely attractive'.

a little naïve sexually speaking,

but I didn't give a damn!

now. as far as being filmed without my consent,

and being on display for all to enjoy,

I personally took care of that situation myself.

yes I did. fucking pricks.

just so you know,

I can be a serious mother-fucking asshole

when I have to be... 

8/6/1986 - *Iwakuni, Japan;

being stationed at

MCAS Iwakuni Japan

on the 41st anniversary of 'the bomb'

that destroyed Hiroshima,

is as vivid in my memory today as it was written in

my journal over 27yrs ago.

it was a wednesday, beautiful outside,

and not a cloud in the sky.

but the base had been on lockdown for 24hrs,

and would continue for another 48hrs.

while the Japanese nation mourned the memory

of loved ones lost so many years before,

and the destruction of their country.

it was a very surreal moment in my life,

one that I shall never/ever forget...

8.09.1984 - San Francisco, Ca;

for the very first time,

I 'drive' across the Golden Gate Bridge.

even though I had been 'driven' across the big orangish beast many,

many times before during my youth,

this was the first time I drove myself.

a 1983 Pontiac Firebird was my transportation,

with the T-tops off.

I know it doesn't sound like much,

but it was a big moment in my young life...

8.11.1985 - Los Angeles, Ca;

was part of a group of 4 battalion's of

'United States Marines'

who were dressed in full fatigues,

armed and stationed throughout the east Los Angeles area ready

to monitor any type of demonstrations

in conjunction of the

20th anniversary of the 'watts riots'...

8.13.1982 - *MCAS El Toro, Ca;

received my 'very first' credit card,

from JC Penney.

I purchased:

a Panasonic 20" TV - $349.00

a Panasonic VHS player - $899.00

a Intellivision game system - $199.00

I was so happy to 'charge' everything (idiot!)...

hey zombie-boy,

your going to die a horrible and painful death,

and I'm going to take pleasure in killing you...

*and then I'm going to fuck your girlfriend up-her-ass,

and then throw her off the golden gate bridge!!!

as far as the rest of the santa cruz 'fuck-faces',

their time is also on countdown.

*if your willing to do the time,

you can do the crime!!!

and by the way 'dick-fuck';

this note was left for you to read


Mr Kiss

Me: Dogs: Malamute(m)/A.J., Husky(f)/Kiska, Husky(f)/Miska, Husky(m)/King, Shepherd(m)/Bruin, Shepherd(m)/Bear,

and our Basset Hound(f)/Beverly Hills... LoL 2:38 PM

Me: Cats: (m)/Dustie, (m)/Cammie, (f)/Princess, (m)/Sluggs. LoL

Princess is mine, my 15th birthday present. Ash 2:41 PM

Me: Horses: (m)/Buck, (m)/Spyder, (m)/Jericho, (f)/Queenie. LoL

Queenie is my horse. Kinda. She loves my dad. ALOT. LoL Ash 2:43 PM

From another thread -- what kills a vampire? (This arose from a spirited discussion about Second Amendment rights.) Yahoo answers sayeth:

Step 1: Look for a hole above a grave. Sometimes vampires have to dig their way out.

Step 2: Scatter salt on the floor in the vampire's latest victim's room. Help the vampire lead you right to his or her tomb.

Step 3: Use garlic, hawthorn branches, or a cross to trap your vampire in a corner. Protect yourself from revenge by making a cross of tar on your front door.

Step 4: Dig the vampire up on a Friday. According to the early Greeks, that's when a vampire is weakest. Take advantage of the day when vampires can't come out to play.

Step 5: Pound iron stakes through his coffin and straight into the ground if you catch him at rest.

I always thought it was a wooden stake through the heart. But it's Friday, so we should know what we need to be prepared.

Everyone has their own version of what happens after we die.

Mine is simple: you are dead. You are dirt.

The end. Game over. Thank you and goodbye.

8-page treatment

"That would be really dangerous, you know. Indiscriminately extricating someone from the petrified corpse of a supernatural creature." -

My Husband.

Welcome to the secret sex societies of the entertainment industry.

introducing ga'hollywood'kiss...

everyone has a story to tell,

its how you tell it, and who you tell it to, that really matters.

a regular guy, an exceptional story,

and a dream to share his written words...

*I didn't have time to 'finish-up',

will post tomorrow...

and how I'm going to deal with the 'ass-fucks' who think

it's their god-given-right to notify me via the social network of their opinions of content in my web-site.

*I'm thinking maybe a nice swift 'ass-kicking' to permanently

silence their 'smart-ass' mouth.

maybe catch them as they come-out of their little girlie coffee house or the drinking establishments they like to hang-out in. it's an amazing thing how brave some of these 'dick-less wonders' are as they sit at their keyboards and say whatever they think will cause a commotion among their little fan club. remember there are consequences for everything you do in you life. everything.


12 Days of Kissmas Movies 2014


Thursday, Dec 25





Peter Billingsley, Melinda Dillon, Darren McGavin


A young man's dream of the ultimate Christmas gift,

and the day-to-day antics of everyone around him

is told through his eyes.


Peter Billingsley/Ralphie:

"I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred

shot range model air rifle!"

Jean Shepherd/Ralphie as an Adult:


"Only I didn't say "Fudge." I said THE word, the big one, the queen-mother of dirty words, the "F-dash-dash-dash" word!

It was all over - I was dead.

What would it be? The guillotine? Hanging? The chair? The rack?

The Chinese water torture? Hmmph.

Mere child's play compared to what surely awaited me."

"Aunt Clara had for years labored under the delusion that I was

not only perpetually 4 years old, but also a girl."

[narrating about diving with his brother into the gifts

under the Christmas tree]

"We plunged into the cornucopia quivering with desire and

the ecstasy of unbridled avarice."


"The heavenly aroma still hung in the house.

But it was gone, all gone!

No turkey! No turkey sandwiches! No turkey salad!

No turkey gravy! Turkey Hash! Turkey a la King!

Or gallons of turkey soup!

Gone, ALL GONE!" 


"Next to me in the blackness lay my oiled blue steel beauty.

The greatest Christmas gift I had ever received,

or would ever receive.

Gradually, I drifted off to sleep,

pranging ducks on the wing and getting off spectacular hip shots." 

Ian Petrella/Randy:

"Meatloaf, smeatloaf, double-beatloaf. I hate meatloaf."


The film was released just before Thanksgiving

and became a surprise hit.

By the time Christmas rolled around,

the movie had already been pulled from most theaters,

because it had been "played out".

After complaints were lodged by the theater owners

to the studio,

the film played on select screens until after the first of the year 1984. 


Bob Clark's success with the teen-sex comedy  Porky's (1982),

allowed him the ability to make a movie he wanted to make.

Without "Porky's" there would have been no "Christmas Story".


Although now the film is considered a Christmas classic,

at the time (according to  Peter Billingsley)

not many major studios were interested in a Depression-era story about a little boy wanting a BB gun for Christmas.

Billingsley also stated in an interview,

that director Bob Clark had to agree to make a horror film

for the studio in order to get "A Christmas Story" made.


The people of Cleveland were incredibly cooperative during filming, donating antique vehicles from every corner of the city.

These vintage vehicles helped to enhance the authenticity

of the production design.


The Chinese restaurant is named Bo Ling's.

There is a neon sign across the top of the storefront that reads "Bowling", except the "w" is not lit.


For the scene in which Flick's tongue sticks to the flagpole,

a hidden suction tube was used to safely create the illusion that

his tongue had frozen to the metal.


Red Ryder was a character from comic books and radio

in the 1930s/40s,

akin to popular western heroes like Roy Rogers, Gene Autry,

and the Lone Ranger.


Ralphie says that he wanted the "Red Ryder BB Gun" 28 times.